Introduction of Dainik Bhaskar

Print Media A newspaper is a regularly published print product containing information vital to the
function of the market it serves. Definition become more important as traditional newspaper companies move from single product management to multi – product management –often under the company’s brand , typically the title of the newspaper . What newspaper companies are learning is that the value of what they produce is not the ink on paper, but the content, depth segmentation choices, credibility, and emotional attributes that are delivered in any distribution channel they choose

Indian Newspaper Industry
“It’s a boom –time for the press in India. And with six out of ten people now literate, it’s only going to get bigger. The newspaper market has had to change considerably in recent years as competition from other news source – including the internet, and cable and satellite television – has put pressure on circulation. the focus has been shifted in order to incorporate increased coverage of life style issues, with many newspaper adding new section and stands alone supplements. Saturday edition have been a particular focus of attention, and there has also and been an increase in sport coverage.

Despite these change, revenues from copy sales have remained stagnant-

a trend

exacerbated by the fact that price wars over the past decade have, until recently, prevented increases in cover prices. However, in 2001, a number of newspaper have introduced cover –price increases, and ever –growing news print costs may force other to follow suit.


Until recently, advertising revenues had been growing at a healthy rate. however , the newspaper industry , like other media sectors , has been severely affected during the past year by an overall fall in advertising expenditure . A number of national newspaper groups have reported falling advertising revenues during the same period, and have reacted with cost –cutting measures including job losses and adjustments to online activities. On the whole, the national newspaper sector has been more severely affected than local and regional newspaper groups. The national news paper market is in the hands of a relatively small number of players.

Dainik Bhaskar

India’s No – 1 Daily Newspaper India’s fastest growing newspaper Newspaper Reader’s friendly Second largest read newspaper in the world

Vision & Mission

Bhaskar roots in India but its action and thoughts are of the world standard. Bhaskar group would study the best in the world and implement then as per its local requirement which would in able to emerge as a strong media group in the future. Its efforts in this direction will not be limited to the news paper alone. It would march ahead with the times and would reach where there are consumers.


Bhaskar’s Dream
“Bhaskar Group has a dream to create a niche for itself in the international media Scenario”



Now days in Chandigarh the English newspaper has lost their importance due to DAINIK BHASKAR which is attached with about 10 lake readers. Then it turned its progress journey towards Chandigarh & Haryana. areas in Haryana the dainik bhaskar has surveyed about 7 lakes houses and after ascertaining interest of readers in newspaper the dainik bhaskar had started its publication from Faridabad since 17th June 2001 and from Panipat since 4 th June 2000.DAINIK BHASKAR was first published from Gwalior about 47 yrs ago. There are about 10.67crore. P.INTRODUCTION: Presently “DAINIK BHASKAR” is the no 1 daily newspaper of India. The number of BHASKAR READERS has reached above 2. He is confident that the real owners of BHASKAR are its readers and it’s always attentive towards the benefit. The DAINIK BHASKAR has a specialty that every time it creates history by establishing a new record. Progressing on its success path Dainik Bhaskar kept its footsteps in Rajasthan in the middle of 1996. [4] . In 1995 strong leadership in M. interest and progress of readers.P being published from seven places. In 1992 it became the no 1 newspaper of M. cotton yarn. education .000+ employed in the group of DAINIK BHASKAR which has turnover of about 2200 crores. the BHASKAR has made progressive achievement in the field of printing . FM radio and hotels. in addition to journalism. At present there are about 25 lakes readers of DAINIK BHASKAR and it has achieved status of national paper. food oil. Shri Ramesh Chandra Agarwal is the chairman of BHASKAR group.cable TV . Within 18 months it becomes the no 1 newspaper of Rajasthan after doing largest survey in Jaipur. being published from 35 Places.

Bikaner. Chandigarh Punjab Haryana Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh Gujarat Bhilwara Chandigarh Jalandhar and Amritsar Panipat. Sikar and 4. 8. 6.Dainik Bhaskar in nine States……………… S. Jabalpur. Jodhpur. 1. Baroda. Udaipur. Sriganganagar. Gwalior. Kota. 2. Indore. 5. 3. Name of State Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh Rajasthan Name of City Bhopal. Bilaspur and Bhilai Jaipur. 7. Sarna Ujjain and Sager Raipur. Surat. Bhavnagar and Rajkot ORGANISITION STRUCTURE [5] . 9.No. Ajmer. Alwar. Hissar and Fridabad Mumbai and Nagpur Jhansi Ahmadabad.



Identifying manpower requirement. Searching the suitable candidature from data bank. [8] . 3. 2.Personal & Administration Record Room Time Office House Keeping Security Public Relation Organization of HR department In Dainik Bhaskar HR department consists of three parts:(1) Personnel Department (2) Administrative (3) Time Office Functions of Personnel Department (A) Recruitment Process 1. Receiving personal requisition form HOD after sanction from director.

Placement and induction of employee. Selection. Report and checklist preparation. 3) Verification of HOD [9] . Intimation to time office. Sending interview calls. 5. Entering applications received in computer. P H form formalities.preliminary. 9. 8. Joining report. 14. final or written test. 13. Advertisement preparation and publication. (B) Traveling Bills Verification 1) Checking of bill 2) Verification form time office in case of doubt. 10. 16. 12. Issuing job offer latter. 11.4. Interview. 15. Intimation of selection to candidate. 6. 7. Approval of Directors.

Checking & final print out for payment. Signature of sr. (D) No Dues System (1) Clearing the dues from all the concerned departments (2) Signature of related department heads. [10] . Verification from time office Verification from HOD Position the system Checking of the dummy statement. (12) Forwarded to Account Department for payment. (E) Full & Final Payment System (1) Receiving resignation (2) Get it accepted by HOD (3) Calculation of full and final payment (4) Approval by manager HRD (5) Forwarded to accounts Department for payment . (10) Signature of chief manager –finance (11) Final approval of Director. executive-HR Signature of manager –HR Signature of production head.(C) Over Time (OT) / Extra Payment (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) Receiving of OT slips from concerned employees.

(2) Posting of the attendance in the system (3) Arrear payment – collection of relevant information (4) Checking of the dummy statement of salary. Functions of Administrative Department PUBLIC RELATION (A) Co-ordination with related Govt. Bus.(F) Staff Increment / Promotion (1) Appraisal of performance. Depts. (5) Checking & reconciliation of the statement. (3) Approval by director’s (4) Revision in salary structure (G) Pay Roll Maintenance (1) Sending of blank work sheet to time office. (B) Public relation activities. Railway. (2) Remarks/ recommendations of HOD. (C) Ticketing – Air. [11] .

Entry of material in inward register.returnable register [12] . Entry in outward register. (C) GATE PASS. Entry of items in returnable register.1. Checking of items as per returnable gate-pass 4. Checking by security supervisor 2. 2. 5. SECURITY (A) SECURITY ARRANGEMENT CHECKING 1.returnable gate-pass 3. Checking of outgoing material quantity as per bill/ challan. Surprise visit by manager –HRD (B) INCOMING –OUTGOING MARTERIAL SYSTEM 1. 3. Entry of gate – pass in non. Checking of incoming quantity as bill / challan 2. Entry of gate. Cancellation of tickets 3. Incoming material is send to store 4.SYSTEM (RETURNABLE& NON RURNABLE 1. (E) GMTD. Booking of tickets 2. Receipt of items send on returnable basis 6.telephone. Checking the items as per returnable register 7. Checking of items as per non. Application in DRM office for confirmation (D) Company Delegates-relation.pass in returnable register 5.

Dusting of furniture. 7. The time office of Bhaskar has many more function than just marketing the employees. Sweeping and washing of toilets 2. [13] .receive and dispatch. etc. stairs and passages with chemicals 3.HOUSE. Other house –keeping activities 8. Maintenance & cleaning of water coolers. Some of the mail functioning of the office is as given below. Cleaning of glasses of cabins. hotel. fans. 5. handle leave maintenance.KEEPING (A) BUILDING CLEANING 1.  Marketing of attendance  Dispatch Mails  Receive Mails  Arrange for the guests of Bhaskar(stay and whereabouts)  Leave record maintenance  Tour duties  Vehicles maintenance. walls and apparatuses 4. windows. Providing solution to –keeping complaints . Cleaning of dustbin 6. TIME OFFICE The main function of time office in any company or an industry is basically to mark the in our time of the staff. tour duties and vehicle and maintenance. mail. Sweeping and mopping of floors. doors.

