Written Agreement by and among BANK
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SOUTHERN SECURITY Hollywood, Florida FEDERAL RESERVE Atlanta, Georgia

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Docket No. 98-02 1-WA/RB-SM


WHEREAS. financial soundness

in recognition

of their common goal to restore and maintain the Florida (the ‘ -Bank”). a

of the Southern Security Bank. Hollywood,

State chartered bank that is a member of the Federal Reserve System. the Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (the “Reserve Bank”) and the State Comptroller Banking Commissioner of the State of Florida (the Comptroller’ ) and

have mutually agreed

to enter into this Written Agreement Agreement. dated March 17. 1993;

(the “.Qreement”),

which supersedes

the Written

U’ HERE:!S. Regarding Delegation

this Agreement

is being executed in accordance

vvith the Rules

of Authority of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reser1.e specifically 12 C.F.R. 265.1 l( a)( 15). and the

System (the “Board of Governors”), Resene

Bank has received the prior approval of the Director of the Division of Banking and Regulation (the “Director”) and the General Counsel of the Board of with the Bank; and


Governors to enter into this Agreement

WHEREAS. duly constituted

on &&be


1998. the board of directors of the Bank. at a authorizing and directing Chairman Philip

meeting adopted a resolution

C. Modder to enter into this Agreement compliance

on behalf of the Bank and consented to parties, as defined by section 3(u) of

by the Bank and its institution-affiliated

the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, as amended ( 12 U.S.C. 18 13(u)) (the “FDI Act”). with each and every provision of this Agreement.


before the taking of any testimony

or adjudication constituting or the

of or

finding on any issue of fact or law herein. and without this Agreement admission of any allegation Comptroller, made or implied by the Board of Governors


the Bank, the Reserve Bank. and the Comptroller

agree as follows:




(3) Within 30 d ays of this Agreement.

the Bank’ board of directors shall engage s Bank and the Comptroller. to conduct an

an outside consultant, independent

acceptable to the Resene

review of the functions and performance

of the executive officers of the to the Bank’ board s

Bank and prepare a written report of findings and recommendations
of directors.

The review shall focus on an assessment

of the duties performed by each his or her of

executive officer and the ability assigned duties. a management


officer to perform competently

The primary purpose of this review shall be to aid in the development structure that is suitable to the Bank’ needs and is adequately s At a minimum. the qualifications

staffed by shall

qualified and trained personnel.

of management

be assessed for its ability to (1) restore and maintain all aspects of the Bank to a safe and sound condition. and (2) comply with the requirements of this Agreement

(b) Within 30 days of the Bank’ receipt of the consultant’ s s findings and recommendations written management required by paragraph

written report of

hereof, the Bank shall submit a describing specific Bank

plan to the Reserve Bank and the Comptroller

actions that the board of directors management

proposes to take in order to strengthen

and to improve the board of directors’ supervision plan shall fully address the consultant’ s

over the Bank’ ofticers. s

The management

findings and recommendations of each executive officer of

and include written detailed descriptions

of the responsibilities

of the Bank. including reporting lines of authority and the responsibilities subordinates. A copy of the consultant’ s

written report shall also be forwarded to the

Reserve Bank and the Comptroller.

7 -.



The Bank shall not declare or pay any dividends without the prior written and the Director.

approval of the Reserve Bank. the Comptroller.

(b) The Bank shall not pay to its parent bank holding company. Security Corporation. management Hollywood,


Florida, any fee or fees that represent service or

fees of any nature without the prior written approval of the Resen;e Bank Any request for prior approval pursuant to this paragraph shall be adequate to provide the Reserve Bank and the

and the Comptroller. accompanied Comptroller description

by documentation

with the details of each fee proposed to be paid by the Bank and a of the benefits proposed to be derived by the payment of the fee. the type of

services to be rendered, and the identity of the person or persons who will supply the services or advice covered by the fee.

