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Glory Box Reopened By Mark Alders .

to put it in simple animalistic terms. flawless and soft. Tall and thin. because of the wild magnetic winds and pockets of gases. and lovely olive-coloured skin. The streaking stars slowed to return back to beautiful points. Numerous nav-com screens lit up. the man he had spent many. as the nebula filled the view screen with its deadly beauty. Right then. eternal vastness of space. Strange for a man to have soft skin. black sexy hair that covered his eyes.Chapter One Ouroborus Nebula D ylan flicked the switch to bring AI navigation online. Ahead. was hot. that made up the nebula as billions of stars died and re-formed over many eons. but Long did. both volatile and corrosive. Long entered the cock pit. like diamonds against the dark. Long was his first mate. To navigate manually through the eye of the Ouroborus Nebula was suicide. Long. a strange place where many spaceships had found their silent graves. the Ouroborus Nebula. many space hours next to while they hauled freight through the safe path of the nebula to the outer colonized worlds. How Dylan 1 . The ship’s engines whirred. That was the reason he brought the ship to computer control. indicating AI was on.

emotion filled. Simple as that. the answer was simple…rejection. his voice hoarse. “Wow. Long’s close proximity. Dylan tried to ignore him. in reality. He sat in the co-pilot’s seat. How many years had it been? Why hadn’t he made his move? They had declared their commitment to each other ages ago. “It looks 2 . You know. Cold showers and dirty holoVids to jack off to didn’t cut it anymore. Why not consummate that commitment? Why not fuck each other like love-sick teenagers in heat at any given moment? Dylan sure needed some relief. A human’s worst fear. “The Ouroborus Nebula. the leather creaking.” Dylan almost choked on his own tongue. “What’cha mean?” Dylan murmured.Mark Alders yearned to touch him…sexually. I mean. Fiddling with the instruments in front of him did relieve him from his thoughts of wanting to entangle his limbs around Long’s in a heated moment of passion…for a short time. I never get over that. “The entrance to it always looks to me like two blokes sucking each other off. Dylan needed Long. the brush of hands across his as they programmed in their well-used and trusted path through the nebula for the computer to follow without deviation. trying to focus his attention on the task at hand. hard sixtynine for shits and giggles. real soon. sensuous drawl.” Long said in his deep. proof was spending all this time alone. Dylan shook his head. was distracting but added fuel to his desires. giving each other a good. What was stopping him? Well. knocking Dylan from his reverie.” Long said.

“Let’s do it right here. lust and fear. just because they can.Glory Box Reopened like what?” He turned his full attention to Long. and the sheer gutlessness on his part all came to a head. “For shits and giggles?” “Yeah. Now would be the test. He’d either be spaced for making his move. the doubt. Through nerves. the buildup of sexual tension.” Long looked deep into Dylan’s eyes in return. otherwise he could spend another night alone…another eternity alone. or rewarded. one full and beautiful. Long said. complete with dizzy spells and tingles through him that fed his cock to hardness. pulling him close to kiss his soft. anxiety. Dylan decided to act. Dylan almost jumped out of his skin. He grabbed Long’s hands. like how we could. Was that the signal he had been waiting for all this time? Was that the permission he needed from Long to make his move without getting burnt? Dylan had to act now. He added.” “Here?” He didn’t let go of Long’s hands and his 3 . I mean?” Long smiled. eyebrows shot up his forehead like rockets on take-off. Long returned the kiss in earnest. Dylan managed. the thought of what-ifs. you know. while the moment was still fresh.” Right there and then. if we wanted. eyes wide. “Like how we could…if we wanted to…for shits and giggles. When they parted t heir kiss. parting Dylan’s lips with his warm. sensual tongue. Three years of pussy-footing around. plump yet manly lips. “Yeah. showing his perfect white teeth. Seemed he would be rewarded and he let the moment carry him away.

Naked. He sucked cock perfectly. A distraction he didn’t need. agonizing moment. they disrobed. Passion that would soon be released like a supernova of ecstasy. Instead. He couldn’t help it. “In the cockpit?” Long didn’t reply. like the passion that now swirled within him. every delicious touch Long gave him. “Oh. Dylan’s cock was as hard as ever. Long licked the end of his slit to tease at first. emulating a line from one of his dirty holoVids. Long had taken in all of Dylan’s length. holding him around his buttocks so he could anchor himself. because he wanted to savour every moment. grabbing Dylan’s cock and pulling on the base of it so that his wet-with-excitement foreskin could be retracted. revealing his bulging head. not too hard. looked intense while Long began to work Dylan’s length. pre-cum oozing to make the mouth of his un-retracted foreskin glisten like one of the many stars that made up the beautiful nebula they were heading into —the nebula that was the inspiration and catalyst for them both to show their true feelings for each other…finally.Mark Alders grip became hot and sweaty. He got down on his knees. he stood. so he 4 . Dylan. fuck!” Dylan managed. did Long give him the attention he had craved all these years.” Long said. Seconds later. not too soft. And boy. The Ouroborus Nebula vivid on the screen was their backdrop. ones that Dylan could become lost in for an eternity. “You’re fucking hot. He couldn’t think of anything more appropriate. His deep brown eyes. To say anything else right now would be a distraction. after their hold had been broken for a brief.

