April 4, 2013 The Honorable Craig Watkins Dallas County District Attorney Frank Crowley Courts Building 133

N. Riverfront Boulevard, LB 19 Dallas, TX 75207 RE:      Violation of Texas Open Meetings Act Dear District Attorney Watkins: I believe certain members of the Irving Independent School District Board of Trustees have violated the Texas Open Meetings Act.   At   the board meeting on April 1, Board President Ronda Huffstetler announced she would be sending a letter of complaint to the Texas Education Agency regarding governance issues.   There was no vote by the board on this matter.   On April 3, 2013 Ms Huffstetler and three members of the Board (Gwen Craig, Valerie Jones and Jerry Christian) signed this letter.   I understand Ms. Huffstetler called these trustees and told them the letter was available for their signature. I believe these facts establish that a quorum of the board took official action without complying with the notice requirements of the Texas Open Meetings Act.   At least three verbal exchanges occurred among these members.  Each of these members then presented themselves at a specified place (the Irving Independent School District Administrative Office) to affix their signature, which suggests an intentional act.  The topic, the execution of a letter, remained under the control of the signatories. I request you take immediate action to establish official misconduct by these trustees.  Your intervention is necessary to protect the right of the constituents of this school district to transparent governance. Sincerely, Steven Jones

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