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This is to certify that the project report entitled “Financial Services Of Private Banks” submitted for the degree of BBA for Jagannath International Management School, Affiliated to GGSIPU. It‟s a bonafied research work carried by me, Anjali Gupta, a student of Jagannath International Management School.


This is to certify that the project report entitled “Financial Services of Private Banks” submitted for the degree of BBA for Jagannath International Management School, Affiliated to GGSIPU. It‟s a bonafied research work carried by me, Anjali Gupta, a student of Jagannath International Management School. The assistance and help received during the course of investigation have been fully acknowledged.

Anjali Gupta


I take this opportunity to thank all those who have been of help to me in the completion of this project.

I would like to appreciate the guidance and co-operation provided to me by our project guide Ms Rama Mittal in the completion of this project.

I am also grateful to Dr. Satish Seth (Director of BBA programme) and all the faculty members who have directly or indirectly helped me in preparing this project report.

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This is to certify that ANJALI GUPTA student of JAGANNATH INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL, KALKAJI OF BBA OF SIXTH SEMESTER has completed this Project and prepared this report on “FINANCIAL SERVICES OF PRIVATE BANKS” under my guidance. The matter embodied in this project work has not been submitted earlier for the award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Ms. Rama Mittal Assistant Professor


Description Objective& Significance of the study Company Profile of Yes Bank Financial Services Offered By Yes Bank Company Profile of HDFC Bank Financial Services Offered By HDFC Bank Research Methodology& Data Collection Comparison Between HDFC and Yes Bank Analysis & Findings Limitations Conclusion Bibliography Page No. 6 7-12 13-16 17-28 29-37 38-40 41-42 43-50 51 52 53



which enabled different types of companies operating in the U. with incentives for combining all things with one company. including credit unions.FINANCIAL SERVICES Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance industry.. 7 . stock brokerages. non-financial services companies are permitted within the holding company.S. consumer finance companies. In the other style. each company still looks independent. a bank would simply create its own brokerage division or insurance division and attempt to sell those products to its own existing customers. As of 2004. (e. which encompasses a broad range of organizations that manage money. keeps the original brands of the acquired firm. Outside the U.S. In this scenario. banks.g. and has its own customers. the financial services industry represented 20% of the market capitalization of the S&P 500 in the United States. in Japan). The term "financial services" became more prevalent in the United States partly as a result of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of the late 1990s. One approach would be a bank which simply buys an insurance company or an investment bank. insurance companies. etc. investment funds and some government sponsored enterprises. credit card companies. and adds the acquisition to its holding company simply to diversify its earnings. financial services industry at that time to merge. Companies usually have two distinct approaches to this new type of business.

finance for physical assets and advisory services for leases. CLOs and CDOs to generate cost efficient liabilities for our clients. Oil and Gas. MBS. in conjunction with the Debt Capital Markets Group. provides the necessary liquidity and offers investors an opportunity to gain higher yields while taking acceptable risks. other banks and Institutional investors help our clients to fulfil their desired financing requirements.The SP and F group. underwriting and participation through Funding in Leveraged Finance transactions. Telecom. offers liability products to a range of financial and retail clients in packaging.Syndication. structuring.We provide debt solutions from local and international markets to both private and public sector institutions. d. We assist our clients to obtain funding for projects and also offer end. The areas of specialization include: a.Our range of products and services fall under the following three broad categories: Infrastructure Banking Unit (IBU): This unit provides a full range of advisory and credit linked products to clients with a special focus on the infrastructure sector. Transportation and Wind Energy segments. 8 . Structured Liability Products. Securitization. structuring and placing ABS. advisory services from the planning stage to financial closure. including leveraged Buy-Outs. Take-overs and General Acquisition Finance. b.We provide solutions that offer companies access to strategic sources of fundingby converting assets with probable and predictable cash flows into a source of capital. Leverage Finance.This encompasses the origination. We meet the financial needs of clients operating in the Power. Structured and Project Finance Unit (SP & F): The SP & F unit offers structured and project finance expertise to non-infrastructure clients. Debt. Asset and Tax based structures. This alters the risk profile of the corporate. c.Comprehensive solutions to provide tax benefits. Mining. Our strong relations with Borrowers.

