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Written by Davidson Cole

INT. A LUXURY CAR - DAY KYMBER, 30s, sits in the passenger seat. Her husband, MATT, 30s, drives. He yaks into a Bluetooth, she watches the city of Los Angeles pass by out the window. MATT Listen, Bill. Listen. Listen. Okay. Are you going to listen? Are you? Okay, then shut up and listen. A pause. MATT (CONT’D) I apologize for saying shut up. It was inappropriate. Bad business. I apologize. Kymber glances at her husband, who looks at her and rolls his eyes. She returns a slight smile then looks back out the window. MATT (CONT’D) But I'm paid to be the badass. Paid to be the cocksucker. Okay? We good? Okay. Something on the street catches Kymber's eye. She is almost overwhelmed by the sight. KYMBER Pull the car over. Matt continues with his conversation. MATT Now, I know you think Steve has some ideas, and he does... KYMBER Honey, pull the car over. MATT Hold on, Bill. Hold on. My wife is asking me something. (to Kymber) What? KYMBER Pull the car over. What? MATT

2. KYMBER I asked you to pull the car over, so pull the car over. Matt pulls the car over. MATT What? You see a dog or something? Kymber gets out of the car. MATT (CONT’D) Hey Bill. Sorry. Yeah. My wife. She saw a dog or a cat or something. Just what I need is another fucking animal, right? EXT. THE SIDEWALK - DAY Kymber is running down the sidewalk. EXT. AN ALLEY OFF THE SIDEWALK - DAY ASTRO, 40s, stands in a dumpster, sifting thru its contents. While he is obviously a person of the street, he is not beaten down. He is dressed in an odd combination of garb: professorial, cowboy, punk. His dog, TITANIC, lays on the ground at the foot of the dumpster. Kymber walks up to the dumpster, out of breath from her sprint. She watches Astro from a distance. Kyle? KYMBER

Astro looks up from his work. He smiles, then jumps out of the dumpster. ASTRO Hi Kymber. How've you been? I'm Astro, now. So you can call me that. No more Kyle. And Gary is Titanic. He likes it better. He hated Gary. Astro looks at Titanic. ASTRO (CONT’D) Right buddy?

3. KYMBER I'm good. Astro. What are you doing? ASTRO Shopping. You? KYMBER I was driving by. With my husband. On our way to this thing. ASTRO That's good you got married. You always wanted that. I guess. KYMBER

At the far end of the alley, two young women emerge, 20s, full satchels slung over their backs, crusty punks. One whistles, catching Astro's attention. He turns, waves to them, then turns back to Kymber. ASTRO The sun is almost down. Dodgeball game starts soon. I need to mosey. Okay. KYMBER

ASTRO You want to join us? KYMBER I'm not really dressed for dodgeball. ASTRO Seeya Kymber. You are still so beautiful. (to Titanic) C'mon TeeTan. Astro turns and walks down the alley, his own satchel slung over his shoulder. Titanic follows. Kymber watches as they walk towards the two women. When Astro reaches them, he kisses them both, puts his arms around them and they meander off into the distance. Kymber continues to watch them as they disappear around a corner. Behind Kymber, Matt backs the car up into frame. He rolls down the window and calls to his wife, but there is no sound, just silence, as Kymber continues to gaze down the alley. BLACK