ohso-comfortable. into his mouth and his nose was pubes deep. A muffled and satisfied groan emanated from Long as he took all Dylan gave him as best he could. Dylan blew his load.” Long’s touch was wonderful. every inch.Glory Box Reopened could take more of his cock Again Dylan let out a cheesy phrase. He said. the man he had wanted all these years. we’re both stupid dumb cunts then. and strangely yet thankfully. Thirty seconds later. warm and welcome. enhanced by the first orgasm they had shared together. 5 . his hard cock pressing against his stomach.” Dylan felt embarrassed for a brief instant before he. “About time you let me suck you off. Dylan’s cock came out of his mouth with a sexy. “Well. Still. “I was waiting for you. aren’t we?” “Sure fucking are. because Dylan sure gave the man a lot. too. and when he pulled away. Dylan sunk more into his man’s hold. this time with a deep satisfied hiss through his teeth as his first mate. Again they kissed. a lot of his jizz couldn’t be held. not even when he took all of his cock. He came to lick off his own salty goodness from his man’s beautiful lips. his lips tingling from both the attention of what he’d received and his own cum.” Dylan replied. could see the funny side of all this. moist popping sound. Dylan. It had been a long time indeed. That was so sexy.” “I was waiting for you to make the first move. Long never let his stare move from Dylan’s. Long let out a laugh. Long’s lips and chin were soon wet with ejaculate. He embraced Dylan. finally got his lips around his cock just like he had dreamed about.

otherwise I would be heading off to bed alone right now instead of being reamed over my own console as the ship makes its way through the nebula. He was so involved with trying to get into Long’s pants he couldn’t think of an opening line to do so. Dylan noticed that the safe path they had to travel through the Ouroborus Nebula did indeed look like two blokes giving each other a sixty-nine. if you squinted and used your imagination. Good thing Long was a bit more inventive with his opening. Wow I’ll never get over that sentence that got us both naked and into each other for shits and giggles. so Long could do whatever the fuck he wanted to do behind.Mark Alders nuzzling his nose into his neck. smelling his sweet scented hair and kissing his heated skin. He wriggled his way out of Long’s hold.eventually. Long added. “Now. missing his touch already. Funny how things turned….” Dylan didn’t need to be told twice. Typical. He grabbed the console tight and arched his back so he was nice and receptive. 6 . How he hadn’t seen that before was beyond him. After an eternity of being close. sending shivers of delight up through his spine. how about we forget about the past and I bend you over right now and fuck the living shit out of you while you stare at the pretty Ouroborus Nebula. As soon as he felt Long’s warm hands grab his buttocks and his tongue lick his rim.

Life as a slave was harsh. They were the iron fists. most not seeing their twenty-first birthdays. They were feared…and revered. externally or internally. The Dominion. Ordinary slaves were used and abused by their masters. Their life expectancy was low. a perfect reflection of life itself in a strange. cruel and unjust. Marett. taken away from his mother when young from the Roman province of Aquitaine in Gaul. the dark shadows in the death of night. They were as common as sandals on Roman Centurions. Not so for slaves owned by the Dominion. but were also the elite guards of Caesar himself. a specialised group of men who not only protected Rome from all manner of enemy.Glory Box Reopened Chapter Two From Want to Need M arett wasn’t an ordinary slave. the silent blades of justice. was now a Dominion slave. and as such they filled the many shallow graves outside the city outskirts once their usefulness was exhausted. 7 . twisted way. considered nothing more than objects.

