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CONTOH SOAL SIMULASI UN TAHUN 2012/2013 The following questions have four possible answers labeled A, B, C and D.

Read and answer the questions by blackening A, B, C and D on your answer sheet. This text is for questions number 1 and 2.

1. What does the notice mean? A. It is forbidden to slip in the pool and SPA. B. The pool may be slippery because of the frost. C. We cannot swim in the pool because of the icy patches. D. Please be careful because the pool is under construction. 2. Where can we probably find the text? A. At an outdoor swimming pool. B. In an indoor pool hall. C. Along the seashore. D. At school gym. This text is for questions number 3 and 4.

3. From the text we know that . A. beverages are allowed in play area B. dogs are allowed on school grounds C. the playground is closed from dawn to dusk D. the play area is for use by school age children 4. What can we conclude from the text? A. School age children may use the play area at night. B. We can use the school grounds to walk our dog. C. We have to put our rubbish in a container D. Beverages are permitted in play area.

This text is for questions number 5 and 6.

5. From the text we know that . A. Charista won the singing contest B. Ninda did well in the competition C. Ninda has realized her lifes dream D. Charista knew Ninda would write the card 6. The writer wrote the text in order to . A. win the singing competition B. congratulate Charista on her success C. tell that her lifes dream has come true D. inform that she has realized her best future This text is for questions number 7 to 9.

7. Why has the music extra lesson been cancelled? Because . A. the extra lesson was scheduled for 18 January B. the text was sent to Sisca and his friends C. some musical instruments are broken D. the message has been forwarded

8. From the text we may conclude that . A. The music extra lesson will happen in the near future B. Sisca will surely attend the music extra lesson C. The writer will forward the message to others D. The music extra lesson will not happen 9. Sorry for that and thank you for forwarding this message. What does the underlined word refer to? A. The break of the musical instruments B. The cancellation of the extra lesson C. The sending of the message. D. The cancellation of the text. The text is for questions no. 10 to 12.

SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT To: All Students of X Junior High School 1. Due to the past and present damage to the Fine Arts hallway, it has been decided that the hallway will no longer be a hangout spot before school, at lunch or after school. Students who frequent this hallway will now have to hang out in the cafeteria. Some damage occurred in this hallway Wednesday evening. If you have any information about this damage, please see Ms. Dellamanda to fill out a Crime Stoppers report. Your information could get you a reward. 2. The library will also be closed today at lunch because Mr. Yuda found food and food wrappers in the library after lunch yesterday. There is to be NO FOOD OR DRINK AT ANY TIME IN THE LIBRARY.

10. What will be closed today at lunch? A. The Fine Arts hallway. B. The hangout spot. C. The cafeteria. D. The library. 11. The hallway will no longer be a hangout spot because . A. there is past and present damage B. the students frequent this hallway C. the hallway is close to the cafeteria D. the students have to fill out the report 12. What is the main idea of announcement no. 2? A. The library will be closed today at lunch. B. Mr. Yuda found food and food wrappers yesterday. C. Food and food wrappers are not allowed in the library. D. There is to be NO FOOD AND DRINK IN THE LIBRARY.

The text is for questions no. 13 to 15. 13. The text tells us that Dita . A. is a little girl B. will go to university C. is moving out of town D. majored in English Education 14. Please join us to celebrate it! What does the underlined word refer to? A. Ditas graduation. B. Yogyakarta State University. C. The graduation announcement. D. A Bachelor in English Education. 15. The writer wrote the text in order to . A. invite people to attend the celebration B. congratulate Dita on her graduation C. tell how to get a Bachelors degree D. inform about Ditas major The text is for questions no. 16 to 18.

16. What is the text about? A. A balanced color used for vegetables. B. A combination of balanced color. C. Vegetables with balanced color. D. A Blueberry taste jelly powder. 17. Which of the following statements is found in the text? A. Seaweed is one of the ingredients of this product. B. Balanced color vegetables are good for health. C. Nutri Jell is made with vegetables only. D. Blueberry fruit has balanced color. 18. Fruit and vegetables combined with balanced color. The underlined word can be best replaced by the word A. mixed B. divided C. dissolved D. separated

The text is for questions no. 19 to 21. Senopati Street 45 Yogyakarta 55131 February 11, 2012 The Manager PT. TIKI JNE Yogyakarta Dear Sir, Id like to confirm about the book my sister sent from Jakarta two days ago. So far I havent got the book, whereas your company is famous for one-day delivery service. As this book is urgently needed Id like you to double check it. For your information heres the receipt number YK 00889123. Thank you and Im looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Magdalena.

