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Agung : Hi Deni, coincidence we met at a Las Vegas Hotel. Is there anything you stay here? Deni : Hi Agung.

Yeah smack us has not met. I there is a necessity because tomorrow morning I have an appointment to meet with the client at the Hotel. How about you? Agung : Yes I also have the necessity to meet clients at the Hotel tomorrow morning. Where do you working now? Deni : I work in Singapore opened a company engaged in the field of electronic. You are now working where, Agung? Agung : I am now working in Indonesia. Opening a company that is already quite famous in Indonesia and in the field of health. The company shall provide electronic goods in the form of what? Deni: I provide a camera and printer. What about your company? Agung : I provide the necessities needed by hospitals almost throughout Indonesia. Even to sell abroad. How many workers you employ at your company? Deni : My employ at least 3,500 people in my company. And they entered upon a strict selection. What about your company? How many people do you employ in it? Agung : Waw, is pretty much the workers you hire also. I employ at least 3,000 people in my company. Because my company consists of several places. Anyone in the Office, in the marketing, and some are working in the factory, and etc. What about your company? Deni : I also put employees in some parts. There's the marketing, Office, factory, checking the quality of products, and etc. By hiring employees that much, how about their job security? Agung : The company I hired employees with permanent workers, and systems labour contracts. The workers keep I insure full. Deni : What about the fate of the workers at the company's contract with you. And what's the significance of that contract workers?

Agung : Contract workers are workers who accepted employment with a contract system, and their work must be in accordance with the existing agreements in the contract. And the works specified by contractual agreements. Deni : Oh. What are the benefits that you may be able to perform the contract system in your company? Agung : Benefit is I can reduce the number of workers in the company. Because now the prices of staple goods that the company I use has increased. How about the workers in the company? Deni : Security workers at the company I am assured because they have I insure full. If something happens to them, will replace its losses by insurers. They work entirely from scratch is the permanent employees. Rising prices of staple goods that the company we use do not affect many of the company's condition. Agung : Oh if so, then how do you promote a product to the public at large so that your company always increase revenue and does not affect your firm despite rising prices in a number of staple goods that company you used? Deni : I promote my company in different ways. First way, through the distribution of flyers. Second way put ads on the public road access, put ads in newspapers and magazines, spread it on the internet and much more. What about your company? Agung : My company recently to promote our products in a way put an ad on television, newspaper and magazine ads, spread by radio, and put up a billboard in some public places. Deni : If so, try you start promoting your product with new creations and innovations. For example by spreading on the internet regarding your products. And see its development. Agung : I'm going to try your advice, Den. How long have you developed this innovation? Deni : I've been expanding it from since the first my company on the pitch.That is about 4 years ago. This is a suggestion from one of my friend.

Agung : How do you hire employees in the company? Deni : I hire them according to level and field of work they are doing. Because of the very diverse jobs they used to do all of the work is the highest to the lowest. I have to be fair in terms of the Division of this salary. What about your company? Agung : Oh, in my company do the same. But only contract, workers get the regional minimum wage (UMR) enforced by the local regulations in the city where my company on the pitch. Deni : What is the difference between a contract worker and workers remain on your company, Agung? Agung : Far enough difference, Den. Therefore very sorry for all the fate of the workers contract in my company. But it wants how else, my country is also now more experience however Deni: My country is also being hit by the crisis, but we can get through it. Agung : Well, once your country great. Singapore now has indeed developed countries. Deni : Yeah, now my country is a developed country. Will I pray may your country can rapidly through the crisis of the economy. Agung : Thanks Den. I want to visit your company. Deni : Well, when you can pay a visit to my company? Agung : Maybe next month I'll try. You also get to time if there is my company. Deni : Ok I'll be working on that. Agung : Why not felt already late at night. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to meet with clients. Deni : I also have an appointment to meet with a client tomorrow morning. Before we parted, can I have your phone number?

Agung : My phone number 087678797077. Your phone number? Deni : My phone number 089293999194. Ok I've save you phone number. Agung : I've also been saving your phone number. To meet another time, Deni. Deni : To meet at other times too, Agung.