fed well. he could be sold to a normal master. the month long celebration to the God of War. He never had to break his back doing anything manual. tigers and Christians were slaughtered during the festival. He kept himself clean. before the time of rest began in earnest. he was looked after. and Marett was owned for the privilege of doing so for those who desired young men in their beds. The Dominion liked their relief to be fit.Mark Alders His role was different than those of other slaves. The men would be 8 . The gladiators. He was one of the chosen. but soon the blades would be silent. had been feasting. and provided accommodation. pride fuelling that desire. healthy and remain as handsome as the first day they were chosen. under his foreskin. If he disappointed. Marett made sure he always looked his best. especially his genitals. and had his hair trimmed short so the men could see his face while he sucked on their cocks. and around his arse. He made sure his body was shaven smooth so they would always enjoy touching him. Many lions. required to be sexual relief for the gladiators of the Dominion after they had played their games or returned from battle. The gladiators deserved to be pleasured. As a result of his function. He had to do all of this and more if he was to remain in the Dominion’s employ. or scrub floors until his knuckles were red raw. Only a matter of time before they were used and abused like the rest of them to an early grave. Tonight was the eve of the day of rest after the Fasti. given clothes. fighting and practising their skills in the arena with a variety of weapons. Mars. like carry water from an aquifer well up steep hills on his head.

In poured the most brilliantly muscled men Marett would ever want to feast his gaze upon. Some were still in full battle gear. Some were already bare-chested. The man who would chose him above all the others. All had a look of lust in their eyes as they took in all the pleasure slaves before them. Soon the room began to empty. that would be a dream. and like always. having removed their armour long ago. his skin a glistening sheen. Dominion gladiators could take all they wanted. white loin cloth and a wreath of olive leaves around his head. gladiators with their chosen on their arms. and each went to them. escorted to his bed. that was his purpose and his desire right now. or provided for them for their services.Glory Box Reopened insatiable for something more than bloodlust. but found it difficult to contain his joy. smiling. Marett had covered himself in scented oils. In the end it didn’t matter. He tried to calm himself. Some liked men. whether the want was from the spoils of war. A few liked both. Many of the gladiators had their favourites already in mind. He stood to attention. To be with Antonius. He was as ready as he’d ever be. He wore nothing but a clean. The gladiator who would want him to soothe his weary flesh in whatever way he pleased. others liked women. To be in a gladiator’s arms. Marett’s heart skipped a beat and his mouth went dry all of a sudden when Antonius appeared at the door’s threshold. They would want sexual relief. The gates to the Dominion common room opened with a metallic clang. nerves overtook him as he waited for his suitor for the night. 9 . They would want the comfort of flesh against their weary skin.

or how he may have come out of favour because each day passing meant he was older. Would Antonius claim him. his fate may be sealed. after what seemed an eternity of waiting. He was as handsome as any God and with the physical strength to match. Then again. either. As soon as Antonius spied Marett. If Antonius took him up into his arms. He had begun to wonder whether Antonius had been killed in one of the many territory skirmishes that had plagued the Empire since Caesar became supreme dictator of the senate over a year ago. he would be in Heaven…if not. Finally. his mind filled with thoughts of dread. Marett hadn’t seen Antonius for many months. That was their purpose. His presence and his aura were intoxicating. but that was more than enough for Marett to take in his fill. a big beard and tanned skin that was enhanced by his muscular form.Mark Alders The man had an immediate effect on Marett. Sure. his pulse loud in his ears. Not many slaves. The gladiator had a shock of black hair. 10 . Again. Marett was nineteen. He only wore his battle skirt and belt right now. whether behind curtains or in shadowed hallways. he made a line for him. Marett sighed relief. Antonius came to him. To be left unchosen didn’t bode well. The elite of the Dominion were always watching. Dominion gladiator’s were always called to arms. Marett’s heart fluttered and he felt himself swoon. He could abandon the thoughts of how he may not have presented himself as good as other times. or would he choose another? Not many gladiators were left. almost to the point of agony.

The bulk of the gladiator cast a shadow over him. “You are a handsome thing. “Marett. So good to see you once more. as well.” Marett licked his lips. Marett. too.” “You please me. This pleased Marett to no end. throwing them to the floor without 11 . far from it. he said. he would remain in Dominion care. that could be seen as a disadvantage. aren’t you?” Antoniu s removed his clothes.Glory Box Reopened but that only meant he had to try harder than the others. Antonius’s eyes widened. and on such an important night after the month of Festi. relief washing over him. Marett was escorted to Antoniu s’s chamber. “I am glad to see you. He clearly liked what he saw. He also removed his loin cloth. Many lads and ladies had disappeared from Dominion employ after a fall or rough handling that had broken bones. But not in a way designed to hurt.” “You can have me. my Lord. Seemed he had been good enough this time. my lover. The man was gentle and caring with his actions. I want you. He opened his arms as a gesture of submission and to let the gladiator know he was receptive. To become damaged. something Marett appreciated. When inside the room proper Antonius gestured for Marett to sit himself down on the bed.” The gladiator grabbed Marett’s arm. Marett obeyed without question and without another beat of his heart. He was wanted. exposing his growing excitement for the man to feast his gaze upon. his nerves calming. for it meant that as long as Antonius was alive and defending the faith.

