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The moment has arrived to choose a Christian name for the baptism of a baby boys or girl. What should the child be called? Must he/she receive the name of a saint? According to the revised Catholic Church Canon Law, it is no longer mandatory that the child receive the name of a saint. The Canon Law states: "Parents, sponsors and parish priests are to take care that a name is not given which is foreign to Christian sentiment." [Canon # 855] In other words, the chosen name must appeal to the Christian community. While the names of Jesus and Judas are Biblical in nature, the choice of such names would result in controversy. To many, the Name Jesus is Sacred and the Most Holy of all names. Because Judas is the disciple who betrayed Jesus, many feel this would be a poor choice. Equally, names such as 'cadillac' or 'buick' are not suitable because they represent the individual person's personal interest in certain cars. The following is a short list of names that are suitable for boys and girls. Please keep in mind that this list is far from complete.
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Abreviations: Aram. = Aramaic Celt. = Celtic Dan. = Danish Dim. = diminutive Fem. = Feminine Fr. = French Gael = Gaelic Germ. = Germanic Gr. = Greek Heb. = Hebrew It. = Italian Lat. = Latin Rus. = Russian

Scan. = Scandinavian Teut. = Teutonic Var. = Variant

Names for boys. Aaron Abel Abner Abraham Adalbert Adam Adelbert Adrian Aidan Alan Alban Albert Alex Alexander Alfred Allan Allen Aloysius Alphonse Alvin Ambrose Amos Andrew Angeloa Angus Anselm Anthony Antony Aquinas Archibald Arnold Arthur Athanasius Aubrey Augustine Augustus (Heb., the exalted one) (Heb., breath) (Heb., father of light) (Heb., father of a multitude) (Teut., nobly bright) (Heb., the one made; human being; red earth) (Var., of Adalbert) (Lat., dark) (Celt., fire) (Celt., cheerful) (Lat., white) (Teut., illustrious) (Short for Alexander) (Gr., helper of men) (Teut., good counselor) (Var., of Alan) (Var., of Alan) (Lat., Louis) (Teut., eager for battle) (Teut., beloved by all) (Gr., immortal) (Heb., brave) (Gr., manly) (Lat., angel) (Ir., one) (Teut., divine helmet) (Gr., priceless) (Var., of Anthony) (From St. Thomas Aquinas) (Germ., nobly bold) (Teut., eagle strong) (Celt., supreme ruler) (Gr., immortal) (Fr., ruler) (Dim., of Augustus) (Lat., majestic)

Austin Baldwin Barnabas Barnaby Bartholomew Basil Becket Bede Benedict Benjamin Bennet Bennett Bernard Bertram Bertrand Bill Blaise Blase Bob Bonaventure Boris Brendan Brian Bruce Bruno Bryan Burton Byron Cajetan Calaude Caleb Campion Carl Carroll Cecil Cadric Chad Charles Chester Christian

(Var., of Augustine) (Teut., noble friend) (Heb., son of consolation) (Var., of Bernard) (Heb., son of Tolmai) (Gr., royal) (From St. Thomas Becket) (Old English, prayer) (Lat., blessed) (Heb., favourite son) (Var., of Benedict) (Var., of Benedict) (Ger., bold as a bear) (Teut., shining raven) (Var., of Bertram) (Short for William) (Gr., babbler) (Gr., babbler) (Short for Robert) (Lat., good luck) (Rus., fight) (Celt., sword) (Celt., strong) (Var., of Brice) (brown) (Var., Brian) (Teut., shining raven) (Old Eng., bear) (Lat., rejoice in) (Lat., lame) (Heb., bold, dog) (From Edmund Campion) (Var., Charles) (Irish for Charles) (Lat., dim sighted) (Lat., blind) (Celt., defence) (Teut., man) (Lat., camp) (Gr., christos)

Christopher Chrysostom Clarence Clark Claud Claude Clement Clifford Clifton Clint Clinton Clive Clyde Colin Colum Conan Conrad Constant Cornelius Cosmas Cosmo Craig Cronan Curtis Cyprian Cyril Cyrus Dale Damian Daniel Darby David Denis Dennis Derek Dermot Dewey Dewi Dexter Dismas Dominic

