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SPRING showcase
April 18-25, 2013


opening night film, linsanity

Photo: Theatre setting courtesy of Birch North Park Theatre

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Spring Showcase, a weeklong presentation of 12 dynamic films from 10 countries. Presented by Pacific Arts Movement (Pac-Arts), the Spring Showcase is one of many year-round programs of Pac-Arts including the popular San Diego Asian Film Festival, which takes place this year November 7-15, 2013. We believe film has the power to enlighten, bridge communities, and change lives. If you love world cinema and rich, independent storytelling, please consider becoming a member of Pac-Arts and JOIN THE MOVEMENT online at or contact for more information.


LINSANITY Thurs, April 18 | 7:00pm Birch North Park Theatre Director Evan Jackson Leong USA | 88 minutes Sponsored by Epsilon Systems Solutions, Union Bank Co-presented by Harvard Alumni Association, UCSD Cross Cultural Center, University of San Diego, House of China, Chinese Community Church,Taiwanese American Professionals, NAAAP, Taiwanese American Foundation, PROVEN In 2012, Jeremy Lin went from undrafted benchwarmer cut from multiple NBA teams to the overnight toast of New York City, an inspiration to underdogs everywhere, and the headliner of the global phenomenon called Linsanity. What hasnt been told is the story of a charismatic Bay Area kid armed with faith, family, and undeniable skills. Lins entire life has been a kind of insanity, but what makes it so inspiring is that its also acutely familiar to any young Asian American. The triumph of LINSANITY is only partially about basketball. Its also about how the everyday people around us can, despite expectations, be extraordinary.


JAB TAK HAI JAAN Thurs, April 25 | 7:00pm Digiplex Mission Valley Director Yash Chopra India | 176 minutes Shah Rukh Khan plays Samar, a bomb diffuser chapped by life so he now lives dangerously. When the perky Akira (Anushka Sharma) dives into Samars desert of an existence, hes transported into the past, to his days as a street musician in London where he was swept off his nimble feet by the sultry Meera (Katrina Kaif). JAB TAK HAI JAAN is the last of a dying breed in Bollywood, the sort of bombastic, breathtaking film that wears everything on its silken sleeves because anything less would be inexcusable, especially when it comes to love.

ABIGAIL HARM Tues, April 23 | 6:45pm Director Lee Isaac Chung USA | 80 minutes Sponsored by McGregor & Associates
Free screening for Pac-Arts members

Abigail Harm (Amanda Plummer) reads books to the blind. But theres one story in particular that she cant get out of her head, a Korean folktale about a woodcutter who saves a deer, who in turns tells its savior how to win the undying love of a nymph. Before long, the folktale appears to come alive in Abigails New York apartment. Director Lee Isaac Chung bathes the characters in a lyricism that is entranced by the possibility of love taking on new shapes.



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nov. 7-15,2013

COMRADE KIM GOES FLYING Sun, April 21 | 3:30pm Mon, April 22 | 6:40pm Director Kim Gwang Hun, Nicholas Bonner, Anja Daelemans North Korea, Belgium, UK 81 minutes Co-presented by University of San Diego

Out of a coal mine flies the dove-like Kim Yang Mi, whose dreams of becoming a trapeze artist take her to Pyongyang, where her idealism can take flight under the wing of her idol. With an anachronistic sense of fun and a splash of magic, COMRADE KIM affectionately captures the joy of settling for nothing less than the sky itself. With its all-smiles earnestness, its campy lyricism, and its window onto North Korean fantasy, COMRADE KIM has seduced audiences on both sides of the 38th parallel, and just about everywhere else under the clear blue skies.

HARANA Sat, April 20 | 1:00pm Wed, April 24 | 4:45pm Director Benito Bautista Philippines, USA | 104 minutes Co-presented by PASACAT

Guitarist Florante Aguilar returns to the Philippines in search of the music of his fathers generation: the gentle serenades known as harana. On farms and in the streets of Cavite, Aguilar and director Benito Bautista find Celestino, Felipe, and the aptly-named Romeo, brought together for neighborhood jam sessions that might just spark a musical renaissance. Filled with classic songs and teeming with romantic fervor, HARANA conjures history from the fields and spellbinds audiences young and old.

KAI PO CHE Sat, April 20 | 6:15pm Tues, April 23 | 8:45pm Director Abhishek Kapoor India | 127 minutes Co-presented by University to Qualcomm

Three childhood friends have only a few crackpot ideas between them, but that doesnt stop them from opening their own sporting goods store and sports academy. Things start looking their way when they discover a young cricket phenom in the Ahmedabad streets. But the streets hold more in store than sports for the hapless trio who soon face headfirst the politics and religious strife of the Gujarat. With its ambitious take on recent history, KAI PO CHE proves to be more than a sports movie. And yet, at heart, its a film about banding together, overcoming obstacles, and basking in our everyday victories.

KEY OF LIFE Fri, April 19 | 6:25pm Wed, April 24 | 7:00pm Director Kenji Uchida Japan | 128 minutes Co-presented by Kyocera

Nothing ever goes right for small-time actor Sakurai. So when opportunity strikes, he decides to switch lives with somebody else. Unfortunately, that somebody turns out to be master hitman Kondo and suddenly Sakurai is thrust into the role of his life. Meanwhile, the actual Kondo awakens as an amnesiac wandering onto film sets and into a really bad wardrobe. Through writer-director Kenji Uchidas mischievous twists and stone-cold humor, the film hysterically asks if we live life according to the script were given, or if destiny is open to rewrites.

