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Fellowship Church Christian

emdLwgs week for WoLg

- lsoioh P o l mS u n d o y 6l: l-l 1 M o n d o y- M o l l h e w2 6 : 1 - 3 5 - Motlhew 26:36-75 Tuesdoy - Motihew l: l-25 Wednesdoy - Jonoh I :l -4:l I Thursdoy - Molthew 27:1-31 Good Fridoy - Motthew27:32-66 Soturdoy - Motthew 2 8 :1 - 1 5 E o s t eS r undoy

24t6,2013 March Palm 5unday Welcome andPrayer

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Congregational 5inging Announcements

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Kid's Korner
Morilyn Reimer
(nexl Rhono Lroeker)

Number Special
AlvinKroeker (April /-Fedin Abrohomson)

Reading 5cripture
{nexiwoyne Reime4

Speoker: Dennis Anderson

5unday School
News and Notes
. Morch29 - l0:30o.m. Good Fridoy Service. (There willbe communionservlce.) . Eosler SundovBreokfosf ot 9o.m. Bring muffins, cheese,fruit.No SundoySchool. April6 - 5:30p.m. Communi'ty/church forewellfor Horoid& Lourooi ihe Birch River LegionHoll. Polluck supperond sociolevening. There willbe o shoring time so bring yourmemories/stories to shore. . April7 - Zp.m.Generolmeeting. Youroltendonce isimportonl. Let'scontinueto proy for Julio, Benond Jennifer. A medicolfund isin the process of being sel up for Julioot f he BirchRiver Credil Union. Blessings to.. ..

Dorryl Homillon- Morch 28 ond Iino Hieberl- Morch29.

,,ust a I nougttt
On thisGood Fridoy moy we neverforgel -lhe lrue meoningof Eosfer 'Forwhen He wos on the cross, lwos on His mind.'



Church Cleaning
Woyne& Morilyn