(Gr., Christ bearer) (Gr., golden mouthed) (Lat., illustrious) (Fr., priest) (Lat., lame) (Lat., lame) (Lat., merciful) (hence, ford at a cliff) (town at a cliff) (town) (town) (the surname) (Scot., river) (Var., of Colum) (Gael., dove) (Celt., wisdom) (Teut., bold speech) (Lat., constant, firm) (Lat., horn) (Gr., order) (Gr., order) (western for crag) (Gael., dark brown) (Fr., courteous) (Gr., of Cyprus) (Gr., lordly) (Gr., kyros) (Old Engl., valley) (Gr., tamer) (Heb., the Lord is judge) (Var., of Dermot) (Heb., beloved) (Lat., god of wine) (Lat., god of wine) (Contraction of Theodoric) (Celt., freeman) (Welsh for David) (Welsh for David) (Lat., to the right) (The good thief) (Lat., the Lord's)

Don Donald Douglas Duncan Dunstan Dwight Eamon Earl Earle Earnest Ebenezar Edgar Edmond Edmund Edward Edwin Egan Egbert Elbert Eli Eliot Elliot Elliott Emery Emory Emil Emanuel Emmanuel Erasmus Eric Ernest Ernst Erwin Ethan Eugene Eustace Evan Everett Ezra Fabian

(Celt., the dark stranger) (Celt., the dark stranger) (Gael, black stream) (Gael, brown warrior) (Old Eng., hill stone) (a surname) (Irish for Edmund) (Old Eng., warrior) (Old Eng., warrior) (Var. of Ernest) (Heb., stone of help) (Old Engl., rich spear) (Old Engl., wealthy protection) (Old Engl., happy protection) (Old Engl., rich guardian) (Old Engl., rich friend) (Var., of Aidan (Old Eng., strong bright) (Var., of Albert) (Heb., high) (Dim. of Ellis) (Dim. of Ellis) (Dim. of Ellis) (Fr., work ruler) (Fr., work ruler) (Lat., trying to excel) (Heb., God with us) (Heb., God with us) (Gr., worthy of love) (Old Norse, honourable ruler) (Ger., serious) (Ger., serious) (Ger., host, crowd) (Heb., strength) (Gr., well born) (Gr., fruitful) (Var., of John) (Teut., strong boar) (Heb., help) (Lat., bean grower)

Felix Ferdinand Fergus Finbar Finian Floyd Francis Frank Franklin Frederic Frederick Gabriel Garrett Gene Geoffrey George Gerald Gerard Gilbert Gils Glenn Glen Godfrey Gordon Graham Grant Gregory Gustavus Guy Harold Harry Harvey Hector Henry Herbert Herman Hilary Hiram Homer Horace

(Lat., happy) (Fr., bold in peace) (Celt., manly strength) (Celt., fair headed) (Celt., fair offspring) (Var., of Lloyd) (Teut., free) (Dim. of Francis) (Anglo-French, free man) (Fr., peaceful ruler) (Fr., peaceful ruler) (Heb., God's strength) (Eng. for Gerald) (Dim., of Eugene) (Var., of Godfrey) (Gr., farmer) (Teut., spear rule) (Teut., strong spear) (Teut., bright pledge) (Gr., kid) (Celt., valley) (Celt., valley) (Teut., God's peace) (From St. Gordian) (a surname) (a surname) (Gr., watchman) (Germ., staff of the Goths) (Old Fr., guide) (Dan., strong warrior) (Var., of Henry) (Teut., warrior) (Gr., holding fast) (Teut., home ruler) (Teut., shining warrior) (Gr., army and man) (Lat., gay, merry) (Heb., exalted brother) (Gr., a hostage) (Var., of Haratio)

Horatio Howard Hubert Hugh Hugo Humphrey Humphry Ian Ignatius Immanuel Irving Irwin Isaac Isador Isodor Isidore Ivan Ives Jack Jacob James Jason Jasper Jay Jeffrey Jeremiah Jeremy Jerome Jesse Jim Jocelyn Joe Joel John Jon Jonah Jonas Jones Jonathan Joseph

