1 R.E.S.T.

Spa: Spa Business Project

Figure 1 I: Executive Summary As a student of ICTM 329 Technology for the Tourism Industry, our group is required to conduct a business plan for any tourism-related business. Recently, the awareness of health and beauty has increase widely. Our group thinks this is a great opportunity to take a chance and conduct a business project plan with the combination of utilize the technology for a business. Therefore, the idea of R.E.S.T. Spa has been created. In this report, you will find out information about two main stages of our project plan which are “Business Analysis Stage” and “Internet Technologies Utility for Operating stage”. In each stage, we will provide profound detail as you can see in the table of content. II: Title Our spa is named “R.E.S.T spa”, which stands for relaxation, elegant, stylish, and Thai traditional. Thus, combining these four keywords together, we get REST, which is a boutique place that you can relax by having a masseurs to give you a massage in stylish types of rooms. The reason that we provide a variety type of rooms is we want our customers to feel excited every time they visit us. New atmosphere gives more potential for customers to try more than once if the service quality is in the level that customers satisfy. Our spa focuses on selling many types of Treatments for individual foreign tourists, and business people who want to release the stress.


2 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project III: Background Our team came up with many businesses that related to the travel industry management. We narrowed down to 3 types of business that were tending to open. After comparing the advantages and disadvantages, we concluded that Chic spa business is the best choice. The main reason is that there is no company has operated chic spa related to sightseeing of Thailand yet. Although our R.E.S.T. spa provides modern treatment, customers still get the feeling of travelling in Thailand. Moreover, the product that we sell has the sense of Traditional Thai flowers. We are planed to open the R.E.S.T. on the Silom Road. which easily catches our target market: foreign tourist and business people.

Figure 2

Business Analysis Stage
IV: Objectives Our company set up the objective for the long term business. Firstly, we aim to reach the breakeven point with in the first three years. Also, after that, we aim to gain the maximum profit. We intend to gain more than five million baht within five years, and we aim to have fifty customers per day on average. In high season, we goal to gain about eighty customers per day, and in the low season it will be lower than that. Last is our most important objective which is awareness. Because our spa was small, so we do not plan to have a high market share, instead, we aim to build our spa awareness and aim to be the most well-known spa on Silom Road. 42

3 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project V: Mission R.E.S.T.’s mission is “Chic Choice of Relaxation with Touches of Nature” R.E.S.T’s Mission Statement A chic stylish spa is located in the heart of Bangkok that provides a wide variety type of Thai spa treatments for our customers to meet their satisfactions and beyond their expectation. Our customers will receive the most warming services performed by our friendly staff, along with creating moments of happiness and relaxation, exploring unforgettable memories, and building pleasant relationship between guests and employees. It is not just seeing more, it is a place for experiencing. VI: Team This is our organization chart. Our CEO is Ms. Jennifer Lopez. Although we are the team who present the spa project, we also have the position for each. Miss Nophasome is the secretary who deals directly with the president. Miss Jutamast is a treasury who manages all the money. Miss Chayada is sales director who increases the sales. Miss Saendao is accountant who balances the cash flow in and out. Mr. Natthapol is masseuse coordinator who deals with the operation.

Figure 3


4 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project VII: Target According to the market segmentation company, segmentation by the geography is the way to target people near by or live in the same street (Alternative, 2009). Our spa is located at Silom where most of the destinations are suit for individual mass tourists or tourists who mainly travel by themselves. For example, around Silom, there are Suan Lum Night Plaza and Patpong Night Market, where many foreign tourists like to go shopping at night. In addition, although the spa is located at Silom, our scope of location expands to tourists at Siam Paragon and Chidlom as well. The reason is because those tourists can easily come to our spa by BTS, giving us wider area to focus on. “Target on foreigners who come to Thailand as individual mass tourists and stay or travel around the area of our location. Also, Thai people who seek for new and unique experience are very welcome to our spa.” VIII: Business Environment 1. Economic At this present time, the world economic is collapsing. Hamburger Crisis influences the economics of every country. Definitely, it will have an effect on tourism and hospitality industry in Thailand. Deflation is also a big problem. It leads customers to save the money rather spend their money. Moreover, if the economic is not smooth, our customers may come to our spa less often. People may consider spa as the non-necessary product to purchase. Our spa can lose loyal customers because they want to save money instead of going out for relaxation. 2. Social and cultural environment This part is the good news of our spa. Thai Massage has been long history in Thailand. It is the value inherited from one generation to others. We do not waste time to introduce the product to others. They already know what it is like especially when we mix old tradition and western skill altogether. The product will be much interesting. Moreover, it is the new trend that people focus more on health both physical and mental. They try not to get stress or overworking. It is the company benefit that we can get more customers by promote these sense. After the guests use our product, they may approach "Real Relaxation" which cannot get from anywhere else.