The knowledge banking managers have proven project financing capabilities in several infrastructure sectors:     Power Transportation Telecom Urban Infrastructure The team had several marquee transactions to its credit. Landmark transactions in current financial year – Providing Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) access to the debit capital market. We offer our clients expert advice and creative product solutions to overcome balance sheet and financing contraints. thus assisting clients in obtaining superior financial returns in a risk mitigated manner due to substantial knowledge arbitrage over the market. knowledge based approach and experienced human capital. with expertise in the area of stressed assets. Infrastructure Banking and Project Finance: Driven by strong credit appraisal skills. The team also assists financially distressed companies in the creation and implementation of comprehensive financial restructuring packages. Structured Finance The team leverages its strong regulatory and legal understanding to structure complex transactions. with some of the best names in the industry. The IBPF team has deep understanding of the international best practices in infrastructure finance.Financial Restructuring Unit (FRU): This unit provides specialized advisory services on financial restructuring. this team has created an identity in the infrastructure financing space. due diligence and project structuring skills.     Discounting of rental receivables Securitization transaction Agriculture loan pool buyouts Microfinance loan pool buyouts 9 .

Realty Banking The team provides advisory and funding services like project conceptualization and structuring. Sri Lanka. Advisory and Syndications The team provides comprehensive syndication services to clients of Yes Bank. USA (GEF). With its proven domestic and international banking credentials. Yes Bank was ranked No. The team has successfully completed several transactions involving some of the best names in the industry since inception. sell downs and leveraged buyouts. the team caters to all the financing requirements of corporate as well as specialized financing for acquisitions. it is co-sponsoring the South Asia Clean Energy Fund (SACEF) in collaboration with Global Environment Fund. SACEF is a USD 200 million fund targeting investments in clean energy. Project Equity The Private Equity team is furthering Yes Bank‟s focus by developing specialist funds that will leverage the domain expertise that Yes Bank has built over the years. asset purchases. clean technology and energy efficiency across India. JV partner identification. Nepal. Bangladesh. and raising/arranging financing in the commercial and residential real estate sectors across diverse geographies and Special Economic Zones. 7 in the Syndicated Loan Ranking – Indian Rupee Loans by Thomson Reuters. Currently. 10 . 21 in the Syndicated Loan Ranking (India) and No.

the working of the bank and also about the competitors of the bank that plays an important role in the making and implementation of the strategy.  To know the banking and financial terms used in day-to-day life and which plays an important role in our life.  To know the method of banking.OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY  To know the various financial services of private banks. 11 . SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study is useful for the student as he/ she gained knowledge about various financial services of bank.


Founder. The Bank was also awarded the ISO 27001:2005 Certification for its 'Information Security Management System' by BSI. MD & CEO being recognized as the Entrepreneurial Banker of the Decade (2001-2010) by Bombay Management Association. YES BANK has received significant national and international recognitions which include Dr.1.000 crore.0 of the bank.000 crore. YES BANK deals in the following 5 business lines     Corporate and Institutional Banking Commercial Banking Branch Banking Business Banking Retail Banking 13 . a balance sheet size of Rs. to further accelerate its business growth in the retail banking space. India's Fastest Growing Bank of the Year at the Bloomberg UTV Financial Leadership Awards 2011. 2010. advances of 100. 1 New Private Sector Bank in the Financial Express-E&Y Best Banks Survey 2010. with the objective to achieve by 2015. Business Standard Banker of the Year . the bank announced the roll-out of a strategic blueprint. named Version 2.50.2011.000 crore. It was founded by Ashok Kapur and Rana Kapoor.YES BANK Yes Bank is a private bank in India. Rana Kapoor. deposits of 125.16%. with the duo holding a collective financial stake of 27. 1 New Private Sector Bank in the Financial Express-E&Y Best Banks Survey 2010. In 2010. YES BANK received certification for its 'Complaints Management System (ISO 10002:2004)' by the British Standard's Institution (BSI) as on August 25. India's No. India's Fastest Growing Bank of the Year at the Bloomberg UTV Financial Leadership Awards 2011. a pan India network of 900 branches and a human capital base 12750 by 2015. India's No.

BUSINESS STRATEGY: Knowledge Banking:One of the strengths and differentiating features of Yes Bank is its knowledge banking approach that is the essence of all offerings to its customers. Technology and Operations:As a new generation Bank. RETAIL BANKING Retail Banking caters to the banking & wealth management needs of individuals and small businesses. BRANCH BANKING Business and Retail Banking BUSINESS BANKING YES Bank caters to all the service requirements of these SME's across various product segments like Cash Management. Direct Banking. Liabilities and Investment Management. Payment Solutions. Knowledge has been institutionalized as a key ingredient in all internal and external processes and utilized to create customized solutions for the clients‟ specific requirements. Trade services and advisory. of over 360 branches across the country with 650+ ATMs. Customers are currently being served through a branch network. Yes Bank has the advantage of accessing the latest available technology.CORPORATE AND INSTITUTIONAL BANKING The Corporate & Institutional Banking (C&IB) business at YES BANK provides financial and risk management solutions to clients. and Internet Banking facilities. COMERCIAL BANKING With its sector-specific products and services under commercial banking YES BANK supports Emerging Corporates. The Bank has taken a 14 .