(Lat., name of Roman people, Horace) (Old Engl., swordwatcher) (Teut., bright mind) (Teut., thought) (Teut., thought) (Old Engl., strength in peace) (Old Engl., strength in peace) (Lat., gay, merry) (Gr., fiery) (Heb., God with us) (surname) (Var., of Erwin) (Heb., laughter) (Gr., gift of Isis) (Gr., gift of Isis) (Gr., strong gift) (Gr., John) (Teut., archer) (Dim., of John) (Gr., seizing by the heel) (Heb., supplanter) (Gr., healer) (Old Fr., Jaspar) (surname) (Var., of Geoffrey (Heb., the Lord loosens) (Heb., exalted of the Lord) (Gr., holy name) (Heb., strong) (Dim., of James) (Teut., a Goth) (Dim., of Joseph) (Heb., strong willed) (Heb., God has mercy) (Va., of John) (Heb., dove) (Heb., dove) (var., of Jonah) (Heb., God gave) (Heb., increase)

Josiah Joshua Judah Jude Jules Julian Julius Justin Keith Kenneth Kevin Kieran Kilian Lambert Lance Lancelot Larry Lars Laurence Lawrence Lee Leigh Len Leo Leon Leonard Leopold Leroy Leslie Lester Lewis Lincoln Lionel Llewelyn Lloyd Loughlan Louis Lowell Lucius Luke

(Heb., fire of the Lord) (Heb., help of Jehovah) (Heb., praise) (Heb., praised) (Var., of Julius) (From Julius) (Gr., downy) (Var. of Justus, just) (Gael, the wind) (Celt., handsome) (Gael, comely birth) (Gael, black) (Celt., church) (Teut., land light) (Fr., servant) (Fr., servant) (Dim., of Laurence) (Dim., of Laurence) (Lat., Laurel) (Lat., Laurel) (Var., of Leigh) (Old Engl., meadow) (Dim., of Leonard) (Lat., lion) (Lat., lion) (Teut., lion bold) (Gr., strong, bold) (Fr., the king) (surname) (Engl. city, Leicester) (Var., of Louis) (English city) (Lat., little lion) (Welsh, lionlike) (Western, grey) (Heb., messenger of the Lord) (Teut., famous war) (surname) (Lat., light) (Gr., light)

Lyle Malcolm Manual Marcus Marion Mark Marshal Marshall Martin Marvin Matthew Matthias Maurice Max Maximilian Maynard Meinrad Mel Melvin Meredith Merle Merlin Mervin Mervyn Michael Mike Miles Milton Monroe Morgan Morris Mortimer Morton Moses Murray Murtagh Myron Nathan Nathaneal Nathanie

(British place + surname) (Gael, Colum's servant) (Var., of Emmanuel) (Lat., the god of war) (Fr., Mary) (Lat., of Mars) (Old Fr., horse servant) (Lat., warlike) (Lat., of Mars, warlike) (Germ., sea + a friend) (Heb., the Lord's gift) (Var., of Matthew) (Fr., a moor) (Var., of Maximilian) (Lat., greatest) (Anglo-Fr., power + strong) (Teut., strong firmness) (Celt., ?) (Old Engl., council + wine) (Welsh for Murtagh) (Lat., black bird) (Lat., sea-hill) (Var., of Marvin) (Var., of Marvin) (Heb., who is like God) (Dim., of Michael) (Gr., crusher; Lat., soldier) (surname) (surname) (Celt., sea dweller) (Var., of Maurice) (surname) (Old Engl., town) (Heb., child) (surname) (Celt., sea protector) (Gr., myrrh) (Heb., gift) (Heb., gift of God) (Heb., gift of God)

Neal Neil Neison Nelson Nevil Neville Nevin Newton Nicholas Nicolas Noah Noel Norbert Norman Oliver Olivier Orlando Orson Oscar Osmond Osmund Oswald Oswold Otto Owen Pascal Paschal Patrick Paul Percival Perceval Percy Perez Perry Peter Philip Phillip Quentin

(Celt., champion) (Celt., champion) (surname) (Var., of Cornelius) (Town in Normandy) (Engl. var., of Alban) (Engl. var., of Alban) (Old Engl., new town) (Gr., people's victory) (Old Fr., the people) (Heb., comfort) (Fr., Christmas) (Teut., Niord's brightness) (Old Engl., North man) (Fr., army) (Fr., olive tree) (Var., of Roland) (Lat., bear) (Teut., divine spear) (Teut., God's protection) (Teut., God's protection) (Teut., power of God) (Old Engl., a god + power) (old Germ., rich) (Gr., well-born) (Heb., Passover) (Heb., Passover) (Lat., nobly born) (Lat., little) (Fr., pierce valley) (Fr., pierce valley) (Fr., pierce) (Heb., rent) (Fr., Peter) (Gr., rock) (Gr., horse lover) (Var., of Philip) (Lat., fifth)