 Holidays One day off is permissible per week. However if a staff is called for duty on Sunday that holidays can be compensated on any other forthcoming working day. Every time office offers a flexibility of punctuality. According the names is entered in the register. The time office stays open till 12. The staffs that work more than the working hours are not entitled to overtime however the labors are . The time office keeps a watch on the punctuality of the staff coming in according to the schedule provided by each department. In other words people come in to the office according to the reporting time but leave when their work is done. ATTENDANCE  The Manual system (Attendance Register) In media organization all the employees do not have same reporting time.30pm to 06.00pm. Basically the working hour for Bhaskar is 10. The reason for this is because the industries have fixed working hours whereas in this industry there is a fixed time to come in but the time of leaving is not certain.00am. There is no register for outgoing time because of the flexibility in working hours. [14] . This off is usually on Sundays. A tolerance of min is allowed but not daily but accessional.A time office can work really well industry but does not work as good in a media organization.

An “A” is not marked. They are……. After 12 nobody comes in for duty.    Casual leave (CL) Earned leave (EL) Medical leave (ML) In a year an employee is entitled to 6 Casual leaves 18 Earned leave 12 Medical leaves. On the next day in case the employee brings in a sanctioned leave note. The times office is open till 12 in the night. [15] . cashers. photographers. But in case he does not inform earlier after joining back to his duty he is required to given in his leave application duly signed by the HOD. The insurance that is offered is as follows: All employees with adventurous jobs. It is preferred that the employee informs beforehand that he would not be coming for duty. “United India insurance Bhopal” offers the insurance schemes. production staff. If the leave is marked the employee is entitled to salary for that day. Leave There are three types of leaves that the staffs are entitled to. circulation recovery. The staffs that sit in the time office mark on the column of the person who did not sign in that day & did not inform the time office. electricians & drivers are insured. in place of the red line a leave is marked. reporters. A leave is considered as a working day for the employee. The risks are four types: Death due to accident 100%  Crippled for life due to accident 100%  Permanent injury of small parts of the body fixed % age  Temporary infirmness due to accident fixed weekly % age +40% of total expenditure or 100% of total insurance amount whichever is less. The entire employees are covered by insurance. marketing.

If an employee has to go on leave he should first fill the leave form which is availed at the time office. This form along with the travel tickets I submitted back at the time office after the staff is back from the tour. When he joins his duty again within 72 hrs. i. A form obtained from the time office is to be duly filled before they leave for the tour. in case the staff does not know how many leaves he has left & still fills the form then his leaves are adjusted with EL or LP (leave without pay). Procedure for application of leave Leave application forms are available at the time office. then he is required to bring along with him a medical certificate from a registered to bring along with him a medical certificate from a registered doctor. the third part is to verify the [16] . The staff of the time office does this adjusted.e. If however. This is to be submitted in the time office after which his medical leave is the register. attached with the leave application sanctioned by the HOD. CL or ML or ML. This form consists of three sections. a tolerance of 72 hours is offered to him. get the sanction from his HOD & then submit to the time office where it will be filled & a leave would be marked in the attendance register. In the form there is column where the choice of leave is to be filled. the second part is for the TA & DA. The first part of the form is meant for the time office reference. He has to submit his leave duly accepted by his HOD if he does not do this he is marked LWP. If an employee falls ill & does not attend duty for more than two days. the staff could not submit the leave application before hand.  Tours Staffs that go out on tours are on duty & have to be paid for the days that they are on tour.

[17] . The HOD signs this forms.time of departure. If late above the tolerance time. however he is entitled to the facility of compensatory leave this means that if he works on his holiday he could adjust this holiday in the future against a working day. This is because they are the employees that have fixed working time. There late slips issued imply that the employee has lost days salary. Both the aforesaid forms are submitted to the time office & his compensatory holiday is sanctioned. In case the destination to which the staff has gone does not have a HOD or manager. This is to verify the time & the date of the departure of this staff. There is a common form that is to be filled by the employees that have stayed back for overtime during that day. the HOD of his department here in this concern verifies the period of tour.  Overtime Overtime is offered to the people in the production department. it is considered that he taken leave without pay. During the time when he needs the compensation another form is filled which is availed at the time office. This form then is filled at the time office & entered in a register. For this he has to fill in a form that is availed at the time office. a late slip is issued to them.  Late slip Employees have particular incoming time. This form is to be filled at the time the employee is called for duty. that is.  Compensatory leave An employee if called for duty on his non working day would have to come for duty. The HOD of the destination to which the staff on tour had been signs the third part. This form has to be signed by the HOD & kept with the employee.

These complementary copies are sent to newspaper officials only outside jaipur. Dispatch Dispatch deals with all the post that comes in & goes out from Bhaskar.  Newspapers All the newspapers that have to be mailed are done through the time office. Book Post Book post less as compared to envelope closed. [18] . Taking orders for subscription is not the work of the time office.  Free copies There are some people to whom newspapers are sent without them being charged for it. Only dispatching of the mails to the people who have their subscription is done at the time office. They will pay for the paper & also for the postage. There are two types of letters: 1. The receiver of these copies neither pays for the paper nor does he pay for the postage.  Subscription copies People who stay outside the city of Jaipur & still want to be informed about the happenings of Jaipur or Rajasthan can subscribe for this newspaper. According to the list given to the time office the newspapers are mailed to the destinations. There are various types of dispatches that are taken up by the time office. In other word they can be called complementary copies. A part from this the time office under dispatch also takes care of letters. Envelope Closed 2.

The entire in the register is as follows  For incoming courier S no.  For outgoing mails S no. Incomings mails All the incomings mails are brought from the post office to the time office. And are usually the same always but the courier that has to go states other than Rajasthan are different from the in state courier. is available.  Courier The entire courier sent or received is recorded in a courier register. [19] . Shri Ganganagar. To From Sign of the person deptt. For the post of security: box no. Bikaner and Jaipur. Date Sent from To Courier Sign There are six centers in the state of Rajasthan for Bhaskar. Times are fixed for the different dispatch to different places via different couriers. The courier that goes to these places is fixed. The six centers are Ajmer. Taxies transport bulk mails that have to go the center. Jodhpur. Date Courier Name Of respect No.

 Vehicles Bhaskar has a no. This reading is again noted when the vehicle is back from the trip. This form is then duly signed by the Head of the department and brought back to the time office where the vehicles are issued to the concerned person. Vehicle log book (in the vehicle) 3. The KM reading before the vehicle leave the campus is noted. [20] . which is maintained by the driver. marketing personals. The time office also sees to the maintenance of the vehicle. photographers etc. Every vehicle has its own driver put in his place. The time office then looks in to if there is any vehicle available and allots the vehicle to tem. the person going in the vehicles. An application form is brought from the department for which the vehicle is needed. The meter readings are noted in three different places. this is meant for the crosschecking of the log book that is there in the vehicle. time of departure. Application form Every vehicle has its own register in the time office. In the form details like the driver of the vehicles. 1. are to be filled. Time office 2. of vehicles for the staff that is of the use of people who do the field job such as reporters. schedule etc.  Procedure The time office issues a form to the person who requires the vehicle.

Bhaskar had diversified into textile and set up spinning unit at Mandideep. The business has since grown into an integrated source with spinning. Dist. The plant was awarded the ISO 9002 certificate for total quality control in 2002 and Bhaskar Industries is now a significant player in India’s textile sector. near Bhopal. Raisen. MP in the name & style of M/s. weaving and processing facilities that compare with the best in the world. Bhaskar Industries Ltd.INTRODUCTION TO THE ORAGANIZATION Diversification of Bhaskar group:             Textile Oil Extraction and Refining FMCG Cable TV Family Entertainment Art and Culture Event promotion and Retail marketing Education FM Radio Multi Media Desk Real Estate Shopping Mall  TEXTILE: IN 1996. [21] .

