Department of Philosophy and Faculty of Catholic Theology


International Interdisciplinary Conference

Kaunas, Lithuania May 11-12, 2012 Vytautas Magnus University Gimnazijos st. 7

Friday 11th of May
9.00–9.45 Registration 9.45–10.00 Welcome speech Session I 10.00–10.45 10.45–11.00 11.00–11.45 11.45–12.00 12.00–14.00 Place: Aula Chair: Marcello Neri and Benas Ulevičius

Christo LOMBAARD. The Word or the Word? The Divine Experience as Mediated or Direct–a Perspective from Biblical Spirituality Discussion Peter JONKERS. Tradition, Religious Experience, and Personal Commitment Discussion Lunch Session II–B In English Chair Gábor BARNA Place: room 102
14.00–14.20 • Solveiga KRUMINA-KONKOVA Learning a Foreign Experience: the Beginning of Yoga Movement in Latvia 14.20–14.40 • Alar KILP Detraditionalization of Religion and Religious Symbols of Tradition in a Modernized Culture 14.40–15.00 • Istvan POVEDÁK Bricolage Religious Experience 15.00–15.20 • Regina CHLOPICKA Eastern and Western Tradition in the Music of Krzysztof Penderecki as Sources of Inspiration for the Composer and of Metaphysical Religious Experience for Contemporary Man 15.20–15.40 Discussion 15.40–16.00 Coffee break

Session II–A In English Chair Stephen M. GARRETT Place: Aula
14.00–14.20 • Ulrike POPP-BAYER Religious Experience as Narrative: Some Reflections on the Advantages of a Narrative Approach 14.20–14.40 T • imo KOISTINEN Wittgenstein and Religious Realism 14.40–15.00 • Agnė BUDRIŪNAITĖ Presence of Absolute Oneness as Non-religious Non-experience in Plotinus and Zhuangzi 15.00–15.20 • Krzysztof CYRAN Anenaiki by Augustyn Bloch (1979)–a Merger of Traditions in Religious Music

Session II–C In French//German Chair Povilas ALEKSANDRAVIČIUS Place: room 206
14.00–14.20 • Par Pahimi PATRICE Foi, intolérance religieuse et déconstruction sociale dans le Nord-Cameroun  14.20–14.40 • Christiane SFEIR Le paysage sacré au Mont-Liban. Entre pratiques sociales et mécanismes de sacralisation 14.40–15.00 • Krisztina FRAUHAMMER Schriftlich formulierte Wünsche und Gebete in realen und virtuellen Wallfahrtstätten 15.00–15.20 • Živilė ADVILONIENĖ Die Rolle der Traditionen in der Familie bei der Gestaltung persönlicher Glaubenserfahrung- und Praxis 15.20–15.40 Discussion 15.40–16.00 Coffee break

15.20–15.40 Discussion 15.40–16.00 Coffee break

Session III–A In English Chair Peter JONKERS Place: Aula
16.00–16.20 Emmanuel NATHAN Of Words and Worlds: The Curious Case of Saint Paul 16.20–16.40 • Satoshi KIKUCHI Repeating Incarnation: Meister Eckhart and the Problem of Christ’s Historicity 16.40–17.00 • Valdas MACKELA Seeing and Believing in Resurrection Narratives 17.00–17.20 • Anna WIECZOREK Tradition of the Genre in the Age of Intertextuality. Wojciech Kilar’s “Te Deum”

Session III–B In English Chair Solveiga KRUMINA-KONKOVA Place: room 102
16.00–16.20 Orsolya GYÖNGYÖSSY Bonds and Memories in the Sacred Space 16.20–16.40 • Gábor BARNA Via Margaritarum, the Revitalized Cult of St. Margaret of Hungary and the Spirit of Penance 16.40–17.00 • Hee Sook LEE-NIINIOJA Al-Andalus and Java: Still a Sanctuary for Interconnecting Religions and Traditions? 17.00–17.20 • Renata BOROWIECKA “Stabat Mater” Sequence in the Works of Italian18th-Century Composers

Session III–C In Lithuanian Chair Sandra KRATAVIČIŪTĖ Place: room 206
16.00–16.20 • Salomėja JASTRUMSKYTĖ Synaesthetical Theology 16.20–16.40 • Bronė GUDAITYTĖ “Believe God” or “Believe in God” 16.40–17.00 • Povilas ALEKSANDRAVIČIUS Martin Heidegger: from Religious Experience to a Hymn to Holiness 17.00–17.20 • Rimantas VIEDRYNAITIS Epistemology of Religious Experience

Poster presentations: Tetiana RIAZANTSEVA. The Theme of Religion in the British Metaphysical Poetry of the 20th Century (Poetry of the New Apocalypse, 1939–1941) Berel Dov LERNER. How Did the Prophets Know They Had Received Divine Revelation?

