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Biometrics ATM offer ATM type interface along with at-least one Biometrics capture device like Fingerprint Scanner, Iris camera, Palm/Finger Vein scanner , Face recognition camera. They are often called Multi-Biometrics ATM, Wall mount Biometrics ATM, Biometrics Devices / Machine.

Most of the ATM in the past have been using ID cards to identify users but with the wide acceptance of Biometrics , a new generation of Biometrics ATM are being deployed for wide range of applications worldwide. ntroduction Biometric Micro-ATM Biometric Micro-ATMs from Bioenable are latest biometric authentication enabled handheld device.Micro-ATMs are also known as a Point of Transaction Terminal(PoT).pplication – Biometric Micro-ATM Micro-ATMs will primarily perform the following functions: 1. 2. 3. 4. Cash withdrawal Cash deposit Balance inquiries Remittances

Micro-ATM’s Need In the rural area it is not feasible for the banks to availing ATMs for following reasons 1. 2. 3. 4. High ATM Set up cost Low Rural population Transaction volume is low Low transaction value

Micro ATMs from BioEnable Technology is a one stop solution for banks bring ATM services to the unbanked rural areas in a secure manner. Micro-ATM works Micro-ATM will be operated by the Bank appointed Business correspondents (BC )The Bank appointed BC handle the physical currency , not like a regular ATM machine.All transactions will require online biometric authentication with the UIDAI authentication server in order to be processed.

This Biometric Micro ATMs will allow customers to perform basic financial transactions using only their AADHAAR number and their fingerprint as identity proof (along with a Bank Identification Number for inter-bank transactions). Unlike an ATM, the cash-in / cash-out functions of the micro ATM will be performed by an operator, thus bringing down the cost of the device and the cost of servicing the customer. The micro ATM will support the following financial transactions: Cash Transaction :1.Cash Deposit ,Cash Withdrawal 2.Funds transfer 3.Balance inquiry for Bank Account 4.fHigh Accuracy 5. Give strong authentication 6. Biometric authentication is used instead of PIN Cost Reduction :Hidden costs of ATM card management like card personalization, delivery, management, re-issuance, PIN generation, help-desk, and re-issuance can be avoided Sutaible for Indian rural area Flexible account access allows clients to access their accounts at their convenience Low operational cost No Component Specification Intel Atom processor Z510 and US15W System controller hub

1 Processor

2 Memory 3 Storage 4 Display 5 Printer 6 Battery life 7 Dimension 8 Weight 9 Operating

512 MB 8 GB compact ,Flash upto 32 GB 5 inch TFT color LCD,4-wire Resistive touch screen with stylus 2 inch high speed thermal printer ,paper roll with 57*35mm diameter ,length 13 M Li-Polymer Battery, 4000mAh/8000mAh ,operating time 4hrs/8hrs 140*32*292 mm 900g 0- 40 degree centigrade

Fingerprint scanner specification enBioScanc1 Single fingerprint scanner for authentication:

No Component

Specification NITGEN OPU08

Fingerprint 1 Sensor 2 Image Size Image 3 Resolution 4 Image Scale

260 (x) x 330 (y) 500 [PPI]

256 Level Grayscale (8-bit)

5 Interface Operating 6 Humidity 7 Compliance

USB 2.0, Plug & Play RH 10~90 %


Issues in current ATM networks

Why we use it :-

   

ATM Card frauds Use of ATM card duplicators Card sharing by family and friends Inability to trace the wrongful users

CONCLUSION ATM PINs can be shared on phone or recorded using secret cameras. Single/Multi factor Biometric Authentication: Fingerprint, Iris, Face, Pal vein Multifactor Authentication: Card + PIN + Biometrics Online or offline Authentication using smart cards Card less Authentication Biometrics is combination of card or PIN where we can use it :Banking & Finance Food coupons / Tickets / Canteen ATM Membership Verification ATM Transaction / Check Deposit ATM Self Service ATM Retail ATM

