Information Technology (IT) can lead to phenomenal improvement in work efficiency and response speed. Hence, to compete successfully in the emerging high speed business world, e-Strategy is a necessity for decision making. GAIL made significant investments in IT infrastructure and software over the last five years in view of the current developments in the industry and GAIL's growth plans. In the last two years, GAIL has taken significant steps to leverage its strength of existing robust IT infrastructure. An IT Policy and an IT Strategy have been put in place. GAIL�s IT strategy is an Integrated Approach. In today s competitive world, IT strategy can provide the real competitive edge to companies. The company's IT initiatives are spread across all its functional areas and the objective is to use IT to the best possible extent. Thus, we have evolved the motto: Squeeze technology to its limit. IT contributes directly to work efficiency and transactional efficiency, leading to cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction. Thus, GAIL has undertaken a number of IT initiatives which have significantly contributed to cost reduction and operational efficiency. Rather than relying on reams of papers and files and loads of unclassified information, one must develop a system of electronic exchange of classified and appropriate information. GAILs IT strategy borders on these principles in an effort to become a techno savvy and efficient company.

Personal e-Banking e-Banking at GAIL is an attempt to enable safe and easy handling of employees salary accounts and miscellaneous claims. Personal e-Banking has been introduced in the corporate office and Noida wherein the salary and other payments get credited to employees account by electronic transfer. ATM facilities have been provided at corporate office and Noida office for facilitating transactions. Organizational e-Banking (e-Receivables and e-Payments) GAIL is also in the process of introducing organizational e-Banking covering e-Receivables and e-Payments, for our customers and vendors. An integrated system is being developed to enable efficient and speedy transactions involving GAIL, banks, customers and vendors. Besides better operational efficiency, lesser paper work and better utilization of manpower, there will also be reduction in transaction cycle time leading to financial advantages. e-Investment of Surplus funds

wherein brief information. a saving of around Rs 25 lakh per annum can be achieved. are necessarily being entered at initiation level as well at all the transaction levels where the file moves. GAIL has made a sincere effort to overcome delay in processing of bills by introducing an online Bill Watch System. vendors and contractors. vendors and contractors are enabled through GAIL website to track the status of their pending bills. key presentations and quick business reviews. File Watch System One of the key factors of success of a progressive organization is fast and transparent decision making. This facility is being used for conference inaugurations. which is an e-mail-based system through which employees can conveniently send and/or receive fax messages through their messaging system mailbox internally or by accessing the messaging system from anywhere in India and abroad with the help of the Internet. if applicable. which will be extended to other locations as well.An online system for investing surplus funds has been developed. the transactions are compared and processed electronically before the final investment is made. excluding the STD charges. about all the files. This e-investment system has resulted in process cycle time reduction and cost effectiveness for both GAIL and the banks. including dates of entry and exit. by which suppliers. as well as the time taken by the individual officers to clear the files and the total time . besides better returns. and creates the needed supply chain efficiency. It would be important for all locations to adopt and implement the BTS to derive the maximum benefits. Bill Watch System Processing of the suppliers bills has been a major area of concern for business organisations and their suppliers. wherein the banks are able to quote their rates online. File watch system helps users. This is an important step towards strengthening our partnership with our suppliers. which register a higher amount when a fax message is sent through an ordinary fax machine. There are significant results achieved at some of our locations wherein more than 75% of our bills are cleared within 15 days after introduction of the Bill Watch System. Paperless FAX We have made a shift from the traditional FAX rooms to Paperless FAX System based on Fax servers. It also helps in cost-efficient conferencing with foreign vendors and suppliers to discuss key commercial issues. the fax server. The IT department has estimates that by adopting this practice on a company-wide basis. All they have to do is enter the �receipt number� given at the time of submission of the bills and the system informs them instantly about the detailed status of their bills and at which level the bills are pending. Video Conferencing GAIL has one of the best Video Conferencing facilities connecting 23 major work centers and sites so far. To enable this we have introduced �File Watch System� which is a web based centralized system. internally. help vendors in tracking their payments and ensure timely payments. track the movement and status of the files.