With a fluid motion. His cock was warm and beautiful. Antonius grabbed Marett’s head. he showed how much he appreciated being chosen tonight. and after a long moment of kissing it and licking the overhang of foreskin the man had. “And thank you. Within a breath that wouldn’t have blown out one of the many candles.” Antonius came to him. everything about the man was larger than life.Mark Alders care. he retracted the man’s foreskin proper to get at the goodness hidden. he reached out to hold the gladiator’s cock at the base. “If you say so. the air filled with sucking and slurping sounds. suck on him until he ejaculated his juice down his throat. Soon.” Marett was compelled to reply to every question spoken to him. 12 . he was moving his lips over Antonius’s length to take in as much of him as he possibly could. While seated on the bed filled with exotic cushions and rich fabrics. lips wet and eyes wide. his foreskin retracted enough so Marett could glimpse at his head already wet with pre-cum. a manner that enabled him to take it into his mouth with ease. my Lord. His tongue washed with the taste of bitter and sweet. His cock was hard already. He really only wanted to take Antonius’s length into his mouth. Marett didn’t waste any time. A look of lust etched on his face. Marett took the bright. Shivers of delight right down his spine to spur him on from the gladiator’s actions. it was a requirement. red jewel of the man’s cockhead into his mouth. Antonius’s testicles were huge. In fact. like honey-salted pork spiced with pepper. removing the wreath so he could massage his scalp with his thick fingers.

and knew how to position any man’s length within his mouth so he didn’t choke on it. All slaves who did well always stayed the whole night. Marett would be fucked. “I am glad I please you. “You deserve so much more. because he didn’t please. “You know how I like it. he was taken into a chamber where he was expected to suck cock until the man ejaculated. Marett had no clue as to what was going on. Marett?” He pulled away. Then we can talk.Glory Box Reopened Antonius groaned. why the gladiator would say such a thing. pushing his cock in deeper and deeper into his mouth. he licked his lips—tingling from his effort — replying. eaten and drank. his body well used in every way imaginable by the gladiator. 13 . the air punctuated with a pop as the man’s rock hard cock left his lips.” Marett was about to return to his duty. Tonight something wasn’t right. Saliva dribbled down his chin. Not good to be sent back to the common room so soon. sometimes many times throughout the night before exhaustion found the gladiator and he fell into a deep sleep. Marett’s goal was to wake up next to Antonius.” A moment of confusion found Marett. when Antonius placed his finger under his chin to move his face so he could look deep into his eyes. don’t you. when the gladiator had rested. “I don’t understand. but not too far down to gag. he was an expert at sucking cock anyway. Then. Marett took him all. continue to take the man until he orgasmed. Normally. my Lord.” “Let me show you what I mean.” Again.

touching and admiring his body. Was it appreciation? Respect? Caring? He didn’t know and would never know until told. lying down. getting ready to take it into his mouth. Antonius sat beside Marett. didn’t know how to react to being touched in this manner. frightening Marett. “I beg your pardon. Antonius hadn’t said such a thing.” Such words out of place could get him in trouble. “I said. let me show you. Marett. not only confused. he reached to grab Antonius’s cock once more.” He decided to play along. Before Marett could say 14 . His actions also backed up what he was doing.” Antonius commanded. my handsome. What should he do? Almost instinctively. Antonius. What was he to do? What if he had misunderstood the messages and got it wrong? “Shh. “I want you to lie down. Now. his expression was filled with something else. “No.Mark Alders Aside from the look of lust Antonius had earlier. Wasn’t he good enough all of a sudden? Sure. almost hurt by what the man said. he would have to wait and see how events transpired from here. feel his body. What happened next had never happened to him in all the years he had been a slave of the Dominion. but these were unusual circumstances. Let me pleasure you. my Lord.” Marett stopped. He began to stroke his hair.” Marett couldn’t believe his ears. Unfortunately. for you to let me show you. all thick lips and massive beard. He blurted. but many slaves had been tricked before. grabbed Marett’s cock and began playing with it. Something Marett couldn’t put his finger on. due to him not being able to ask questions of the men he pleasured.

