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Provide  Savings  with  Aetna's Premium  Savings  Program
Changes  ahead  for  Small  Group  Employers
The  health  insurance  landscape  is  constantly  changing  making it  difficult  to  keep  track  of  all  the  opportunities  available. That’s  where  we  come  in.  Aetna  is  committed  to  helping  you and  your  clients  navigate  through  the  changing  health  care landscape  and  help  you  unlock  the  right  combination  of  cost and  coverage  to  fit  your  client’s  needs.  Aetna’s  Premium Savings  program  –  an  early  renewal  option,  is  one  way  that  we can  help  provide  cost  savings  to  some  of  your  clients  during this  time  of  change
Introducing  Aetna's  Premium  Savings  Program    

In  2014,  changes  set  in  motion  by  the  Affordable  Care Act  (ACA)  may  lead  to  dramatic  increases  in  premiums. Factors  such  as  essential  health  benefits,  maximum  plan deductibles,  the  application  of  new  taxes  and  fees,  and new  rating  rules  will  combine  to  push  insurance premiums  up  substantially  for  some  small  businesses. The  rate  impact  can  vary. So  the  more  you  understand  today’s  options  and  current dynamics,  the  better  you  can  provide  the  best  solution  to meet  your  clients’  needs.  By  electing  a  fourth  quarter 2013  renewal,  some  of  your  clients  can  achieve significant  cost  savings  in  2014  and  take  time  to  assess their  business  needs  for  the  future,  without  sacrificing their  current  coverage  today.   Even  if  your  clients  have  already  renewed  their  policy this  year,  there  is  still  time  to  take  advantage  of  the

savings  -­‐  Aetna  is  extending  this  offer  to  all  renewing  and new  business  clients.  We  will  work  with  you  to  determine the  best  option  that  meets  your  clients'  needs. Options  to  consider  for  your  clients  who  may  benefit from  this  offer: ·                Elect  an  off-­‐cycle  renewal  September  1  -­‐ December  1,  2013  and  keep  current  benefits  and rate  levels  in  place  for  the  following  twelve months. ·                Maintain  current  renewal  cycle  in  2014  and  move to  the  ACA  based  plans  and  rates. ·                Clients  may  benefit  by  moving  to  Aetna  due  to competitive  rates  that  remain  constant  from  July 2013  through  December  2014. Advance  notice  is  required  for  Groups  who  are  interested in  participating  in  the  Premium  Savings  program  -­‐ ·                Groups  with  a  current  Jan-­‐June  renewal  need  to request  an  off-­‐cycle  renewal  90  days’  prior  to the  requested  effective  date,  with  acceptance needed  45  days  prior  to  new  renewal  date.  (i.e. February  renewal  requesting  a  November  2013 renewal,  need  to  request  this  by  August  1,  with notification  of  acceptance  by  September  15) ·                Groups  with  an  upcoming  July-­‐Dec  renewal  need to  provide  acceptance  30  days  prior  to  their current  renewal  date  (i.e.  August  renewal  with off-­‐cycle  renewal  for  December,  notification  of acceptance  is  needed  by  July  1) Mark  your  calendars To  assist  you  in  talking  with  your  clients  about  this program,  we’ll  be  hosting  a  series  of  educational webinars  on  the  upcoming  dates: ·                  Session  1:    Monday,  April  15,  2013  from  1-­‐2pm EST ·                  Session  2:    Wednesday,  April  17,  2013  from  2-­‐ 3pm  EST ·                  Session  3:    Friday,  April  19,  2013  from  1-­‐2pm  EST In  addition,  we  will  provide  you  with  a  comprehensive dashboard  that  includes  your  group’s  effective  dates  and preliminary  information  to  help  you  determine  the  best solution  for  your  clients.  And,  we’ll  be  including  a  flyer that  you  can  share  and  discuss  with  your  small  employer groups.

If  you  have  any  immediate  questions,  or  would  like  more information  about  Aetna’s  Premium  Savings  program, contact  your  local  Aetna  sales  executive.
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