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Product Data Sheet

General characterisation
Chemical description Bis (acyloxyethyl)hydroxyetyl methylammonium methosulphate Esterquat

Ingredient CASR-No. 93334-15-7 67-63-0 EINECS/ELINCS-No. 297-088-8 200-661-7

Product properties
Appearance DEHYQUART AU-35 is a semisolid paste at 20 C and a yellowish liquid at 30C. Example of use DEHYQUART AU-35 is a raw material for the softeners production. The product presents these advantages: - High concentration (> 85%). - Highly biodegradable. - Stable dispersions, with high and low concentration. - Very high softening capacity. - Good antistatic power. - Good rewetting capacity. DEHYQUART AU-35 has been specially developed with a lower drop point, to be used in case of installations without the adequate devices to melt and handle paste like products. It presents then a superior use facility for little-medium size installations or when there is no possibility of heating the dilution water.

Characteristic values
The specifications stated in the paragraphs 'Quality control data' and 'Additional product descriptive data' finally and conclusively describe the properties of the Product. Quality control data (Data which is used for quality release and is certified for each batch.) Appearance Cationic active matter (MW=800) method 8050) Dry residue pH (5%) method 8228) Acid value Conforms to standard 77.0 - 85.0 % 83.0 - 86.0 % 1.5 - 3.0 upH 6.0 - 14.0 mg KOH

ISO 2871-2 (90) (Cognis Iberia (Cognis Iberia method 8006) UNE-EN 1262 (Cognis Iberia ISO 4314 (Cognis Iberia method


8018) Additional product descriptive data (Data which is proven statistically but not determined regularly.) Methods of analysis By the characteristic values described under section 'Quality Control Data'.

Storage and transportation

DEHYQUART AU-35 can be stored in sealed original containers for at least 24 months below 50C.
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