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We holdsoclose to our hearts The*oss where Jesus died than Butso muchmore the blood-stalned *oss lstbatiesus came li[e back to Thestone's beenrolledaway Thetomb layopenandbare Theylooked 6r llim, andthenthe angel said ThatHe is no longer here o whatiov they musthavefelt To see Him iustoncemore To eatwith Him,to dri6kwith Him To receive Him backasLord 5o muchdid He accomplish Through Hisdeath uponthe *oss in Flis rising And From the dead He reconciled usback to Cod Nothingelse couldbridge the gap Thatsinhadwrenched Epait Now wecanfeelygo to Cod Anrl receive in our hearts. Christ
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March 31't,2013 Easter 5unday


vvelcome anqvrayer
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r)9 Longregatronal )rngr Announceme nts n n9 0{ L/rTe Kid's Korner

(nexl- LenaFriesen)


r\umDer )Pecral
Men'sGroup (April 7-Ferlin Abrohomson)


Reading S*ipture
Luke24: I-12 WoyneReamer
(nexl'Alvin Kroeker)

" H e ' sA l i v e "

News and Notes

forewelltor April6 - 5:30p.m. Community/church LegionHoll. Horold& Lourool the BirchRiver evening. Polluck supper ond sociol will be o shoring time so bring There yourmemories/stories to shore. . April7 7p.m.Generolmeeting. Yourottendonce isimporlont.

Birthday Blessings to.. ..

-April Wondo Gosselin 4



April 5ih,/:30p.m. ol the church. Come for gomes, goodies ond God tolk.


Lnurcn Lleanrng
Morilyn Coploin

Lluote ror toqay

of YourSonhosgiven us Lord,'lheresurrection new lile ond renewedhope, Helpus lo liveos new people in pursuil of the Christion ideol. whot we musido. Grontuswisdomlo know the willto wont lo do il, fhe couroge to underlokell, the perseveronce lo continueto do il, to complele il. ond the strength
-New Sqinl.Joseph People's Proyer Bookquotes-