He sighed deep. Antonius came away from his study. his foreskin was retracted and the gladiator was sucking on his bulging head. there was a nibbling on his foreskin. when retracted again. Antonius pulled away. Finally. closing his eyes tight once Antonius. Marett’s cock finding his stomach with a wet.Glory Box Reopened anything. licking up all his pre-cum. there were long licks over his engorged head to send wave after wave of pleasure right though him. slapping noise. to protest or to question. but not in a nasty way. his lover it would seem. Marett trusted him. ever spent any time pleasuring Marett no matter how lovely they thought he was. because Marett’s foreskin was long.” Marett replied. He even fondled his testicles while he worked. He was speechless. Then. He said.” the gladiator growled. are you not? Your accent is as 15 . my Lord. unable to remain retracted without assistance. because no man. far from it. Or was it more worship than desire that fuelled Antonius’s actions? Marett believed so. Right there and then. a member of the elite. What’s more. He seemed at peace. Shivers of delight shot through Marett. “Lie down. not Antonius. He did as he was told. began to pleasure him again. he sat up to protest. serene even. whether they were elite guard or not. Again. would ever want to pleasure a slave. “Yes. with his stomach quivering from the new sensations Antonius delivered while he enjoyed Marett’s cock in his mouth. a slave whose job it was to pleasure him. “You’re from Aquitaine. enjoying the man’s touch over his sensitive skin. Marett should be doing this. First. unable to fathom why a gladiator.

bringing him in close so that their naked bodies touched. The taste of Antonius while he kissed him was unique. No man had ever kissed him. do you find me as attractive. Your skin is like silk. Now it was Marett’s turn to groan. and a handsome one like Antonius. he relaxed. Marett?” “Yes.Mark Alders alluring and beautiful as you are. however. Marett inhaled through his nose. Before he could even get used to the idea of touching lips with another man. making a whistling sound. like diluted cinnamon. Soon. and with Antonius’s gentle nature behind his actions. “Don’t call me Lord. I am not your lord. Marett was confused. At first. deep and meaningful. your eyes.” Once more.” The man let go of Marett’s cock. but no less alluring. my—” Antonius waved his hand. It tingled from all the attention. their bodies entwined. moving him into a position so he could kiss Marett. Antonius smoothed one hand over Marett’s body. Tell me. The man parted Marett’s lips with his tongue while embracing him tight. but he soon forgot about such matters when he saw what the gladiator did next. they kissed. not knowing quite what to do next. for he felt without doubt he was indeed a favourite of Antonius. “I…I don’t…I don’t understand. far more subtle than ejaculate. he cradled his head. They writhed around on the bed. if not the only one the man had ever had when he returned to the Dominion. He sidled next to Marett. kissing. moaning 16 . while with the other.

“Even when I thought all hope was lost of getting home. “I need to tell you something. orgasm only when required to do so if he was to make a life in the Dominion.” Marett didn’t know whether he was required to say anything right now. “I have been a gladiator for as long as I can remember. the gladiator 17 .Glory Box Reopened and enjoying each other’s close touch. A slave had to learn to control his own body. his testicles tight and aching. but had to try and think of other things to stop himself. oiled skin. my desire to keep us all free has spurred me on. I was trained to fight for the country I love. planting kisses on Marett’s cheek. Marett. Over the years I have done many things. His beard tickled. just listen. Antonius parted the touch of their lips. concentrating on his hardened nipples. many things I am not proud of. not too hard or not too soft. or the thrill of victory was my only companion.” He shifted his weight. To ejaculate before the man who gave him pleasure for the first time would be considered rude at the least. With a touch. a fact Antonius also made sure he paid attention to his cock while he spoke. From the time I was a little boy. he could feel the pre-cum ooze from him. He was still hard. pillows and bedclothes thrown off without care. but through it all. running his hands all over his smooth.” He sat up. Marett was as hard as he had ever been. Many. propped by his elbow so he could look deep into Marett ’s eyes.” “What is it?” “Shh. He was ready to ejaculate. I have also thought of something else to keep me from madness. so instead he ran his fingers through Antonius’s thick chest hair.

instead of just pounding away whenever the urge took. I want you to become my life-partner. Marett 18 . he was so stunned by what the man had said.” He tugged on Marett’s foreskin. Was the gladiator speaking the truth? Or was this some sort of trick. I want to take you with me. The one I come home to. Antonius was lubricating him. so that’s not a surprise. Marett. Antonius used care and planning to make sure their love making would be enjoyable for the both of them. My unconditional faith to Rome and the Dominion has not gone unnoticed. like all the others had done. feeling the silk of it between his finger and thumb. that is the privilege of being a hand of the Dominion.” For the longest time. I was given a choice. preparing his hole for entry. pulling it so it overhang his erection by a good inch. “What I am trying to say is. a ruse being played on him to get him out of Dominion care and working as a regular slave to some cruel master because he was no longer needed. The one I can grow old with. become a public figure. parting his legs so they could copulate.Mark Alders masturbated Marett when he had finished trailing his touch around the rest of his body. holding the wisdom of knowledge instead of a sword. The man continued. Again. I was asked if I would like to serve in another manner. he didn’t notice when he came so he was on top of him. In fact. Was his time here up. I have studied for such a thing. Marett’s mind was blank and he couldn’t see beyond the ramifications of the words Antonius spoke. He added. “Earlier this afternoon. and not in a good way? A touch of an oil slicked finger at his arsehole knocked him from his reverie.