Ralph Randolph Randy Raphael Raymond Reginald Reuben Reymond Rex Reynold Richard Robert Robin Roch Rock Roderic Roderick Rodney Roger Roland Ronald Ross Roy Rudoph Rudolf Rufus Rupert Russel Russell Ryan Sampson Samson Samuel Sandy Sanford Saul Scott Seamus Sean Sebastian Seth

(Var., of Randolph) (Old Eng., shieldwolf) (Short for Randolph) (Heb., God's healer) (Teut., wise protection) (Teut., strong judgment) (Heb., behold, a son) (Var., of Raymond) (Fr., strong king) (Var., of Reginald) (Old Engl., firm ruler) (Teut., bright fame) (Short for Robert) (Fr., rock) (Fr., rock) (Var., of Roderick) (Teut., noted ruler) (English place, Rodney Stoke) (Teut., famous spear) (Teut., wide famed) (Scottish for Reginald) (Western, hill, moor) (Fr., king) (Gr., a wolf) (Gr., a wolf) (Lat., red hair) (Var., of Robert) (Fr., reddish) (Fr., reddish) (Var., of Brian) (Var., of Samson) (Heb., bright sun) (Gr., name of God) (Scot. dim. for Alexander) (English place, Sandy, ford) (Heb., of God) (Lat., Irishman, later a Scotsman) (Irish for James) (Irish for John) (Gr., man of Seabastia) (Heb., appointed)

Seymour Shamus Shane Sheldon Sidney Silas Simon Sinclair Solomon Stanley Stephen Steven Stewart Stuart Sydney Sylvester Ted Terence Terrance Terri Theodore Theodoric Thomas Timothy Tobias Toby Tom Tony Ulysses Uriah Vaugh Vaughan Vergil Vernon Victor Vincent Virgil Vivian

(Old Engl., sea + a hill) (Irish for James) (Irish for John) (Old Engl., ledge) (From St. Denis) (Gr., asked for) (Heb., obedient) (For St. Clair) (Heb., peaceful) (Slav., military glory) (Gr., crowned) (Var., of Stephen) (Var., of Stuart) (surname) (From St. Denis) (Lat., a woods) (Dim. of Theodore) (Lat., smooth) (Var., of Terence) (Short for Terrence) (Gr., God's gift) (Teut., folk rule) (Aram., twin) (Gr., god-fearing) (Heb., goodness of God) (Var., of Tobias) (Short for Thomas) (From Anthony) (Latin for Ulixes) (Heb., God is light) (surname) (surname) (Var., of Virgil) (a town in France) (Lat., victor) (Lat., to conquer) (Lat., name of Roman poet) (Lat., lively)

Waldo Wallace Walter Ward Warren Wayne Wenceslaus Wendell Wesley Wilbert Wilbur Wilfred Wilfrid Wilhelm Will Willard William Willis Winston Woodrow Woolfgang Yves Zachariah Zachary

(Germ., to rule) (Anglo-Fr., foreign) (Teut., strong warrior) (Old Engl., to protect) (Teut., protecting friend) (surname) (Slav., great glory) (Germ., wander) (surname) (Germ., wish + bright) (Old Engl., firm brightness) (Old Engl., firm peace) (Old Engl., firm peace) (Germ., for William) (Short for William) (surname) (Teut., strong helmet) (surname) (English name of place) (surname) (Teut., wolf's way) (Fr., for Ives) (Heb., God remembers) (Heb., remembered by God)

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Names for girls. Abigail Ada Adah Adaline Adela Adelaide Adelia Adeline Adriana (Heb., father is rejoicing) (Teut., happy) (Heb., beauty) (Teut., noble maid) (Var. of Adelaide) (Fr., nobility) (Var. of Adela) (Var. of Adelaide) (Var., of Adrian)

Adrienne Agatha Agnes Aileen Alberta Alexandra Alexis Alice Alicia Aline Alma Virgin Mary) Amanda Amata Amelia Amy Anastasia Andrea Angela Angelica Anita Ann Anna Annabel Annabelle Anne Anneliese Annette Antoinette Antoinia Ariadne Ariana Arlene Arline Athanasia Audrey Augusta Aurelia Barbara Beatrice Beatrix

