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Bali, Butterfly, and a Lot of Did-You-Knows

What do you know about butterfly? Did you know that butterfly is cold-blooded and therefore it really loves to bask under the sun? Did you know that brightly coloured butterfly has evolved to have toxic chemicals in its body? Did you know that before becoming a butterfly, a caterpillar’s first food is its own egg shell? Did you know that butterflies do not see red colour very well? Did you know that some butterflies are able to resemble a leaf or bark of a tree to hide from predators? Did you know that butterfly’s rounded compound eyes allow it to see in all directions without turning its head? Doesn’t it amaze you that a tiny amount of sugary nectar gives butterflies energy and allows them to fly thousands of miles away to migrate from your garden?

And you might also find it interesting that male butterflies of several species really like puddling; that is when they get together around small rain pools or mud puddles. Did you know why do they do that? That’s because there is not enough nutrients in flower nectar, so they feast on extra salts and other nutrients in the water around mud puddles. Did you know that the nutrients they consume are then passed through the male’s sperm when they mate? Did you know that the female butterfly uses these same nutrients to reproduce? Amazing, isn’t it? Now, if you are in Bali, and you like to observe more about butterflies, and at the same time enjoying their beautiful colours while holding it in your hand, you may come to Bali Butterfly Park. The park is located in Banjar Sandan, Wanasari, around 6 km north of Tabanan on the road to Penebel, or around 27 km from Denpasar. Bali Butterfly Park is the largest butterfly park in Asia. It covers a hectare of area. The butterfly specimen collection in the park is so lovely. Hundreds of butterflies from at least 15 species are selected from all around Indonesia to be preserved and bred here in the park. Most of them are of protected species such as the yellow Troides Helena and the bluish Ornithoptera Priamus. Each month, the park lets free at least 3,500 butterflies to their original habitat. Do come to the park before 10:00 a.m. so that you can see hundreds of butterflies fly away altogether to sip nectar from flowers around the park. Oh, by the way, did you the address? Bali Butterfly Park Jalan Batukaru, Sandan Wanasari Tabanan, Bali 80351 +62 361 814 282; 814 283

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