Financial Markets. they look to offer comprehensive banking and financial solutions. Responsible Banking: Yes Bank has a vision to champion „Responsible Banking‟ in India. they have inducted top quality Human Capital across all our banking functions. Which is why. Investment Banking. where the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility („CSR‟) and sustainability are integrated in its Business focus. Treasury Services. Business & Transactional Banking and Retail Banking & Wealth Management.calibrated decision to invest in the best IT system and practices in order to make its technology platform a strategic business tool for building a competitive advantage. Human Capital: At YES BANK. Liabilities and Investment Management. Guarantees. 15 . INDIAN FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS IFI helps various relationship and product managers to offer a wide variety of products including Debt. Trade Finance. and Liquidity Management Solutions to its customers. Cash Management & Transactional Services. including Corporate & Institutional Banking. Working Capital Finance.

 Unknown brand. Weakness: Less wide network.33%.  Net Advances Rs124.  Robust rewards and recognition strategy. well capitalized. Opportunity: Very wide market.  Not in every state. mutual fund).  Strong technology.  Other activity (insurance.031 million. high performance culture.  Total Deposits Rs1. Service Driven. stock broking.SWOT ANALYSIS Strength: High Quality.  Building learning and development solutions that continuously enhance employee value. 16 . Private Indian Bank. Catering to the “Future Industries Of India”.  Less promotional activity.  Net NPA 0.  Wide scope in rural area. and attract the best talent in the industry.6%.  Credible and transparent performance management process.  Capital Adequacy Ratio 16. the highest standards of service quality and operational excellence. Customer Centric.  World-Class Team.61.694 million.  The Bank has adopted International Best Practices. based on Professional Recruitment Methodologies.

mutual fund.  Government policy.  Other better saving. 17 . in public sector (BOB. real-estate.  Rising rates.Threat: Very high competition private bank market (ICICI bank. investment opinion available (like insurance. gold).  Capital market slow down. PNB). HDFC bank).


in 1. a premier housing finance company (set up in 1977) of India. Times Bank Limited (owned by Bennett.000. 19 . HDFC Bank has 2. The bank was promoted by the Housing Development Finance Corporation. After this The government of India and Reserve Bank of India have ordered an inquiry. 2013 an online magazine named Cobrapost. and all branches of the bank are linked on an online real-time basis. in 2000. up 31. Maharashtra that was incorporated in August 1994. As on December 2012.. India's largest housing finance company. The Bank started operations as a scheduled commercial bank in January 1995 under the RBI's liberalisation policies.399 cities in India. 2012.167.41 million). On March 14. NYSE: HDB) is an Indian financial services company based in Mumbai.07 crore (US$940. Shareholders of Times Bank received 1 share of HDFC Bank for every 5. As of December 2012 the bank had balance sheet size of Rs.776 branches and 10.6% from the previous fiscal. This was the first merger of two private banks in India. For the fiscal year 2011-12. the bank has reported net profit of released video footage from Operation Red Spider showing high ranking officials and some employees of HDFC bank willing to turn black money into white which is violation of Money Laundering Control Act.75 shares of Times Bank.HDFC BANK HDFC Bank Limited (BSE: 500180. HDFC Bank is the fifth or sixth largest bank in India by assets and the first largest bank by market capitalization as of November 1. Coleman & Co. 3837 billion. It was among the first companies to receive an 'in principle' approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector./The Times Group) was merged with HDFC Bank Ltd.490 ATMs. HISTORY HDFC Bank was incorporated in 1994 by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC). The amalgamated bank emerged with a base of about Rs. In 2008 HDFC Bank acquired Centurion Bank of Punjab taking its total branches to more than 1. NSE: HDFCBANK.