(Var., of Adrian) (Gr., good) (Fr., chaste) (Irish for Helen) (Fem. of Albert) (Fem. of Alexander) (Gr., helper) (Teut., noble cheer) (Var. of Alice) (Var. of Adeline) (Lat., loving, sweet; title of the Blessed (Lat., worthy of love) (Lat., loved) (Teut., protectress) (Lat., loved) (Gr., who will rise again) (Fem. of Andrew) (Lat., angel) (Var., of Angela) (Spanish dim. of Ann) (Var., of Anna) (Heb., grace) (Lat., lovable) (Lat., lovable) (Var., of Anna) (Gr. for Anna) (Dim. of Anne) (Dim. of Antonia) (Fem. of Anthony) (Gr., holy) (Var., of Ariadne) (Var. of Aline) (Var. of Aline) (Gr., immortal) (Old Engl., noble maiden) (Fem. of Augustus) (Lat., golden (Gr., foreign, strange) (Lat., joy bringer) (Lat., joy bringer)

Belinda Bella Belle Berenice Bernadette Bernadine Bernice Bertha Bess Beth Betsy Betty Beulah Beverley Beverly Blanch Blanche Bonita Bonna Bonnie Bonny Brenda Bride Brigid Bridget Camille Candida Carlotta Carol Carola Carole Caroline Carrie Catharine Catherine Cecile Cicilia Cecily Celesta Celeste Celestina

(Old Germ., snake) (Dim. of Isabella) (Dim. of Isabella) (Gr., bringer of victory) (Fem. dim. of Bernard) (Fem. of Bernard) (Var. of Berenice) (Teut., shining one) (Dim. of Elizabeth) (Dim. of Elizabeth) (Dim. of Elizabeth) (Dim. of Elizabeth) (Heb., married) (Engl., beaver) (Engl., beaver) (Fr., white) (Fr., white) (Fem. var. of Bonaventure) (Fem. var. of Bonaventure) (Fem. var. of Bonaventure) (Fr., good) (Teut., sword) (Var. of Bridget) (Var. of Bridget) (Celt., strength) (Lat., virgin of unblemished character) (Lat., white) (Var. of Charlotte) (Fem. var. of Charles) (Fem. var. of Charles) (Var. of Caroline) (Fem. var. of Charles) (Dim. of Caroline) (Fr., pure) (Gr., pure) (Lat., dim-sighted) (Lat., dim-sighted) (Lat., dim-sighted) (Lat., heavenly) (Lat., heavenly) (Dim. of Celesta)

Celia Celine Charity Charlotte Chloe Christina Christine Claire Clara Clare Clarissa Claudette Claudia Claudine Clementine Colleen Constance Cora Cordelia Cornelia Coreen Corinne Cornelia Cynthia Daisy Daphne Debora Deborah Delia Delilah Denise Diana Diane Dinah Dolly Dolores Dominica Dominique Dona Donna Dora

(Lat., heavenly) (Lat., heavenly) (Lat., charity) (Fr. fem. var. of Charles) (Lat., blooming) (From Christ) (From Christ) (Fr. for Clara) (Lat., illustrious) (Lat., illustrious) (Lat., most illustrious) (Fem. dim. of Claud) (Fem. of Claud) (Fem. var. of Claud) (Fem. dim. of Clement) (Irish, girl) (Lat., constant, firm) (Gr., maiden) (Celt., daughter of the sea) (Fem. of Cornelius) (Var. of Corinne) (Fr. for Korinna) (Fem. of Cornelius) (Used for Diana) (Name of a flower) (Gr., bay tree) (Heb., bee) (Heb., a bee) (Fem. of Delius) (Heb., delicate) (Gr., god of Nyssa) (Lat., divine) (Fr. for Diana) (Heb., judged) (Dim. of Dorothea) (Sp., Mary of the Sorrows) (Fem. var. of Dominic) (Fem. var. of Dominic) (Lat., given) (Lat., given) (Gr., God's gift)

Doris Dorothea Dorothy Edith Edna Eileen Elaine Eleanor Eleanora Elinor Eliza Elisabeth Elizabeth Ella Ellen Eloisa Eloise Elsa Elsie Elvira Emilia Emily Emma Emmeline Enid Ernestine Estella Estelle Esther Ethel Etta Ettienne Eunice Eva Evangeline Eve Evelina Eveline Evelyn Faith