19 . his care. Marett was the happiest he’d ever been in his life. and with his mind still reeling. wet by those tears. his whole body overwhelmed with the feeling of completion. He took him all in. Antonius entered Marett. Marett was pleased he’d been entered with something more than drunken lust. Tears of joy fell down to his cheeks. He shuddered.Glory Box Reopened groaned. Marett let out a pleasure filled cry when his man was the deepest. His scent. and worshipped more and more with each passing moment as the man pushed his length deeper and deeper into Marett. the men he had to pleasure not caring what happened after they had blown their loads. and a good part at that. and he didn’t care he had ejaculated long ago because the movement of Antonius in and over him had caused him to do so. muscled back. So perfect in every way. The moment of their contact was beautiful. and could get used to it. running his hands over his massive. and soon his lips quivered. and perfect. his touch. and so began the familiar dance of a man reaching climax within him. kissed. For that reason. Antonius moaned. He was held. all were intoxicating. It was beautiful. This time. Most times he was fucked red raw. He loved Antonius’s touch at the most tender part of him. with care and intention. the bond he felt toward Antonius was more than palpable. with him whispering words of love into his ear while he moved in and out of Marett like a true lover did. no doubt. Antonius was now a part of him. he began to cry. holding his man tight. Seconds later.

but twice. but what’s more.” “Why would you have thought that?” Marett asked. I was worried you wouldn’t be here when I got back from my last campaign—because it was a long time for me before I could get back home. The boys the men now like are far. “That is good to hear. “I…accept your…proposal. after a marathon session of being made love to. Finally. Only Marett knew how to truly please a man. but not because he wanted to sound disrespectful. He had been one of the last few to be chosen over the past few months. Marett said. You’ve been here a while.” Antonius smiled. he took the man’s words to heart for some strange reason. “Did you feel sorry for me? Is that why you chose me tonight?” 20 . Then. some not even sprouting pubic hair. because only he had all those years of experience to draw from. when he thought about it. but because he was genuinely curious. his exhaustion as clear on him as the sweat that clung to his brow. and with each passing day your employ is more and more at risk. continued to hold and kiss him like he was the most important thing to him in all of the empire of Rome. perhaps that wasn’t enough anymore. The boys who were chosen first to sleep with the gladiator’s were indeed young. dangerously close to being disowned by the Dominion. reacting in a way he may not have done otherwise. No one sucked cock like he did. Still.” What Antonius said was true. far younger than you. not once. He stayed inside Marett until he was flaccid. “Look around you. But they were inexperienced.Mark Alders Not so with Antonius. my Antonius.

He’d never thought in all his life that he’d hear that word spoken to him. “How can you give me freedom?” “As I said. and he loved the thought. You are the man who has kept my hopes alive in the darkest hours of my battles.” “An equal?” “Yes.Glory Box Reopened With a gentle smile. Antonius replied. I do not want a slave. Please don’t—” “You do not have to justify your feelings to me. Antonius kissed the salty tears off his cheeks. Again. I have one been granted one favour. if you are to be my lover for real. he moved down ever more. After that. more so as he still had Antonius’s cock within him. I want you to cherish your freedom in my arms. my service has not gone unnoticed. “I’m sorry. even though he had spent his seed. I want an equal. as someone who can think and act as a free man. When that was done.” “Freedom?” Marett became numb. I want you to be my partner. and I spend that favour on you. Marett shuddered.” Marett began to cry again. less so by the man who had just laid him down. A half a dozen heart beats passed and Marett was 21 . he moved his kisses down Marett’s neck. what he said was the truth. my Lord. If I am to take you away from all this. “Have my actions not disproved that for you?” Marett blushed. chest and stomach so he could lick up the ejaculate Marett had covered himself in. you must learn to express yourself far differently to what you have been taught. You are the man I want to share my new experiences with. He knew what was about to happen.