 WHOLESALE BANKING SERVICES For customers from ongoleBlue-chip manufacturing companies in the Indian corp to small & mid-sized corporates and agri-based businesses the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional banking services.89.000 crore.e.000 crore and net advances of about Rs. total number of current and savings account of more than 50%. 20 . Retail Banking Services. trade services.22. The balance sheet size of the combined entity is more than Rs. It has entered the banking consortia of over 50 corporates for providing working capital finance.  RETAIL BANKING SERVICES HDFC Bank was the first bank in India to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA (Visa Electron) and issues the Master Card Maestro debit card as well. By March 2009. transactional services. corporate finance.000 crore. money markets and debt trading And Equity research. Bill Payments.1. stock exchange members and banks.Wholesale Banking Services.000 Point-of-sale (POS) terminals for debit / credit cards acceptance at merchant establishments. etc. etc. .63.  BUSINESS FOCUS HDFC Bank deals with three key business segments. It is also providing sophisticated product structures in areas of foreign exchange and derivatives. and merchant banking. HDFC BANK has full potential to become India's No. The Bank is also one of the leading players in the “merchant acquiring” business with over 70. cash management. 1. Treasury. The bank is also a leading provider of the above services to its corporate customers. trade services. including working capital finance. The Bank is positioned in various net based B2C opportunities including a wide range of Internet banking services for Fixed Deposits.With Finest of Technology and Best of Man power in Banking Industry HDFC Bank's retail services have become by and large the best in India and since the contribution to CASA i. The Bank launched its credit card business in late 2001. the bank had a total card base (debit and credit cards) of over 13 million. mutual funds. Loans.1 Private Sector Bank.

544 branches and 8.  CAPITAL STRUCTURE The authorized capital of HDFC Bank is Rs550 crore (Rs5. the bank is required to hold 25% of its deposits in government securities. Local Currency Money Market & Debt Securities.399 cities as against 1.Foreign Exchange and Derivatives. the bank has three main product areas .6 crore (Rs. These services are provided through the bank's Treasury team.2 billion). 2000. Coleman & Co. TREASURY Within this business. Roughly 28% of the equity is held by Foreign InstitutionalInvestors (FIIs) and the bank has about 570.4% of the bank's equity and about17. Mumbai and the National Stock Exchange. The bank's American Depository Sharesare listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol 'HDB'. The acquisitionaddedsignificant value to HDFC Bank in terms of increased branch network. shareholders of Times Bank received 1 share of HDFC Bank for every 5.6% of the equity is held by the ADS Depository (in respect of the bank's AmericanDepository Shares (ADS) Issue). enhanced 21 .913 ATMs in 1. expanded geographicreach.  DISTRIBUTION NETWORK HDFC Bank is headquartered in Mumbai and as of March 31. The shares are listed on the Stock Exchange.. To comply with statutory reserve requirements. The Treasury business is responsible for managing the returns and market risk on this investment portfolio. effective February 26.986 branches and 10000 ATMs in 996 cities as of October.2012. Times Bank Limited (another new private sector bank promoted by Bennett.000 shareholders.75 shares of Times Bank. the Bank‟s distribution network was at 2.  TIMES BANK AMALGAMATION In a milestone transaction in the Indian banking industry.4.5 billion). The paid-up capital isRs424. As per the scheme of amalgamation approved bythe shareholders of both banks and the Reserve Bank of India. 2012. The HDFC Group holds 19. and Equities./Times Group) was merged withHDFC Bank Ltd.

the Corporation hasmaintained a consistent and healthy growth in its operations to remain the market leader inmortgages. skilled manpower and the opportunity to cross-sell and leveragealternative delivery channels. HDFC hasdeveloped significant expertise in retail mortgage loans to different market segments and alsohas a large corporate client base for its housing related credit facilities. subordinated (Tier II) Bonds rated by CARE and Fitch Ratings India Private Limited and its Tier I perpetual Bonds and Upper Tier II Bonds rated by CARE and CRISIL Ltd. carrying negligible investment risk". HDFC was ideally positioned to promote a bank in the Indian environment. Ltd. Ltd. a strong market reputation. This rating indicates "highest credit quality" where "protection factors are very high" . RATING  Credit Rating The Bank has its deposit programs rated by two rating agencies .  PROMOTER HDFC is India's premier housing finance company and enjoys an impeccable track record inIndia as well as in international markets. CARE has also assigned "CARE AAA [Triple A]" for the Banks Perpetual bond and Upper Tier II bond issues.Credit Analysis & Research Limited (CARE) and Fitch Ratings India Private Limited.The Bank also has its long term unsecured. has assigned the rating "AAA (ind)" with the outlook on the rating as "stable".) has assigned the "AAA ( ind )" rating to the Bank's deposit programme. CARE has assigned the rating of "CARE AAA" for the subordinated Tier II Bonds while Fitch Ratings India Pvt. CRISIL has assigned the 22 .customer base. with the outlook on the rating as "stable". which represents instruments considered to be "of the best quality. Fitch Ratings India Pvt. The Bank's Fixed Deposit programme has been rated 'CARE AAA (FD)' [Triple A] by CARE. With its experience in thefinancial markets. large shareholder base and unique consumer franchise. Its outstanding loan portfolio covers well over a million dwelling units. CARE has also rated the bank's Certificate of Deposit (CD) programme "PR 1+" which represents "superior capacity for repayment of short term promissory obligations". (100% subsidiary of Fitch Inc. Since its inception in 1977.