19. From the text we may infer that . A. Magdalena is the managers friend. B. Tiki JNE is located in Yogyakarta only. C. The manager should give information to Magda soon. D. The book delivered has been accepted by Magdalena. 20. Id like you to double check it The word it refers to . A. information B. the book C. the receipt D. Tiki JNE 21. What is the writers purpose writing the text? A. To get the information. B. To confirm the book sent. C. To ask for the service price. D. To tell her personal problem. The text is for questions no. 22 to 24. Last week my friends and I went to one of the best botanic garden in the world, the Bogor Botanical Garden (Kebun Raya Bogor). First, we went to the part where there were so many trees of the palm family planted there. Then, we moved to look for the site where orchids are collected. The Bogor Botanic Garden has a huge collection of orchids and it would certainly take time to see all the collection. The first thing that captured my eyes as we entered the garden are the big trees that stand tall on both sides of a narrow road that leads to the centre of the garden. We walked and walked around to explore every side of the garden. So, we continued our walk towards a pond where we could find giant lilies and some other water plants grow in it. Exploring the garden was so tiring. Luckily, theres cafeteria inside the garden. After having some drinks at the cafeteria, we decided to end the trip and went back home. That was my first visit to the Botanic Garden and I think I really enjoyed the trip and so did my friends who said that they really wanted to visit the garden again next time.

22. What was the text about? A. Visiting Bogor Botanical Garden. B. Bogor Botanic Garden Collection. C. My friends visit to Botanical Garden. D. Exploring Botanicals Orchids collection. 23. From the text we know that . A. It was not so tiring exploring Bogor Botanical Garden. B. Two big trees standing leading to the gate of the garden. C. There were a few palm trees planted in Bogor Botanical Garden. D. It took time to see all collection of orchids in Bogor Botanical Garden. 24. What can we conclude from the text? A. The writer and his friends left the garden before having some drink. B. It was the first time for the writer to visit Bogor Botanical Garden. C. Bogor Botanical Garden area is not so interesting to visit. D. Bogor Botanical Garden has no collection of orchids. 25. What is the purpose of the text? A. To describe Bogor Botanical Garden in general. B. To inform about the trees planted in Bogor Botanical Garden. C. To retell the writers experience of visiting Bogor Botanical Garden. D. To show how to explore collection of plants in the best botanic garden. The text is for questions no. 26 to 29. Howard, John Winston, prime minister of Australia (1996 - 2007), leader of the Liberal Party and member of the Australian parliament. Howard was born in metropolitan Sydney. He earned a law degree from the University of Sydney in 1961 and after he graduated from the university he worked as an attorney. While a student he joined the Liberal Party, and in 1974 Howard was elected to parliament as a representative of Bennelong, a suburb of Sydney. In 1975 the Liberal and National parties won the parliamentary elections and formed a conservative coalition; Howard was appointed minister for business and consumer affairs. It is his first step leading to his career as a Prime Minister. 26. What did Howard do after graduated from the university? A. He worked as a lecturer. B. He worked as an attorney. C. He was elected as a parliament member. D. He became a representative of Bennelong. 27. The main topic of the text is about . A. The leader of the Australian Parliament. B. The former prime minister of Australia. C. The parliamentary elections system. D. The University of Sidney graduate. 28. It is his first step leading to his career as a Prime Minister. The word it refers to . A. Australian first Prime Minister B. Australian business and consumer affairs C. being minister for business and consumer affairs D. being a leader of conservative coalition in Australia 29. He earned a law degree from the University of Sydney in 1961and The word earned can be best replaced by . A. won B. got C. took D. made (line.3-4)

The text is for questions no. 30 to 32. Knowing how to take care of a plant will mean that the plant stays healthy and continues to grow. Without proper care, the plant will die or its growth will be stunted. Things You'll Need Fertilizer that meets the needs of the specific plant plant, watering can and a water monitoring meter