5 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Chic and boutique style is becoming popular in Thailand. We are quite pioneer in this business which is very good for us because there are many people are looking to try our product and services. 3. Technology The company cannot deny that the world changes everyday and innovative technology is the main factors for that. Thus, technology always plays the most important roles. Technology usually provides convenience and comfort. It can help us to the business process; for example, counting inventories, arranging customers’ profiles, or broadcasting spa as an advertisement. Furthermore, we can adjust advanced technology in infrastructures in hi-tech system. Thus, customers can assess easily and fast. Having advanced technology, the company will have less difficulty in operation. 4. Competition Due to the popularity of the spa trend there are many spa businesses opened up in this recent year. The competitors that we concern are those spas that located in the same area, Silom Road. There are 6 spas already excluding our chic spa. However, compare to the size, investment, style, target market, and image, there are two main spas which seems to be our effective competitors. First, “Dahra Beauty and Spa” located near the Chong Nonsi BTS station creates very strong sense of relaxation. The decoration and display is very getting along with the image. “Dahra Beauty and Spa” focuses on the mixture of Thai and western sense. Its main target is foreigners as well. The price is not quite high, but it is not usual for Thai citizen. It has been operated since 2002 (Dahra, 2008); therefore “Dahra Beauty and Spa” already has loyal customers and strong partnerships with many airlines and tour agents. That is why although “Dahra Beauty and Spa” located near the Sofitel Hotel, “Dahra Beauty and Spa” can attract foreign customers from strong partners who play significant role in promoting “Dahra Beauty and Spa”. Second, “Devarana Spa” locates in the Dusit Hotel which has been operating more than 36 years. Dusit hotel is the 5 stars with network over Thailand and other countries, such as Philippines, Egypt, and United Arab Emirate (Welcome, n.d.) There is no question for Devarana Spa of how luxury it is. Devarana Spa emphasizes on Thai style which is the same as Dusit Hotel’s image. Devarana Spa is one of the facilities served hotel’s customer. However, high status people love to go there as well. This is because Devarana Spa promotes itself as the “Heaven of spa lovers”. The decoration and theme highlight on Thai heaven ideal, white and gold. Everything is very soft and beautiful. 42

6 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Devarana Spa invests in big amount of money, so the product and services are just for rich people. Devarana Spa also has well-built partners which is related to the Dusit Hotel. Moreover, the promotion and advertising are professional according to the Dusit hotel’s strategy management. However, R.E.S.T. spa has one thing those 2 competitors do not have which is “Differentiate”. We promote our spa as a new trend chic spa with affordable price. Although competitors have strong images to represent the sense of relaxation, R.E.S.T. spa provides different themes to build the sense relaxation through the peace of nature.

Figure 4 IX: SWOT 1. Strengths: (Controllable) The spa is located at the Silom road which is one of the tourism well known spots which fit our main target group-foreign individual mass tourist. This area is the urban business area, and close to many hotels, which make this very convenient for customer to visit because there is a BTS, the sky train, line pass through it. Moreover the spa has the unique interior design, which makes it very standout from other spa within the area. The spa has a unique selling point which can be considered as the strength. The spa is decorated in chic style, or also known as theme spa. It has different theme in each room. This is the only chic spa in Silom area. Therefore, the spa provides different scenery feelings that will make customers feel like they are in other places surrounded by the natural beauty of Thailand. Our spa also has its own website that can help promote the spa and will provide online booking appointment and online contacts for the customers which will them feel very convenience. 2. Weaknesses: (Controllable) Although the spa location is one of the spa’s strengths, it can also consider as our weakness. Thailand is also popular for the traffic jam and our spa also face that problem. For our customers that drive, this will be a huge problem. Also, the parking spaces are hard to find.


