Communism is the result of French Freemasonry; and British Israelism is the resu lt of British Freemasonry.

These two elements are at war constantly, trying to g ain power and wealth, and seat their messiah upon the throne of the world. Now, that sounds pretty far-fetched until you get into the depths of study to wh ich I have participated. And you will find that the occult controls both sides of this (struggle between Masonic orders), that they are moving all of the religions of the world into one -world humanist religion, wherein man becomes God.

"If real disarmament were achieved, the nations of the world, acting through the United Nations, could join in a greatly enlarged program of mutual aid. As the cost of maintaining armaments decreased, every nation could greatly increase its contributions to advancing human welfare. All of us could then pool even gr eater resources to support the United Nations in its war against want." Harry Tr uman, 33rd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite. This article was originally published in "The New Age", the official publication of International Freemasonry, in September of 1950. It was authored by Masonic Scholar C. William Smith. And it's the truth, as close as you're ever going to hear it from their lips, an d they very seldom make these kinds of slips. Although every time they have thro ughout their history, I have been able to locate it and document it, and deliver their own words from their own mouth over these airwaves. "God's plan is dedicated eds. This plan, dedicated to a new nation, a new race, a an religion that has already at Light'. to the unification of all races, religions, and cre the new order of things, is to make all things new: new civilization, and a new religion--a non-sectari been recognized and called the 'Religion of the Gre

You see, it sounds good when they say: "God's plan is dedicated to the unificati on of all races, religions, and creeds." IN THE FIRST PLACE, THEY DON'T TELL YOU WHICH GOD; AND IN THE SECOND PLACE, IT'S A LIE. Listen to this: "Looking back into history, we can easily see that the guiding hand of Provi dence has chosen the Nordic people to bring in and unfold the New Order of the W orld." Sounds racist to me. How about you? I've been telling you all along this has a r acial agenda. It goes on: "Records clearly show that 95% of the colonists were Nordics--Anglo Saxons. Providence has chosen the Nordics because the Nordics have prepared themselves a nd have chosen God." They want you to think it's the same God that you worship in the Bible. THEIR GO D IS LUCIFER, and they believe in the Luciferian philosophy, that Adam and Eve w ere held prisoners in the Garden of Eden. They were set free from the chains of ignorance by the gift of intellect from Satan--Lucifer--and through the use of t his gift of intellect, MAN HIMSELF WILL BECOME GOD. They may have fooled themsel

ves, but they sure haven't fooled me. They go on to say: "The Nordics are God's chosen people, always looking for more Light on the m ission of life. Just as Providence has chosen the Jewish race, the children of I srael, to bring into the world righteousness by carrying the Ten Commandments, w hich emphasize, 'Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy', so also Providence has chosen the Nordic race to unfold the New Age of the World--a Novus Ordo Secl orum." Now, notice here, they've given themselves away. See, on the one hand, they clai m to be the true Israelites; yet they specifically state here that the Ten Comma ndments were given to the Jewish race, which is not the Nordic. They always slip like this because they're so arrogant that they think the rest of us are too st upid to figure it out. "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means a secular world order without religion. Understand t hat? Without God. Secular is worldly, of the material world. "One of the first of the Nordics to reach the new world was the Viking, Leif Erikson. He sailed from Norway to bring to his people in Ireland a new message-the message of the Christian God. But Providence moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform. And so, Leif the Lucky was sent by Providence to the new wo rld. From the abundance of grapes found there, Leif Erikson called the place Vin land. It is easy to sense that Leif Erikson was sent by the guiding hand of Prov idence to bring the Norse spirit of the All-Father to the shores of the New Worl d." The Norse All-Father, ladies and gentlemen, is not the God of the Bible. And whe re Leif Erikson may have been trying to take the message of the Christian God to Ireland, I sincerely doubt it because Christianity was in Ireland long before i t was in Norway. Long, long before it ever reached Norway. "The Nordics are the highest branch..." And listen to this. "...are the highest branch of the fifth Aryan civilization." Right out of the New Age textbooks. They say: "The Latins are of the fourth Aryan civilization. And the American race will be the sixth Aryan civilization." Boy, Blavatsky would be proud. She would be so proud to learn that her Aryan sca m actually took root in the minds of these kindergarten humans. He goes on to say: "This new and great civilization is like an America Beauty rosebud, ready to open and send its wonderful fragrance to all the world." I've already told you that the symbol--one red rose--is the symbol of internatio nal socialism, ladies and gentlemen--Communism, if you will. Also, we've learned through the first-hand testimony of several officers who hav e been Delta Force officers, that it is an absolute requirement that you must be a 32nd Degree Freemason or higher to be an officer in Delta Force since its inc eption. And when they were assigned their first headquarters, a rose garden was planted in honor of Col. Beckwith's special love for the red rose.