LA SOURCE Sat, April 20 | 11:00am Mon, April 22 | 5:00pm Director Patrick Shen USA | 71 minutes Co-presented by Water for People, San Diego Chapter

Josue Lajuenesse is a janitor at Princeton by day and a taxi driver by night. When his mind isnt on raising his teenage kids, its on fulfilling a life dream: to bring clean water to his hometown in Haiti. Emerging before documentarian Patrick Shens camera are communities of volunteerism spanning two countries and crossing racial and class lines. Also emerging is the passionate voice of a man otherwise in the background, who as it turns out, cleans more than just the Ivy towers, but also the source of life for an entire village.

THE LAST SUPPER Sat, April 20 | 8:50pm Mon, April 22 | 8:40pm Director Lu Chuan China | 115 minutes Co-presented by Three Treasures Cultural Arts Society, Confucius Institute, San Diego Chinese Historical Museum

Two ordinary men of guile and idealism (played by Liu Ye and Chang Chen) move up the ranks and end up squaring off against the charismatic duke Xiang Yu (Daniel Wu) and as fate would have it, against each other as well. Ambition and friendship choke each other like a vice in a historical milieu and landscape as muddy and tormented as any epic to ever come out of China. Director Lu Chuan refuses to succumb to the picturesque classicism of the period film, instead using a well-known political/military juncture in Chinese history to rethink the way we understand about history and power today.

PIETA | Fri, April 19 9:00pm Sun, April 21 | 7:20pm Director Kim Ki-duk South Korea | 104 minutes

In a Seoul neighborhood are iron workers scraping by living loan-to-loan. Roaming the streets is debt collector Kang-do, a cross between assassin and mafioso. One day, a mysterious woman follows him home, claiming to be his mother. Their encounters are violent, but start to ache the mutual pity of the films title. Beautifully crafted and colored, this Venice Film Festival-winner juxtaposes yearning for connection with the bleakness of humanity scratching the callous surface even if its nails bleed and nobody recognizes it anymore.

UNITED RED ARMY (THE YOUNG MAN WAS, PART 1) Fri, April 19 | 4:45pm Sun, April 21 | 5:30pm Tues, April 23 | 5:00pm Director Naeem Mohaiemen USA, Bangladesh | 70 minutes

In 1977, JAL flight 472 was hijacked by the United Red Army and forced to land in Bangladesh. All that remains are the original audio recordings between the Japanese hijackers and Bangladeshi negotiators in the airport control tower. In a bold move that also proves utterly riveting, visual artist Naeem Mohaiemen presents the historical artifacts in their chilling paucity. The style is minimalist and the conversations, at once polite and piercingly hostile, vividly reveal a political stalemate unfolding with more intrigue and surprise as any TV drama.

WOLF CHILDREN Sat, April 20 | 3:45pm Sun, April 21 | 1:00pm Director Mamoru Hosoda Japan | 117 minutes Co-presented by Kyocera

In college, Hana meets the love of her life. Though it turns out hes the rare descendant in a line of Japanese wolf-people, Hana stays with him, and they have a daughter and son. With great tenacity and creativity, Hana learns to care for kids who have the plucky charm of young humans, but the unpredictability and appetite of growing puppies. Director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars) tells the tall tale straight, evoking nostalgia, lush romance, and the most tender of kinships to produce one of the most surprisingly human films of the year.

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Thursday, April 18* 7:00pm LINSANITY (USA) Friday, April 19 4:45pm UNITED RED ARMY (Bangladesh/USA) 6:25pm KEY OF LIFE (Japan) 9:00pm PIETA (S. Korea) SATURDAY, April 20 11:00am LA SOURCE (USA) 1:00pm HARANA (Philippines/USA) 3:45pm WOLF CHILDREN (Japan) 6:15pm KAI PO CHE (India) 8:50pm THE LAST SUPPER (China) SUNDAY, April 21 1:00pm WOLF CHILDREN (Japan) 3:30pm COMRADE KIM GOES FLYING (N.Korea/UK/Belgium) 5:30pm UNITED RED ARMY (Bangladesh/USA) 7:20pm PIETA (S. Korea) MONDAY, April 22 5:00pm LA SOURCE (USA) 6:40pm COMRADE KIM GOES FLYING (N.Korea/UK/Belgium) 8:40pm THE LAST SUPPER (China) TUESDAY, April 23 5:00pm UNITED RED ARMY (Bangladesh/USA) 6:45pm ABIGAIL HARM (USA) 8:45pm KAI PO CHE (India) WEDNESDAY, April 24 4:45pm HARANA (Philippines/USA) 7:00pm KEY OF LIFE (Japan) 9:30pm TBA THURSDAY, April 25 4:30pm TBA 7:00pm JAB TAK HAI JAAN (India)

TICKETS Tickets to all shows are available online & at Digiplex Mission Valley box office starting 4/16 1PM, except for LINSANITY tickets which are only available online & at Birch North Park on 4/18 starting at 4PM. $65.00 $40.00 $11.50 $8.00 $9.00 $9.00 All-Access pass (members only) 4-pack General Member Groups of 10+ (before 4/16) Student/Senior/Military (at the door only)

VENUES *Birch North Park Theatre (April 18, Opening Night only) 2891 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104 Digiplex Mission Valley, Hazard Center (April 19-25, main location for all films) 7510 Hazard Ctr. Dr, San Diego, CA 92108

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