3. Capital


(a) Within 60 days of this Agreement, and the Comptroller

the Bank shall submit to the Reserve Bank

an acceptable written plan to achieve and maintain sufficient capital. address and consider: (1) the Bank’ current and future s of the

The plan shall, at a minimum, capita1 requirements. Board of Governors Bank’ assets; s

including compliance

with the Capita1 Adequacy Guidelines

(12 C.F.R. Part 208. App. A and B); (2) any planned growth in the of credit; (4) the volume of the level of retained earnings;

(3) the Bank’ level of concentrations s

Bank’ adversely classified assets; s

(5) the Bank’ anticipated s

and (6) the source and timing Bank.

of additional

funds to fulfill the future capital needs

of the

(b) Notwithstanding the date of this Agreement

the provisions of paragraph 3(a) hereof. the Bank shall. from through December 3 1. 1998. maintain its tier 1 leverage ratio At all times thereafter during the term of this

at a level of no less than 6.25 percent. Agreement, 7 percent.

the Bank shall maintain its tier 1 leverage ratio at a lev,el of no less than



with Applicable

Laws and Regulations

(a) The Bank shall immediately

take all necessary steps to eliminate or correct all

violations of State and Federal law. rule, and regulation cited in the State of Florida Examination Report. dated April 4, 1998 (the “Report of Examination”).

(b) The Bank shall immediately order to ensure compliance regulations

initiate an affirmative


program in

with the provisions

of all applicable laws, rules. and of the Bank shall

and this Agreement.

Pursuant thereto, the management

familiarize itself with the applicable provisions regulations promulgated thereunder,

of the Federal Reserve Act and the

the laws of the State of Florida. and the provisions

of this Agreement.


Brokered Deposits I‘ Bank shall not accept brokered deposits except in compliance he with the

provisions of section 29 of the FDI Act ( 12 U. S. C. 183 1e). The Bank shall notify the Reseme Bank and the Comptroller if the Bank requests any waiver of the restrictions (the “FDIC”). and of any request

imposed by section 29 from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation shall notify the Reserve Bank and Comptroller for such a waiver. of the FDIC’ disposition s

6. Asset/Liability

Management the Bank shall submit to the Resen;e Bank management policy

(a) Within 60 days of this Agreement, and the Comptroller

an acceptable revised written asset/liability

designed to improve management

of the Bank’ liquidity and sensitivity to market risk. s

(b) The revised policy regarding liquidity shall. at a minimum. following: liabilities; (1) a minimum level of temporary assets; (2) a maximum (4) an appropriate

address the level of volatile level of loans

(3) an appropriate

level of core deposits;

relative to deposits and capital; (5) parameters

for off-balance

sheet risk; (6) the number and (8) appropriate and deposits.

and amount of large deposits; (7) the Bank’ borrowing s


standards for volume, mix and maturity of the Bank’ loans, investments. s

(c) The revised policy regarding sensitivity address the following parameters “GAP” management;

to market risk shall, at a minimum. guidelines for of

for interest rate risk: (1) appropriate

(2) an adequate system to model and control the vulnerability


net interest income to changes in interest rates; and (3) appropriate

parameters governing

the economic risk to the Bank’ capital due to changes in interest rates. s

(d) The Asset/Liability responsible


(the “ALCO”) of the Bank shall be

for providing the necessary reports to the board of directors on a monthly

basis so that the board of directors can make informed decisions regarding the Bank’ s management of market risk.

(e) The ALCO shall, at all times. be comprised The ALCO shall be responsible policies and procedures. Bank’ management s for monitoring

of at least two outside directors. with the Bank’ asset/liability s


and shall review, on a monthly basis, all decisions made by the paying particular policies by

with regard to such policies and procedures,

attention to whether each decision was made in accordance and procedures. Any exceptions

with the established

to the policies and procedures and the continuance

shall be documented

the ALCO as to the reason for the exception,

of any exception must

be approved by a majority of both the ALCO and the Bank’ board of directors. s

7. Funds Management (a) Within 60 days of this Agreement, and the Comptroller an acceptable the Bank shall submit to the Reserve Bank plan and procedures to

written funds management

provide for the maintenance shall, at a minimum,

of an adequate liquidity position.