Lt. Col. Bo Bo Gritz was a member of Delta Force--in fact, a commander of Delta Force. In "Freedom Call '90" in Las Vegas, I sat in the audience when he gave his talk, and he said, and I quote verbatim from his lips: "I am a 32nd Degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite." End quote. William Smith continues in this article: "George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Paine, and many others of the Founders of the new nation in the new world were N ordics. Thomas Paine, the spark plug of the American Revolution, loved God but h ated sectarianism. In 'These Are the Times' he wrote: "'We have it in our power to begin the world all over again. A situation sim ilar to the present hath not happened since the days of Noah till now. The birth day of a new world is at hand.'" Now, they're going to try to tell you, folks, that the Nordics are the English p eoples--the Anglo Aryan peoples. The Nordics, if you study your history, were th e northern Europeans that came from the frozen lands in the winter, the Vikings who raided the shores of England and the other... I guess in that day you would have called them civilized nations, even though compared to our day, they were v ery, very little civilized. He goes on to say: "As stated before, God's plan in America is a non-sectarian plan." Well, it depends upon who you are and what you believe, doesn't it? If you're a Christian, and if God sent Jesus Christ to establish a church in this world, the n God's plan was not sectarian. If you belong to the religion of Mohammed, if you are a Moslem, or any one of th e different races or nationalities that belong or follow the prophet Mohammed, y ou certainly don't believe that because your religion is one of the most sectari an in the world. So, whose God are they talking about here? Not most people's God. They're talkin g about their god. And Albert Pike made it very clear. Christopher Albert Pike, in his book called "Morals and Dogma" stated clearly that their god is Lucifer. "Our great American public schools have never taken away from any child the freedom of will, freedom of spirit, or freedom of mind. That is the divine reaso n that Great God our King has chosen the great American public schools to pave t he way for the new race, the new religion, and the new civilization that is taki ng place in America." Hallelujah! I can't believe they're taking credit for the disaster that is our p ublic school system, that's turning out idiots who can't spell their name. But m aybe that's God's great plan for America. You see, folks, the whole idea for public schools run by the government came out of the Lodges of Freemasonry, and they have publicly taken credit for that. And the purpose of it was to dumb-down the children of America so they would not kn ow what was happening to them, so they would not challenge the new sectarian ord er--the Novus Ordo Seclorum.

And he continues: "Any mother, father, or guardian who is responsible for the taking away of f reedom of mind, freedom of will, or freedom of spirit is the lowest criminal on earth; because they take away from that child the God-given right to become a pa rt of God's great plan in America for the dawn of the new age of the world." End quote. In other words, don't teach your children anything. Don't teach them morals. Don't teach them right from wrong. And for God's sake, don't discipline them. And that's where all of this stuff comes from. Right out of the Lodges of the An cient Order of the Rose and Cross, Freemasonry in all its various forms, the Ord o Templae Orientalis, the Golden Dawn. I could go on and on and on and on. Rosec rucianism, the Knights of Pythias, the Ancient and Military Order of the Knights of Malta, the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. william cooper

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