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Barredo: "The Government of Castilla-La Mancha is adapting training to the labor market needs"

The Director General of Education notes that "in this way we are improving the employability of our workers" PressReleaseLeader - April 4, 2013 - The Director General of Education of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Paloma Barredo said that "the Government of Cospedal is conducting training adapted to the labor market, ie, we focus on the present and future of our workers. It is not about spending but investing ".

Barredo This was said during the presentation of diplomas to ten people with disabilities who have completed a course of training in the company Cofan Criptana Country from Almida Association, with the mayor of the town, Santiago Lucas Torres. During the ceremony, the Director General said that "this training course is an example of public-private partnership between government and business to increase the employability of workers."

In this sense Barredo said that "the Government has developed a strategy with the social partners to ensure that the training is as effective as possible, adapting to the needs of the labor market. In this way, we have a common benefit for both workers and company and move into the regeneration and economic momentum of Castilla-La Mancha " As an example, Barredo reported that three of the ten students who completed the training course and have joined the labor market, "which shows that this training is meeting its objectives." During the presentation of diplomas, the Director General of Education pointed out that the Government of Castilla-La Mancha has approved 492 courses that will train a total of 7,280 students with a count of more than 267,000 hours, "something that improves skills and employability of all of them to access the labor market. " The total amount of the approved grant for the region of 22,863,005 euros and most popular professional were the Administration and Management, Socio-cultural and community Hospitality and Tourism and Information and communications. Barredo has also stressed the importance of professional certificates, which said that "80.5 percent of the same, ie 396 courses, certificates correspond to entail a formal title." Finally, the Director General of Education said that "it is essential that we continue working in this direction for a brighter future employment."

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