from what he had been told by his lover. “Then take me wherever you want. As an equal to a man who was the greatest man to have ever walked the cobbled street of Rome. and now. reaching down so he could hold one of his lover’s hands tight. He was no longer an object for any man’s sexual whim. but this time holding it in his hand so he could continue sucking in an instant. feel his warm touch. thanks to them. Marett was in Heaven.” Antonius let go of Marett’s cock so he could answer. In a house. his mouth was filled with Marett’s erection. “No.” “Then…I want to be my own man…with you.” Antonius didn’t answer. Marett continued to cry gentle tears while Antonius worked. the heaven of the free.Mark Alders hard once more from Antonius’s attention. I am yours. Marett. Yes. The tears that fell from his eyes were those of joy. He was no longer owned. but a man I so desperately need in my life to complete me. but now. life had been good to him while he was in the Dominion. 22 . he could live his life with Antonius. Marett was needed. only to see her executed in front of him…of need. With possessions. in his mind. He couldn’t. relief. The sound of his cock being sucked and worshipped filled the air. yo u are your own man. and for the first time since he had been taken from his mother. Antonius. want.

and above all. “Dale!” he called out many times. only sounding so because he was on his final journey? He remembered the words an old woman once told 23 . Stern teasing Dale about what he’d do to him once he got into bed that night. They didn’t stand a chance. Events revealed that a drunken teenager without a license. confused.Glory Box Reopened Chapter Three Sweet Spot T he accident had been horrific. Both were killed instantly—or so Stern believed. way too young to be behind the wheel. Then again. One moment they were laughing. the next a tunnel of light surrounded him and he seemed to float in mid air. his boyfriend Dale in the passenger seat. disjointed from reality. fearful for what had happened to his Dale. anxious. Stern reached out toward the light. his voice distant. from the material to the ethereal? Or was he still him. like it wasn’t a part of him. was he even a part of himself? Was he just consciousness floating between the planes of existence. Scared. Stern was driving. slammed into them after he ran a red light.

became a coalescent of luminous gases around him. Was that the cycle of life? To be born. They held each other. The tunnel of light soon changed. Death was a road everyone travelled. As in life. he let his man touch him. and as such. He looked straight into the deep. to be re-born? Stern didn’t want to contemplate such matters. Stern didn’t speak. like being encased in ethereal cotton wool. Again. After all. soulful blue eyes of his Dale. Stern couldn’t hazard a guess. He turned. everyone who travelled it faced death. how long did the transition into the next stage of existence last? He would imagine it wouldn’t 24 . he called out for Dale and once more silence found his ears. feel him all over for they were naked. as the light seemed to solidify around him. only to be re-born again. because it was warm and welcome.Mark Alders him. he wanted to enjoy his man’s touch. Life without his lover would be unbearable. Perhaps a millisecond. and they seemed to ring true. a hand came to hold him around his chest. perhaps an eternity had passed where stars were born and died. He began to panic. to die. raw skin against raw skin while travelling the path toward their next destination. death without him even more so. helping him find his physical form. Until now. he was now complete. What he saw gave him joy beyond life itself. maybe for the last time. He was surrounded. What was the afterlife if he had no one to share it with? Right then. Instead. He didn’t understand what those words meant. He was drawn into another. for how long.

a signal for him to stop what he was doing. Why wouldn’t he? He did it so well. facing Dale so they could kiss and share each other on the most intimate level two humans could. “Always. tracing his fingers over the muscular lines of Dale’s wonderful form. like a herald from an angel. was always eager to please him when it came to fellatio. my beautiful?” Stern asked.Glory Box Reopened be long. “Make love to me. To ejaculate too soon wasn’t what he liked. or perhaps another eternity. concentrating on his ample foreskinned cock. He never did. Before he knew it. he took him into his mouth. Then. the grand scheme of things taken into consideration. Stern simply loved how the man—his man. His balls getting tighter.” Seconds later. he was hard and ready. entwined within his arms as completely as the planets were bound to their stars. Stern grabbed Dale’s chin. after Dale had kissed his way down toward Stern’s groin. The ethereal matter that surrounded them danced in time with their 25 . my baby. He didn’t want to blow his load too soon. If Stern wasn’t already in heaven. More kisses. the ether around them swirling with their actions.” Dale said. Stern didn’t need any more encouragement. for the familiar feeling of ecstasy was rising up inside him. getting warmer and warmer to match their passion. Stern was inside his man. more embraces. “Ready. That he always liked to save for Dale. he was when his lover wrapped his lips around his bulging length.

