Continuous Gravimetric Feeder Controls

Intelligent System Control (ISC) Model Specifications
The Brabender Intelligent System Control (ISC) modules are feedermounted intelligent electronic modules fully wired to the weigh-feeder or mass flow meter. The ISC modules connect to the Operator Interface using the Brabender SCC (Single Cable Connection) Field Bus System. Up to 16 weigh-feeders in field bus interconnection can be interfaced with the Brabender Remote Multi-Feeder Controller Congrav® RC4 and/or the Brabender IPC (Industrial PC) by just one single cable. The ISC Control Module (ISC-CM) monitors the weight reading, adjusts the Motor Control and communicates over the SCC bus to the operator interface. There are three versions of ISC-CM. The standard ISCCM uses digital communications to take readings from the load cell and send speed commands to the Motor Controller. The ISC-CM-SG incorporates a digital Strain Gauge load cell amplifier allowing precision readings from a strain gauge load cell and uses communications to send speed commands to the Motor Controller. The ISC-CM-A uses 0-10VDC analog signals to read the load cell and control the Motor Controller. The ISC Motor Controller takes its speed command from the ISC-CM. Also, the Output Relays for the ISC-CM are incorporated in the Motor Controller housing. There are three types of ISC Motor Controllers. The ISC-FC controls 3-Phase 230VAC motors. The ISC-DC controls 90VDC and 180VDC motors, but requires the ISC-CM-A. The ISC-VC controls 230VAC Vibration Motors. Each ISC-CM module is equipped with a service interface to connect a PC, laptop or modem for system diagnosis and trouble shooting. Each ISC feeder is equipped with one ISC-CM and one Motor Controller.

Compared with conventional technology, the integration of the metering, control and regulation electronics in the weigh-feeders themselves saves all control cabinets otherwise required and reduces cabling and installation expenses to a minimum. Additional weigh-feeders can easily be integrated in the system by connecting them to the field bus. Other industrial field bus systems are supported such as Profibus DP-V1, ControlNet and others upon request.

Control Module ISC-CM / Speed Control Module ISC-FC Mounted on the Brabender Weigh-Feeder (internally fully wired and tested)

Further ISC Modules Mounted on the Brabender Weigh-Feeder (internally fully wired and tested)

Load Cell

Feeder* 1

Feed Unit (Three-phase motor)

Feeder* 2

Feeder* 3

Feeder* ...

Speed feedback

Digital Input (interlocking)

Trouble Shooting / Modem (RS 422)

2 Relay Outputs (enable, refill) 230 VAC (fuse protection on site)

To Operator Interface

SCC Field Bus

Max. 16 Feeders*

* May be any combination of Loss-In-Weight Feeders, Weigh Belt Feeders or Mass Flow Meters

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Document: 7200-C30-5

EN 602041: 1992.. Head Office: 6500 Kestrel Road Mississauga. • RS422 interface for Intelligent Digital • • • • Load Cell IDL-F or analog load cell with Brabender AED RS-422 individual feeder diagnosis and parameter entry interface for PC or laptop connection for startup and service. EN 50082-2: 1994. Laptop. 73/ 23/EEC (low voltage).. mounted on the ISC-FC Motor Controller • 185-260 VAC. 250VAC/5A) and Refill (dry contact.. wired and tested..000 t 0. 47-63 Hz. 2 Digital Inputs: Interlocking (24 VDC). Value 0. weigh-feeder. • Powered by ISC Motor Controller. • SCC Field Bus: RS485. Modem ISC ISC ISC Start-up Parameter entry Trouble shooting Maintenance SCC Field Bus Max.... 2 Digital Outputs (Contacts on ISC Motor Controller): Operation (dry contact...Intelligent System Control (ISC) Model Specifications and/or Setpoint 240. 1-Ph • Maximum motor rating 1⁄2HP. 0-10 kHz). 16 weigh-feeders Design • Closed housings.. 85% air humidity without condensation.239 t and/or . • Ambient: 0-45°C. PLC/Host Brabender IPC (Industrial PC) Brabender Remote MultiFeeder Controller Congrav RC 4 R PC.. 47-63 Hz. ISC-VC Motor Controller • 230 VAC.. entry unit for individual connection to ISC-CM control modules.000 kg/h Set Total Act. or for modem for remote troubleshooting. EN 50081-2: 1993. Digital Speed Feedback (24 VDC. Ontario Canada. 1-Ph • Enclosure protection: NEMA 4 • Built-in Motor Controller (Resonant • Brabender IPC (Industrial PC) with Provis process visualization. 1HP or • Enclosure protection: IP 65 • Built-in Motor Controller (frequency 2HP must be specified Operator Interfaces • NEW! Brabender Remote SingleFeeder Controller Congrav® OP1 (see 7200-C30-7). converter) for speed control of gravimetric feeders with three-phase AC motors) ISC-DC Motor Controller • 230 VAC. 1-Ph • Enclosure protection: NEMA 4 • Built-in Motor Controller (SCR) for speed control of gravimetric feeders with 90VDC or 180VDC motors) • Only compatible with the ISC-CM-A • Brabender Remote Multi-Feeder Controller Congrav® RC4 (see 7200-C30-6). ISC-CM Control Module • Enclosure protection: IP 65. Total 3. L5T 1Z6 8/04 Supersedes 4/03 Page 2 of 2 Telephone: Toll Free: Facsimile: Email: (905) 670-2933 (888) 284-4574 (905) 670-2557 sales@brabenderti... Vibration Controller) for amplitude control of gravimetric feeders with 230VAC Vibration motors) Other Accessories: • PC diagnosis software „Smart• Plug-in Brabender local parameter Service“. • The modules comply with NEMA and CE standards. 250VAC/5A) RS485 interface to speed control module ISC-FC (signal transmission to the speed controller of the weighfeeder). • Noise immunity: The modules comply with the following directives and harmonized specifications of the European Union: 89/336/EEC (electromagnetic compatibility). max.000 kg/h Document: 7200-C30-5 ..

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