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Constitution of And By-Laws of Love Not Litter

University of West Georgia

Article 1. Name

The name of the organization shall be ‘Love Not Litter’

Article II. Purpose

- To provide students with group opportunities for beautifying

our community by ‘Lugging Litter’ – picking up trash!
- To better educate the University of West Georgia community
about issues relating to the environment, particularly Litter-
related issues.
- To establish techniques to make the University of West
Georgia a more Litter-Free living environment.
- To gradually, through nature-interaction, allow individuals the
opportunity to experience and reconnect to nature as the
“supporting fabric of their everyday lives (Louv, p.272)”.
- To encourage individuals to examine the motivation behind
the action of littering and question the seed of that motivation
- changing behavior.

Article III. Membership

Membership in Love Not Litter shall be open to any student of

the University of West Georgia with an interest in the
environment and who demonstrates this interest through active
participation in the organization.

Article IV. Officers

The officers of this organization shall be President, Vice

President, Secretary, and Treasurer – different titles to be decided
upon after further development of the group. At the discretion of
Love Not Litter members, positions may be combined. For the
purpose of executing business of Love Not Litter, The President
and the Executive council, at their discretion may organize and
create committees that support the business of the organization.

A. Nomination Procedures

1. The officers of this organization shall be elected

annually by the organization at the beginning of the fall
session of college.
2. A sign up sheet will be posted next to the door of the
faculty/staff advisor for self-nominations.
3. A majority vote of the members present shall be
required to elect a member to office.

B. Removal of Officer
If any officer fails to fulfill their obligations to the group,
she/he may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of
the members. Vacancy of any office shall be filled by re-

Article V. Duties of Officers

A. President
The duties of the President shall be to call and preside at all
meetings, call special meetings, and to act as the official head
in all matters in which the organization in concerned, and to
keep all members up to date with club proceedings.
B. Vice President
The duties of the Vice-President shall be to preside over
meetings when the President is absent, to aid the President in
coordinating events, and to help keep all members up to date
with club proceedings.
C. Secretary
The duties of the Secretary shall be to take attendance at
meetings, to take charge of all correspondence
(announcements of meetings), and to record club minutes.
D. Treasurer
The duties of the Treasurer shall be to handle all funds of the
organization, to maintain accurate financial records for Love
Not Litter.

Article VI. Advisors

The Executive Council of Love Not Litter, in order to forward its

Mission, and to facilitate a cooperative relationship with University
of West Georgia, shall appoint an Organization Advisor. This
advisor shall consist of a University of West Georgia Faculty/Staff,
approved by the Center for Student Involvement, whose areas of
expertise or interests are closely related to the Mission of Love Not
Litter of University of West Georgia

Article VII. Meetings and Procedure

Section 1. Frequency
Meetings will be held at the discretion of the Executive
Council until an established regular time can be agreed
upon/or if deemed necessary. Attendance is not
mandatory, but certainly preferred.
Section 2. Notification of Meetings
The first order of business of the Executive Council each
semester shall be to establish a common meeting time and
place for each successive General Meeting of the academic
semester. The presiding officer of the Executive Council
shall possess the authority to cancel any and all meetings
during the period of interruption, without a quorum of the
Executive Council. In the event that a meeting must be
rescheduled or relocated, the Executive Council shall notify
members immediately via electronic mail.
Section 3. Policy for Absences
In the event an Officer plans to be absent from a meeting,
prior notice shall be given when possible. Members are
encouraged to attend all meetings.

Article VIII. Finance

Financial resources may be gained through the use of
fundraisers, donations, and any other moneymaking projects,
approved by the members of Love Not Litter. The members of the
organization and Executive Council approve the spending of
funds accrued as well.

Article IX. Amendments

Section 1. Proposal of Amendments

Amendments to or revisions of the by-laws of Love Not
Litter may be suggested by any member and discussed at
a meeting of the organization.
Section 2. Voting Procedure
The proposed amendments must be approved by a two-
thirds majority of the active members of the organization
Love Not Litter.

Louv. R. (2008). Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit
Disorder. New York: Algonquin Press.
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