7 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Since the prices of spa service are about the same as the other spas and it is a new spa within the area, it is hard to keep up with competitors. So, we have to try very hard in term of the promotion. 3. Opportunities: (Uncontrollable) Finding surrounded environment such as trend can acknowledge us what customers want. Nowadays, people are very concerned about their health. So, the health trend is one of our biggest opportunities. Also, spa business is already well known Thailand and people always like to try new thing. This is why we came up with the idea of the Chic style, new style of spa that will make customers feel like they are not in Bangkok, but surrounded by nature such as waterfall and trees. 4. Threads: (Uncontrollable) Because of spa business is very popular in Thailand especially in Silom area. Also, most of spa firm in Silom area has the same target market as us which are foreign tourists and we are new firm in this market. These elements can lead to the problem of highly competition in the market. In the present, Thailand is going through much political instability which can cause the decreasing number of tourists. It will also make the economic of Thailand not doing well. So, not only foreign tourists will decrease, but many potential customers in Thailand will afraid to spend their money too. However, this will be a problem for about one year maximum which will not be a major problem of our plan because we are aiming for long term development.

Figure 5

X: Marketing Mix 1.Product Main Product Hand Spa Sometimes our hands get hard and peel skin accidentally. Hands nourishing treatment is the alternative to reveal softly and smoothly skin of your hand. The approximate time is 45 minutes.

Figure 6 42

8 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

Foot Spa Not only releasing tightness in the feet but also relaxing the whole body because feet the assemble point of other nerves. Tried feet suddenly feel light again and the whole body is refreshed by messaging. You can stimulate the whole body. The approximate time is 60 minutes. Figure 7

Body Relaxation Body Scrub: You can say goodbye to your dead skin and unveil a smoother more rejuvenated skin with these divinely aromatic scrubs. Your skin will feel refreshed and reborn. The approximate time is 60 minutes

Figure 8

Body Wrap: Our body wrap recipe is made up of a fresh daily blend of ingredients that includes special herbs and oils. The more times you perform a body wrap the faster and better the results. You will be amazed at how soft and healthy your skin will feel and look after. The approximate time is 60 minutes.

Massage: Swedish Massage--- A unique European full-body massage that applies a


9 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

combination of light and deep stroke massages to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow, relieves muscle tension and reduces stress by leaving you in a comfortable state of relaxation. The approximate time is 90 minutes. Aroma Massage--- Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plant essences, as essential oils promote health and balance in the body. An Aromatherapy massage is principally the same as a traditional Swedish massage, but with the use of essential oils .The massage encourages the essential oil to be absorbed into the body via the skin. The approximate time is 90 minutes. Stone Massage--- Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. They are often basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. It is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage. The heat helps tight muscles release. The approximate time is 90 minutes.

Figure 9 Special retreat Anti Stress: The combination of massage or specific area as head, neck and shoulder to relax and reduce body tensions to healthy and well being. The approximate time is 60 minutes.

Facial Treatment: This is a fresh and radiant treatment nourishing you skin. In twenty steps including whether it is: cleansing, deep cleansing, Peeling, Massaging and improving your skin by using mask and specific serum depending on skin type. - Nourishing Treatment for Normal + Combination Skin - Moisturizing Treatment for Dry Skin - Purifying Treatment for Oily Skin The approximate time is 60 minutes

Figure 10


10 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

Royal Thai Massage: An ancient art traditions practiced throughout Thailand. This treatment improves blood circulation and energy flow as it relaxes tensed muscles and ligaments. Pressure points in the body are probed and kneaded, to suit your preference of soft or hard massage. The treatment leaves you with a feeling of lightness of being. The approximate time is 120 minutes

Spa products These includes daily product which customers can buy from us. - Soap - Body lotion - Body scrub - Oil Scent candle - Pot pouri (บุหงา) Severous smells can be choose due to the guests preference. There is Black amethyst, sweet pea, Jasmine, rose, Pandan, Thai Mint. Each smell represent different atmosphere.