(Var. of Dora) (Gr., God's gift) (Gr., God's gift) (Old Engl., happy war) (Celt, fire) (Var. of Aileen [Helen]) (Var. of Helen) (From Alienor) (From Alienor) (Var. of Eleanor) (Var. of Elizabeth) (Heb., God has sworn) (Heb., God is my oath) (Var. of Helen) (Var. of Helen) (Fr., Heloise [Louise]) (Fr., Heloise [Louise]) (Gr., ?) (Var. of Elizabeth) (Goth., ?) (Var. of Emily) (Lat., excelling) (Teut., nurse) (Var. of Emily) (Old Welsh for soul) (Fem. of Ernest) (Lat., star) (Var. of Estella) (Per., star) (Old Engl., noble maiden) (Dim. of Henrietta) (Fr., var. of Stephen) (Gr., good victory) (Heb., life) (From the four evangelists) (Heb., life) (Var. of Eveline) (Fr. for Evelyn) (Engl. var. of Irish Eibhlhin [Helen]) (Lat. faith)

Fannie Fanny Fay Faye Felicity Flora Florence Frances Frederica Frieda Gabriella Gail Gemma Genevieve Georgette Georgia Georgiana Georgina Geralda Geraldine Gertrude Gladys Gloria Gloriosa Grace Greta Gretchen Guinevere Gwendolen Gwendolina Gwendolyn Hanna Hannah Harriet Hattie Hazel Heather Helen Helena Henrietta

(Dim. of Francis) (Dim. of Francis) (Var. of faith) (Lat., faith (Lat., happiness) (Lat., flowers) (Lat., flowering) (Fem. of Francis) (Fem. of Frederick) (Old Germ. for peace) (Fem. of Gabriel) (Dim. of Abigail) (It., gem) (Celt., white wave) (Fem. var. of George) (Fem. of George) (Fem. var. of George) (Fem. of George) (Fem. of Gerald) (Fem. of Gerald) (Teut., spear strength) (Welsh from Lat. Claudia) (Lat., glorious) (Lat., glorious) (Lat., favour, grace) (Dim. of Margaret) (Germ., var. of Margaret) (Celt., white) (Celt for Guinevere) (Celt for Guinevere) (Celt for Guinevere) (Var. of Anna) (Var. of Anna) (Fem. of Harry [Henry]) (Dim. of Harriet) (Heb., God sees) (Name of a plant) (Gr., light) (Gr., light) (Fem. dim. of Henry)

Hester Hesther Hilda Hildegard Hildegarde Hope Ida Imogene Ingrid Irena Irene Iris Irma Isabel Isabella Isabelle Isadora Isidora Jackie Jacqueline Jane Janet Janice Jean Jeanne Jeannette Jennifer Jenny Jessica Jessie Jill Joan Joanna Joanne Jocelin Joceline Jocelyn Johanna Josephine Joy

(Var. of Esther) (Var. of Esther) (Old Engl., battle maid) (Teut., protecting battlemaid) (Var. of Hildegard) (Lat., hope) (Teut., labour) (Fr., From the Shrine of Imoge) (Norse, Ingvi's ride) (Gr., peace) (Gr., peace) (Gr., rainbow) (Old Germ., name of war god) (Var. of Elizabeth) (Span. for Isabel) (Var. of Isabel) (Fem. of Isidore) (Fem. of Isidore) (Short of Jacqueline) (Heb., supplanter) (Engl. for Joanna) (Dim. of Jane) (Dim. of Jane) (Fem. of John) (Fem. of John) (Dim. of Jeanne) (Celt, white wave) (Dim. of Jane) (From Joanna) (From Joanna) (From Julia) (Fem. var. of John) (Fem. var. of John) (Fem. of John) (Fr. for Joscelin) (Fr. for Joscelin) (Fr. for Joscelin) (Var. of Joanna) (Dim. of Joseph) (Lat., merry)

Joyce Juanita Judith Judy Julia Julie Juliana Juliet Juliette June Karen Kate Katharine Katherine Katheryn Kathleen Kay Kayla Kit Kitty Kristen Kristine Laura Laurette Lavinia Leah Leila Leilah Lena Lenore Leona Leonara Leonora Leora Leslie Libby Lila Lilian Lillian Lilly

