People of the world! out there I know none of you are satisfied - Teddy Pendergrass “Bad Luck” Completion and satisfaction in a relationship goes beyond sexual satisfaction. But can a person even achieve full sexual satisfaction if the other dimensions of his or her relationship are mired in dissatisfaction. Very few people in Western civilization are happy, content and satisfied in their relationships. Even married people seem to be incessantly desperately seeking somebody or at least on the look out for a possible close encounter of the romantic kind. Satisfied people don’t behave as the vast majority of people presently behave. How did people become so discontent? Is this a natural state of affairs? Is this the very best we can do? Are we all doomed to “lowered expectations” so that we “settle for” less than fulfilling relationships because it is “unrealistic” to expect to unite with the man or woman of our dreams? Nearly every advertisement seeks to snare us by stimulating our natural sexual urges and exploiting them by associating

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First of all. This is true Shirk or association that’s prohibited in Islam. Iblis (the archetype of lower left-brained evil) says: “Because you adjudged me to be wrong. Instead of everyone curbing their risky behaviour. Or check out the liquor ads and scrutinize everything. That is how film producers seduce people to take more and more pictures. But diabolic manipulators ambush the unsuspecting public by perverting and corrupting natural drives. many went buck wild as if the threat of death made the sex urge 10 times more potent. As astrologers know the 8th house is that of both sex and death. the relationship among sex. Even photographs processed by large outfits can have “sex” and “fuck” words embedded by means of something done with emulsifiers.” 2 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . the bottle (a Freudian phallic symbol) is often situated to look like an ejaculating penis with white foam bubbling or pouring out the lip. In the Quran. especially the so-called ice in glasses.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul. It’s also the house of “other people’s money. Take a long look at just about any color ad in a magazine and you will discover the words “sex” or “fuck” embedded (to look like distortions or blemishes) in the models’ faces. The death drive is a real drive that’s closely linked to the sex drive. I will certainly lie in wait for them in your straight path.tripod. They make pictures “sexy.” We can begin to see. astrologically. Death symbols (like rats or skulls) are also sprinkled in such ads subliminally because the death drive is the flip side of the life (sex) drive.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. And an awakened sex drive binds itself to whatever image is associated with it. AIDS really made its mark in 1984 when several prominent promiscuous people died.htm the stimulated drive with their (often worthless) product. The ice often shows pictures (supposedly reflections) or abstract drawings of people in coitus or even unspeakable acts like bestiality. Advertisers exploit the death drive because they know that stimulating the death drive automatically stimulates the sex drive. And you will not find most of them grateful” (7:16-17). Sex is natural. Then I will certainly come upon them from before them and from behind them and from their right [brain hemisphere] and from their left [brain hemisphere]. This is called Subliminal Seduction. money and death. it’s part of the universe’s straight path. Please read the book “Subliminal Seduction” by Brian Wilson Key and “Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard to discover how advertisers literally seduce you into purchasing things (like liquor and cigarettes) you don’t need and which could be fatal to you.

Today.usually lasted for life. Women have very insidiously and subtly been tricked into putting off marriage until later and later. “What God has joined together. 3 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . in the vast majority of cases. But. People begin as a loving couple and within months turn into open enemies. an unnatural and artificial period in life called teen years has been manufactured. the people were never suited to be together. The marriages were doomed to fail the moment they said “I do” because. Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field.despite any natural growing pains -. most people will say “lack of communication. in America. People say. Their own dissatisfaction is what makes people vulnerable to subliminal seduction.” But what if God wasn’t the one who joined them? What if the unifier was nothing greater than their own lust for sex. the 7th house is that of marriage and open enemies.” Marriage in America is a failing enterprise. let no man tear asunder. marriages in the past were far more successful than the temporary trysts we call marriage today. But those marriages -. Being discontented. More American marriages end in divorce or separation than endure “till death to us part.htm But even the satanic advertisers would fail to ensnare people if they were satisfied in their relationships. they have an eye already out for anything sexy or alluring. Asked why marriages fail. prior to the end of World War II.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul. In astrology. people scoff at the way people across the planet. often got married when they were as young as 15 or 16.tripod. money or status in the community? What if the unifier was the faint ticking of a “biological clock”? Can such a union endure? Old School Marriage Judged by longevity.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.” but that answer is too superficial.