Figure 11

Product level Product life cycle

Figure 12


11 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project •

Introduction o Now the company is in this stage. We still have slow sale growth and low profits.

Growth o In this stage, sales will start climbing quickly. Our brand is quiet be known. Competitor will enter the market. Therefore, we have to always improve service quality and add the new service to exceed customers' need. We also have to emphasis on advertising to build awareness.

Maturity o This stage will reveal slow down in the rate of sales growth. It represents that our product is quiet stable in the market. Although it seems to be fine in the stable market, we have to support new strategies to maintain sale growth before reaching the decline stage. If the company knows that we are going to face decline stage, before that happen we will introduce the new products which can get us to the introduction stage again.

2. Partnership

Organizations in the Same Business  Our spa and Rachawadee Spa in South Africa are good friends and good partnerships (Rachawadee, n.d.). We use the same suppliers. Moreover, Rachawadee Spa helps us promoting our spa if their customers come to Thailand. If their customers from South Africa want to know where they can find the place for massaging. Organizations in the Related Business • As our target group is foreigners, we are the alliances to many tour operators  and hotel in order to make more profits to our company. We are the business partner with Big-Bang Tour Operator, a Korean tour operator, and JW Marriot. Organizations in Non-Related Business 42

12 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project •

BTS and MRT public transportation are our partnerships, as R.E.S.T Spa can be easily accessed by subway and sky train.

Parking lots at Silom Complex Tower and Sri Boon Reung Tower are our supreme partnership. We provide the valet parking to our customers and park at the nearest place, which could be either Silom Complex Tower or Sri Boon Reung Tower.

3. People • • • • • • • • Our employees will take a good care of customers and do everything to satisfy customers. Every massager is well-trained, before massagers are accepted by our organization, they need to be trained at least 3 months. Every six months, every massager has to participate in training programs such as body massage, facial massage, foot spa, and hand spa. We will provide the English course every day after work so that every employees and communicate with our foreign customers. Every employs must have a good manner and very polite to our customers The employees of the month will be voted in order to motivate our employs The prizes will be given to the employees of the month as well The manger will be responded in everything in the spa and also has the right to make any decision in the emergency cases.

The receptionist is responsible for collecting money and checking an income at the end of the day. Figure 13

Motivating and Retaining Staff • Maintaining regular communication with employees.


13 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project •

Our spar will give out the internal newsletter for our employees every month, including memo, bullet board, or meeting to motivate our employees.

• • •


We also give a reward for the employees of the month.

Setting Clear Objectives and performance standard • Our employees must understand clearly about the mission and objective so that they can provide services to our customer and the same level or better than the setting standard.

Advancement Opportunities • • Our Spa will provide training courses to our employees. For masseuse, first we will provide them the body massage course, then when they know everything about body massage, and can work effectively, so will move up to the next level which is facial massage.

Figure 14 4. Package By Package elements All inclusive Packages seem to be the best choice for spa industry. Majority prefers visiting just 1 day and gets all kind of services that we have within 1 price. • This inclusive package names "R.E.S.T. spa package" (The same name of our spa). This package is the combination of hand spa, body stone massage, and foot spa. In other word, this package includes service from head to toe.


14 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project We guarantee that guest will definitely enjoy this package and feel so princes. The duration of this package will be around 3 hours. • Next is the “D.I.Y. package”. Our image is chic style which serves new generation. The new generation is like to have freedom and choose everything by themselves. Therefore, this package is very open and allowed guest to choose any product they like not more than 3 things. For example, guests might want to get Anti stress and foot spa in just 1 time in any kind of theme rooms. However, D.I.Y package will not be more than two and a half hour. 5. Price Products Hand Spa Foot Spa Minutes 45 60 Price 400 600

Body Relaxation • Body Scrub • Body Wrap • Massage - Swedish Massage - Aroma Massage - Stone Massage