 FMCG :  BhaskarVenkatesh Ltd. Indore. Distributed locally Bhaskar oil is now a significant local brand. Mhow. Covers total universe of 12 lakh households (population 50 lakh) and a C&S household population of over 5 lakh.  Sharda Solvents Ltd.: In Manipur. Engaged in the marketing of salt.  ART& CULTURE :  Abhivyakti Abhivyakti is the cultural arm and nonprofit center sponsored by the Bhaskar group. Jabalpur.  CABLE TV :  BhaskarMultinet Ltd. Mandsaur. This is the First network in India using digital network. Abhivyakti functions like an event management organization focused on establishing a platform for artists to learn and perform. The group is having its own well equipped studio with all modernized equipments. Solvent extraction and oil processing activity commenced with Soya processing. It now includes edible oil refining and processing of vanaspati ghee as well. It provides aspiring artists of all age groups with instruction and facilities to develop and project their talent. Ajmer & Bhopal cities with 7 mass interest channels. [22] . OIL EXTRACTION & REFINING  Bhaskarexxols Ltd.

SUN CITY  EDUCATION :  The Sanskar valley school. FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT : The family entertainment center set up by Bhaskar group at Gwalior situated in the heart of the city. Sun City brightens visitors experience with a blaze of cheery leisure options including food courts. This zeal and passion conceptualized into founding of “The Sanskar valley school” a coeducational. day boarding cum residential. celebrity shows. Bhaskar group is making The Sanskar valley school the destination of choice for all those who care about education. [23] . Bhaskar group has a mission of presenting Bhopal has a quintessential center of education. adventure rides. Bhopal. The school is affiliated to the ICSE board. virtual and live shows. the 15 acre complex is the only recreation center in the town. The school is spread over a picturesque area of 37 acres. a shopping mall. KG to class XII School. boating and 3D cinema.

Latest score Subscription services Snap pools Horoscope Locality sale Weekend planning [24] . Ltd (IMCL) IMCL has acquired a short code 54567 to conduct various activities mentioned as under:-         Make Newspaper interactive Public demand in interactive ADVT.  MULTIMEDIA DESK:  I MEDIA CROP. SMEL. FM RADIO : One of the most exciting and the fastest growing brand in FM radio space is 94.3.a wholly owned company of The Bhaskar group. MY FM is the FM radio station network of Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd.

 Contests [25] .

food court. 1300 seat multiplex. [26] . 11F&B outlets + 50400 sq.5 m paved internal road  SHOPPING MALL: BHASKAR MALL The first mall of the city spread over 5. ft. Bhopal  Sunrise of a new lifestyle  Independent villas  Well designed campus with beautiful landscape  100% power backup  Broadband internet connectivity in each villa  27000 sqft central park  Jogging track  Superstore  7.      One hypermarket on single level. ft. Three department stores. Five screen. Nine superstores and 90 vanilla stores. having a huge parking space. REAL ESTATE:  Aditya Avenue.9 acres of land with a GLA of approx 800000 sq.

 20. Example: for the employee joining 1st April to 30th September 2010. or for the designated period on case to case basis. The purpose of the growth and development policy is: • • • To promote a healthy sense of compensation as well as job satisfaction among. for the employees joining between 1 st October 2010 to 31st March 2011. job responsibility and the performance expected from the employee. Employees joining Bhaskar are informed of their appraisal period in their offer letter. Foster a culture of learning within the organization. train and develop competent personnel with growth potential and to provide motivation for higher performance. The KRA’s are in sync with the organizational goal. To identify. ft indoor family entertainment center. [27] . When is the appraisal carried out? Appraisal is carried out on an annual basis in March and October for the financial year gone by. the appraisal will be in October 2011 and then next in March 2010. These KRA’s are specific to the functional area and provided to each of the employee and to the new employees on joining by their immediate senior.250 sq. the appraisal will be in March 2011. On the other hand. Growth & Development Growth and Development at Bhaskar Continuous development of employees is essential for improving their performance at Bhaskar. Performance Appraisals: Bhaskar believes in KRA (Key Result Area) mode of evaluation. The process is critical for attracting and retaining a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

[28] .

And any issue\disagreement is resolved in discussion with the next senior level. State head/Unit head or HOD and corporate HR. Driven by the business need. cost details.Who does the appraisal? Appraisal is done by the immediate reporting designation. excluding the day on which the communication is received. HR will revert within 3 days on the approval. It must be ensured that the equal opportunity is provided to each deserving employee. The criteria used for the nomination for training are:   Employee’s interest / self nomination (M3+). and their personal development. Manager’s nomination to specific development areas. based on skill gap/performance management data. Career Development: Bhaskar provides opportunities to its employees for participating in activities which will enhance their specific job skills. It may also be accomplished through training needs surveys undertaken by the HR department from time to time. Must be routed through the Department Head with justified reasons. This policy is applicable to all employees of Bhaskar at all the locations. their overall professional strengths.       [29] . Criteria used for nomination for training: Training needs will be identified during the performance appraisal process by the appraisee and appraiser. department head approval at least 15 days in advance to the date of training. By the national vertical head.

Jalandhar and Ludhiana with separate editions for each of these cities • • • • Launch of DainikBhaskar editions in Pali. Panipath. 2009 Installation of KBA printing machines imported from Germany at Jaipur and Ahmadabad facilities Launch of DB Star Jodhpur editions on Aug15. Indore. Nagaur. across India 2007 • • • • • • Launch of DB Gold – the first compact newspaper in Gujarati from Surat Launch of DNA in Ahmadabad and Surat as a franchise by DB Corp Ltd Launch of Young Bhaskar Magazine for children and Lakshya. a Hindi financial newspaper. Gujarat. Ratlam and Shimla Launch of DNA in Jaipur as a franchise by DB Corp Ltd Launch of editions of DB Star in Bhopal and Indore MY FM consolidates its network with 17 radio stations in 7 states. a career magazine MY FM enhances its reach to 14 cities across India Launch of DainikBhaskar’s Ludhiana edition on Dec 15 Launch of DivyaBhaskar’sBhuj edition on July 30. chief minister. Ahmadabad by NarendraModi. New Delhi. on November 13. Bhilai. was launched in Bhopal. Raipur.Milestones: 2009 • Inauguration of ‘Bhaskar Print Planet’ at Changodar. 2009 • • 2008 • • DainikBhaskar completes fifty glorious years as a leading Hindi publication Business Bhaskar. making it the only Gujarati newspaper with seven editions in Gujarat Launch of DivyaBhaskar’s Rajkot edition on Nov 01 • 2006 [30] .

in seventeen stations. across languages. AHA! Zindagi. largest circulated daily newspaper of Saurashtra • • Launch of DivyaBhaskar’s Baroda edition on Sept 12 Initiated presence in Maharashtra with the launch of DivyaBhaskar’s Mumbai edition in July Launch of DivyaBhaskar’sSurat edition on March 28 • 2003 • Launch of DivyaBhaskar from Ahmedabad on June 22. after two editions from Panipat and Hisar [31] . through their subsidiary.• Entry in Punjab with launch of Amritsar and Jalandhar edition on Oct 08 2005 • Inception of DB Corp Ltd. in the name of MY FM • • • AHA! Zindagi magazine launched in Gujarati language ‘IMCL’. the DainikBhaskar group acquired ‘SaurashtraSamachar’ – the sixty years old. across territories in India where the daily was launched with 4. in Haryana state. a new web media company was formed as a subsidiary of DB Corp 2004 • Launch of new Hindi magazine. the first of its kind on lifestyle and positive thinking • • In their first merger and acquisition.52.000 copies on day first and became the leading publication in Ahmadabad city 2001 • DainikBhaskar Group further consolidated its position by launching Faridabad edition. Synergy Media Entertainment Ltd (SMEL). This was the biggest launch of any new edition. pursuant to the demerger of publishing business of Writers and Publishers Limited (WPL) The DainikBhaskar group won license from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for launch of radio business.

which significantly altered the strategic direction and growth plans of the company 1995 • Dainik Bhaskar emerged as the number one newspaper in Madhya Pradesh and was declared the fastest growing daily in India.2000 • DainikBhaskar group expands presence to Haryana state on June 04. by launching Panipat and Hisar editions Launch of DainikBhaskar’s Chandigarh edition on May 07 • 1999 • Launch of DainikBhaskar’s sixth edition of Rajasthan from Kota city. the educational hub of the country. 1998 • Launch of DainikBhaskar’s fifth edition of Rajasthan from Udaipur on May 31 1997 • • • Launch of DainikBhaskar’s fourth edition of Rajasthan from Bikaner on Oct 16 Launch of the third edition in Rajasthan from Jodhpur on Aug 03 Launch of the second edition in Rajasthan from Ajmer on April 06 1996 • Launch of DainikBhaskar’s Jaipur edition in Rajasthan on Dec 19. by the Readership Survey 1993 • Launch of Dainik Bhaskar’s Bilaspur edition on September 20 [32] . This development marked a critical point for the company.


