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-Use of different -Fans -Paper crafts on both -Wallpapers

Physical Evidences

-PC on desk - Pen stand - Recycle bin -Aquarium -Lights on the top and desk -Providing brochures if needed -Forms -Stamp on -Shelves

colors -Toys, Legos, puzzles

-Cleaned bowls

-Diapers -Nappies -Towels - Tissues -Dresses -Gloves for the nurses -Baby beds - Sound proof glass -Covers -Pillows -First aid box -Medicines -Separate Beds -Cotton -Antiseptic lotions -Computer -Register book -Guards -Chairs -Chairs -Tables -Pens -Medical Equipments

-Air balls, Doll house -Spoons -Baby chairs and tables -Feeder bottles -Baby chairs -Tumblers -One time use handkerchief -Hanging toys

-Mat -Potted plants -Lavender -Phones -Computers -Arrow signs -Logo on signboard - Guards Uniform Refresher

-Well designed -Wallpapers uniform -Badges -picture books -Music and sound boxes

payment slip -Bags and pot - ID holders

Customer actions

Phone calls Search by web

Customer arrival

Customer entry

Doing the registratio n

Receiving the payment slip

Login and dropping children

Children in play area

Children in feeding zone

Children in changing zone

Children in sleep area

Sick and wounded children are separated

Receiving children

Going home

Parents with/without children for checkup and consultation as per appointment

Line of Interaction
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Front stage contact employees Giving direction for parking Welcoming customers Helping in registratio n Giving the payment slip Receiving the children Nurse look after the children Nurse feed the children/ Mother Nurse change dippers and dresses of children Nurse takes care of the sleeping children Special nursing care Child specialist give necessary suggestion

Handover the children to the parents

Line of Visibility


Backstage contact employees

Giving information via phone call and internet chat

Keeping papers of registration

Making adjusted bill from the basic salary of the employee

Keeping the childrens belongings

Prepare food for children

Giving first aid and necessary treatment

Preparing children to handover

Keeping records for the health care

Line of internal interaction


Support Process

Providing database support in keeping records

Giving processed documents to the main office

Giving supply of food and necessary stuffs

Giving support with medicine and first aid box

Giving necessary database support for that