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from Sweden 6 Ratings Bandmembers: Jan Erlandsen (Keyboards, bass, guitars and various programming) Bandpage: Homepage: Influences: Jarre, Dan Reed Network, Eric Serra, Scritti Politti, Pink Floyd... the list goes on!

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Camp Encore/Coda For a gre at sum m e r of Music, Sports and Frie nds!

Song Info: You know the feeling. Foreboding. (Fearful) anticipation. Not that this song sounds particularly theatening or so, but it was composed in a time when the world was. Very much. There is a bridge in there that tells you what I mean. Can you spot it? Composer: e-Zen Filesize: 3.1MB

your live music in israel a group playing all m usic style s k le zm e r for bar m itzvah,we ddings ..

Zainka's Theme II (f inal cut)


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12/4/2009 4:55 PM | e-Zen

Song Info: "Zainka" is both a concept and a real person. My pillar of support since 1998. Granted, on and off and with fluctuating rigidity, but nevertheless there... and *that* counts for a lot. Composer: e-Zen Filesize: 2.5MB

Brilliant! 'Rocket Girl' is one of the most gorgous compilations I've heard since the likes of Jarre or Oldfield. Rik Scott February 10th, 2004


Song Info: This is what life sounds like. My life. You listen for a few seconds and think you've got the jist of it. Hah! Ever heard of Chaos? Small, ridiculously, despicably small, stupid infinitesimals tend to whip up a storm, shaking bigger things around until you're so confused that you'd need a compass (and a map!) to find your own head. Apparently I have my head above my neck, somewhere, but I'm still looking for my heart. It kind of went missing in action recently... Composer: e-Zen Filesize: 5.8MB

Run away (X)

Drum n Bass

Song Info: I thought I liked drum'n'bass music, so I thought I'd have a go at composing some of my own. I thought I did pretty well, until I learned that this is supposedly not drum'n'bass at all. Nuh-uh. Okay. So? :) Composer: e-Zen Filesize: 7.2MB

Rocket Girl
Future Funk

Song Info: Inspired by a fiercefully fast motorcycle ride one summer night a few years ago... ADRENALINE UP MY NOSTRILS! Composer: e-Zen Filesize: 4.9MB

The Dream v1
New Age

Song Info: 1998 I had a dream, so vivid it drastically changed my life and steered me to the place where I am today. I've tried to capture the essence of that dream into a song... the fact that I did *three* versions of it probably proves that I didn't manage to wrap my musical brains around it completely, but it nevertheless turned out quite nicely.

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12/4/2009 4:55 PM | e-Zen

Composer: e-Zen Filesize: 2.9MB

The Dream v3
New Age

Song Info: 1999 I tried to capture the essence of a ridiculously important dream into a single song... three times... This is the third and last shot at it. Listen to "The Dream v1" for reference. Composer: e-Zen Filesize: 5.4MB

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12/4/2009 4:55 PM