Launch of Dainik Bhaskar’s Raipur edition


Launch of Dainik Bhaskar’s Indore edition - the first and biggest move outside home town of Bhopal – on March 05


Dainik Bhaskar’s Bhopal edition became the largest news paper of Bhopal City


India’s one of first web offset machine got installed at Dainik Bhaskar for Bhopal edition, against uniform prevalent practice of rotary machine


Dainik Bhaskar launches its first edition in Bhopal on August 13


 Title Of The Project :Stress Management of Dainik Bhaskar at Jaipur.  Duration Of The Project :Duration is from 15th MAY 2011 to 30th JUNE 2011 [33]

 Objective of the Study :Stress is a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, demand or resource related to what the individual desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important. This is a complicated definition. Stress is not necessarily bad in and of itself. Although stress is typically discussed in a negative context, it also has a positive value. It’s an opportunity when it offers potential gain. Consider for example, the superior performance that an athlete or stage performer gives in “clutch” situations. Such individuals often use stress positively to rise to the occasion and perform at or near their maximum. Similarly, many professionals see the pressures of heavy workloads and deadlines as positive challenges that enhance the quality of their work and the satisfaction the get from their job. Like "stress reactions", "relaxation responses" and stress management techniques are some of the body's important built-in response systems. As a relaxation response the body tries to get back balance in its homeostasis. Some hormones released during the 'fight or flight' situation prompt the body to replace the lost carbohydrates and fats, and restore the energy level. The knotted nerves, tightened muscles and an exhausted mind crave for looseness. Unfortunately, today, we don't get relaxing and soothing situations without asking. To be relaxed we have to strive to create such situations. This research is to carry out the study that how much stressed the employees of the banks are and how do their stress affect their work life, social life, output etc. so a sample of 14 to 15 employees are selected from all the three banks for the research of stress among them.

 Types Of Research :Sampling Frame: The list of sampling units from which sample is taken is called sampling frame. Jaipur City map was studied thoroughly and samples were selected from the place in a scattered manner to get effective result.

 Sample Size and method of selecting sample :I have taken the sample of 50 employees from three different organization of Jaipur. All the employees were of the same designations.


Reason: As we find the employees of the bank to be more stressful as more and more employees are taking VRS and are dismissed because of inflation. I have selected only those three banks which are affiliated to the public and are specialized in consumer needs fulfillment. It is incumbent on the researcher to clearly define the target population. There are no strict rules to follow, and the researcher must rely on logic and judgment. The population is defined in keeping with the objectives of the study. Usually, the population is too large for the researcher to attempt to survey all of its members. A small, but carefully chosen sample can be used to represent the population. The sample reflects the characteristics of the population from which it is drawn. Sampling methods are classified as either probability or non probability. In probability samples, each member of the population has a known non-zero probability of being selected. Probability methods include random sampling, systematic sampling, and stratified sampling. In non probability sampling, members are selected from the population in some nonrandom manner. These include convenience sampling, judgment sampling, quota sampling, and snowball sampling. The advantage of probability sampling is that sampling error can be calculated. Sampling error is the degree to which a sample might differ from the population. When inferring to the population, results are reported plus or minus the sampling error. In non probability sampling, the degree to which the sample differs from the population remains unknown.

Random sampling is the purest form of probability sampling. Each member of the population has an equal and known chance of being selected. When there are very large populations, it is often difficult or impossible to identify every member of the population, so the pool of available subjects becomes biased. Systematic sampling is often used instead of random sampling. It is also called an N th name selection technique. After the required sample size has been calculated, every N th record is selected from a list of population members. As long as the list does not contain any hidden order, this sampling method is as good as the random sampling method. Its [35]

only advantage over the random sampling technique is simplicity. Systematic sampling is frequently used to select a specified number of records from a computer file. Stratified sampling is commonly used probability method that is superior to random sampling because it reduces sampling error. A stratum is a subset of the population that shares at least one common characteristic. The researcher first identifies the relevant stratums and their actual representation in the population. Random sampling is then used to select subjects from each stratum until the number of subjects in that stratum is proportional to its frequency in the population. Stratified sampling is often used when one or more of the stratums in the population have a low incidence relative to the other stratums. Convenience sampling is used in exploratory research where the researcher is interested in getting an inexpensive approximation of the truth. As the name implies, the sample is selected because they are convenient. This non-probability method is often used during preliminary research efforts to get a gross estimate of the results, without incurring the cost or time required to select a random sample. Judgment sampling is a common non-probability method. The researcher selects the sample based on judgment. This is usually an extension of convenience sampling. For example, a researcher may decide to draw the entire sample from one "representative" city, even though the population includes all cities. When using this method, the researcher must be confident that the chosen sample is truly representative of the entire population.

Quota sampling is the non-probability equivalent of stratified sampling. Like stratified sampling, the researcher first identifies the stratums and their proportions as they are represented in the population. Then convenience or judgment sampling is used to select the required number of subjects from each stratum. This differs from stratified sampling, where the stratums are filled by random sampling. Snowball sampling is a special non-probability method used when the desired sample characteristic is rare. It may be extremely difficult or cost prohibitive to locate [36]

respondents in these situations. Snowball sampling relies on referrals from initial subjects to generate additional subjects. While this technique can dramatically lower search costs, it comes at the expense of introducing bias because the technique itself reduces the likelihood that the sample will represent a good cross section from the population.

 Scope of Study
The Stress Management policy covers all Services of the Council and as such is the responsibility of all Elected Members, Directors, Area Managers, Service Managers and any employee in a supervisory role. To manage stress effectively, managers will promote and maintain systems of management and behavior at work consistent with the principles of this policy and of the various strategies outlined in the section on management interventions. The Occupational Health Adviser, who is in the Health and Safety Team, is available to all employees of the Highland Council. The Service is confidential and information will only be divulged with the consent of the individual concerned. However in certain circumstances the Occupational Health Adviser, with the knowledge of the employee, will advise on employment issues e.g. ability to carry out their normal range of duties.

The Occupational Health Adviser will encourage and support activities which promote good health and a healthy lifestyle. Employees also have a responsibility and will be expected to co-operate in the implementation of the Council's Stress Management policy, and to report matters of concern relating to health and safety, including stress at work, to an appropriate manager/supervisor.


[38] .  Certain questions were framed only to form the background of other questions & to create the interest of the respondents.  The sample size was not sufficient.  Certain questions were straight and respondents were resistant to answer them.  Biasness and non seriousness of the respondents while filling the questionnaire. Limitations of Study  Non-availability of the respondents due to their busy schedule.

Thus it is proved that the colleagues opinion also play a lead role in the increase and decrease of the stress level. While at the same time the employ that have scored less than 40 marks in the burnout test are satisfied with the performance. Thus it is proved that the employees who are desired to give better performance than their original performance are found more stressful than the others. From the sample of 50 employees who have been surveyed. Very rare of the employee are to be found suffering from depression. Those who mind about their colleague’s opinion are found to be more stressful.FACTS & FINDINGS It is analyzed from the questionnaire filled by the employees that the employees who have scored more than 20 marks in the burnout test are not satisfied with the performance which they give in the organization. This can be because of high level of stress. one is found to be a heart patient. It is proved from the survey that the employees who have scored more than 45 marks in the burnout test are concern about the opinion of their colleague’s and the employees who got less than 45 marks do not mind about their colleague’s opinion. [39] . The employees who have scored 48-49 marks in the burnout test don’t believe in sharing their problems with their spouse or friend or any closed one. Thus we can say that sharing your problems with your spouse or close friends is a better idea to reduce stress. In the second questionnaire one of the question was “You have an important function at your home and your boss asks to give a 4 hour over time what will be your response ‘Yes or No’?” the employees have given their opinion as per their mood.