60 60 90 90 90

1200-1500 1200-1500 1200-1500 1200-1500 2700-3500

Special Treatment • Anti-stress • Facial Treatment • Royal Thai Massage

60 60 60

1300 1300-2000 1300-1500

Spa Products • Soap • Body lotion • Body scrub • Oil • Scent candle • Pot pouri (บุหงา)


200 400 400 300 50 50


15 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

6. Place

R.E.S.T. Spa

Figure 15


16 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

7. Promotion Advertising through Media • “R.E.S.T.” will use both print and broadcast media. The print media will be created by putting the information about the organization to brochures and send out to traveling agencies and many tourism related firms. The second one is the internet technology that we will launch to advertise the spa. 8. Physical Environment • Reception Area In our reception area, our decoration will be a combination of Thai traditional and modern style. Figure 16 Figure 17 Figure 19 Figure 18

A Beach Room The first room is a beach room. This room will create all senses that make the customers feel like they are lying on the beach. They will see the sea scene on the wall and also hear the sound of the 42

17 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project reflection of the wave with the beach. Also, we will play the music which makes customers feel like they are walking along the beach. • A Waterfall Room The second room is a room which will make customers feel like they are surrounded by the mountain next to the waterfall. We will also create the sound of the water fall for the customers. The music as a background will make them feel relaxed and relieved. Figure 20 • A Night Time Room Next is the night time room. The design of this room will be in black color. All the walls and the ceiling will be a dark color with sparkling shining stars. We would like our customers feel like they are in the zero gravity area, or like they are flying to the sky at night. Figure 21

Figure 22

Heaven Room

This room is totally different from the previous room. The heaven room will be all in white. All the walls and ceiling will be painted with white color, and also, the furniture and all decoration in the room are all white. This room will create the sense of peace and purity. We would like our customers feel the


18 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project hygiene of our spa and make them feel like they will treat them like they are angels. • A Garden Room Last is the garden room. This room will provide many trees and flowers in the rooms. On the wall will be the pictures of the garden with a thousand kinds of blossom flowers. The smell in this room will be scents of many kinds of flower. The music as a background will be make the customers feel that they are taking a walk in the garden which make them feel calm and fresh. Figure 23 • A Lanna Room TheLanna room, the interior design of this room will different from other room because this is the only one room that does not relate to the nature. Figure 24 This room will represent the art of Thai traditional culture from the Northern part of Thailand. The room will be painted in the warm color and furnished with wooden furniture. During the service, our customers will hear the sound of Thai musical instrument to make them feel like they are in the Lanna period.

XI: Financial Analysis


19 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Investment Size R.E.S.T. spa will finance this investment amount with 25% debt and 75% equity. Normal corporate tax rate is 30%. The business operates 360 days per year. This part will show the cost of set up in the investment of the R.E.S.T. spa. Investment amount for the spa Building and Property Furniture (over all) Decoration Total Calculate revenue from guest Average of the price of spa service is 1210 baht per person. Assume there are 2 customers in every hour. Business operates about 8 hours a day. Therefore, in 1 year the business operates 2880 hours The occupancy rate is 75%. Therefore, in 1 year the spa will be sold 2160 hours (2880 * 75%). Total revenue should be “total sold hours * amount of money that 1 customer should pay * number of customer in 1 hour”. The calculation will be “2160 * 1210 * 2 = 5,227,200” Calculate expense 20 millions baht 1 millions baht 3 millions baht 24 millions baht

Expenses Management and employee salaries Administrative and general expenses Selling and marketing expenses Operation and maintenance (include utilities) Property and fire insurance (1% of investment) Total expenses per year

Expenses per year (Thai Baht) 1,600,000 500,000 80,000 300,000 240,000 2,720,000

Calculate net income for the next 5 years 42

20 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

Interest rate is 5% on the amount borrowed, in which 25% of initial investment came from 5-year borrowing contract.

