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8 April 2006 Each Era Documents it's own Epitaph God always reveals the future of each Era's demise to them. They faithfully document the details with intense zeal, but always never grasp that they are writing their own epitaph. This nave refusal to accept the obvious is one of the things they all have in common. They never have a problem with criticizing the previous Era's faults, but absolutely refuse to apply the same standards to themselves. They assume that God has immunized them from all the human frailties that brought down previous generations. Era's Always Start Good and End Bad Human beings never accept that Church Era's always start good and end bad. In the Church Age, Satan remains more powerful than any Human Being. This is one of the common threads that weave through Chapter 2 through 4 of the Book of Revelation. This is the Truth that the 7th Era of God's Church absolutely refuses to accept. They muse "How could we end badly, we are the ones revealing the Laodicean rebellion, it's obviously not a description of us"! That vain attitude of not even accepting their "less than Godly ability" has guaranteed a victory for Satan. The 7th Era Begins Now that we have established the chorology of every Era of God's Churches, we can examine the transfer of power from the 6th to the 7th Era. First, the 6th Era stops working for God and fails to repent. Second, God the Father recruits willing disciples within that 6th Era that hear "what the Spirit says unto the churches". Third, God uses that group to establish the 7th Era of his "called out ones" so he can harvest the final group of Church Age members of his Family. God requires very special qualities in those that are to marry his Son. The structure of the 7th Era Church is designed to discover just who has these qualities. Those called to the final Era of his Church have been exposed to everything this world has been able to throw at them,

the good and the bad. What God wants to know is who loves the Truth. Disciples that are so thrilled to have God's truth that they ignore what ever hardship they are experiencing. They don't even care if they are being falsely accused. These people know that God the Father is in charge and he will make certain that those serving him will be rewarded for their loyalty. Satan might make their physical lives a major challenge, even take their life, but he can't take their Crown. The structure of the 7th Era is a smelting process so God can discover who those individuals are. It's a precise testing process to reveal specific character traits in individuals. You must qualify as a Pillar to be worthy to replace the demons under Satan the devil. God will not allow a repeat of the current situation. The "Hot" beginning of the 7th Era When God moved his lamp from the WCG and placed it in the PCG in 1989, the 7th Era did a powerful work during the first half of the 1990's. God only works with one Era at a time. Human lead Church Era's have always failed because Satan the devil and his demons are on the spiritual throne of the Earth. Human beings won't criticize themselves effectively. A corruption of God's tithing law always destroys God's top Ministers with vanity and greed. God's End - Time Watchman Kenyon Donald Williams