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ISSUE 5 (MAY 2011)


Casting of tunnel roof slab Concreting of tunnel base slab at night

Tableform installation for placement of rebars for tunnel roof

Completed tunnel section

The construction of the MCE tunnels is by the cut-and-cover method. Soil is excavated to the bottom of the base slab within the temporary earth retaining walls. The base slab is then constructed, followed by the wall and finally the roof slab. After the completion of the roof slab, soil is placed on top of the completed tunnel roof and compacted in layers up to the original ground level. Construction of the tunnel structures commenced in the middle of 2010 and to date, about 250,000m3 of concrete has been poured. This is equivalent to the volume of 100 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Completed slip tunnel

Compaction of backfill


The strutting work for excavations for the main tunnel and slip tunnels commenced in early 2010. Stage 1 excavation for the undersea tunnel section was completed in December 2010. The remaining strutting work for MCE is still ongoing. The struts are made of structural steel and span across the width of the excavation area. They provide lateral support for the temporary earth retaining walls to allow excavation to take place safely at a depth of 12m to 25m. They are installed progressively to different depths as the excavation goes deeper. The tunnel structure (base slab, wall and roof ) is then constructed from the bottom of the excavation with sequential removal of the struts along the way. The typical excavation width is 60m (wide enough for more than 15 traffic lanes) with a maximum width of 120m.

Overview of strutting work for slip road tunnel at ECP/KPE Interchange -

4 layers of strutting work

2010 201012 , , 12 25, , , , 60(15) 120

Excavation to final level

To facilitate the construction of the slip road for Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE), part of the East Coast Parkway (ECP) towards Changi was diverted on 17 April 2011.

Keeping in Touch with Stakeholders

As a People Centric Organisation, we maintain close contact with our stakeholders to keep them abreast of the progress of the construction work and to better understand their needs and concerns.

Marina Bay Golf Course

Waterplace Condominium

Briefing to Marina South Pier Tenants

Your feedback is important. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact : Ms Cecilia Aw Project Communications Manager Land Transport Authority Tel : 6396 2837 Fax : 6396 1148 Email :

Tanjong Ria Condominium

Casuarina Cove Condominium



The construction of the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) commenced in 2009. Progress has been good, and to date, approximately 47% of the excavation works and 22% of the tunnel structure have been completed.
Marina Wharf (C481)
Seawall built to contain 9.1 hectares of reclamation site for future surface road at Marina Wharf 9.1

2009 47%22%

Marina South (C482)

Completed part of depressed road section at Marina South

Marina South (C483)

Excavation and strutting work at Marina South

Marina East (C486)

Excavation and strutting work at Marina East adjacent to Marina Bay Golf Course

Marina Bay Crossing (C485)

Undersea tunnel construction

Marina Bay

ECP/KPE Interchange (C487)

Excavation and strutting work at Marina Bay

Excavation and strutting work at ECP/KPE Interchange



, : 6396 28 37 : 6396 1148 :



C481 - Marina Wharf Foundation work for viaduct structure Construction of seawall Land reclamation work C481

C485 Marina Bay Crossing (Near Marina Barrage) Backfilling work and removal of pipe pile for Stage 1 Tunnel structure work for Stage 1 Installation of pipe piles & bored piles for Stage 2 Ground improvement work for Stage 2 C485 ( )

C482 Marina South I (Near Marina South Pier) Excavation & strutting work Tunnel structure work Backfilling work C482 I ()

C486 Marina East Excavation & strutting work Tunnel structure work Structural work for ventilation building C486

C483 Marina South II (Near Marina Barrage) Excavation & strutting work Tunnel structure work Structural work for ventilation building Ground improvement work Installation of bored piles C483 I ()

C487 ECP/KPE Interchange Excavation and strutting work Tunnel structure work Installation of combi wall (tubular pile and sheet pile) Installation of bored piles & secant piles Ground improvement work C487

(2011 5 )

Progressive excavation to required level

2010 25 100

Excavation to base slab level

Tunnel wall completed

Installation of supports for tunnel roof construction

Waterproofing for the base slab