which subjected itself to a Corporate Governanceand Value Creation (GVC) rating by the rating agency. In each of the cases referred to above. the ratings awarded were the highest assigned by the rating agency for those instruments.  Corporate Governance Rating The bank was one of the first four companies. The bank has been assigned a 'CRISIL GVC Level 1' rating which indicatesthat the bank's capability with respect to wealth creation for all its stakeholders while adoptingsound corporate governance practices is the highest. The rating provides an independent assessment of an entity's current performance and an expectation on its "balanced value creation and corporate governance practices" in future. The Credit Rating Information Servicesof India Limited (CRISIL).rating "AAA /Stable" for the Bank's Perpetual Debt programme and Upper Tier II Bond issue. 23 .

PRODUCT SCOPE HDFC Bank offers a bunch of products and services to meet the every need of the people. 24 . Investments and Insurance. Non-funded services. Cards. the company has a range accounts. individuals as well as corporate and small and medium enterprises. Theseaffordable plans apart from providing long term value to the employees help in enhancinggoodwill of the company. The customers can choose thesuitable one from a range of products which will suit their life-stage and needs. Thecompany cares for both. Mutual fund etc. investment.For organizationsthe company has a host of customized solutions that range fromFunded services. and pension scheme.different types of loans and cards that assist the customers.For individuals.The products of the company are categorized into various sections which are as follows:       Accounts and deposits. Value addition services. Loans. Forex and payment services. Customer center.

Accounts and Deposits Savings Account                 Regular Savings Account Savings Plus Account Savings Max Account Senior Citizens Account No Frills Account Institutional Savings Account Payroll Salary Account Classic Salary Account Regular Salary Account Premium Salary Account Defence Salary Account Kid's Advantage Account Pension Saving Bank Account Family Savings Account Kisan No Frills Savings Account Kisan Club Savings Account Current Account        Plus Current Account Trade Current Account Premium Current Account Regular Current Account Apex Current Account Max Current Account Reimbursement Current Account 25 .PRODUCTS AND SERVICES AT GLANCE Personal Banking Services: A.

Investments and Insurance  Mutual Funds  Insurance  Bonds  Financial Planning  Knowledge Centre 26 .Fixed Account    Regular Fixed Deposit Super Saver Account Sweep-in Account Recurring Deposit Demat Account Safe Deposit Locker B. Loans  Personal Loans  Home Loans  Two Wheeler Loans  New Car Loans  Used Car Loans  Overdraft against cars  Express loans  Loan against Securities  Loan against Property  Commercial Vehicle Finance  Working Capital Finance  Construction Equipment Finance C.

Forex Services  Trade Finance  Traveler‟s Cheques  Foreign Currency Cash  Foreign Currency Drafts  Foreign Currency Cheque Deposits  Foreign Currency Remittances  Forex Plus Card E.One View  Insta Alerts  Mobile Banking  ATM  Phone Banking  Branch Network 27 . Access Your Bank. Equities & Derivatives  Mudra Gold Bar D. Payment Services  Net Safe  Prepaid Refill  Bill Pay  Direct Pay  Visa Money Transfer  E-Monies Electronic Funds Transfer  Excise and Service Tax Payment F.

Cards  Silver Credit Card  Gold Credit Card  Woman‟s Gold Credit Card  Platinum Plus Credit Card  Titanium Credit Card  Value plus Credit Card  Health plus Credit Card  HDFC Bank Idea Silver Card  HDFC Bank Idea Gold Card Wholesale Banking Services:                 Funded Services Non Funded Services Value Added Services Internet Banking Clearing Sub-Membership RTGS.Sub Membership Fund Transfer ATM Tie-Ups Corporate Salary A/c Tax Collection Financial Institutions Mutual Funds Stock Brokers Insurance Companies Commodities Business Trusts 28 .G.