The plan and procedures

address and consider:

( 1) Identitication txperience

of potential sources of liquidity if the Bank Lvere to

an erosion of its deposit base;

(3) establishment withdrawals.

of contingency include:

plans for meeting large, unexpected (.4) the sale of assets. and to advance funds on short

which shall, at a minimum,

(B) establishing notice; and

lines of credit with other financial institutions

(3) a monthly review by the Bank’ board of directors to determine how s best to allocate the Bank’ available funding sources among various asset categories after s reviewing: commitments (A) the Bank’ liquidity position; (B) outstanding s commitments such as loan

and letters of credit; and (C) the Bank’ rate-sensitivity s

position and net

interest margin.

(b) The funds management investment,

plan shall be coordinated

with the Bank’ loan. s

operating, and strategic plan and budget policies.


Concentrations Within 60 days of this Agreement, the Bank shall submit to the Reserve Bank and to monitor and control address and claims

the Comptroller concentrations consider:

an acceptable written policy and procedures of credit. The policy and procedures

shall, at a minimum,

(a) methods used to identify assets or groups of assets or contingent

with common risk elements that, in the aggregate, represent 25 percent or more of the


Bank’ tier 1 capital; (b) the establishment s on concentrations of credit; (c) monitoring

by the board of directors of acceptable procedures to control concentrations

limits of credit:

and (d) written monthly reporting of concentration copies of vvhich shall be retained for subsequent

levels to the Bank’ board of directors. s supervisory review.


Policy Revisions Within 90 days of this Agreement. the Bank shall submit to the Reserve Bank and

the Comptroller

acceptable revised written policies for the following areas:


Loan Policy:

revisions to the loan policy shall include, but not be (2) the

limited to: (1) the annual review of the loan policy by the board of directors; establishment of the duties, responsibilities, (3) a requirement and procedures

for the Bank’ Loan and s

Discount Committee; inspections

that real estate appraisals and bank management and

be updated annually, and that appraisals be at “fair value” estimates;

(4) the board of directors’ annual adoption of a list of approved real estate appraisal firms.



Activity Repot-t/Know Your Customer:

revisions to

these policies shall include, but not be limited to: (1) maintenance Transaction procedures Report (Form 4789) and preparation instructions;

of a sample Currency of

(2) establishment

for the detection and review of off-line and multiple transactions; of a sample Suspicious Activity Report and preparation instructions: and

(3) maintenance (4) maintenance the frequency

of a written record of the training received by Bank personnel, of training and the names of personnel trained.



(c) Wire Transfer:

revisions to the vvire transfer policy shall include, but of the positions responsible for performing the

not be limited to: ( 1) the specification various vvire transfer functions;

(2) required written agreements

between the Bank and through

the customer for requests received by facsimile;

(3) a record of the institutions
and the instances

which incoming and outgoing wire transfers are processed institutions are used for the processing are performed of wire transactions;

when these

a requirement

that “call-

back” procedures

and documented

when telephone and/or facsimile wire plan in the event of

transfer requests are received from customers; a disaster or emergency.

and (5) a contingency

10. Loan Committee (a) A majority of the Bank’ Loan Committee s shall, at all times. be comprised of

outside directors, who are not executive officers of the Bank. The prior approval of the Loan Committee shall be required for any extension of credit made or acquired by the

Bank (1) that in the aggregate will exceed $100,000 to any borrower, including related interest(s) of such cti&dccLcQR y of the Bank. incl aggregating

any related interest(s) of such borrower; or (3) for any loan acquisitions 25 percent or more of the Bank’ tier 1 capital. s Committee shall be made in accordance The Loan Committee

All loan approvals by the Loan of section 658.48 of the for monitoring

with the requirements

Florida Statutes. compliance

shall have the responsibility

with the Bank’ written loan policies and procedures s

and shall review. on a

monthly basis, all loans made by the Bank and the activities of all personnel of the Bank involved in its lending functions and operations. At each meeting of the Loan



the Committee

shall rev.iew the current status

of all

loans in excess of

S50.000 that are in default as to principal or interest for 30 days or more as of the date of the Committee meeting, that are adversely classified or listed for special mention by State in the Bank’ latest report of examination s party of the Bank. The Committee or that are to an address whether

or Federal examiners institution-affiliated

shall specifically

the extension of credit was made in accordance procedures

with the Bank’ written loan policies and s by Bank management to reduce

and whether the collection actions undertaken

the volume of past due loans were in full compliance procedures

with the Bank’ collection s The Loan Committee

as set forth in its written loan policies and procedures.

shall maintain accurate written minutes of its meetings, which shall be available for subsequent supervisory review.