connecting 150 towns/cities spanning across Rajasthan. �Reshaping� our organisation entails a fresh perspective of things which is why we have the File Movement System and the Bill Watch System in place. which is a dedicated and a powerful medium of information sharing between all the employees and the different business functions of GAIL. To facilitate this.taken for approvals. Bharti Airtel. on time. faster decision making. Andhra Pradesh. Efficient and timely provision of Management Information for better decision support and operational control. today serves most of the Telecom operators of the country. the Telecom & Telemetry services arm of GAIL (India) Limited. inventory and manpower utilization. Enterprise Resource Planning GAIL is in the process of implementing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. . GAILTEL network is built largely along the highly secured GAIL’s cross country pipeline corridor and also configured in "self-healing" rings to ensure highly reliable and error free service to its internal & external customers. GAILTEL has a reach of around 13000 Km of OFC network along GAIL’s reliable cross country pipelines (5681 Km) and state/national highway routes (7346 Km). Tata Tele services. better service to customers. The inbuilt aspect of accountability in this system. we have developed a Corporate Intranet. The intranet is constantly updated and this sharing of information is on a continuous basis. Karnataka. and Enabling internal performance measurement and Improved responsiveness to changing market conditions. TCL(VSNL). Gujarat. especially in PSUs. is providing communication services for its business critical pipeline Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). better vendor management. Banking upon this extensive reach of computers and e-mail facility to all the employees. besides optimization of cost. we have achieved our milestone of providing e-mail access to each and every employee of our company and further to enhance external orientation. Uttar Pradesh. Tulip Telecom. ERP implementation would improve the operational efficiency. Maharashtra. to name a few. Idea Cellular. it is of paramount importance to be well informed about all the happenings in the micro and macro business environment. seamless and faster information sharing. Tamil Nadu. This will also lead to efficient Supply Chain Management. GAILTEL GAILTEL. which is a major cause of concern. With SDH & DWDM as the core layer. Kerala and NCR. quick response time with better and faster communication. cuts down the decision making time. Reaching Employees (Corporate Intranet /100 % e-Mail Access / Internet Access to Executives) In todays era of knowledge workers. ERP implementation would also lead to Integrated business & process control systems. The major benefits of GAIL's IT initiatives include cost reduction. operational efficiency. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for automation of organization-wide business processes/functions and inter/intra office communications apart from commercially leasing telecom services to telecom operators across India since 2001. Madhya Pradesh. The network is managed centrally on 24X7 basis from a state-of-art Network Management Centre at Noida. all executives of the company have Internet access. productivity and customer satisfaction levels. Standardized processes by adopting best industry practices across locations and functions. GAILTEL. which include Vodafone.