NRI Banking Services:  Rupee Saving A/c  Rupee Current A/c  Rupee Fixed Deposits  Foreign Currency Deposits  Accounts for Returning Indians  Payment Services  Net Safe  Bill Pay  Insta Pay  Direct Pay  Visa Money  Online Donation  Remittances 29 .

Service Enterprises.2 Lacs to Rs.25 lacs against wide range of collaterals adding more value to Business Elitedraw .5 Crores HDFC Bank offers you a unique range of working capital facilities at your door-step. convenient financial solutions which are of paramount importance in running an efficient enterprise.Working Capital Facilities from Rs. Turnover Greater Than Rs. Retailers.5 Crores 30 .25 lac onwards against wide range of collaterals. Types of Working Capital        Cash Credit / Overdraft Term Loan (TL) Letter of Credit (LC) Bank Guarantee (BG) Packing Credit (PC) Post Shipment Finance Bill Discounting Customer Segment: SMEs including Traders.10 Lacs to Rs. Products Offered    Quickdraw . Distributors.Take your business to Elite heights with our Working Capital Solutions for from Rs. You can choose from the range of customized working capital loans for smooth business operations.FINANCIAL SERVICES Working Capital Finance: Turnover Less Than Equal To Rs. Restaurants. Supermarkets. Stockist.Working Capital Facilities for Traders / Retailers ranging from Rs.Departmental Stores.Manufacturers . Multi Brand Outlets etc.10 lacs in the quickest possible time Valuedraw .Merchant Establishments. We offer affordable.

There are many different types of Working Capital Finance . Types of Working Capital          Cash Credit / Overdraft Letter of Credit Bank Guarantee Buyers Credit Short Term Finance Packing Credit Post Shipment Limits Bill Discounting Structured Cash Flow Financing Working Capital For Contractors: Features And Benefits      Uses commercial/construction equipment as security collateral Quick processing of loan Attractive rate of interest Convenient facilities like Internet Banking and Phone Banking facilities Multi-location banking Products Offered: Fund based     Cash Credit facility Overdraft facility Working Capital demand loan Bill/Invoice discounting Non Fund based 31 .Working Capital Finance is financial assistance given to entities to help them run their business.These are offered at all our branch locations.

that your business may require. Case. Caterpillar. Term loans. Telcon. Escorts. Putzmeister. Working Capital requirements. Material handling Equipment. Cash Management Services & Forex Solutions. etc. Terex. Liugong. Earth Moving. You may avail of a finance facility for your required equipment from any of your preferred manufacturers including JCB. Greaves. Schwing Stetter. Ace. Atlas Copco. Bank Gurantee or LC. We offer:       New/Used Commercial/Construction Equipment Loans Working Capital Finance – CC & OD facilities Bank Guarantees/LCs Bill Discounting / LC discounting Inventory Funding /Trade advance/ CC /OD for Dealers Payment Solution. Apollo and many more. Benefits   Receive up to 100 % finance for your Commercial/ Construction Equipment* Take advantage of some of the best interest rates along with Speedy processing of loan. You can avail of the following benefits on our Construction Equipment Finance: 32 . L&T Komatsu. Hyundai.  Bank Guarantee (BG) Letter of Credit (LC) Commercial/ Construction Equipment Finance: Features   Avail Commercial/ Construction Equipment Finance on an entire range of equipment at attractive interest rates Choose among various types of loans that suit your business requirements There is no need to shop around anymore for loan options to purchase Commercial/ Construction equipment. Volvo. Sany. Choose HDFC Bank's Commercial/Construction Equipment Loan and you will get the best terms and interest rates.

25 lacs onwards Taking Commercial Vehicle as security collateral Internet Banking & Phone Banking Facilities Multi-Location Banking Easy documentation through the different process Fast processing that helps at every level Benefits of at par cheque facility Products Offered: Fund based     Cash Credit facility Overdraft facility Working Capital demand loan Bill/Invoice discounting Non Fund based   Bank Guarantee Letter of Credit Term Loans: Features  Customised products to meet your requirements 33 .      Up to 100% financing of Construction Equipment* Attractive interest rates* Up to 60 month tenure for loan* Simpler documentation and quick processing Reduced down payments Customized EMI structure to suit your business needs Working Capital Finance To Transporters: Features And Benefits        Loan amount from Rs.

