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Your pre-sale subscription includes a copy of the book—Rubble Paper, Paper Rubble—but it will also help finance the initial print run of that book. We’ll send your suite of prints upon receipt of your order, and we’ll send a copy of the book as soon as it’s in our hands. After the launch of the book (projected September 2013), any remaining copies of Alligator Suite will be sold separately from the book and priced at $300 per set. Pre-sale Subscription includes: Alligator Suite (four 17”x22” prints) Rubble Paper, Paper Rubble Deluxe Pre-sale Subscription includes: Monoprint — buyer’s choice Alligator Suite (four 17”x22” prints) Rubble Paper, Paper Rubble

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Deluxe Pre-sale Subscription — Contact for pricing: Monoprint + Alligator Suite + Rubble Paper, Paper Rubble

Pre-sale Subscription — $250 + $15 for insured shipping: Alligator Suite + Rubble Paper, Paper Rubble

Paul Klinger: Alligator Suite
four giclée prints

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200 W 55 1/2 St. Austin, T X 78751

“Slowly, mournfully, beseechingly, yet unresistingly, they gleamed along, their agony dimly outlined on the imperfect paper, like the print of the tormented face on the handkerchief of Saint Veronica.” —Herman Melville The Tartarus of Maids

“My comrade I wrapt in his blanket, envelop’d well his form...” —Walt Whitman “Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night”

Alligator Suite
Set of four 17” x 22” giclée prints Signed and numbered Printed in an edition of 40 Pre-sale subscription price: $250

Further Other Book Works is thrilled to offer a suite of giclée prints featuring original art by Houston poet and artist, Paul Klinger. Imaged from the original monoprints, Klinger’s Alligator Suite is a death mask, a cartography, an epic micro history, an elegy, and a protest. It marks the death of “Snowman,” an alligator Klinger discovered gunshot in the tall grass somewhere outside Houston, but Klinger’s work is no simple act of specimen collection. Instead, this suite is the burial shroud. The process: Klinger inked the gator where it lay and made prints directly from its body. The original monoprints bear evidence of a process literally on the ground: bits of grass and mud cling to the paper, which everywhere shows creasing from contact with the animal’s form. Our edition makes no effort to hide the topographic effects of this process (most immediately visible in the shadows around the tail in the second panel above). The result is luminous.

Rubble Paper, Paper Rubble
Forthcoming in September from Further Other Book Works, Klinger’s first full-length collection of poetry makes traditional textual scholarship itinerant, engaging with part of the local archive that’s been exposed to the elements: the historical marker. The poems in this book were composed by taking charcoal and graphite rubbings from markers throughout southeastern Texas, and the cover features a monoprint by Klinger. (Monoprints from this session are being made available as part of the Deluxe Pre-sale Subscription.) All pre-sale purchases of Alligator Suite will include a copy of this book.

200 pages 16 color plates Perfect bound 8.25” x 10.75”

Paul Klinger

Paul Klinger
Rubble Paper || Paper Rubble
Further Other Book Works

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