(b) At least once every 30 days from the date of this Agreement. five days before a board of directors’ meeting, the Loan Committee board of directors a written report regarding all actions it has taken.

but no less than

shall submit to the

(c) For the purpose of this Agreement,

the terms (1) “related interest” shall be 0 of the Board of Governors

defined as set forth in section 2 1.5.2(k) of Regulation

(12 C.F.R. 215.2(k)); (2) “extension of credit” shall be defined as set forth in section 2 15.3 of Regulation 0 of the Board of Governors (12 C.F.R. 2 15.3); and

“executive officer” shall be defined as set forth in section 2 15.2(d) of Regulation 0 of the Board of Governors (12 C.F.R. 2 15.2(d)).


11. Loan Documentation (3) Within 35 days of this Agreement. correct all exceptions the Bank shall take all necessary steps to

to the Bank’ loan files reflected in the loans adversely classified s in the Report of Examination. including, but

and the loans listed for technical exceptions

not limited to. obtaining accurate and current financial statements. coverage, and obtaining income/cash flow information.

updating insurance

(b) Within 60 days of this Agreement. Bank and to the Comptroller paragraph
11 (a)

the Bank shall submit to the Reserve

a written report detailing the actions taken pursuant to


12. Allowance

for Loan and Lease Losses the Bank shall eliminate from its books. by

(a) Within 10 days of this Agreement, charge-off or collection, Examination

all assets or portions of assets classified “Loss” in the Report of collected in full or charged-off.

that have not been previously

(b) The Bank shall continue to maintain, through charges to current operating income, an adequate allowance the ALLL shall be determined current level of concentrations experience, evaluation for loan and lease losses (the “ALLL”). The adequacy of loans, the

in light of the current level of nonperforming

of credit within the loan portfolio of the Bank, past loss

of the potential losses in the loan portfolio of the Bank. especially losses in loans adversely classified, current economic

the potential for unidentified


and examiners’ criticisms or other comments and the requirements


in the Bank‘ most s Policy Statement

recent report of examination. on the :Illowance

of the Interagency

for Loan and Lease Losses. dated December 2 1. 1993. A written indicating the methodology

record shall be maintained the ALLL needed.

in determining

the amount of

13. Loan Review The board of directors shall take all actions necessary to ensure the Bank’ s compliance with its established written loan review policy and procedures and shall not

amend such policy and procedures Bank and the Comptroller.

without the prior written approval of the Reserve

14. Strategic Plan and Budget (a) Within 60 days of this Agreement, and the Comptroller business activities minimum. provide for or describe: a the Bank shall submit to the Reserve Bank the Bank’ proposed s

itten strategic plan and budget concerning

for 1999. This plan shall, at a (1) the responsibilities of the Bank‘ board of s and monitoring of the strategic

directors towards the definition,

approval. implementation

plan and budget, and the procedures such responsibilities; condition (2) management.

designed to ensure that the board of directors fultills lending, and operational objectives. given the reports;

of the Bank as reflected in the Report of Examination

and subsequent

(3) an earnings improvement

plan, with emphasis on the net interest margin and overhead that form the bases for major projected income

expenses; (4) the operating assumptions

and expense components. performance

and the sources and uses of new funds: (5) financial

objectiv>es. including plans for asset growth. earnings. liquidity. and capital including of a

supported by detailed quarterly and annual pro forma financial statements, projected budgets, balance sheets and income statements;

(6) the establishment

monthly review process to monitor the actual income. expenses and net cash flow of the Bank in comparison financial statements, to budgetary projections; (7) the quarterly revision of projected

including projected quarterly and annual budgets and quarter-end for the Bank; and (8) the submission

and year-end balance sheet and income statements to the Reserve Bank and the Comptroller prior to the occurrence

of a revised strategic plan or budget 60 days

of planned material changes to the strategic plan or budget .