Convenience of Service at your doorstep. Trading and Service Industry. 34 . Products offered at all branch locations Benefits   Low-cost credit Cash-flow financing Term Loans are offered to businesses up to a tenure of 5 years for their expansion. your child's education or home renovation No collateral or guarantor surety required. capital expenditure and for fixed assets. HDFC Bank also offers Short Term Finance options that are structured to meet your individual needs. Benefits   The funds can be used for business expansion.15 Lakhs. child's education or home renovation.5 lac. Loan Amount up to Rs. Pay interest only on utilised amount. (Up to Rs. Business Loans:   These funds can be used for business expansion.30 Lakhs in selected locations). A guarantor becomes a coendorser and assumes liability in event of default. Speedy loan approval. Hassle free processing. working capital.Drop Line Overdraft   Get unsecured DOD upto Rs. Features       Unsecured Loan to self employed businessmen involved in Manufacturing. Flexible repayment options ranging from 12 – 36 Months. Business Loan. No collateral/ Guarantor/ Security required. working capital.

child's education or home renovation No collateral/ guarantor/ security required Loans For Professionals Features    Hassle free processing Speedy loan approval Convenience of service at your doorstep Benefits  The funds can be used for business expansion. Term loans on select securities offered too. buying new medical equipment. working capital. Loan Against Property 35 . without selling them Get upto 80% loan against the value of your securities. child's education or home renovation  No collateral/ Guarantor/ Security required Loans Against Assets: Loan Against Securities   Get liquidity from your investments. renovating your hospital/clinic/office. working capital.Features    Unsecured Drop-line Overdraft facility Interest will be charged on utilisation Convenience of service at your doorstep Benefits   The funds can be used for business expansion.

Choose amongst 4 types of loans that suit your business requirements. Loan Against Rental Receivables   Maximize the benefits of future rents on your commercial property today. Healthcare/ Medical Finance: Features And Benefits    Customised and structured solutions Tenures that range between 12 to 84 months Competitive Solutions at competitive prices Types Of Loans      Asset / Medical Equipment Finance Infrastructure Loan Balance Transfers of existing Term Loans or Working Capital ME-OD Facility Working Capital Finance Commercial Vehicle Finance: Features   Commercial Vehicle finance on entire range of vehicles starting from small 1. Get additional funds through expected rental cash flows for growing your business. Benefits 36 .    Do you own a property? Why not avail a loan against it? Lower EMI owing to long repayment tenure Flexible product offering – Term Loan & Overdraft facility available Residential and commercial – both types of properties accepted.5 ton truck to heavy one to 49 tones GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). funding personal requirements or adding to an existing loan.

Take advantage of some of the best interest rates along with a customized EMI repayment structure. Loans from Rs. 37 .  Finance up to 100 % for your commercial vehicles. depending on your needs. Tractor Loans   Choose HDFC Bank's Tractor Loans to purchase your tractor for farming or commercial purposes. Farmer can hold the stock and get benefit of better pricers. Get an Accident Insurance Cover of Rs.25 Lakhs. Tailor made product for Agri Input Dealers. Warehouse Receipts Loans    A Farmer can now avail loan against the commodities stored in the godown / warehouse.1 Lakh onwards upto Rs. Agri Business Credit   Choose from a gamut of products under HDFC Bank's Agri Business Credit for your Working Capital Finance for Agri Commodity Segment. Rural Loans: Retail Agri Loans    Indian farmers can now swipe a Kisan Gold Card to use their loan for meeting agricultural and production expenses.2 lakh absolutely FREE with this card. Avail any time banking and hassle free credit options. Get upto 90% finance on the tractor you want to buy.

38 .


Sampling plan The sampling plan calls for three decisions. Sample size: The selection of 20 respondents.     Defining the problem Defining the sampling plan Collection of data Analysis and interpretation Defining the problem Defining the research problem is first necessary step for any research. Contact methods: I have conducted the respondent through personal interviews. A. This work should be done carefully. The selection of the respondent was done on the basis of simple random sampling. Research Instrument A close ended questionnaire was constructed for my survey. B. Sampling unit: I have completed my survey in SOUTH DELHI.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Methodology is the investigation of specific problem in detail. There should be a good research plan for conducting research. After all this analysis is made for getting solution for problem. At first problem is defined carefully for conducting research. I have collected the information from the respondent with the help of questionnaire. Questionnaire consisting of a set of questions made to be filled by various respondents. C. No research can be done without data collection. Collecting the Information After this. 40 .

and thus happen to be original in character. Thus the whole data was grouped aspect wise and was presented in tabular form. frequencies and percentages were to redder impact of the study. Methods of secondary data:  Various publication of the central. Thus. 2) Secondary data:-The secondary data are those data which have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical process.  Through schedules.  Reports and publications of various association. I have chosen primary and secondary data to collect the information in my project report. state or local government. I have tabulated the collected data and developed frequency distributions. Presentation of Findings This was the last stop of the survey.  Public records and historical documents etc.  Interview method. TYPES OF DATA COLLECTION 1) Primary data: . magazines and newspaper.  Through questionnaires.  Technical and trade journals. Methods of primary data:  Observation method.  Books.The primary data are those which are collected afresh and for the first time. 41 .Analyse the Information The next step is to extract the pertinent finding from the collected data.