Most of the employees who have scored more than 40 marks fear about their quality of work they give. The employees were asked whether they plan their work or not. This may be because they may not be getting time for entertainment or they may not be interested in the same. The entertainment is considered one of the most ultimate solutions to reduce stress. Most of the employees do not spend regular time in entertainment. This aspect depends upon the dedication of work.While considering the point of view of entertainment it depends upon the mood of the employees. But this is not concern with the burnout score. The employees scoring more than 45 marks were not found their work planned. One of the other possibilities is that the employees have responded positively to show themselves to be good. Thus the employees who plan their work have scored below 45 marks in the burnout test except some cases as there are always some drawbacks in making plan. This aspect is not dependent of the burnout level. Thus it is proved that stress may affect our social life also. From this we can conclude that all the employees are given achievable target and naturally by the non-achievement of the target all the employees may get stressed. Thus we can conclude that the employees who are above 40 don’t have their social life balanced. Failure of a plan may also lead a person to stress. Thus we can conclude that planning of the work may help to reduce stress level. A question was asked that weather you get stressed at the non-achievement of their target? All the employees have responded positively. One of the questions was asked that were their social life balanced? It is observed that the employees who have scored above 40 marks in the burnout test did not have their social life balanced. So it is meaningless to compare this question with the burnout test. moderate answers were given. [40] .

Out of 50 employees of the sample 40 of the employees accepted that the reason for their stress is workload. 30 of the employees are not suffering from stress. [41] . 40 employees out of 50 employees practice yoga to reduce their stress and the other 40 employees don’t practice yoga.The employees having more than 30 marks in the burnout test says that they are under stress. Thus we can conclude that the employees have reduced their stress by yoga therapy and other employees have just started the yoga because of high level of burnout The above analysis is done by the data received from the questionnaire. So the accuracy of data depends upon the response of the employees. The burnout scores of the employees who practice yoga are either more than 45 or less than 40. 44 employees out of 40 employees who are stressed feel stressful when their boss scolds them while 46 employees refused that they are not stressed because their boss scolds them. All the 50 employees have accepted that they try to find the solution of their stress. 40 employees are not stressed because of the workload but because of their family problem.


Of Respondents 8 5 11 21 5 50 Percentage 16% 10% 22% 42% 10% 100% A CHART SHOWING THE FEELING OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WORKING CONDITION OF THE ORGANIZATION [43] . A TABLE SHOWING THE FEELING OF THE PSYCHOLOGICAL WORKING CONDITION OF THE ORGANIZATION Option Highly Amicable Cordial Neutral Strained Very Poor No. 28% feel Neutral.Inference: 24% feel Highly Satisfied about the working condition of the organization. 18% feel Satisfied. 14% feel Dissatisfied and 16% feel Dissatisfied about the working condition of the organization.

Of Respondents 22 10 9 5 4 50 Percentage 44% 20% 18% 10% 8% 100% [44] . 10% of the respondents feels that the psychological working condition of the organization is cordial. 22% feels it is neutral. and the rest 10% feels it is very poor. 42% of the respondents feels that the psychological working condition of the organization is strained.Inference-16% of the respondents feel that the psychological working condition of the organization is highly amicable. A TABLE SHOWING THE WORK LOAD Option Strongly Agree Agree Undecided Strongly Agree Disagree No.

10% strongly disagree and 8% disagree that they are overloaded with the work.A CHART SHOWING THE WORK LOAD Inference. 20% agree that they are overloaded with work. 18% are neutral to the said issue.44% of the respondents strongly agree that they are overloaded with work.OF LEAVE IN THE ORGANIZATION [45] . A TABLE SHOWING NO.

Of Respondents 18 18 14 50 Percentage 36% 36% 28% 100% A CHART SHOWING NO.Option Physical Mental Both No.OF LEAVE IN THE ORGANIZATION [46] .

A TABLE SHOWING THE KIND OF STRESS YOU SUFEER IN YOUR JOB Option Physical Mental Both No. Of Respondents 18 18 14 50 Percentage 36% 36% 28% 100% A CHART SHOWING THE KIND OF STRESS YOU SUFEER IN YOUR JOB [47] .

36% say that they suffer from mental stress from their job and 28% say they suffer from both mental and physical stress from their job. A TABLE SHOWING THE LEVEL OF STESS YOU FEEL IN THE JOB Option Very High High Moderate Low Very Low No.Inference: 36% say that they suffer from physical stress from their job. Of Respondents 20 15 6 4 5 50 Percentage 40% 30% 12% 8% 10% 100% A CHART SHOWING THE LEVEL OF STESS YOU FEEL IN THE JOB [48] .

12% feel it is moderate. A TABLE SHOWING KIND OF STRATEGIES WHICH PEOPLE IN THE JOB HAVE TO TAKE Option Exercise Meditation Listening Music Take a walk Spend time with children No. 30% people feel that stress in their job is high.Inference: 40% of the employees feel that stress in their job is very high. Of Respondents 10 15 16 7 2 50 Percentage 20% 30% 32% 14% 4% 100% [49] . 8% feel that stress in their job is low and 10% feel that stress in their job is very low.

4% say spending time with children. A TABLE SHOWING THE COMPANY-WIDE PROGRAMS THAT COULD BE ADAPTED TO MANAGE STRESS [50] .A CHART SHOWING KIND OF STRATEGIES WHICH PEOPLE IN THE JOB HAVE TO TAKE Inference: 20% said that exercise is a good strategy to reduce stress. 32% said that listening to music is a better way to control stress. 30% said that meditation is a best strategy. 14% said it is walking.

Option Employee Counseling Training & Development Program Autonomous Work Groups Health Groups Transport Subsidy No. 32% say training and development program is the best program that could [51] . Of Respondents 12 16 5 7 10 50 Percentage 24% 32% 10% 14% 20% 100% A CHART SHOWING THE COMPANY-WIDE PROGRAMS THAT COULD BE ADAPTED TO MANAGE STRESS Inference: 24% say employee counseling is the best program that could be adapted to manage stress.

Of Respondents 11 11 14 13 1 50 Percentage 22% 22% 26% 28% 2% 100% A CHART SHOWING LEVEL OF STRESS IN THE ORGANIZATION [52] . 14% say health clubs is the best program that could be adapted to manage stress and 20% say health clubs is the best program that could be adapted to manage stress. 10% autonomous work groups is the best program that could be adapted to manage stress. A TABLE SHOWING LEVEL OF STRESS IN THE ORGANIZATION Option Very Heavy Heavy Normal Low Very Low adapted to manage stress.

A TABLE SHOWING EXCEED TO TIME AVAILABLE IN THE ORGANIZATION Option YES NO MANAGER 18% 32% 50% EMPLOYEE 22% 28% 50% [53] . for 26% it is low and for the rest 2% of the respondents the level of the stress is very low.Inference: 22% of the respondents feel that they experience very heavy stress in the organization. 22% told that it is heavy. for 28% the stress level is normal.



Of Respondents 4 7 4 4 5 5 5 4 6 6 Percentage 8% 14% 8% 8% 10% 10% 10% 8% 12% 12% There is. [56] .SITUATION RESPONSIBLE FOR LACK OF INTEREST AT WORK IN THE ORGANIZATION Option A B C D E F G H I J No.

Improper lighting B.Noise D.Delayed decision J-Lack of proper communication SITUATION RESPONSIBLE FOR LACK OF INTEREST AT WORK IN THE ORGANIZATION [57] .Lack of communication C.Poor infrastructure F-Lack of responsibility G-Unsatisfied working condition H-Indiscipline I.A.Low morale E.


Option YES NO No. Of Respondents 25 25 50 Percentage 50% 50% 100% A CHART SHOWING THE GROWTH OF STRESS ALONG WITH THE RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL Inference-50% people say that the stress grows along with the responsibility level 50% it is not. [59] .

Of Respondents 13 14 13 5 5 50 Percentage 26% 28% 26% 10% 10% 100% A CHART SHOWING YOUR SATISFACTION LEVEL IN THE CURRENT JOB [60] .A TABLE SHOWING YOUR SATISFACTION LEVEL IN THE CURRENT JOB Option Highly Satisfied Satisfied Natural Dissatisfied Highly Dissatisfied No.

Of Respondents 30 20 50 Percentage 60% 40% 100% A TABLE SHOWING NECESSITY OF STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME [61] . 26% are neutral on the issue.Inference .28% are satisfied. 10% are highly dissatisfied with their job.26% are highly satisfied with their current job. 10% are dissatisfied by the current job. A TABLE SHOWING NECESSITY OF STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME Option YES NO No.