much later).until much. Practiced properly. That sounded reasonable enough. psychics.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. a wife and a husband were not just chosen. astrologers. Gosh no! Put that education to use and have a career. Should such a major decision. should be put off until she finished school. such marriages succeeded because the people who arranged them were guided by oracles.htm -. it was proposed. now. She’d established a career. It’s not uncommon.Genesis 3:1 Marriage.to . But no bright girl should simply waste a good education. marriage had to be postponed until graduation.in the sense presently understood . around 22 years of age. So 18 became the target year for matrimony (my great-grandmother would’ve called an unmarried 18 year old woman a spinster). (They would not actually marry . Is nature so stupid that it would bring on biological reproductive readiness that far before the woman is emotionally and socially ready? Or are our own social institutions and conventions so retarded that able-bodied men and women remain mentally incapable of parenthood until they are literally middle-aged? Arranged Marriages To this day. That is the science behind certain traditional cultures wedding a child boy and girl. Twenty-eight sounded like a good date to start really thinking about marriage. seers and spirits in making the arrangement. with such wide and far-reaching consequences be entrusted to two hormone intoxicated teenagers? 4 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM .com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul.tripod. many civilized cultures practice what we call arranged marriages. Spiritual technology was employed to divine which two people were already joined on the spiritual plane so that the bond could be completed here on the physical plane. because college education is so important.20 years of puberty and menstruation without marriage or pregnancy. Then. The decision who to marry is probably the most important decision most people will ever make. In other words. for marriages and pregnancy (that won’t be aborted) to occur when the woman is in her earlyto-middle 30s! That amounts to 15 .

-. Study of a person’s 10th house will reveal why they incarnated.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.e. interlocking and interworking parts. And he placed love and merciful compassion between you. are supposed to relieve teens of such an awesome burden. people aren’t born and then spend 20 or 30 years trying to figure out their purpose. Each husband is called a zawj (mate) and so is every wife.tripod. the spiritually mature. But if we know not our mission. Surely in that are miraculous signs for a people who meditate. how can we properly choose a spouse? Zawj: One Half of a Whole In Quranic philosophy. that He created mates for you from your own souls that you may energize (tantrically) with them.. And among His signs is this. i.htm The wise. The Bible says that God made “an help meet” for Adam. the elders. i.Quran 30:21 The term “soul mates” is so often abused that I’d be embarrassed to even use it if not for the fact that it’s in the above 5 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . a partner whose function includes helping her or him meet their life’s purpose. In wise societies. Included in any marital decision is understanding of the primary reason why the people incarnated on earth in the first place. Everyone is born with a mission already provided. each person is a zawj. The spouse is intended to be a help meet for the wife or husband.e.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul. The dead ancestors are consulted so that the correct marriage bond is formed. a half of a whole that consists of two matching.

processed. life-force). Any relationship with anyone except your true soul .htm verse of the Quran. Shekem and Shen power in other traditions.zawj is really just a marriage of convenience. a zawj. to energize the higher kundalini.tripod. the Sakinah and that mighty force is most easily switched on by life-force intensification rituals. The purpose of a mate is. and as such incomplete until reunited with your matching pair. Sometimes several incarnations take place with the zawjs making near misses. You are half of a being. elevated. among other things. -.Quran 36:36 To flourish as a complete being you must be reunited with your matching half. Sing hymns to Him who created everything in pairs of what the Earth grows and from their souls and of what they know not. The male rarely ejaculates (though he may achieve a non-ejaculatory orgasm). By rhythmically contracting and relaxing the perineum. It’s elevation from the genitals up the spine to the crown lotus 6 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . The life-force is stored in the testicles and ovaries. The name of the goddess Het-Heru reveals that the love goddess is the House (Het) of Heru (libido. In both parties the raw sexual force is refined. cultivated and purified until it transmutes to precious Sakiynah power which is also called Shechinah.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. On a more intense level life-force intensification is accomplished through advanced sexual procedures called tantric yoga in India. This is the basis of life-force intensification rituals. the life-force floods the body with sexual pleasure.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul.