Year 1 Revenue Expenses (increase by 5% per year) EBIT (Earning Before Interest Tax) Interest Expenses EBT (Earning Before Tax) Taxes (30% of EBT) Net Income (NI)

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

2,720,000 2,507,200 300,000 2,207,200 662,160 1,545,040

2,856,000 2,371,200 300,000 2,071,200 621,360 1,449,840

2,998,800 2,228,400 300,000 1,928,400 578,520 1,349,880

3,148,740 2,078,460 300,000 1,778,460 533,538 1,244,922

3,306,177 1,921,023 300,000 1,621,023 486,306.90 1,134,716.10

Contribution Margin and Break-even Analysis  Assume that variable cost is 30% of total revenue.
1,568,160 1,151,840 665.5 1,730

Variable Costs (Thai Baht) Fixed Costs (Thai Baht) Contribution per service ( average price of service that 1 customer would use) Break-Even in number of customers

XII: Control and Evaluation 1. Control • Gathering Information o To gather information, our spa plans to focus on customers who use our spa service. o We will use questioners to ask for customers ‘comment and they can also give us the feedback about our products and services. • Controlling the Budget o As our spa is in the introduction state, we need a lot of money to operate the spa and promote our product. So, we should control the budget well in order to manage everything in the spa.


21 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project o We will always compare our profit and expense every month with our competitors to see if our expense is over the limit or not

Figure 25 2. Evaluation First is number of sale measurement. This help us analysis our sales comparing with our objectives. Because we have an exact number for our sales in the objectives, so we choose to use this strategy to analyze and evaluate our spa. Moreover, we evaluate our spa by measuring from customer satisfaction which is the most important one. Because our mainly products we sell is service, so we have to satisfy the customers the best we can in order to maintain the market as long as possible. We have to ask for comments from our customers and take all of that to improve our service to create the loyalty customers or returning customers.


22 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project XIII: Reference Alternative approaches to market segmentation. (2009). The Market Segmentation Company. Retrieved Mar 12, 2009 from http://www.marketsegmentation.co.uk/segmentation_alt_tmsc.htm#geo Dahra Beauty&Spa. (2008). Dahra-spa. Retrieved Mar 9, 2009 from http://www.dahraspa.com/spa_bangkok.html Rachawadee. (n.d.). Retrieved Mar 14, 2009 from http://www.rachawadeethaispa.com/ Welcome to Devarana Spa…Heaven for Spa Lovers. (n.d.). Dusit. Retrieved Mar 9, 2009 from http://www.devarana.com/index.html Figure 1 was taken by put team adjusting in Photoshop program Figure 2 was taken from http://www.alamindahbali.com/Alam_wangi.htm Figure 3 was taken by adjusting from www.gliffy.com Figure 4 was taken from http://www.dahra-spa.com/spa_bangkok.html Figure 5 was taken from http://www.dahra-spa.com/spa_bangkok.html Figure 6 was taken from http://www.atbangkok.com/detail_page.php?sub_id=280&Oldpa_id=29&pa_id=738 Figure 7 was taken from http://www.travelblissful.com/2007/10/19/the-worlds-bestspas-according-to-forbes/ Figure 8 was taken from http://www.dahra-spa.com/spa_bangkok.html Figure 9 was taken from http://www.sueshields.co.uk/ Figure 10 was taken from http://www.travelblissful.com/2007/10/19/the-worldsbest-spas-according-to-forbes/ Figure 11 was taken from http://www.myfamilycandlebusiness.com/ Figure 12 was taken from http://www.trumpuniversity.com/businessbriefings/post/2008/04/product-life-cycle.cfm Figure 13 was taken from http://www.dahra-spa.com/spa_bangkok.html Figure 14 was taken from http://www.dahra-spa.com/spa_bangkok.html Figure 15 was adjusted by Photoshop and taken from http://www.sino.net/images/hotels/7/19/1811-map.gif 42

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24 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

Internet Technologies Utility for Operating Stage
I: Google Earth

Figure 1

Figure 2 42

25 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project R.E.S.T Spa is located on the Silom Road, which is in the CBD (Centre Business District). The space of our spa is 400 sq.m. We have mentioned earlier that JW Marriot is our partnership. They provide transportation for our customers, which take only 3.11 kilometers. The other way to get here is by using the sky train (BTS), as both of two destinations provide stations nearby. It can get connect to each other conveniently. Moreover, our spa is right in the heart of the city. It means R.E.S.T Spa is very easy to access, as we also valet parking. The location is where most of our targets live in because it is close to many important places, such like Sathorn Road, Lumpini Public Park, Siam Paragon department store, Central World department store, etc. II: Gliffy

Figure 3 Gliffy online gives the best way for our team to make the organization chart. We cab draw and easily put the position in the table which is very convenient and useful. Moreover, it looks professional.

