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Jeff Deahl, President Four Seasons Design & Remodeling

From the President of the Board
Spring training has ended and Opening Day has begun another season of America’s favorite pastime – baseball! Each team has been working hard so they can enter another season at the top of their game. In our industry we do the same thing in getting ready for another season of construction. We do the things that we perceive are needed to get ready for the busy season, but how do we know what needs to be worked on? In the Majors they have scores of coaches and trainers, scouts and management – people that outline what needs to be improved. I find that in our business, we look for some insight from our customers and subcontractors as to what we need to work on. Our industry associations keep us informed on changing styles and trends. We also educate ourselves on those changes, trying to implement those things into our business. Our customers move us by what they are asking for and where their interests are, and we mold ourselves to respond to their needs. Of course, there are always the chores of working on equipment and educating our employees in the proper ways to install an ever changing list of popular products and innovative technologies for energy efficiency and construction practices. It seems that topics in our industry, such as how decks are constructed and the array of materials available for exterior application, are changing daily. Falling out of touch for even a couple of months because of being busy can leave us behind in what we should be learning and compounds the things that we may have missed. I’m always afraid to miss an industry meeting or overlook a trade publication, fearing that I might miss a small tidbit of information that might make a difference in what we are building, or miss a sale because of something I did not know. Our industry must also educate customers on choosing a reputable contractor and how we can stand out by promoting the Quality Assurance Builder Standards. We educate homeowners as to how to protect themselves from underinsured and less professional trades people in the home construction business and to promote value rather than simple bottom line pricing. It’s also important to give back to our industry and support the organizations that provide us with that information. Chico Escuela, a baseball player for the N.Y. Mets (popularized by Saturday Night Live weekend update skits of the 70s), in a heavy Hispanic accent: “Baseball been berra berra good to me.” Our industry has been good to us and could use a little giving back. Ready for baseball season?

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Kevin Sibery, Treasurer Insurance & Financial Services Fred Kreigh K & F Construction Dennis Spidel Dennis Spidel Custom Homes Dan Study Chapel Homes Chris Delagrange Pella Windows & Doors TonyRekeweg Momper Insulation Mark Knisley Jonesville Lumber Alan Korte Home Lumber of New Haven Jack Musson Musson Builders Lou Salge Four Season’s Design & Remodeling Jeff Wilson, Vice President Bob Buescher Homes




Jeff Deahl
BANI President 2013

….A Friendly Reminder From Your President “it makes our Association STRONGER!!!!”

Our Guys In Indianapolis

Pictured Above (left to right): Ted Deahl of Four Seasons Design and Remodeling, Jeff Wilson of Bob Buescher Homes, Dennis Spidel of Dennis Spidel Custom Homes, Denny Zent our State Representative, Jeff Deahl of Four Seasons Design and Remodeling and Joes Zehr from the Northeastern Group.

Thanks Guys for all your time down at Legislative Lunch!

Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards

What QABS means for you, the consumer: The Indiana Quality Assurance Standards provide new homebuyers and remodeling customers a way to measure their builder and the project against an industry approved set of standards. These Standards create a series of performance standards builders and customers can use to communicate and understand each other's expectations regarding building/remodeling projects. The Standards address the most prevalent issues that arise between the builder and the customer before the project, during the project, and most importantly, after the project is completed. All too often it is the unrealized or undiscovered expectations that create the majority of problems encountered in the building/remodeling process. The Standards will help eliminate these problems before the project even begins. What QABS means for you, the builder: One objective of the Association is to improve the community image of the industry. Towards that objective, the builders association offers you the Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards. The program includes a set of standards, recommended language for including the standards and mediation/binding arbitration of the standards into project contracts, and marketing information. The Standards create reasonable customer expectations regarding the building/remodeling process, and address the most prevalent issues that arise before the project, during the project, and, most importantly, after the projected is completed. The Standards eliminate the unrealized and undisclosed expectations of the customer by giving the builder/remodeler a tool to discuss, identify, and set the customer's expectations before problems arise. Yet, disputes will inevitably arise that cannot be settled between the two parties using the Standards. With that in mind, the Standards also includes a mediation/binding arbitration mechanism to provide another vehicle to dispute resolution outside the costly and time-consuming court process. Let the consumer know you are a part of the network of quality builders. Include the Indiana Quality Assurance Builder logo in print, television and radio advertising, and promote your membership with the association in press releases and brochures.

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March Membership Meeting Highlights!!!!

April Membership Meeting Sponsored by

Please join the Builder’s Association on April 9 at 6:00 at the Timber’s Restaurant Loft. The dinner and meeting has been generously sponsored by Carter Lumber. Please RSVP your reservation by April 8 to or call 665-8921.

Builder’s Association of Northeast Indiana

April Meeting

Indiana Department Of Transportation
Speaker: CVEO Trooper Joe Hartman Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Get all the updated information you need to stay legally traveling Indiana roadways.

Timber’s Restaurant April 9th @ 6:30pm RSVP by April 8 to Chris or Jan 260-665-8921 or

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March Membership 50/50 Winners: Jan and Chris!!!!!!!!!

Steuben County Building Permits
Report Reflects Permits pulled for the month of February 2013

Noble County Building Permits
Report reflects permits pulled for the month of February

We’ve Opened a New Yard in Edgerton, Ohio! Have you visited our Edgerton, OH location?

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