IRIS DETECTION:Iris detection is a process of analyzing various patterns of human iris using iris recognition device, and storing the image in the database. To make iris detection process work faster, iris recognition system uses certain

algorithms. Iris detection process in iris recognition device automatically detects human iris and snaps a photo of it. In Iris detection process, image of the iris is captured. Once captured, iris detection system determines the outer and inner borders of iris. Iris detection system then filters the usable structures for analysis, and calculates the iris code which is saved into the database. Iris detection system verifies the identity of a person by comparing the code with the one that exists in it.Introduction BioEnable is offering Iris recognition based Time Attendance & Access control system. Recognition ? Iris recognition technology offer Dual or Single eye capture and automatic identification again large databases in just 1-2 seconds. Iris recognition is considered more secure compared to fingerprint and other biometric technologies. Many people have improper fingerprints that are not suitable for fingerprint recognition systems. Iris is second best alternative to fingerprint. Children fingerprints are difficult to scan and can go thru changes overtime, making it not a suitable biometric identification. Iris is suitable for all ages. Eyes are highly protected part of the body and does not go thru much changes over the complete lifespan and good for long terms biometric recognition Iris recognition technology is worldwide used in National ID, Visa entry exit applications Model :Dual Eye Iris capture camera 10 inch spill proof touchscreen Enhanced graphical user interface Store upto 10000 users (2 eyes each) and over 500000 logs

Advanced access control mechanism with Door sensors, Fire alarm, Multiple Door lock controls Optional Face Recognition & Fingerprint recognition addons Benefits Why we use it :High security identification Touchscreen multi-lingual interface Large user database wApplications where we can use it :Time Attendance recording in offices Access control at office, Banks Canteen management & Food coupon system Visitor management Members management at events

NAC5000 face recognition system :-

NAC-5000 Face is a multi-modal biometric solution enable with Fingerprint, Face Recognition system, RFID & Password that comes with accurate and rapid matching speed for stable Time Attendance and Door Access control. NAC5000 face recognition system is designed to be performed on the 5.7 inches TFT touch screen which is convenient to display the important notice and OEM logo and user friendly interface includes R232/485, TCP/IP, and optional WiFi and USB.

NAC5000 Face offers you enterprise level of Entry and Time Attendance management with its LAN communication-based network infrastructure enabling integrated monitoring and systematic management of multiple terminals operated independently on a remote location and SDK to be easily integrated with customer’s application.

Features - NAC5000 Face Recognition System 5.7 inch true Color LCD with Touch Screen -> Large LCD enable for company logo, important notice. -> Fingerprint and Face quality display Face Technology -> Face Detection -> Face Recognition -> Multi-modal enhanced security Auto-on function with Live Finger Detection -> Recognizes fake fingerprint -> Silicon & rubber fingers detected, distinguished from real human fingers -> Automatically activated when finger placed on sensor Wireless LAN (optional) -> Easy to install in anywhere USB Memory Slot -> User Information & Log data Up/Download

-> Firmware Upgrade Built-in Camera (optional) -> Takes picture every time log event occurs -> Face recognition Large scale system -> Max 2,000 terminals connected in one network Specification - NAC5000 Face Recognition System CPU Memory Display 32-bit / 620MHz 8MB Flash + 256 DRAM 5.7inch VGA Color / Touch-screen

1:N fingerprint identification time Less than 1 sec (4,000 templates) Fingerprint template capacity Face template capacity Log capacity Network interface PC Interface USB memory slot Camera Fake/latent fingerprint recognition 40,000 fp. Templates 3,000 templates up to 100,000 TCP/IP, RS-485, Wireless LAN (option) USB, RS-232 Supports Embedded Available

Size Certificate

167 x 146 x 52 (W x H x D) mm KCC, CE, FCC

Models - NAC5000 Face Recognition System Different models :NAC5000 S - Standard Model with Fingerprint & Passwords options NAC5000 M - Model with Fingerprint, Password & Mifare 13.56Mhz Cards options NAC5000 R - Model with Fingerprint, Password & HID/EM Card 125Khz options NAC5000 Face - NAC5000 + Face Recognition (NAC5000 S Face/ NAC5000 M Face/ NAC5000 R Face. Advantages of Biometrics:•Biometric identification can provide extremely accurate, secured access to information; fingerprints, retinal and iris scans produce absolutely unique data sets when done properly. •Current methods like password verification have many problems (people write them down, they forget them, they make up easy-to-hack passwords) & sometime our ATM cards are also missed . •Automated biometric identification can be done very rapidly and uniformly, with in a minimum of time. It’s a rapid process. •Your identity can be verified without resort to documents that may be stolen, lost or altered. Disadvantages of BIOMETRICS :-

•The finger print of those people working in Chemical industries are often affected. Therefore these companies should not use the finger print mode of authentication. •For people affected with diabetes, the eyes get affected resulting in differences. Sometimes people have some eyes problems also. •Biometrics is an expensive security solution.

Conclusion :Security personnel look for biometric data that does not change over the course of your life; still for this you can feel more secure . This is the final process

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