In the Tao. The chest (behind the heart) stores chi or mental energy. The middle of the brain stores heavenly energy or Sakiynah. 7 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . -.” Raise up the Salaat from the declining of the Sun till the darkness of the night and the dawn Quran.tripod.” Well.htm chakra is known as “raising up the salaat. these are side effects of Sakiynah not Sakiynah (pronounced sah-kee-not) itself. The abdomen Tan Tien holds ching or raw sexual force.Quran 2:248 He it is who sent down Sakiynah into the hearts of the masters of semen retention. -.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.Quran 17:78 There shall come to you the ark in which is Sakiynah from your Lord -. Most translators of the Quran translate Sakiynah to be “calm” or “tranquility” or even “quiet of mind.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul.Quran 48:4 There are three “cauldrons” or storage centers for life-force. Sakiynah energy is called Shin.

tripod. The left side of the body is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain (and vice versa). Min stands atop steps which signify degrees of initiation.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul. the initiates) libido is strong. The Egyptians mastered science the west has only recently re-discovered. yet not ejaculating. It is the right brain that is in charge of visualization. 8 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . the sages of Egypt were showing that the initiate (the god Min) must cultivate creative visualization and to unite his/her images with the vivifying sexual force. to practice those principles it is necessary to understand truly spiritual concepts from a mystical and technical level. more importantly. Sakiynah is a feminine word. Embedded in Arabic spiritual terms are core ancient Egyptian concepts.e. on the sides of the Uraeus or Ajna chakra (also indicated by the wings at the top of the caduceus wand or medical staff). the hand for drawing energy inward. The word mu’min is always translated “believe” or “faithful”. but it is an Arabicized form of the great Egyptian god Min whose principle icon shows him standing on a pillar. But while Min’s (i. By masturbating with his left hand. his penis would not be stiff. All successful male initiates will have a powerful libido which force is essential for awakening the mighty kundalini energy current. Energy. The right hand signifies expelling energy outward (ejaculation). To understand and. Masturbating his erect penis with his left hand conveys very sublime information for those who have an eye to see. There are plumes (feathers) on either side of his head. in spiritual literature is usually depicted as feminine. The erect penis signifies a powerful life-force which an initiate needs to live the type of life that results in divinity. masturbating with his left hand.htm The Quran says it was sent down to the heart because the orderly step-down progression of energy from refined to gross is head-to-heart-to-belly. The plumes indicate that success in such practices awakens the energy centers (chakras) in the Temples. So Min has high libido and is actively stimulated. it is under discipline and control as signified by the god’s use of his left hand. If he were ejaculating.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. In esoteric Judaism Shekinah (Hebrew for Sakiynah) is the wife of the God Yahweh.

Atman. so he goes to see the god Vishnu and is shocked to find him locked in sexual embrace with a female yogina. several of the spiritual-technical words have sexual implications. is not simply “righteousness. etc. Min’s left-hand masturbation signifies the same. cultivates and masters the principles and techniques of Min. the higher self (Ausar. Allah.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul. Because retention of Semen is absolutely essential for male initiates (women can safely have orgasms without loss of spiritual power).) is the zawj or “soul mate” of the jivan or lower self (Isis.htm At its purest. Asherah.). Christian and Muslim prayers end with “Amen. And so I translate mu’miniyn (plural of mu’min) as “masters of semen retention” in Quran 48:4.” What is being retained? Semen! Taqwa. root meaning of the verb is “he retained. is one who practices.” A mu’min. It is the loss of seminal power that creates conditions of fear. Yemaya. This is a “sign” for people to meditate upon. Shiva. Ittaqa (from which words like taqwa/“righteousness” and muttaqiyn/”god-fearing” are derived) is usually translated “fear.tripod. The feathers indicate that the initiate can reach heavenly consciousness. An ancient Indian story tells of an initiate who can’t seem to awaken his kundalini.” it is a state of spiritual cultivation resulting from a way of life of semen retention and energy raising. Mary. then. etc. the god explains that while having intercourse with the initiate they visualize the maintenance and preservation of the universe.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. 9 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . Yama.” But the core. Min becomes the supreme God Amen and that is why Jewish. The Quran is replete with words that non-mystical translators have stripped of most of their technical-spiritual meaning. then. After some teaching. Within the human being. most refined level. Vishnu questions him on why he thinks sex is debased and unholy.