Giving him what he wanted. Stern didn’t reply. Straight couples did it. and anyone who ever told them otherwise always got an earful in no uncertain terms.” Dale whispered between passionate kisses. joined not only physically. always receptive and willing so Stern could indeed face him as he gained his rhythm. even right here and right now in the transition to the afterlife. they had to look into each other’s eyes when they were joined. pushing up with each thrust of Stern’s cock.Mark Alders actions. All humans always were when they were an important part of their soul mate. and he didn’t mind at all. 26 . Stern had no difficulty keeping himself within his man to pleasure him. He was complete when he was inside Dale. “You so get me right there on my sweet spot every time. Another sign his boyfriend was enjoying having him within his flesh was that he began to pleasure himself. Stern gained his rhythm. Dale was squirming underneath him with pleasure while he pushed himself deeper and deeper into his warmth. In fact. and even though in freefall. Making love to Dale was always beautiful. To do so he gyrated his hips up and down. he would almost be brazen enough to say. After all. A lot of the time Dale did this. He had said many times. so why couldn’t they? Stern never argued with such logic. he had no need. He could tell he was doing it right. he was nothing without his Dale. They shared more kisses. but emotionally as well. for Dale always liked to face Stern when they made love. rubbing his cock against Stern’s stomach. if they were to be true lovers. Dale was good between the sheets.

Stern gasped. He decided for the latter. he was gone. the ether closing in around them once more. but somehow—and he didn’t know why—he maintained his erection. the ethereal cloud around them began to dissipate. he said. amazingly. but this time. Dale stopped his movement beneath Stern. Then. winged and glowing. because they usually did ejaculate together. keeping himself a part of Dale. All the while. “Love conquers all. downwards instead of upwards. torn between wanting to finish what he started. gaining his perfect movement within his man once more. Amongst the clearing ether. an angel stood. With a booming register that reverberated around Stern’s mind. A perfect form of a man. They were falling. Stern wouldn’t ha ve noticed. if it weren’t for the shadow that fell over them. 27 . A shadow that was in stark contrast to the light they had become accustomed to. pulling him down to kiss him. the ether transformed to the tunnel of light he had witnessed earlier when he first arrived on his path to the life beyond the living. and wanting to know who disturbed them. in Stern’s mind. the angel spoke. he was too involved with Dale. “What’s that?” Stern looked up. When they were about to reach climax. He accepted his boyfriend’s intention and continued to finish what they started.Glory Box Reopened the bottom deserved to have just as much fun as the top guy. to consummate completely their love and feelings toward one another.” With that . Dale grabbed Stern’s head.

said. just the way he loved it. when the man gestured for him to be silent. Stern continued his hold on Dale while he continued to ejaculate. he was no longer in the raptures of ecstasy with his lover on their journey toward Heaven. but found movement difficult. but on an operating table. grabbing his hips tight and pulling him even closer. unable to hold himself any longer. Stern blinked again. presumably the head surgeon.” a man. Then the light disappeared. But not one all encompassing light like the ether on the path to the afterlife had been. calling out in joy while Stern arched his back and shuddered. Many doctors and nurses were surrounding him. thinking it was him and not his surrounds that had gone dark. He looked back to the man who had 28 .” Stern looked around him as best he could. silhouetted but still recognisable as human. “Glad you could join us here in the land of the living. He blinked again. The face was wearing a surgical mask. “You’ve been through a lot.Mark Alders Stern. He was hot and sweaty. and a light once more appeared above him. right there and then. He orgasmed. like spotlights. If there was one thing he liked. He was about to reply. He realised. It also spoke. Take it easy. Dale welcomed it. but three distinct points of light. Stern blinked. pumping more and more of his cum into his man. it was to give Dale everything he had to complete their love and their eternal feelings for each other. but Stern co uldn’t hear the words. let go of all he had and gave Dale all of his love. He was alive. A face came over those lights.

” Stern let his mind wander. like you.” “I think he’s ready to join his partner in intensive care.Glory Box Reopened spoken to him first. him surviving the impossible? However he looked at it. “That’s all I needed to know. is now in stable condition. Stern said. Had what he experienced been real? Or was that the miracle the surgeon spoke of.” Though a voice hoarse with anesthetic. weariness and an all consuming soreness he couldn’t fathom. He added. we stopped another road statistic from happening. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen. 29 . “Your boyfriend is here as well. he was glad he’d be with his Dale…for the second time in this life. His expression must have made the surgeon painfully aware of what he was feeling. thanks to some sort of miracle. He.

I live in a house. Oh. a mortgage and family that I love and drive me crazy all at the same time. . Not much else to say other than. like everyone else. I am a mild mannered post office worker by day and an erotic romance writer (mainly male/male) at night. too! See? Average Joe…except when I get down and write…then I let my imagination go to places I never knew existed and my characters invade my mind. This house has a street in front of it which is a good thing because if it didn’t I wouldn’t be able to drive down to the shop and purchase the chocolate I need on a daily basis. I have bills to pay. *chuckle* Seriously.About the Author My name is Mark Alders. and I have a dog.

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