SWOT STRENGTH: The capabilities.Inference: 60% of the respondents feel that stress management programmed is useful for the organization. rest 40% of the respondents feels it is not required. WEAKNESS: [62] . Resources and Advantages of an organization.

THREATS: Things that can damage the organization.Things the organization is not good at. Process. change in Organizational Policies. It also helps you to identify the resources you have available to you. and points out the consequences of managing stress poorly. The Stress SWOT tool is a variant of this technique. Duties and Conflict. Structure. perhaps as people exploit its limitations or as its environment changes. focused on helping you to understand your unique strengths and weaknesses in the way you manage stress. which perhaps exploit its strengths or eliminate its weaknesses. Stress arises due to Workload. OPPORTUNITY: The good opportunities open to the organization. CONCLUSION 1. areas of resource scarcity and areas where the organization is vulnerable. [63] .

This can be done by giving counseling & incorporating the suggestions given here in at individual & organization level. STRESS MANAGEMENT [64] . Effect of stress on organization decreases in employer’s performance. 3. The Aim was to find the stress levels. This was done using a detailed questionnaire. development of negative thinking in employees. it can be controlled & reduced effectively. personality type of the employees. The study revealed that fall under low stress category only a small percentage ishighly stressed & needed prevailing in the organization to someextent. The present study was conducted at Dainik Bhaskar in Jaipur. we can conclude that through there are signs of stress among the employees & such stress is affecting their behaviors. 4.At the end of the study.2. Various major individual copying strategies to solving stress in employees. Dainik Bhaskar is a number one newspaper in industry.

It’s an opportunity when it offers potential gain. all you need to know is that century. the top ten killers of people in the u. Background of stress The theory of ‘General Adaptation Syndrome’ states that when an organism is confronted with a threat. Although stress is typically discussed in a negative context. Although there is absolutely no doubt that stress is killing many people. In the 1990s. To show you how great a problem it has became in the unites states in the last 100years. Resistance reaction 3.s. the statistics show. Consider. Stage of exhaustion [65] . the superior performance that an athlete or stage positively to rise to the occasion and perform at or near their maximum. the general physiological response occurs in three stage viz. it is these environmental changes that have made stress more pronounced. it also has a positive value. These days stress is ubiquitous. the top ten killers are all stress. In today’s context. “stress is a costly business expense that affects both employee health and company profiles.where all infectious diseases. As a matter of fact stress has its origin in the body chemistry which has remained unchanged since the man came in the earth. In India.related diseases. . resistance reaction and state of exhaustion. There are three stages:1. alarm reaction.One of the greatest problems faced by people today is stress. Similarly. the rate of people suffering from the heart-related problem has gone up nine times within the last four decades. disabling many more and costing industry crores of rupees every year. None can escape stress. Stress is not necessary bad in and of itself. Even successful people who seem to have their lives in order are afflicted by stress –related problem. for example. many professionals see the pressures of heavy workloads and deadlines as positive challenges that enhance the quality of their work and the satisfaction they get form their job. Alarm reaction 2.

and resistance level begins to decline irreversibly the organism collapses. muscle tone. 2. and blood content. and gastro-intestinal ulceration. The bodily signs of alarm reaction disappear. increased heart rate. Alarm Reaction The first stage includes an initial “Shock phase” in which resistance is lowered. State of Exhaustion Adaptation energy is exhausted. the organism deteriorates to the next stage. If the persists. not given weight age in the present days. or the defensive reaction proves ineffective. Present day human is being [66] . and a “counter shock phase” in which defensive mechanism become active. signs of alarm reaction reappear. Resistance Reaction The second stage maximum adaptation occurs during this stage.1. Depending on the nature and intensity of threat and the conditions of the organism the severity of the symptoms may differ from a mild invigoration to disease of adaptation. and adrenaline discharge. The concept of general adaptation syndrome is. Alarm reaction is characterized by autonomous excitability. Resistance increases to levels above normal. Level of Resistance One of the major shortcomings of this theory is that the related research was carried out on animals where the stressors are usually physical or environment –and this is not always the case in relation to human organism. 3. therefore.

physical emergency there is none. the social demands. These metabolic changes act on various balancing and self-correcting mechanisms of the body. the latter’s body chemistry acts in the same way it did in the cave man when he was threatened by a tiger. Even all his body functions race up to meet the emergency. the demands of the job etc. The result is the psychosomatic diseases. condition which may be experienced when a person perceives that she/he is unable to meet the demands and pressures that are placed upon then. the familiar demands. However. the term stress is the body’s general response to environment situation Excessive stress is a negative & unpleasant. “Stress is an adaptive response mediated by individual characteristics and [67] . Whenever a superior scold a subordinate. This additional burst of energy is not only useless for him but is harmful.compressed by stresses from various sources such as his own psychological and physical make up. What is Stress? Stress is basically the impact of one object on another as per medical explanation. The adrenaline is metabolized. Stress is the "wear and tear" our bodies experience as we adjust to our continually changing environment. He can neither fight physically with the superior nor leave the place of work. it has physical and emotional effects on us and can create positive or negative feelings.

psychological processor that is a consequence of any external action. like death of near one. Conditions that tend to cause stress are called stressors. Causes of Stress There may be number conditions in which people may feel stress. Stress is takes as an adaptive response to external factor that result in to physical. psychological and behavioral deviations in an individual. According to Behr & Newman – “Job stress is a conditions arising from the interaction of people & their jobs and characterized by changes within people that forces them to deviate from their normal functioning”. Various stressors have been presented in this figure. Although even a single stressor may cause major stress. Individual stressors Life and career changes Personality type Role characteristics Organizational stressors Organization polices Organizational structure Organizational processes Physical condition Individual Stress [68] Extra organizational stressors Social changes Technological changes Community conditions Economic condition . situation or event that places special physical and psychological demand upon a person”. usually stressors combine to press an individual in a variety of ways until stress develops.

there may be some factor in group processes which act as stressors. 2. personality type. These are life and carrier changes. poor physical conditions also work as stressors. However. [69] . Therefore. and role characteristics. INDIVIDUAL STRESSORS --There are many stressors at the level of individual which may be generated in the context of organizational life or his personal life. 3. social and technical changes. ORGANISATIONAL STRESSORS --An organizational is composed of individuals and group stressors may also exist in organizational context. community conditions. economic and financial conditions. etc. Thus. GROUP STRESSORS. There are several such events which may work as stressors. ---Group interaction affects human behavior. event work performance.Group stressors Group cohesiveness Social support Conflict 1. Thus. there are macro level dimensions of organizational functioning which may work as stressors. social class conflicts. EXTRA ORGANISATIONAL STRESSORS ---Since an organization interacts continuously with its environment. 4.

stress has neutral connation: it is only the degree of stress which produces positive or negative consequences. radio/ television announcement. Distress: Distress denotes the presence of high of stress in an individual which affects job performance adversely and creates many types of physical. and behavioral problems. Emotional Effects of Stress [70] . stress is considered to be negative. However. there by meaning that it has negative consequences.Effects of Stress Generally. From this point of view. such as sales. psychological. Eustress: Eustress denotes the presence of optimum level of stress in an individual which contributes positively to his performance to new and better ways of doing their jobs. In certain jobs. A mild level of stress contributes positively to productivity. stress can be classified as Eustress or distress. creativity (journalism. Where time pressure is significant).

4 0% 3 5% 3 0% 2 5% 2 0% 1 5% 1 0% 5% 0% 0% 28% 24% 36% S uicidal D epres s ed Is olated/Alone None of thes e D on’t know refus ed 4% 8% LEVEL OF STRESS & PERFORMANCE [71] .

It lowers in the case of very low level stress. psychological. and behavioral problem.Level of stress associated with different jobs Too much work stress -------Feel overworked Are overworked by workload Lack time for reflection Don’t have time to complete tasks Must multi –task too much 54% 55% 59% 56% 45% At the optimum level of stress. Though optimum level of stress may be different for different individuals. CONSEQUENCES OF STRESS [72] . the performance is maximum. each individual can determine how much stress is functional for him to operate in a productive manner High level of stress cause physical.

