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What does the WMST do?

Collects the waste door to door with the support of a compactorgarbage truck. Provides waste collection service in two sangkats of Stung Treng: daily collection in the market zone and collection in alternative days in the rest of the target zone. Manages the municipal landll minimizing the impact of waste in the environment. Raises awareness about the benets of a proper waste management. Ensures an appropriate management of the service and maintenance of the equipment. Collects the garbage fee to ensure the economic sustainability of the service.

A Clean Stung Treng City starts from You!

How can this service be provided?

Thanks to the contribution of all citizens, customers in the service area, through the payment of a monthly garbage fee. The fee scheme is approved and reviewed annually by the Stung Treng Provincial Hall. The monthly fee collection will be done by WMST staff that will be properly uniformed and that will provide a garbage fee payment receipt to the users of the waste collection service.

Solid Waste Management Agency of Stung Treng

Kang Memay village, Sangkat Preah Batt Stung Treng City, Stung Treng Province Phone: 088 88 757 87 / 012 631 525

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What is the Solid Waste Management Agency of Stung Treng?

Its a newpublic institution, also called WMST, which has been created to manage properly the solid waste of the cityand reduce its negative impact the peoples living conditions and the environment. The Agencys goal is to achieve a cleaner environment in the city to provide healthier conditions and better economic opportunities to its citizens, through an appropriate management of waste. The WMST is under the control of the Stung Treng Provincial Hall andhas been funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), with the technical assistance of IPADE and in cooperation with the Provincial Department of Environment and the Stung Treng City Hall.


Sign a service agreement with the WMST Cooperate with the waste collection service respecting its norms and schedule
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Less mosquito and rats in the city will reduce the incidence of related illness


Take out the garbage in a properly tided and resistant plastic bag or in an appropriate basket or container. Bring out the garbage on the day and the time established for your zone. Dont bring out the garbage too soon, to avoid waste spread by animals (maximum one hour before the arrival of the garbage truck).

The reduction of the stuck drainages will avoid ooding and bad smell A cleaner city will improve the business opportunities and attract more tourists Reduction of waste burning will minimize the smoke and chemical pollution which causes cancer and other disease.

When keeping the garbage at home, put it in a closed container to avoid smell and insects in the house. Dont throw liquids into the garbage to avoid liking and to facilitate collection of the waste. Prevent bad smell by wrapping the organic waste in newspaper before throwing it to the garbage. Avoid accidents by wrapping broken glass in newspaper before throwing it to the garbage. Place the garbage on the sidewalk of the nearest main road to your house business place or ofce. Keep clean the sidewalk where you normally put the garbage. Dont throw in the garbage the stones or wooden materials that could damage the truck.
Contact the WMST if you need further information regarding the Stung Treng solid waste management service

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Pay the monthly garbage fee established in the service agreement Stop littering in the city

Dont burn the waste

The Stung Treng local authorities will ensure the fulllment of these guidelines and infractions will be punished according to the Inter-Ministrial Prakas on Solid Waste Management in Cities and Provinces of Cambodia.