Instructions 1. Add water to the plant soil. Each plant has a different water need. You can use a water monitoring meter that you stick in the soil to check the wetness of the soil for accurate results. Place the plant in the proper light. Select the best location for plants that need direct sunlight, indirect sunlight or no sunlight at all. Add fertilizer to the soil. Some plants require a fertilizer that is specific to the type of species. Fertilize as per the instructions. Keep the temperature ideal for the plant. Every plant has a different temperature need. Choose a pot that is best for the plant. Each plant has a different specification for its roots. Check the humidity need of each plant. Some plants will n need to have a waterholding tray on the bottom so its roots can have the humidity that is needed.
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2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

30. What do we need to check the wetness of the soil? A. A fertilizer B. A watering can C. A water holding tray D. A water monitor meter 31. Place Place the plant in the proper light. A. Dim B. Bright. C. Suitable. D. Abundant. What does the underlined word mean?

32. What can we conclude from the text? A. Each plant needs a pot which is suitable for its roots. B. All types of plant species need the same fertilizer. C. All plants need to have the same heat level. D. Each plant has an equal need of water. The text is for questions no. 33 to 36. There once lived a monk called Shan, in a village in China. He had earned a great name for himself. But he was very arrogant. Qui Jun heard of his arrogance and wanted to teach the monk a lesson. He went to meet Shan who neither greeted him nor acknowledged acknowledged his presence. Just then a servant of the monk came with a message: "The son of an army officer is here to see you." The monk said, "I will go and greet him." Shan welcomed the son of the army officer with respect.

After the army officer's son had departed Qui Jun asked Shan the reason for his doublefaced behavior. "Why is it that you greeted the army officer's son so respectfully, yet behaved so arrogantly towards me?" Shan the Monk had a quick reply: "Please don't get me wrong. For me, greeting means not greeting and not greeting means greeting." Qui Jun understood the monk's mischief and hit him hard on his head with his stick. "According to your logic, beating you means not beating and not beating you means beating. Therefore, I have to give you a beating," said Qui Jun. Shan immediately realized the folly of his actions and started showing respect to everyone he met, irrespective of their status.

33. Whom did the monk greet so respectfully? A. Shan B. Qui Jun C. The monks servant D. The army officers son 34. Qui Jun understood the monks mischief.... The underlined word means ... A. sadness B. kindness C. cleverness D. naughtiness 35. From the text we know that .... A. Qui Jun had double faced behavior B. Shan gave respect to anyone she met C. the son of the army was very arrogant D. Qui Jun hit the monk to teach him a lesson 36. What can we learn from the story? A. Dont treat anyone differently. B. Dont play trick with your friend. C. Dont beat anyone older than you. D. Dont force anyone to do what you want. The text is for questions no. 37 to 40. An eclipse of the Sun or solar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes through the Moon's shadow. A total eclipse of the Sun takes place only during a new moon, when the Moon is directly between the Sun and the Earth. When a total eclipse occurs, the Moon's shadow covers only a small portion of the Earth, where the eclipse is visible. As the Moon moves in its orbit, the position of the shadow changes, so total solar eclipses usually only last a minute or two in a given location. In ancient times, people were frightened by solar eclipses (even back then people realized that the Sun was essential to life on Earth). Now eclipses are of great interest to the public and to astronomers. Eclipses provide an opportunity to view the Sun's outer atmosphere, the solar corona. If you ever get to view a solar eclipse, make sure to never look at the Sun directly! Always use one of these safe techniques.

37. What does the text tell us about? A. The sun and the moon. B. The moons shadow. C. The suns eclipse. D. The earths position. 38. From the text we know that .... A. a total solar eclipse generally lasts one hundred and twenty minutes B. its better for people to look at the solar eclipse directly without instrument C. when the total eclipse occurs,people in any place in the earth can see the eclipse D. a total solar eclipse happens when the moon is directly between the sun and the earth 39. As the Moon moves in its orbit, the position of the shadow changes (p. 2) The word its in the sentence refers to .... A. the moon B. the earth C. the eclipse D. the moons shadow 40. The purpose of the text is .... A. to tell the experience when a solar eclipse happens B. to tell the danger of looking at the solar eclipse C. to inform about solar eclipses in general D. to give information what a solar eclipse is The text is for questions no. 41 to 43.