III: Domain Name 42

26 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

Figure 4 Website is another way to promote our spa business. However, before creating a website, we need to have the catchy name to get customer attention. Therefore, we went to www.godady.com to create the domain name. Our domain name has something in common with the name of our spa. Finally, we decided to put rest-atspa as a domain name and used www.reat-at-spa.com as the URL of the spa company. Our customer will remember the name of website easily. IV: Customer Approach We promote our spa business through internet network in many website such as in facebook, hi5, yellowpages, spa directory, and scribd. These are the popular website that many customers would like to visit in order to see the information of our business.


27 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project •


Figure 5 We create the R.E.S.T. spa account in order to distribute news to customers, get the reservation from customer, or connect with our partnership. Our e-mail is restspas@gmail.com The name of e-mail is the same as the name of our spa. The reason that we chose Gmail account is Gmail account provides easily accessibility that others cannot do. It will help our spa organize the business as well. For example, we can classify type of mail; which are spam, customers, or newsletter. • Facebook

Figure 6 42

28 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Facebook is one of the popular webpage that people like to chat, post, and visit each other. Therefore, it is another internet technology to access to the customers. Moreover, it is free. We do not need to pay fee. We can just our friend and then link to others and share our news. • Hi5

Figure 7

Figure 8


29 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Hi5 is another website that works like Facebook. We can just keep updating and advertise to get visitors’ attention. The figure 7-8 show that the visitors can leave the comment or question, and then the notification will show in our Gmail account. After that we can answer their question right away. Relying on just our homepage, something people doesn’t see or notice it. • Yellowpages

Figure 9 You will be able to find R.E.S.T. Spa website by using Yellow Pages Website. When you enter the website, you just search for Spa Thailand and can be more specific by typing the area of spa that you want like BKK, the R.E.S.T. Spa will show on the lists of spa in Bangkok, Thailand.


30 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project •

Spa Directory

Figure 10 This spa Directory will show all spas in Thailand and here you can find R.E.S.T. Spa by typing the spa name, which is near the search button. • Thailand Spa Index

Figure 11 Thailand Spa Index is the directory that you can search for any spa in Thailand, which including R.E.S.T. Spa. You can search by specifying the area and spa type. For example, you choose Bangkok as the location you want and choose Health spa as the spa type. Then the R.E.S.T. Spa link will show up for you to enter in.


31 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project •

Thai Spa Association

Figure 12 Thai Spa Association is the website that acts like the center of Spas in Thailand, where people can update about spa news. Our R.E.S.T. Spa also include in this association. Therefore, R.E.S.T. spa’s customers can notice the latest news and campaigns here and seek for more information they want. • Search Engine


32 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Figure 13 People can find information about R.E.S.T. Spa by using search engine like Google. You can type the name of R.E.S.T. Spa and then click search button. • Scribd

Figure 14 Scribd is the website that anyone can upload the file. Basically, it is like youtube version text file. Here we created the account by restspa@gmail.com then we upload our spa project and brochure in there. So anyone can search, read, and understand in detail what our spa is like. VI: License


33 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Figure 15

Figure 16

Figure 17 Apart from customer approach, we also limit the level of license as well. For example, on the figure 15 there is a photo from our spa. We will put the license as you can see in the additional information from figure 16 that state Some rights reserved


34 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Anyone can see this photo. When you click in there, it says you are allowed to share and remix as long as you give the credit to the original work. IV: Website by HTML We use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 as a program for creating R.E.S.T. SPA’s website. There are three main views which are Code, Split, and Design. For the code view, there are only plain html codes which are similar to ConTEXT program. For the design view, it is similar to the outcome in the webpage, but we can edit the webpage on this page as well. For the last view, split view, it is the combination of the code view and design view. On this view, we can see both html codes and the outcome at the same time. Code View