20–16.40–15. F. dr.40–16. Tbilisi.40 • Živilė NEDZINSKAITĖ New Jesuit Saints and Their Meaning for the Religiosity of the 17-18th Century: Context of GLD Poetics and Poetry 14. dr.00–14. of Philosophy. Belarus).40 • Benas ULEVIČIUS Native or Christian: Interaction of Traditions in Peyote Religion 16. theol. Latvia). Benas Ulevičius (VMU. (MRU. Lithuania).00 12. Valdas Mackela (VMU. assoc. of Lithuanian Language.00–15. Lithuania). Lithuania).40 • Sandra KRATAVIČIŪTĖ The Phenomenon of Christian Conversion in the Prison: Convict’s Convert’s Religious Experiences 14. dr.00 • Ilona ČIUŽAUSKAITĖ Literary Expression of the Sermons of Vaižgantas 15. Anita Stasulane (Daugavpils University. Georgia).00 11. dr.00–16. GARRETT Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Third Way of Love: The Spiritual-Corporeal Encounter of Religious Experience 16. Tomas Sodeika (KUT.20 • Danutė KALAVINSKAITĖ Religious Experience Through Music: Contemporary Lithuanian Compositions 15. prof.00–15. Aušra Vasiliauskaitė (s.20–14.20 • Stephen M. Lithuania). of Philosophy.40 • Magdalena CHRENKOFF Krzysztof Penderecki’s Dies Irae–Artistic Expression of Religious Tradition 16. prof. assoc.20–14. Dep. 12th of May Session IV 10. prof. VMU.20–15. VMU.00–15. dr. Latvia).40–17. upon the Fate of Man” and the Poet’s Creative Context 15. CSJ (Prior of the Monastery of St. assoc prof. Dep. Olga Breskaya (University of Brest.00–17. Rimantas Viedrynaitis (VMU. Dep. prof. dr.00–17. dr. Lithuania). Lithuania). Romualdas Dulskis (VMU. USA). dr. John the Theologian in Vilnius).20 • Anita STASULANE From Religious Participation to Political Participation: The Engagement of Young people in Theosophy 15. Gabrielė.00–14. prof.00–14.00–16. prof. dr. f. of Philosophy.00 • Elena SAKALAUSKAITĖ Religious Experience as Expressed in Contemporary Visual Art 17. dr.00 • Kinga POVEDÁK New Music for New (?) Religious Experiences Session V–C In Lithuanian Chair Rūta BRŪZGIENĖ Place: room 206 14. prof.40 Discussion 15.00 Coffee break 15. assist. r.00 Coffee break Session VI–A In English Chair Anita STASULANE Place: Aula 16. Organizing committee: assoc.45 11. assoc. Lithuania). dr. dr.20 • Elena BALIUTYTĖ Eduardas Mieželaitis’s Meditative Fragments “Laments and Reflections.20 • Aušra KAIRAITYTĖ Expression of Religious Experiences in Lithuanian Folklore Narratives 14. Faculty of Catholic Theology. Hungary). Lithuania). USA). Janis Priede (University of Latvia. Lithuania). .00 • Irena Eglė LAUMENSKAITĖ Conversion as a Personal Experience in Relation to the Meaning of Life Events and Religion Tradition 17. dr. assoc.00 • Virginija CIBARAUSKĖ Sigitas Parulskis’s Poetry: Deconstruction of Underlying Principles of Being or the Return of the Baroque? 17. PhD Rekha Menon (Berkeley College.00 • Milda ALIŠAUSKIENĖ The Place and Role of the Religious Experience in the Context of Contemporary Religiosity in Lithuania 15. prof. Dep. Lithuania). prof.00 Place: Aula Chair: Christo Lombaard and Agnė Budriūnaitė Marcello NERI.20–16. From Experience to Tradition–The Hard Path Backward Discussion Olga BRESKAYA. Dep.40 Discussion 15.40–15.40 • Paulius JEVSEJEVAS The Experience of Tradition in the “Giesmė apie pasaulio medį” of Sigitas Geda 16.40–17.45–12.00 Coffee break Session V–B In English Chair Regina CHLOPICKA Place: room 102 14. Lithuania).00–11. Faculty of Catholic Theology. prof. prof. prof.20 • Agnieszka DRAUS Music As a Religious Experience According to Karlheinz Stockhausen 14. Faculty of Catholic Theology.20–14. Boston.20 Discussion Session VI–B In English Chair Hee Sook LEE-NIINIOJA Place: room 102 16.40–17. Vida Daugirdienė (VMU. of Philosophy.45–11.20–15. Živilė Advilonienė (VMU. PhD Algis Mickūnas (chair.20 Discussion Scientific commitee: prof. Faculty of Catholic Theology.00–16.00–14. dr.45 10. Faculty of Catholic Theology. assoc. Dep.20 Discussion Session VI–C In Lithuanian Chair Živilė NEDZINSKAITĖ Place: room 206 16. with the Medieval Anchorite Grigor Narekatsi. of Philosophy and Cultural Science.00–10. Lithuania). Lithuania). Netherlands).40 Discussion 15. Peter Jonkers (Tilburg university.40–15.20 • Tuija HOVI An Ethnographic Approach to the Psychology of Religion–Doing Research in the Field of Experience and Tradition 14. lic. Ohio university. Povilas Aleksandravičius (MRU. Faculty of Catholic Theology. prof. Sandra Kratavičiūtė (“Caritas”. Rūta Brūzgienė.00–15. prof.40–16. Agnė Budriūnaitė (chair.20 • Rūta BRŪZGIENĖ Religious Poetry of Bernardas Brazdžionis: Rhetoric of Form 16.40 • Vida DAUGIRDIENĖ Catechesis of the Youth Groups of Liturgical Music 14. Merab Ghaghanidze (Free University.40–16. prof. dr. assoc.Saturday.00–17.20–16.20 • Silvija RAKUTIENĖ The Spread of the Apocalyptic Feelings in the Lithuanian Poetry of the Young Generation 16. Religious Experience without Religious Tradition and Vice Versa Discussion Lunch Session V–A In English Chair Emmanuel NATHAN Place: Aula 14. István Povedák (Bálint Sándor Institute for the Study of Religion. assist. Audrius Račkauskas (VMU. John Emmanuel Le Taillandier de Gabory.

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