Why would Wonderland’s Town Administrator send OEMS this correspondence? Why would OEMS possibly request it?

It proves nothing!

Ms. Lemieux’s credibility becomes immediately suspect upon making the fallacious comment: Charles Fullam is and has been the authorized signatory for all ambulance license documentation for the past eight years. If that’s the case then why did the Captain of the private, nonprofit BARRE EMERGENCY & RESCUE SQUAD INC., Collen Guertin, sign the 2007- 08 license renewal application? Not only did Guertin sign, she used the organization’s FEIN in the application’s Tax Certification Statement which would indicate it was receiving the ambulance receipts – which it should have been. Not Wonderland and its Police Department. http://www.scribd.com/doc/113618825/Barre-EMS-Must-Be-Shuttered Furthermore Lemieux identifies Fullam as the Acting EMS Director yet on no official documents does he use this title. Not a single one. It’s kinda like Wonderland’s disgraced Building Inspector but in that instance he has been falsely claiming a title he is not qualified to hold – and the Selectmen’s Office has played an instrumental role in perpetrating the fraud. http://www.scribd.com/collections/4019435/Building-Inspector-Certification-Gifts And recall Outsiders that as recent as March 2012 the Department of Public Health had the following information on its Master Ambulance Service List:

But once this community journalist began asking questions the excuses started to flow and “corrections” suddenly made. And what the hell is the BARRE AMBULANCE SERVICE? Funny how nobody wants to touch this fraudulent dba ruse… So who’s telling the Truth?? *****

The following records requests remain outstanding:

From: craig shibley [mailto:shibley@charter.net] Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 12:57 PM To: 'Bonaiuto, Phil (DPH)'; sean.erickson@state.ma.us Cc: 'Pianka, Jamie (DPH)'; 'Cameron, Silva (DPH)' Subject: RE: Phone Conversation Follow-up Importance: High Phil: Thank you for providing some of the records I have requested from you in an email dated February 25th . As you know I requested the following: 1. Any correspondence between you and the Town of Barre and/or the Barre Emergency & Rescue Squad Inc. in 2012 – Present specific to “cleaning up” Licensee issues ; 2. Town of Barre’s service zone plan (preliminary or approved); 3. The most recent provider contracts on file with the Department between the Town of Barre, the Barre Emergency & Rescue Squad Inc., the Barre Family Health Center, and any elderly care facility in Barre’s designated service zone ; 4. The Town of Barre / Barre Emergency & Rescue Squad Inc.’s 2012 complete license renewal application (if applicable) ; You provided information specific to items #2 and #4 only. If you do not have any records specific to items #1 & #3 then please explain pursuant to the Public Records Law. Additionally, I requested the following public records in an email to you on March 22nd: 1. The correspondence from the Town of Barre and/or the BARRE EMERGENCY & RESCUE SQUAD INC. to OEMS requesting the dba BARRE AMBULANCE SERVICE and OEMS’s affirming correspondence; 2. The correspondence from the Town of Barre and/or the BARRE EMERGENCY & RESCUE SQUAD INC. to OEMS requesting the dba BARRE EMS and OEMS’s affirming correspondence; 3. The Town of Barre’s original ambulance license certificate awarded by the MA Department of Public Health;

Though you’ve included the aforementioned email in your latest reply, none of the documents provided address this specific records request. As a result, the Department has not fulfilled its legal obligation. Please forward these public documents as soon as possible. Lastly, a brief correction to your reply: The department did make a clerical error with respect to licenses printed for 2009, which were corrected in follow up licenses issued. OEMS’s records show in 2011 the Department issued an ambulance license to the private, nonprofit BARRE EMERGENCY & RESCUE SQUAD INC. ( address 40 West St. Box 697) and the provider was the BARRE AMBULANCE SERVICE. So these so-called clerical mistakes

continued. And let’s not forget the organization’s own clerical errors with respect to its own FEIN number. Furthermore, Phil, given your history with this Town you should know that Box 697 – that’s the Board of Selectmen. So I ask you, why would a private, nonprofit provide OEMS with the Town of Barre’s Board of Selectmen’s Office as its mailing address? I mean no disrespect, Phil, but the Department must stop equivocating and provide me the records I have requested in accordance with the law. I do appreciate your continued cooperation in this matter. I have included the Bureau’s public records coordinator, Sean Erickson, in this reply. Very truly yours, Craig Shibley ****

From: craig shibley [mailto:shibley@charter.net] Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2013 2:14 PM To: sean.erickson@state.ma.us Cc: Jamie.Pianka@state.ma.us Subject: Records Request: BARRE EMS Mr. Erickson: Pursuant to the Commonwealth’s Public Records Law I am requesting the following two documents specific to OEMS and the Town of Barre: 1. The Ambulance Service License issued in Barre for 2010; 2. The Ambulance Service License issued in Barre for 2012;

I am certainly sensitive to the fact other requests remain outstanding. Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. Very truly yours, Craig Shibley

From: craig shibley [mailto:shibley@charter.net] Sent: Friday, March 22, 2013 9:59 AM To: charles.fullam@mail.com Cc: Lorraine.Tarrow@state.ma.us Subject: records request: BARRE EMS Mr. Fullam: The following is a request pursuant to the Commonwealth’s Public Records Law. According to the MA Department of Health the Barre Emergency & Rescue Squad Inc. (aka Barre EMS) is a purportedly a municipal entity. And you, Mr. Fullam, are a town employee with the titles of Manager and EMS Coordinator. As such you would be the custodian of the records I seek. I am requesting to view the following: 1. The Service’s trip logs from 2012 pursuant to 105 CMR 170.345. The Office of Emergency Medical Services requires minimum information for each EMS run to be submitted to the Department within 14 days of the call, via upload or direct on-line data entry, to the MATRIS website. Given the nature of the system it shouldn’t be a problem viewing the records all the while bypassing patient information; 2. The EMS Coordinator job description; 3. Your employee contract with the Town of Barre specific to your role with the Service; 4. The business certificates specific to the following dba’s: Barre EMS and the Barre Ambulance Service;

Lastly Mr. Fullam, in a prior records request you alleged to the Secretary of the Commonwealth how I forwarded an email to your personal address and that it went to “junk mail” and was subsequently deleted. The Supervisor of Records, in a disposition letter to me dated November 19, 2012, wrote the following: Public records requests must be sent to a municipal governmental entity, not to a private individual… Mr. Fullam requested that future requests be sent to the Town rather than to his private email address. You allegedly represent a municipal entity in your capacity as EMS Manager/Coordinator and this email address is on file with the MA Department of Health as recent as January 2013 for the Town of Barre in the public capacity for which you serve. Please advise when a mutually agreeable time can be arranged to view these public records. Very truly yours, Craig Shibley

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