(Lat., merry) (Sp. for Joanna) (Heb., praised) (From Judith) (Lat., downy) (Fr. for Julia) (Fem. of Julian) (Dim. of Julia) (Dim. of Julia) (Lat., youthful) (Scan. for Catherine) (Dim. of Catherine) (Var. of Catherine) (Var. of Catherine) (Var. of Catherine) (Irish var of Catherine) (Dim. of Catherine) (Var. of Kay) (Dim. of Catherine) (Dim. of Catherine) (Lat., follower of Christ) (Gr., Christ-bearer) (From Laurence) (From Laurence) (Fr., the wine) (Heb., weary) (Ar., darkness) (Ar., darkness) (Short for Helen) (Var. of Eleanor) (Fem. of Leo) (Var. of Eleanora) (Var. of Eleanor) (Var. of Eleanor) (Name of a place) (Dim. of Elizabeth) (Lat., lily) (Lat., lily) (Var. of Lilian) (Dim. of Lilian)

Lily Linda Lisa Lise Lisette Lois Lola Lora Loretta Lorna Loraine Lorraine Lottie Lotty Louella Louisa Louise Luchina Lucia Lucile Lucille Lucinda Lucy Luella Luisa Luise Lulu Lydia Lynn Mabel Madalena Madeleine Madge Madison Mae Magdalen Magdalene Maggie Maisie Mamie Marcia

(Lat., lily) (Dem. of Belinda) (Var. of Elizabeth) (Var. of Elizabeth) (Var. of Elizabeth) (Gr., Los) (Sp., dim. of Dolores) (Same as Laura) (Same as Laura) (Coined by R. D. Blackmore) (Lat., Laurel) (Var. of Loraine) (Dim. of Charlotte) (Dim. of Charlotte) (Louise-Ella) (Fem. of Louis) (Fem. of Louis) (Lat. dim of Lucy) (Fem. of Lucius) (Lat., light) (Var. of Lucile) (Var. of Lucy) (Fem. of Lucius) (Var. of Louella) (From Louisa) (From Louise) (Dim. of Louise) (Gr., from Lydia) (Name of British place) (Lat. lovable) (Spanish from Magdalen) (Fr. for Magdalen) (Dim. of Margaret) (name of a place) (Var. of May for Mary) (Heb. of Magdala) (Heb. of Magdala) (Dim. of Margaret) (Scot. dim. of Margaret) (From Mary) (Fem. of Marcus)

Margaret Margery Margo Margot Marguerite Maria Marian Marianne Marie Marilyn Marion Marjorie Marjory Martha Marthe Mary Mathilda Matilda Maud Maude Maura Maureen Maxine May Maybelle Mayme Meg Megan Melissa Mercy Merry Michaela Michelle Mildred Mimi Mina Minette Minna Minnie Miranda Miriam Molly

(Gr., pearl) (Var. of Margaret) (Short for Margaret) (Short for Margaret) (Fr. for Margaret) (Var. of Mary) (From Mary) (From Mary) (Fr. for Mary) (Var. of Mary) (Var. of Mary) (Var. of Margaret) (Var. of Margaret) (Aram., lady) (Aram., lady) (Heb., beautiful) (Var. of Matilda) (Teut., battle maid) (Var. of Matilda) (Var. of Matilda) (Gr., dark) (Ir. var. of Mary) (Fem. of Max) (From Mary or Margaret) (Var. of Mabel) (From Mary) (Dim. of Margaret) (Var. of Meg) (Gr., bee) (Spanish for mercy) (Spanish for mercy) (Fem. of Michael) (Fem. of Michael) (Old Engl., power) (Teut., strong helmet) (Teut., strong helmet) (Teut., strong helmet) (Teut., strong helmet) (Teut., strong helmet) (Lat., strange, wonderful) (Var. of Mary) (Var. of Mary)

Mona Monica Muriel Myra Myrtle Nadine Nan Nana Nancy Nanette Nannette Naomi Natalie Nathalie Nell Nellie Nelly Nicole Noel Nora Norah Noreen Norine Norma Olga Olive Olivia Oona Oonah Ophelia Pamela Patrice Patricia Paula Paulette Pauline Pearl Peg Peggy

(Var. of Monica) (Gr., counselor) (Gaelic for Mary) (Fem. of Myron (Name of a plant) (Russ. for hope) (Var. of Anne) (Var. of Anne) (Var. of Anne) (Var. of Anne) (Fr. for Anna) (Heb., my delight) (Lat., birth) (Lat., birth) (Dim. of Helen and Eleanor) (Var. of Nell) (Dim. of Helen and Eleanor) (Fr. origin) (Fr. for Natal) (Lat., honour) (Lat., honour) (Lat., honour) (Lat., honour) (Lat., rule) (Norse, holy) (Lat., olive) (Lat., olive) (Lat., one) (Lat., one) (Gr., a help) (Coined by Sir Philip Sidney) (Fem. of Patrick) (Fem. of Patrick) (Fem. of Paul) (Dim. of Paula) (Dim. of Paula) (Same as Margaret) (Pet name of Margaret) (Pet name of Margaret)