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in the following services? a) Interest Rates b) Repayment Period c) Customer Care d) Transaction Period 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Interest Rates 8 60 28 4 0 Percentage(%) Repayment Period 40 56 4 0 0 Customer Care 44 16 12 4 24 Transaction Period 20 52 24 0 0 Excellent Very Good Excellent Very Good Good Poor Very Poor Services Offered by HDFC Good Poor Very Poor 45 .HDFC BANK Q1. How do you rate HDFC Ltd.

? 40 35 30 Percentage(%) 25 20 15 10 5 0 Higher Rate Of Interest 40 Less Lack of Longer Loan Informatio Sanction Amount n Period 16 16 8 Annual Rest 20 Percentage(%) Reasons Of Loan Transfer 46 .What is the reason of your loan transfer from HDFC Ltd.Q2.

In what terms / services do you find the other institutions (in which your loan is transferred) is better than us? Better Services 20% 44% 24% 12% Customer Care Full Loan Amount Sanctioned Low Rate Of Interest 47 .Q3.

? A) Higher Rate of Interest B) Less Loan Amount C) Lack of Information D) Longer Sanction Period E) Annual Rest Q3. in the following services? 1) Interest Rates 2) Repayment Period 3) Customer Care 4) Transaction Period A) Excellent B) Very Good C) Good D) Poor Q2. How do you rate HDFC Ltd. What is the reason of your loan transfer from HDFC Ltd.QUESTIONNAIRE Q1. In what terms / services do you find the other institutions (in which your loan is (transferred) is better than us? A) Better Services B) Customer Care C) Full Amount Sanctioned 48 .

Do you know about these products of the banking industry? a) Savings a/cyes/no b) fixed deposits c) current a/c yes/no yes/no 49 . How do you find the service of the bank? a) Good b) Ok c) No comments good 50% ok 45% no comments 5% 3. Are you aware of all products or schemes offered by the banks? a) YES b) NO 40% yes no 60% 2.YES BANK 1.

Which of these products are you interested in? a) Savings a/c b) Fixed deposits c) Current a/c d) De-mat a/c e) credit card f) Insurances g) mutual funds h) Loans yes/no yes/no yes/no yes/no yes/no yes/no yes/no yes/no 50 .d) de-mat a/c e) credit cards f) insurances g) mutual funds h) loans yes/no yes/no yes/no yes/no yes/no saving a/c 5% 15% 15% fixed deposit current a/c demat a/c 40% credit cards 5% 10% 5% 5% insurances mutual funds loans 4.

Which of the following innovative services of the bank would you like to go in for? a) Phone banking b) A T M c) Net banking d) Mobile banking e) Bill payment f) None of these g) All of these 5% 5% 10% phone banking ATM net banking mobilebanking 60% 10% 10% none of these all of these LIMITATIONS 51 .saving a/c 5% fixed deposit 19% current a/c demat a/c 23% 24% 14% 10% 3% 2% credit cards insurances mutual funds loans 5.

General survey is more biased: General Survey is more biased because few institutions were not ready to give the exact financial details. 52 . 3.1. 2. Less responsive communication: General Survey was found to beless responsive because of the reason that institutions &organizations did not want to respond to the questionnaire due to lack of time & non willingness. Time consuming: The General Survey was time consuming because it take time to reach to different institutions & ask them certain related questions in there different areas.

ATMs. Also. The services offered by various banking sections such as Credit Card. Savings Banks Account.CONCLUSION There is a stiff and tough competition in the private sector banking and especially cutthroat level at Retail Banking section. I learn how to make out and induce customers about the prospects of an organization upon which he is going to save his/ her deposits for a considerable period of time. Debit Card. 53 . Current Account and so on enable me to find out what the customer of today thinks about the services the banks are providing and made a significant distinguish between what the performance of Yes Bank to that of the HDFC Bank and how prompt they are.

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