A train station, also called a railroad station (mainly in the United States) or railway station (mainly in the British Commonwealth) and often shortened to just station, is a railway facility where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers or freight. It generally consists of a platform next to the track and a station building (depot) providing related services such as ticket sales and waiting rooms. If a station is on a single track main line, it usually has a passing loop to facilitate the traffic. The smallest stations are referred to as 'stops' or, mainly in the British Commonwealth; 'halts' (flag stops). Connections may be available to intersecting rail lines or other transport modes such as buses or rapid transit systems.

Railway stations usually have ticket booths (British English: "ticket office" or "booking office"), ticket machines, or both; although on some lines tickets are sold on board the trains. Ticket sales may also be combined with customer service desks or convenience stores. Many stations include a form of convenience store. Larger stations usually have fast-food or restaurant facilities. In some countries, stations may also have a bar or pub. Other station facilities may include: toilets, left-luggage, lost-andfound, departures and arrivals boards, luggage carts, waiting rooms, taxi ranks and bus bays. Larger or manned stations tend to have a greater range of facilities. A most basic station might only have platforms, though it might still be distinguished from a halt, a stopping or halting place that may not even have platforms. 41. What station may not have a platform according to the text? A. A train station. B. A railway station. C. A railroad station. D. The smallest station.

42. From the text we can conclude that .... A. every station has the same facilities B. the bigger the station the more facilities it has C. a platform is a place where we can buy or order tickets D. restaurant or fast food is always provided by every station 43. Connections may be available to intersecting rail lines or other transport modes such as buses or rapid transit systems.(p.1) The word rapid has the same meaning as .... A. speedy B. modern C. wellknown D. sophisticated The text is for questions no. 44 to 46.

Mr. Tucker is the headmaster of my school. He doesnt wear glasses. He is very (44)...His eyes always frighten me even when I refuse to face them. They are sharp, hard, and cold, and he uses them like a whip. He always washes his hands in an enamel basin in the corner of the room. After he had washed them, he will walk over to his desk and stand behind it looking at the pupils while he (45)... his hands on a small, white towel. His fingers are long and white. He rubs them briskly without losing the effect of deliberation and as he rubs them he looks at us with his eyes. No one moves while he does it, no one speaks. When he finishes, he will fold the towel and put it in the desk drawer. Then, he will (46)... smile at us. He really terrifies me.

44. A. B. C. D. 45. A. B. C. D. 46. A. B. C. D.

boring exciting terrifying surprising dries raises points shows nicely politely sincerely awkwardly

47. Arrange the words into a meaningful sentence. your - are - a winner - proud - to - we - know - as success 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The correct arrangement is .... A. B. C. D. 6-7-1-9-2-8-3-5-4 6-2-3-5-7-1-9-8-3 6-2-4-5-7-1-9-8-3 6-7-3-8-1-9-2-5-4

48. Arrange the words into a meaningful sentence. fishing - once - three - go - wanted - nearby - brothers - to the lake - to 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The correct arrangement is .... A. B. C. D. 3-7-2-5-9-4-8-1-6 2-3-7-5-9-4-1-8-6 3-7-5-9-4-1-2-6-8 2-3-7-8-5-9-4-1-6

49. Arrange the sentences into a good recount text. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. When we arrived at my hometown,it was raining heavily. I woke up early then I went to the bus station at 9.30. Yesterday I went to my hometown by bus. After a while,dark clouds appeared in the sky. The bus was late.It arrived about 10.00 and we left. We travelled through the beautiful countryside. I had gone out without an umbrella,so we were wet. The sun was shinning brightly at first. correct arrangement is .... 3-2-5-8-4-1-5-6 3-8-2-5-1-2-4-6 3-2-5-6-8-4-1-7 3-6-2-5-8-1-4-7

The A. B. C. D.

50. Arrange the sentences into a procedure text of how to make a paper mask based on the pictures given.

a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Draw a pattern of face as you like on thick paper. Use the cutter to make the holes on the eyes. Tie the rubber band on each hole. Colour your drawing. Use scissors to cut the picture.Follow the line. Now,try your mask on.Hook the rubber bands on your eyes. Use the cutter to make a small hole on each ear.

The correct arrangement is .... A. B. C. D. bdaegcf baedgcf adebgcf abedgcf