Clinical Applications of Neuroscience for the Physical Therapist
Saturday, June 8, 2013
8:00am – 12:00pm

Anschutz Medical Campus
Fulginiti Pavilion, Gossard Forum and Lobby 13080 E. 19th Avenue

Aurora, CO
Presented by Robyn Gisbert, PT, DPT
Dr. Gisbert received her MS in physical therapy in 1994 and her DPT in 2009, both from the University of Colorado PT Program. Currently, she is a senior instructor at CU where she has taught neuroscience and management of neurological conditions, for which she has been the track coordinator, since 2007. Her clinical Course Schedule work focuses on older adults and working with people affected by Parkinson’s disease. Her research interests include the use of dance as an adjunct to physical therapy. She is co-author of a new neuroscience text: Clinical Neuroscience for Rehabilitation, Schenkman, M, Bowman J, Gisbert R, Butler RB. .

Course Description
Clinicians in all settings routinely assess reflexes, sensory status and motor function, making this course ideal for a variety of practitioners to revisit “why we do what we do.” The course will explore the neuroanatomical basis for the neurological part of any clinical exam, discussing normal and abnormal findings and how they are related to pathology, intervention and prognosis. Whether the course is utilized as a practical review for clinicians or as an adjunct for challenging your PT students’ clinical reasoning, this course will suit your needs.

Specific topics include:
 

Reflex assessment of the body, head and neck Somatosensory pathways of the body and face

Myotomal testing and motor pathways
Causes of common neurological impairments across patient settings What’s new in Plasticity: exercise, learning & recovery across populations

Registration fees for this 1/2 day course are:  $50 for Physical Therapy Clinicians  $30 for Active CU Alumni & Clinical Instructors  Morning snacks provided
CU Physical Therapy Program • Phone: 303-724-9144 13121 E 17th Ave, RM 3108 • Aurora, CO 80045 www.cuphysicaltherapy.com

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