For instance. anxiety. increase heart and breathing rates. absence. rapid speech. 2. and identity to incumbents create stress and reduce satisfaction and involvement in the job 3. autonomy. Physiological Symptoms. loss of appetite. significance. Our concern is with attitudes and behaviors. These can be subsumed under three general categories: Psychological and behavioral symptoms. While more research is needed to clarify the relationship. Similarly. tension. The link between stress and particular physiological symptoms is not clear. irritability. the evidence suggest that jobs that provide a low level of variety. bring on headaches. This was predominantly due to the fact that the topic was researched by specialists in the health and medical science. difficulty in making routine decisions.for instance. in fact. There are few. This research led to the conclusion that stress could create changes in metabolism. boredom. authority. The evidence indicates that when people are placed in jobs that make multiple and conflicting demands or in which there is a lack of clarity about the incumbent’s duties. This is attributed to the complexity of the symptoms and the difficulty of objectively measuring them. Behavioral symptoms. both stress and dissatisfaction are increased. an individual who is experiencing a high level of stress may develop high blood pressure. and the like. Psychological symptomsStress can cause dissatisfaction. and induce heart attacks. [73] . and sleep disorders. and procrastination. But stress shows itself in other psychological states. increased smoking or consumption of alcohol. if any consistent relationships. increase blood pressure. and turnover. and responsibilities. Job-related dissatisfaction. Therefore. accidentproneness. as well as changes in eating habits. But of greater relevance is the fact the physiological symptoms have the last direct relevance to students of OB. the less control people have over the pace of their work. ulcers. Job dissatisfaction. the greater the stress and dissatisfaction.Most of the early concern with stress was directed at physiological symptoms. 1. irritability.Behavior-related stress symptoms include changes in productivity. feedback. fidgeting. is “the simplest and most obvious psychological effect” of stress.Stress shoes itself the number of ways. the two other categories of symptoms are more important to us.

avoiding contact with co-worker.burnout is a syndrome where a person breaks down physically and emotionally due to continuous over. 5. This syndrome is a problem for employees.worked and his skills are under. Stage of crisis. Rust out – Rust out is a syndrome where a person is chronically under. The most widely studied pattern in the stress. people become physically and emotionally weakened from trying to combat it. Burnout. there is continuous erosion in employees and over the period of time. As a result. Stage of withdrawal and isolation.enthusiasm to work with high energy level and Positive attitudes. the employee is placed on a job which requires much lesser skills than what he possesses. and low over a long period of time. In misemployment. drug addition. 4. 3. and negative feeling. and emotion disturbances.utilized in performing the job. suicidal tendency. Burnout is a slow process and goes through the following stages: 1.very low self-esteem. 4. 2. Stage of fuel shortage. They become detached from their jobs and feel unable to accomplish their goals. prejudices. cynicism.performance literature is the inverted-u relationship. 5. frustration. Stage of final breakdown. negativism.There has been a significant amount of research investing the stress – performance relationship. Stress Management [74] . In sidelining an employee is isolated by his superior either due to lack of confidence. showing anger. Like a rusting tool. Stage of job contentment. disillusionment. The human body cannot instantly rebuild its ability to cope with stress once it is depleted.experiencing mental fatigue. Rusting in employees occurs in two situationsidelined and misemployment. or due to demonstrated misdeeds. and heart attacks. they become useless.alcoholism.

efforts should be made to overcome the negative consequences of high stress. Therefore. their families and organization are also affected. all require work toward change: changing the source of stress and/or changing your reaction to it. Defensive behavior Individual dealing with a demanding environment Unable to cope Anxiety Adaptive behavior Stress symptoms Maladaptive behavior Stress and Coping Mechanism How Can we Manage Stress Better? Identifying unrelieved stress and being aware of its effect on our lives is not sufficient for reducing its harmful effects.High-level stress affects the individuals directly and through them. Just as there are many sources of stress. However. How do you proceed? The Major Individual Coping Strategies:- [75] . there are many possibilities for its management.

playing. 2. the intent is to eliminate the immediately stressful situation or manage a prolonged stressful situation more effectively. a person may attend to less pressure inducing type or routine work during the last30 or 60 minutes of work time.impact of stress can be overcome by relaxation. For insistence. In these techniques. a scientific technique of physical exercise to keep body fit and to overcome stress. 5. Physical exercise: . lectures and interactive discussion session are arranged to help participation to :(1) recognize events at work and what cognitions they elicit (2) become aware of the effect of such cognition on their physiological and emotional responses (3) systematically evaluate the objective consequences of events at work (4) replace self defeating cognitions that unnecessarily arouse strain . Meditation has been recognized as a powerful technique for reducing stress. Networking: Networking is the formation of close association with trusted empathic coworkers and colleagues who are good listeners and confidence builders such persons provide mental support to get the person through successful situation. he can finish his day’s work and come back in relaxed manner. Work-home transition: . the person can review the day’s activities. such as bio-feedback and meditation. List the priorities of the activities that need to be attended to the next day. The relaxation can be a simple one or some specific technique of relaxation. 4. Relaxation: .work-home transition is also like a relaxation technique.physical exercise is a good strategy to get body fit and to overcome stress. jogging. etc. ORGANIZATIONAL COPING STRATEGIES [76] . The role of Yoga. during the last hour of work. special psychologist has developed cognitive therapy techniques. In this technique. Thus. is good methods of overcoming stress. Whether a person takes easy one or specific relaxation technique. 3.because of increasing stress.1. swimming. Physical exercise of different types. such as walking. Cognitive therapy: .

4. A major source of stress is the monotonous and disinteresting jobs. Such a situation can be overcome by defining role more clearly. role conflict. 1. To a very great extent. recognition. Improving content factors. As discussed earlier. Therefore. 2. Various career planning and counseling programmers for individuals go long way in providing them satisfaction and reducing the stress. Stress Control Workshops and employee Assistance Program : . Career planning and counseling :. Job Enrichment:-. these can be controlled by creating supportive organizational climate. which produce or help producing stresses. Supportive organizational climate depends upon managerial leadership rather than the use of power and money to control organizational behavior. training. . opportunity for achievement and advancement. and skills they should acquire for career advancement. 5.Many of the organizational stressors emerge because of faulty organizational processes and practice. and role overlade can be minimized.Organizational coping strategy is more of proactive nature. jobs can be enriched. there are many organizational stressors. such as responsibility.Career planning and counseling help the employees to obtain professional advice regarding career paths that would help them to achieve personal goals. Supportive organizational climate. 3. Organizational Role Clarity: . the organizational coping strategies revolve around those factors. It also makes them aware of what additional qualification. that is. consequently leading to reduced stress. as discussed earlier. This may happen because either there is ambiguity in the role or there is role conflict. This helps to eliminate imposing unrealistic expectations on the individual.The organizational can hold periodical workshops for control and reducing of stress such workshops may [77] . Role ambiguity. they attempt at removing existing or potential stressors and prevent the onset of stress of individual job holders.people experience stress when they are not clear about what they are expected to do in the organization.

Keep laughing. or tell your child a story. Eat less junk food and more fruit and vegetables for an amazing overall lowering of stress levels. Work hard but know when to take time off to be with the family. go to the beach. Say no. 5. Focus on your own goals. watch cartoons. husband. We can actually lower the amount of the bad stress hormone. Write them out and describe each situation. Eat healthy. Studies show a good attitude helps lower cancer rates. Cortical. friend. your dreams. 4. and keeps a relationship together through [78] . Work all day if you must but when you get home play. Keep a sense of individuals to learn the dynamics of stress and the method of overcoming its ill effects. Learn to meditate and take deep breaths to calm down. but will help make you a success in your chosen field. and your passions. If asked to chair another group or take on another responsibility. or read a book. The Nine Stress Management Tips: 1. makes surgery more effective. 2. Not your co-worker. or wife. Learn to relax. YOU!! Get your feelings out. Share all bad feelings with a friend or in a journal. by taking vitamins. If it is does not fit it there say thank you but I just cannot. 3. This allows stress tension to go away and helps you calm the heart's pace and digest food normally. look at your mission statement or goals for the day. not your spouse's or parents' . You must know yourself. Know what stresses you most. Take those vitamin pills daily. Before you can conquer your stresses you must know what is stressing you. and protect your immune system. Saying no is one of the hardest things in life.

feedback for employees. • Technically soundness. • Training should be important. goals.hard times. • Working management (working schedule) • Handling of work pressure • Relaxing hours should be given. Ask yourself WHY. motivation problems should be workout. • Leave encashment should be given time to time. • Relaxation room should be arranging. • Communication should be clear. • Morale responsibility should be taken. • Up gradation of staff • Refreshment arrangements should be made. • System support should be given. and dreams. 6. Facilities required in organization • Proper planning should be there. If you cannot come up with a good reason. [79] . hopes. then stop doing it. • Healthy working environment should be provided. Does what you are doing now help you get fulfill any of these things? What is your motivation? The more you understand why you doing what you are doing the less stress you will have. • Better infrastructure should be there. Why are you doing this? Write down your wants. needs. • Working privacy with sitting arrangement can be created.