htm There is a true “soul mate” in the world who is a perfect match for you. Perhaps the hunt will begin anew in your next incarnation. joy and mutual cooperation. One doesn’t really find the soul mate. Some cords are connected to people’s genitals.creates new cords with whoever was the sexual partner. There is an energy cord or beam that connects you to your soul mate. These blur the more subtle cords between you and your soul mate. True psychics like my amazing wife Helen can see the cords.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul. So you missed each other. 10 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . why are so few people bonded with theirs? Why haven’t we found our soul mate? In all probability. Of course. One allows the divine attraction to bring the matching pairs together. Now. The most difficult contribution is patience. Every labor becomes a labor of love. People like Helen can “de-cord” or detach the cords and links between past lovers so energy is not wasted upon failed relationships. Those cords got lost and overridden by the shiny. you have. challenges appear but even these are greeted with an attitude of adventure. But every relationship -.tripod. if you got married at 32. Others are to the heart or the brain. many cords built up. But when you did you were already in a relationship or the soul mate was.especially every sexual relationship -. makes you whole and with whom you can naturally produce miracles. showing a primarily sexual bond. you know you were not celibate all those years leading up to 32. By meditating you can help create a conducive psychic environment for drawing the mates together. to leave the romantic life uncluttered by temporary relationships. So if God has created soul mates for us.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. strengthens the link. This man or woman completes you. There were many.. i. excitement. Each new sex act. The stress and tension of an ill-fitting union are absent when one is bonded with one’s soul mate.e. there are two of them: muwaddat (love) and rahmat (mercy). fantasy or strong focus on that person. bright lust cords made between you and your past and present lovers. Actually.

Be the best wife or husband you can be to let that purpose unfold. Isis’ chant (heka) is Aum Vam Duhum. all the asanas (postures) were sexual in nature and designed for use in sacred tantric rites. if you are sexually meditating for a new home.” During tantric sex. Treat your mate as if she/he is your soul mate and whichever the case is will be manifested. He should worship her in her private parts and vice-versa. The Quran says “herein are miracles for a people who meditate. The parties should visualize themselves entering their lovely new home and chant Isis’ dhikr (mantra) while in sexual embrace.htm Often soul mates seem to be “odd couples. Let God guide and teach us how to best attract and be fit matching. but his true self is God and so is hers. on the surface seem ill-suited to be together. especially the mantra of the deity in charge of their objective. seem a little corny. It may. 11 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM . Jew and Muslim. and yet they are.” people who. But beneath the surface differences will rest a unified energy/matter than cements them into one. that is classified under Isis and the Moon. Each should know that the other is the embodiment of the god or goddess. That is because. rich and poor. scriptural understanding and other things. educated and uneducated.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir. health issues. Develop the habit of consulting the oracle for major decisions like marriage. Sometimes people spontaneously go into yoga postures. God knows and we do not. Even is that person turns out not to be your soul mate.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul. originally. At some point one (usually the woman) may fall into trance and begin to prophesy and speak as the goddess to instruct the couple on achieving their goal. Of course. For example. black and white. They should chant mantras during moments of heightened pleasure. you and he/she united for a karmic reason. interlocking pairs for our Soul’s mates. So they may be May-December (one young.tripod. the couple should visualize each other as god and goddess. soul-debilitating hellhole of a relationship. God is actually the only one present. at first. one old). etc. That is because they are matching pairs or opposite aspects of the same soul. if you are in an abusive. by all means liberate yourself. What Now? Please do not decide to break up with someone because you think he or she is not your soul mate.

htm 12 of 12 3/23/2013 10:30 AM .com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/TrantricSoul.tripod.TANTRIC SOUL MATES IN THE QURAN http://amirfatir.

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