Weights and Performance

Powerplant ■ PW 127E engines (take-off power 2,160 shp) ■ 568F 6-blade Hamilton Standard propellers
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

The Latest Generation Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Bubble window

In flight openable door

ATR 42 Surveyor

Maximum take-off weight Maximum landing weight Maximum zero fuel weight Maximum fuel load Optional fuel tank Take-off distance Landing distance

18,600 kg 18,300 kg 16,700 kg 4,500 kg 650 kg 1,050 m 1,150 m

41,005 lb 40,345 lb 36,817 lb 9,920 lb 1,435 lb 3,440 ft 3,770 ft
Pilot hatch Emergency exit type III Gun pod Radome search radar Flir turret

Based on Proven and Optimized ATR Platform
he ATR 42 MP Surveyor is based on the ATR platform, the successful turboprop aircraft resulting from the cooperation between two leading European manufacturers: Alenia Aeronautica (Italy) and EADS (France). About 700 ATRs have been delivered and more than 115 operators in the five continents fly ATRs in all climates. More than 13 million hours have been flown worldwide by the ATR fleet.

ISA - Sea level - MTOW Sea level - MLW
■ Typical patrol speed Max range Max endurance

350 km/h 250 km/h 520 km/h 3,740 km 3,960 m

190 KTAS 136 KTAS 280 KTAS 2,020 Nm 13,000 ft


ISA - 90% MTOW @ 2,000 ft
■ ■ ■

Cargo door

Maximum cruise speed Ferry range One-engine-out ceiling

ISA - 97% MTOW @ 16,000 ft ISA - LRC ISA - 97% MTOW
Emergency exit type I

Patrolling Range
Patrol @ Max range cruise
2,000 Range on Station (Nm) 1,800 1,600 1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 0 0 100 200 300 400 Airbase Distance (Nm) 500 600

In flight openable door

10,000 ft 2,000 ft

Search light Flir Radar

Gun machine

Patrolling Time
12 10 Time on Station (hr) 8 6 4 2 0 0 100 10,000 ft 2,000 ft

Patrol @ Max endurance cruise

In the wake of the ATR’s worldwide success with commercial customers, the aircraft has made a natural expansion into derivative utilizations such as Maritime and Coastal surveillance, Search and Rescue, Pollution Detection and Control, Vessel Search, Identification and Surveillance.

200 300 400 Airbase Distance (Nm)



Transfer flight @LRC, ISA - Reserves: 45 min holding @ 5,000 ft With optional tank
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Proven in revenue service under a wide range of operating conditions, the ATR is well adapted to special missions as a result of its design and size which provide a solid airframe, the necessary support systems, and the cabin volume to accommodate the special equipment required to perform these missions. The benefits of integrating ATR platform with the advanced ATOS system were clearly understood and appreciated by the Italian Customs service known as Guardia di Finanza - which placed orders for three of the specialmission ATR, and Italian Capitaneria di Porto (Coast Guard), operating two ATR MP.

Avions de Transport Régional - 1, allée Pierre Nadot - 31712 Blagnac Cedex - France - Phone +33 (0)5 62 21 62 21 http://www.atraircraft.com

3 The New ATR Generation An Alenia Aeronautica and EADS joint venture

Structural and system provisions are available to install all equipments for quick and easy reconfiguration. miles The ATR 42 MP Surveyor capabilities are perfectly suited for maritime patrol missions complying with a wide range of specific requirements. piracy and smuggling control Patrolling time up to 11 hours Time to configure Capabilities ■ ■ Triple sensors arrangement High resolution IR camera (detection 5 Nm.5 Nm distance) ■ 360° continuous azimuth scanning capabilities ■ ■ ■ ISAR Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISR) Imaging ■ SAR Synthetic Aperture Radard (SAR) Imaging 1h Cargo Gyrostabilized five axis platform (LOS stability ■ ■ Autotracker ELECTRONIC SUPPORT MEASURES (ESM) Functions ■ Detection of long range radar targets during night and in adverse weather conditions. software services and application software modules capable of covering several roles: ■ Tactical situation ■ Mission database ■ Mission planning ■ Reconnaissance in the visible and infrared band ■ Active electronic surveillance (radar and IFF) ■ Passive electronic surveillance (ESM and DF) ■ Operational communications.ft ■ Tracking on multiple emissions simultaneously ■ High degree of flexibility to meet the evolution radar of the environment Patrolling Cargo compartment Palletized seats Multi purpose pod Observer station SAR package In flight openable Life raft door Interphone .3 x 2.5 m3 53 cu. Maritime Patrol Mission System ESM Search light pod Gun pod Radar radome Roles Bubble window Door openable in flight Search and Rescue (SAR) ■ Search. Vessel Search. naut. naut. leading to cost savings. Identification and surveillance ■ Search detection. location and rescue of wrecked people from ships or aircraft.ft 3 m3 106 cu.ft Stair ■ 3h Troops Medevac 1. ELECTRO-OPTICAL SURVEILLANCE AND TRACKING Functions ■ ■ SEARCH RADAR Functions ■ ■ Airborne sea surveillance Small target detection Visual identification of surface targets Capabilities Long range multi target detection over 360° under adverse weather conditions. localisation and tracking of friendly/hostile vessels FLIR turret installation ESM antennas Patrolling time up to 11 hours Outstanding Versatility Single basic platform easily and quickly convertible for different mission profiles.5 Nm . Detection area up to 440. The high versatility allows to increase and to optimise the aircraft utilization.000 sq. or illegal washing out of tanks and bilges by merchant vessels. identification and location T 1.8 m3 63.internal communications Radio and internal communications .000 sq. even in dense signal environment ■ Recording data and loading libraries on intercepted radar Pollution Detection ■ Locate and detect sea pollution caused by accidental discharge of oil from ships or installations.5cu. sea clutter and ECM ■ Detection and track of small RCS targets in high sea states ■ ■ Detection and classification of surface targets during night operations Maritime and Coastal Surveillance ■ Maritime Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) Surveillance ■ Boat activity monitoring and illegal shipping control ■ Fishery protection ■ Illegal immigration.2. recognition 2 Nm. through dropping of survival equipment Search area up to 16.Advanced The advanced Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance (ATOS) System developed by Galileo Avionica is an integrated package of equipment. identification. miles 2h Passengers Typical Internal Layout Search light Auxiliary rack Flare Radar launcher Mission rack Stowage Debriefing and rest zone Bubble window Galley Cargo compartment Capabilities Radar emissions detection in a dense electromagnetic environment (2-18 Ghz) ■ Radar emissions analysis.3 m target) 32-target track-while-scan capability ATR 42 Standard Container Overhead bins High resolution colour acquisition TV with high magnification lens B/W long range TV (character height 20 cm at 1. identification 1.