If you are an employee. Communicate: Make communication easy among workers. Then take action to be sure there is a TIME and a PLACE where exercise can take place. 4. 2. If you are the boss. Condition: Physical exercise is an essential recommendation to reduce workplace stress.RECOMMENDATION AND SUGGESTIONS RECOMMEDATION The following five recommendations to reduce workplace stress are offered as a beginning step. Control: Give employees as much control as possible. 1. An employee who is allowed. 3. recommend it to employees. and WHAT the task is. since control directly impacts reactions to high stress situations. to control his or her workflow will be much more able to handle workplace stress. recommend this to your boss. Comfortable communication on small matters can lead to communication on workplace stress. If you are the employee. Research shows that stress can also lead to weight gain. Clarify: Be sure each employee has a job description. Employees and employers alike should be comfortable with conversations about positive and negative situations. Exercise is good enough to do the trick to attain good physical condition. within reason. and fully understands everything on it. Know WHO is responsible for a task. [80] . thereby reducing the problem. But this does not necessarily mean there is a need for a lipo procedure and expensive. request a job description. and you will reduce workplace stress.

at whatever level in a company. If everyone recognizes the impact of stress-related illness and injury on the bottom line. He or she is rendered incapable of meeting the requirements of the job. and work together to reduce workplace stress. greater adherence can be expected to the first four recommendations to reduce workplace stress. Research studies have shown that workplace stress impairs a worker’s ability to function intellectually. and realizes the impact of that on individual salaries. A wise employee will do everything possible to communicate his or her to the employer. should be counseled regarding the way of recommendations to reduce workplace stress. emotionally. and in his or her interactions with others. Counsel: Every employee.5. A wise employer will reduce workplace stress. [81] .

introduction of team work is manageable. Internal seminar & workshops should be worked out. Latest system for fast working should be used. There is always scope for the creation of best of best. Coordination between all departments. There should be more frequent staff communication and meets.           Time schedule should be made. Personal attachment Familiar atmosphere Senior staff cooperates friendly to junior staff. [82] .SUGGESTION After doing the survey and its detailed study it was found that some suggestions are very much needed to improve the stress.   Working hours should be fixed. Good facilities must be provided to staff There should be more accountability & clear directions from people above Modification of organization is urged.

Do you enjoy watching support? (a) Yes (b) No 4. Do you know how to go about getting your job done? (a) Yes (b) No 2. Do you have unachievable deadlines? (a) Yes (b) No 3. Are you bored at work? (a) often (b) sometime (c) very rarely [83] (b) No . Are you unable to take sufficient break? (a) Yes (b) No 6. Can you talk to your line manager about something that has upset or annoyed you about work? (a) Yes 8.APPENDIX Questionnaire 1. Your working time can be flexible? (a) Yes (b) No 7. Are you pressured to work long hours? (a) Yes (b) No 5.

Do you feel dissatisfied with yourself and your life? (a) Yes (b) No 12.9. Do you lie awake at night worrying and planning the next day? (a) Yes (b) No 11. Do you feel that there is harmony between your work and personal goals? (a) Yes (b) No 10. Number of leave you take monthly? (a) (b) (c) 0 to 2 2 to 5 more than 5 16. Do you have difficulty in memorizing significant thing/data? (a) Yes (b) No 13. Do you avoid answering the phone or avoid social contacts? (a) Yes (b) No 14. Are you confident on your decisive skill? (a) Yes (b) No 15. Position of your overtime in organization (monthly)? (a) (b) (c) 1 to 3 4 to 7 more than 7 [84] .

17. Do you feel tired and fatigued even with enough sleep? (a) Never (b) Sometimes (c) Always 21. From time to time do you stand back and review your own performance? (a) Never (b) Sometimes (c) Always 20. Do you have difficulty relaxing on holidays because of official work? (a) Never (b) Sometimes (c) Always [85] . Staffs are consulted about change at work in your organization? (a)Never (b) Sometimes (c) Always 18. Do you get help and support you need from colleagues? (a) Never (b) Sometimes (c) Always 19. Did your senior ask or go for your personal improvement plan? (a) Never (b) Sometimes (c) Always 22.

(c) Postponed it for some other time. (b) Try to finish the work at your earliest.23. Lack of appreciation Noise Low morale Poor infrastructure Lack of responsibility by higher authorities. iv. ix. vii. Select the most important situation when you feel that your work lack you interesti. ii. x. Improper lighting. viii. 25. vi. Do you feel adequately valued for your abilities &commitment at work? (a) Yes (b) No 27. (d) Seek help from your colleagues. Unsatisfied working condition Indiscipline Delayed decision Lack of proper communication 26. Do you get proper appreciation from your seniors for your good performance? (a) Always (b) Sometime (c) Rarely 24. v. In the situation of work load you will perfect doing(a) Relax for some time & then continue. iii. Do you feel adequately rewarded for your abilities & commitment at work? (a) Yes (b) No [86] .

……………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………. Does the amount of work you have to do exceed the amount of time available? (a) Yes (b) No 29. Do you feel that more facilities should be provided for working more effectively and efficiently? (a) Yes (b) No If yes. [87] . what other facilities you would like to avoid? ………………………………………………………. Any suggestions: ……………………………………………………………. How do you feel when you are criticized by superior at work? a) Very upset b) Moderately upset c) Mildly upset 30.28.

If even I take my lunch. My health is running down: I often have headache. I take it as a personal attack. To avoid going to work. backache or stomach disorder. If someone criticizes my work. I tell people about my hobbies that I would like to do but I say that I never have time because of the hours I spend I work I see time as my enemy. I would even call in sick. Everything I do feels like a drain on my energy. My emotions seem flat whether I am told good news or bad news about my performance. I do it at my desk my working. I respond irritably to any request from my coworker.Asses the level of your work stress Even over minor problems lose my temper and do something embarrassing. Seldo m true Someti mes true Mostl y true [88] .

0 for always 21. 0 for never. 1 for 7-10. 0 for yes 1 for no 15. 2 for never. 2 for often. 0 for yes 1 for no [89] . all are 1 point 26. 0 for yes 1 for no 7. 1 for yes 0 for no 11. 1 for sometime. 1 for sometime. 2 for rarely 24. 2 for always 22. 2 for never. 1 for yes 0 for no 13. 0 for always 19. 1 for sometime. 0 for yes 1 for no 2. 0 for always 18. 1 for sometime. 1 for yes 0 for no 5. 2 for c. 0 for never. 0 for yes 1 for no 27. 1 for yes 0 for no 14. 1 for yes 0 for no 3. 2 for 2 to 5. 0 for yes 1 for no 10. 0 for a. 0 for rarely 9. 1 for sometime. 1 for yes 0 for no 6. 2 for never. 2 for always 23. 3 for d 25. 3 for more than 14 17. 2 for never. 1 for b. 0 for never. 1 for sometime. 0 for always 20. 0 for yes 1 for no 8. 1 for sometime. 1 for yes 0 for no 12. 3 for more than 5 16. 0 for yes 1 for no 4.1. 0 for yes 1 for no 28. 0 for 2 to 5. 1 for sometime. 2 for 10-14.

Bhaskar office have been used for research and preparation of the project report. 1 for yes 0 for no Asses the level of your work stress 1 for not true. which have been considered and consulted. 3 for mostly true BIBLIOGRAPHY Many books. 2 for very upset [90] . 2 for sometime. 0 for mildly. internet 1 for moderately. Robbins &seems sanghi www. aswathappa L M Prasad Sites • • • www. have been mentioned below: Books • • • Stephen p. All the above.

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