(b) A strategic plan and budget for each calendar year subsequent be submitted to the Reserve Bank and the Comptroller

to 1999 shall

at least one month prior to the

beginning of that calendar year. The revised quarterly and annual financial statements required by paragraph Comptroller 14(a)(7) hereof shall be submitted to the Reserve Bank and the

within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter.

15. Call Reports The Bank shall take such actions as are necessary to ensure that all Consolidated Reports of Condition Bank’ condition s and Income filed or published by the Bank accurately reflect the that all such how such

on the date(s) for which such reports are tiled or published,

reports are filed or published

in a timely manner, and that all records indicating maintained for subsequent supervisory

reports are prepared are adequately



16. Approval of, and Compliance

with, Submissions required by paragraphs 3(a). 6(a). 7(a). 8, and for review and

(a) The plans, policies, and procedures

9 hereof shall be submitted to the Reserve Bank and to the Comptroller approval. The Reserve Bank and the Comptroller Acceptable

may comment on the plans. policies. shall be submitted to the

and procedures.

plans, policies, and procedures

Reserve Bank and to the Comptroller

within the time periods set forth in this Agreement. within 10 days of

The Bank shall adopt all approved plans, policies. and procedures approval by the Reserve Bank and the Comptroller them. During the term of this Agreement. approved plans, policies, and procedures Reserve Bank and the Comptroller.

and then shall fully comply with

the Bank shall not amend or rescind the without the prior written approval of the

(b) The Bank’ board of directors shall review all policies and procedures s annually. and review compliance with all policies and procedures quarterly.

17. Quarter-Iv Reports Within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter (September March 3 1. and June 30) following the date of this Agreement, the Reserve Bank and the Comptroller 30. December 3 I.

the Bank shall furnish to

written progress reports detailing the form and with this Agreement and the results

manner of all actions taken to ensure compliance thereof.

The board of directors of the Bank shall certify in writing to the Reserve Bank that each director has reviewed each quarterly progress report

and to the Comptroller

required by this paragraph. by this Agreement

Such reports may be discontinued

Lvhen corrections


have been accomplished.

and the Reserve Bank and the Comptroller

have, in writing, released the Bank from making further reports.

18. Communications All communications regarding this agreement shall be sent to:


Mr. Marion P. Rivers. III Assistant Vice President Federal Reseme Bank of Atlanta 104 Marietta Street, NW Atlanta, Georgia 30303-2713 Mr. Robert F. Milligan State Comptroller and Banking Commissioner Office of the Comptroller - The Capitol State of Florida Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0350 Mr. Philip C. Modder Chairman Southern Security Bank 3475 Sheridan Street Hollywood, Florida 3302 1 /



Miscellaneous 19. Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement may. in their sole discretion. to the contrary, the Reserve grant wtitten extensions of time

Bank and the Comptroller

to the Bank to comply with any provision of this Agreement.


The provisions

of this Agreement

shall be binding upon the Bank and all of its and assigns.


parties. in their capacities as such, and their successors



Each provision of this Agreement

shall remain effective and enforceable


stayed. modified, terminated or suspended

by the Reserve Bank and the Comptroller.


The provisions of this Agreement

shall not bar. estop, or otherwise prevent the from taking any other action affecting the Bank parties and their successors and

Board of Governors or the Comptroller

or any of its current or former institution-affiliated assigns.


This Agreement

is a “Written Agreement”

for the purposes of section 8 of the

FDI Act (12 U.S.C. 1818).


As of the date of this Agreement,

the Written Agreement

by and among the Bank,

the Reserve Bank, and the Comptroller.

dated March 17, 1992, is terminated.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused this Agreement as of the ljrbday of Aher

to be executed


Southern Security Bank

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

State Comptroller and Banking Commissioner of the State of Florida


The undersigned foregoing Agreement

directors of the Bank individually


reading the

and approve of the consent thereto by the Bank.