35 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Figure 18 Design View

Figure 19 Split View


36 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

Figure 20 For the home page of R.E.S.T. SPA, we use the color from http://kuler.adobe.com as a guideline for the color for our website. The website suggests colors that can go well together. With the keyword of spa, there are many results for us to choose. We first come up with the homepage of R.E.S.T. SPA which includes the logo of the spa up top. Also, we put our vision, “Chic Choice of Relaxation with Touches of Nature”, in marquee so that customers can easily notice our vision statement when they come to our homepage. Next from the logo is the meaning for each letters in R.E.S.T. SPA, relaxation, elegant, stylish, and Thai traditional. Next is the hyperlink of online book which is in marquee in order to attract the customers’ attention. At the bottom of the page, there are short cuts to other webpage of R.E.S.T. SPA which include our homepage, spa menu, location, reservation, facts for travelers, and Silom guide. This shortcut appears on every webpage of our website to make it easy for customers to go to another webpage. The second page is the spa menu. We include necessary details of the services provided by R.E.S.T. SPA in this webpage. Customer will know about the products and services that we provide to customers. We also use CSS code for this page to make the table look nicer in a more professional way.


37 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Next is the location page, this page is useful information for customers who come to our spa for the first time. They will know the direction to R.E.S.T. SPA and how to approach our spa too. Next is the reservation hyperlink. We provide this page for customer to reserve the spa online. Also, we can keep in touch with them through e-mail they provided. We use the service from www.wufoo.com to come up with the reservation form. When the customers submit this form, the information will be automatically sent to our e-mail, restspas@gmail.com, immediately. The next section for the shortcut is the useful information for our target market which is foreign tourists and business people. The section is about the information about Bangkok and the nearby places. The first links to the page of facts for travelers. This webpage provides brief information for foreigners to know more about Thailand. The last hyperlink is the information about nearby places, Silom area. This information will be useful for tourists to go to places around R.E.S.T. SPA.


Figure 21


38 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Spa Menu

Figure 22 R.E.S.T. SPA Location


39 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Figure 23 Reservation Form

Figure 24 Facts for Travelers

Figure 25 42

40 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Silom Guide

Figure 26 VII:Sketch up

How to build the building that we learned last class VIII: Reference Information nearby Silom was adjusted and taken from www.bangkok.com Reservation Webpage was adjusted and retrieved from www.wufoo.com Figure 1-2 was adjusted and taken from google earth program. Figure 3 was taken from http://www.gliffy.com./ Figure 4 was taken from https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/registrar/search.asp?se=%2B&app_hdr=&ci=544 Figure 5 was taken from http://mail.google.com/mail/?hl=en&source=navclient&zx=1uul7ftihwp9o&shva=1#inb ox Figure 6 was taken from http://www.facebook.com/home.php


41 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Figure 7-8 was taken from http://hi5.com/friend/profile/displaySameProfile.do?userid=416607562 Figure 9 was taken from http://www.yellowpages.co.th Figure 10 was taken from http://www.all-spa-thailand.com Figure 11 was taken from http://www.thailandspaindex.com/ Figure 12 was taken from http://www.thaiassociation.com Figure 13 was taken from http://www.google.com Figure 14 was taken from http://www.scribd.com/my_docs Figure 15-16 was taken from http://www.flickr.com/photos/denniswong/2413988302/ Figure 17 was taken from http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en Figure 18-26 was adjusted and taken from Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Figure 27 was taken from Figure 20 was taken from Figure 21 was taken from Figure 22 was taken from Figure 23 was taken from Figure 24 was taken from Figure 25 was taken from


42 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

IX: Appendix

Our team members

ID: 4880398 Name: Nattaphol Pattanasittiseri Responsibility: HTML part

ID: 4880360 Name: Nophasorn Ariyasantichai Responsibility: Sketchup part

ID: 4880568 Name: Chayada Responsibility: domain name, and Patchakapati Google earth, organization chart, finalize PowerPoint

ID: 4880577 Name: Saendao Teeravijit Responsibility: Customer Approach

ID: 4980150 42

43 R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project Name: Jutamast Siritewankun Responsibility: Business Analysis and finalize report



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