Penelope Penny Phebe Philomena Phoebe Phillis Phyllis Pia Polly Portia Priscilla Prudence Rachel Ramona Rafaela Raphaela Rebecca Regina Reina Reine Rhoda Rita Roberta Rosa Rosalba Rosalia Rosalie Rosalind Rosamond Rosamund Rosanne Rose Rosemary Rosita Roslyn Rowena Roxane Ruby Ruth Sadie

(Gr., Pnelop) (Dim. of Penelope) (Gr., bright) (Gr., beloved) (Gr., bright) (Gr., leaf) (Gr., leaf) (Lat., loyal) (Var. of Molly) (Lat., a pig) (Lat., ancient) (Lat., prudence) (Heb., ewe; same as Agnes) (Fem. of Ramon [Raymond]) (Var. of Raphael) (Var. of Raphael) (Lat., queen) (Lat., a queen) (Var. of Regina) (Var. of Regina) (Var. of Rose) (Short for Margarita [Margaret]) (fem. of Robert) (Lat., Rose) (Var. of Rosa) (Var. of Rosa) (Var. of Rosa) (Dim. of Rosa) (Lat., clean rose) (Lat., clean rose) (Dim. of Rose) (Lat., Rose) (Lat., sea-dew) (Var. of Rose) (Dim. of Rosa) (Old Engl., a friend) (Per., brightness) (Scottish fem. of Robert) (Heb., beauty) (Var. of Sara)

Sally Salome Salomea Sandra Saphir Sara Sarah Selma Sharon Virgin Mary) Sheila Shelly Shirley Sibyl Silvia Silvya Simona Simone Sofia Sonia Sonya Sophia Sophie Sophy Stella Stefanie Stephanie Susan Susanna Susannah Suzanne Sybil Sylvia Tabitha Teresa Terry Tess Tessie Thelma Theodora Theresa

(Dim. of Sara) (Heb., peaceful) (Heb., peaceful) (Contraction of Alexandra) (delightful) (Heb., princess) (Heb., princess) (Gr., a ship) (From Rose of Sharon; title of Blessed (Irish from Cecilia) (Var. of Sharon) (surname) (Gr., prophetess) (Lat., of the forest) (Lat., of the forest) (Fem. var. of Simon) (Fem. var. of Simon) (Gr., wisdom) (Russ. var. of Sophia) (Russ. var. of Sophia) (Gr., wisdom) (Gr., wisdom) (Var. of Sophia) (Var. of Estella) (Fem. for Stephen) (Fem. for Stephen) (Heb., lily) (Heb., lily) (Var. of Susan) (Fr. for Susan) (Gr., prophetess) (Lat., a wood) (Gr., (Gr., (Dim. (Dim. (Dim. (Var. (Fem. (Var. roe, gazelle) reaper) of Theresa) of Teresa) of Teresa) of Selma) of Theodore) of Teresa)

Therese Tillie Tilly Tina Tracy Trudy Una Ursula Valerie Vallerie Vanessa Vera Veronica Victoria Viola Violet Violette Virginia Vivian Vivien Wanda Wendy Wilhelmina Wilma Wilmett Winifred Yvette Yvonne Zita Zoa Zoe

(Fr. for Teresa) (Dim. of Matilda) (Dim. of Matilda) (Short for Christina) (Engl. contraction of Teresa) (Dim. of Gertrude) (Lat., one) (Lat., little bear) (Fr., to be strong) (Var. of Valerie) (Substitute for Esther) (Lat., true) (Gr., victory bringer) (Lat., victory) (Lat., a violet) (Lat., violet) (Lat., violet) (Lat., flowering) (Lat., lively) (Lat., alive) (Var. of Wendy) (Teut., wanderer) (Germ., fem. of Wilhelm) (Fem. of William) (Fem. of William) (Western, white wave) (Fr. from Judith) (Fem. of Ives) (Sp., little hope) (Gr., life) (Gr., life)