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The Opportunity (Our Problem)

Consumers want mobile task management. There are plenty of iPhone / iPod Touch owners (>150m) Utility apps are great - everyone needs something slightly different

There are lots of solutions

OmniFocus Things Remember The Milk Toodledo Evernote Wunderlist

TeauxDeaux ToDo ToDue 2do Air To-Do List Builder

We even have one.


Downloads Current Downloads / Day Free Productivity Rank $4 Upgrades / Day Ad Revenue / Day 200,000 1,000 65 4 $80

Theres more than one way to skin a cat. This is our second.

A really really ridiculously simple todo list. (with reminders)

What Weve Learned

People like reminders. People like simple. People dont care about priority, tagging, or fancy sorting. People really want calendar syncing. And theyll pay for it.

The Product
Single Screen Task List Reminders Notes Freemium Model Around Cloud Sync

The Founders

Ben Gilbert (Co-Founder)

4th Year, Computer Science and Engineering, Entrepreneurship Cisco, ExactTarget, CoTweet, Microsoft

Ian Kono (Co-Founder) iOS Engineer Cisco Systems UCLA, Computer Science (2009)

The Team

Mike Kus (Designer, Advisor)

Renowned for work with Twitter, Airbnb, Joe Stump, etc.

Other Advisors Nick Seguin (Kauffman Foundation, DynamIt), Eric Kerr (AppLoop, Cloudera), [redacted (other advisors)]

The Model



Reel Em In
One free month of syncing for free.

[Redacted (costs, revenues)]

[redacted (shown prots year 1)]


Our friends at the App Store Press contacts that wrote up SeizeTheDay (CNET, Time) Sponsorship of 5by5 Podcast Network (20k listeners/show) Daring (>13k page views, well-niched) Design Blogs




Marketing budget

W L v $1,500 :)

Need a rst week with a lot of momentum for the App Store charts

The Future

Dedicated Mac App iPad App Google Calendar Integration Task Emailing Integration Exchange Integration Aggregated Data Analysis / Advertising Functional Delights as an Agency


Mmm... backup slides...

First and foremost, theres simply not enough targeted, cost-effective ad inventory to make the method we used work in todays climate. Because it takes so many more sales to maintain a chart position, its completely impractical to advertise your way into the charts nowadays.Youd easily go broke in a heartbeat attempting to do so. With these current [ad] rates, its nearly impossible for iOS developers to get any return on their investment.