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[Aug 17, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Added more SPI devices. Added ablity to use the software in the console.

From the console type FlashcatUSB.exe -? for more information. [May 31, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Improved SPI firmware. Fixed support for ST M25P128 devices. [May 2, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Added support for the entire PCT line of rebranded NOR flashes: 25VF512A, 25VF010A, 25VF020B, 25VF040B, 25VF080B, 25VF016B, 25VF032B, 25VF064C 26VF016, 26VF032. [May 1, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Added support for 256 mbit SPI devices: MXIC MX25L256 and Spansion S25FL256S + Added Micron ST line of high density SPI NOR flashes: N25Q128, N25Q256, N25Q51 2, N25Q00A [April 19, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Added SPI programming ability to Nordic nRF24LE1 [MAR 20, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Removed the SDK (since we are now publishing the source code for personal use) [MAR 12, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Added mulit-language support (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish) + Added SPI support for ATMEL AT45DBXXX chips. [Jan 9, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Added SPI over JTAG support + Added WGR614v9_JTAG.bcs script [Jan 2, 2012]-----------------------------------------------------+ Added optomized flash programing algorithum for SST devices (such as 39VF1601) . [32KB version only] + Added non-cfi support for flash devices MXIC 29LV161B/T, MXIC 29LV800B/T + Added variable instruction register support (IR LEN) to bulk read/write and fl ash routines. This should add significant support for wireless routers etc. + Added JTAG.LittleEndian and JTAG.BigEndian functions for specifing device endi an. ------------------------------------------------------------------+ New graphic user interface

+ Added Intel HEX file support for reading and writing to memory devices ------------------------------------------------------------------+ Added script for Huawei HG556a (a ADSL modem) + Added NAND support for devices over SPI + Added SPI support for all PMC devices + Updated EJTAG firmware to support fast writing for Intel 8-bit mode + Added CG814 support + Added software development kit (SDK) for interfacing other software to FCUSB + Added supported for 32KB version + Changed: Fixflash now works more universally + Changed: how memory and flash tabs are created for JTAG (see documentation) + Fixed: a bug that would stop the software on "foreign" versions of Windows + Fixed: various minor bugs reported to us. + Added a few GUI changes, such as a Detect button. + Added 10 new SPI flashes from requests. + Added 8 new user submitted device scripts. + Updated documentation (new commands added, as well as SOIC-8 wiring diagram) + Fixed: Fixed SPI device "ST M25P10". It will now read/write correctly. + Removed: JTAG.dll and SPI.dll. All functions are now prebuilt into main app. ------------------------------------------------------------------* JTAG / SPI / DFU drivers all combined into a single driver folder. There is a Win2K folder inside the driver folder for legacy support. + Now using SIGNED drivers! Will install without F8 workaround on Vista64 / Win7 + Added SBV6220 and DPC2100 device scripts + Added over 20 SPI flash devices (see full list in documentation folder) + Added over 50 CFI flash device definitions + Added FlashFind command feature for JTAG mode + Updated LibUsbDotNet.dll library to newest version (2.2.8) + Changed: software is now 100% dot net compatible (C++ dependancy dropped) + Changed: Windows XP and newer driver is now WinUSB (LibUSB still supported) + Improved: JTAG Flash speed increased by 20%! Typical time to program a 1MB

firmware file is less than 25 seconds! Typical time to read a target device firmware is now less than 10 seconds! Please use IDC cable of 8" or less. + Improved: SPI Flash read speed increased (from 170KB/s to up to 400KB/s!) + Improved: SPI Flash write speed increased (now up to 250KB/s!) + Fixed: Fixed script when user would cancel a action or scripts using labels that begin with the word "exit". ------------------------------------------------------------------+ Removed 64 bit install folders as drivers no longer need additional install st eps. + Added lots of documenation + Added SPI AVR firmware and software support + Added new script engine for better performance, code structure and support + Improved EJTAG read data performance by 50% (from 78KB/s to 113KB/s) - Known issues: There is a problem with the speed on various USB controllers regarding the write speed on SPI devices. This should normally go about 100K but the packets are being scheduled and timed delay resulting in 20K. We are looking into fixing this for a future update that will include more speed improvements. ------------------------------------------------------------------+ Cleaned up interface GUI + Added additional information print to console + Added internal DFU engine to allow software to upgrade the board over USB You will no longer need to install JAVA or FLIP in order to do unit upgrade + Made directory for directions on how to install in 64 bit Windows OS + Removed Board Update folder + Combined ATMEL DFU driver (bootloader mode) with normal FCUSB App mode ------------------------------------------------------------------+ Added new flash engine with universal flash write support Supported CFI modes: Intel (16-bit), Intel (32-bit), AMD (8-bit), AMD (16-bit) + Improved flash writing speed for many devices. + Removed SDK (new SDK coming soon) + Updated board firmware to 6.01 This firmware is required to use this software version and vice versa + Updated software GUI with minor changes