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Q 2- In what way has Trompenaarss research helped explain cultural differences between the United States and France?

Trompenaarss classify the corporate culture into four kinds: the family, the Eiffel Tower, the guided missile and the incubator. The dimensions he used to distinguish different corporate cultures are equality-hierarchy and orientation to the person-orientation to the task. The America corporate culture is belong to the third one, this kind of corporate culture has task-oriented characteristics, the employees should comply with some fixed rules and have high efficiency. The employer always pay more attention to your work results rather than the process, they request the employees should be loyal to the professions and projects greater than be loyal to the company, so the atmosphere in the company is some serious. Compared to the America corporate culture, the French corporate generally do not have terms of the corporate culture. The French company will never give you a sick book which tell you what you should do and which kind of language you should speak, but these things are very clarified to every branch. Only in this way the culture can show flexible and efficient. Many people will find it very strange how could be so efficiency under the circumstance that having not a detail arrangement and rules. This is a wonderful phenomenon in The French corporate. In a word, the French company pay more attention to human and the corporate culture which think highly of the deep-rooted relations between people and there is a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in the company. Trompenaarss research has revealed that that there is higher percentage of Americans that respect truth and prefers telling truth to others. Americans have inherited this trait from their ancestors where as people from France are totally opposite of this which shows that they dont honor trust and honesty in their behavior due to which it is pretty tough for them to adjust in with Americans or a set up that has been set up by Americans. To conclude with this statement and relate it with the case study it can be analyzed and well understood why French employees were not keen to work under American management at Euro Disneyland and wanted to have higher officials who were either French or could speak in French so that communication gap between them could be easily overcome.

According to Francesco and Gold there are some differences between the guided missile organizational cultures from the Eiffel Tower organizational culture and the family type of organizational culture. It has been observed that the guided missile organizational culture has more domestic nature and employees are assessed on their own individual performance. In this type of organizational culture also, employees are required to be more result focused and more emphasize is on the end result.This culture requires that all the organizations functions and operations in line with the strategies and the mission of the organization and finally the outcome is based purely on the teamwork. This is the exact opposite to the Eiffel Tower culture where employees are exclusively empowered to take decisions at the point of time rather than follow the written instructions.