and constructs commercial vessels and warships. regulatory compliances Frameworks like eGas Station. plan automation. valves. has several decades of rich experience across the entire energy and petrochemical value chain. and business process. Our successful track record with global leaders is founded on this unique 'Business-to-IT Connect' delivered by our corporate heritage. chemicals. enterprise and system integration. we enable our clients to use Oracle for their business advantage. iAnalyst and RCTrack help our clients save time and costs applications and rich domain expertise. product life cycle management. PeopleSoft Enterprise. and design and engineering. Its Engineering. consulting. and Oracle services.we use our deep understanding of the domain to convert IT investments into competitive advantage. The company’s Electrical and Electronics division offers switchgears. and power transmission and distribution projects. water. cement and allied machinery. electrical. to leveraging emerging technologies for innovative business solutions . project management. and manufacturing company. and Contracts division provides civil. Its IT and Technology Services division provides application development. EPM/ BI and Fusion Technology . Larsen & Toubro (L&T) . Siebel CRM. SAP. fertilizer. The company’s Machinery and Industrial Products division offers construction and mining equipment. Our advantages include:      Rich domain experience derived from our parent company. Larsen & Toubro A wide spectrum of technology and domain partnerships Service offerings across the value chain Niche solutions in data analytics. The companys Heavy Engineering division offers custom designed and engineered critical equipment and systems for the oil and gas. refinery. and defense industries.LNT Main purpose is deploying and maintaining best-of-breed solutions on the Oracle suite of packages. cracker. engineering. aerospace. Leveraging our extensive experience in Oracle We provide the winning edge to energy and petrochemical companies by enabling them to extract full value from information management and IT systems across the entire value chain. maintenance. support. energy meters. Its Power division offers construction services for hydro. as well as Niche Solutions based on emerging technologies. power. Its Engineering and Construction Projects division provides EPC solutions for the hydrocarbon. We offer a complete spectrum of services across technologies. rubber and plastic processing . including Oracle E-Business Suite. and undertakes power development. construction. mechanical. and instrumentation engineering services for industrial sectors and infrastructure projects. and operation and maintenance services. and nuclear power plants. IT for Physical Layer Connectivity and major Capital Projects. Larsen & Toubro Limited operates as a technology. power. engineering. and outsourcing services. engineering. JD Edwards Enterprise One & World Soft. end-to-end projects and system integration. From large-scale. testing. material handling products. and petroleum dispensing pumps. L&T offers design. automation and medical equipment. hydraulic equipment. and engineering services industries. infrastructure management. project planning. procurement. thermal. electrical systems. crushing equipment. RFID solutions. Leveraging our rich parentage. we offer solutions in the area of ERP. construction and commissioning services to the hydrocarbon industry. The company’s Railway Projects division provides construction services for railway projects. petrochemicals. Our parent company. Construction.Information Management. locational intelligence.

. materials. geoscience. production. terminals. PS ( Project System ) . windmill components. IT Department put in extra effort to develop and implement in-house applications in critical areas like Finance. paper machinery. state -of-the-art servers. change management. workflow – has been enabling OIL to sail along the information superhighway. ERP and E & P Databank Initiatives ERP: “Enterprise Resource Planning” had gone live from 01st December. BW (Business Warehouse) . satellite up-linking. PP (Product Planning). 05. creating local/ wide area connectivity across the organization to provide network and data communication facilities. SD (Sales & Distribution). motivation. Larsen & Toubro was founded in 1938 and is headquartered in Mumbai.. IS Oil (Industry Standard Solution). b) introduction of a cost management system at par with the best. OIL The search for hydrocarbons is on & technology has always been at the core of OIL’s activities. application of innovation and introduction of new technology by prudent IT resource planning in the most effective manner. optical fibre. effectiveness in all business processes. In line with this. IT Vision   To transform OIL into an I² enterprise Knowledge management through Information management IT Mission To achieve a high level of computerisation in the technical and commercial processes in all spheres of OIL’s activities. timely and consistent transmission of data. developing an Enterprise-wide Information system. drilling. The philosophy of IT initiatives is to add the above with the practical experience of IT-enabled processes for the users to realise the potential of IT applications in all areas. SRM ( Suppliers Relationship Management ) and EP ( Employees Portal ). Preparing OIL to implement IT-based online systems requires a multi-dimensional approach incorporating user training.machinery. etc.empowering employees and management to take techno-economic decisions so vital in today’s era of cut-throat competitions. India. networking. and implemented SAP ERP modules HR (Human Resource). etc. Induction of Information & Communication Technology as an enabler to the core functions of OIL has been a driving force. castings. . welding products. over the past few years in a planned manner. PM (Plant Maintenance). c) continuous improvement in productivity to gain entry into the league of the best achievers in the world & d) introduction of the best management practices of the industry. and cutting and engineered tools. OIL’s IT Department is responsible for providing a prope r workflow where people have access to latest technology. OIL’s IT initiatives through various software solutions. which ensures accurate. HR. continuous updation of knowledge so that the benefits of technology reach all levels of management as well as knowledge workers in OIL. MM (Materials Management). digital data. FICO (Financial Accounting & Controlling). Successful implementation of ERP has helped OIL towards a) improved efficiency. platforms program developers.

Continuous data replication of all of its business data takes place between the primary site at Duliajan.. Web Technology. Once implemented. disaster recovery centre was set up in the Noida. As a part of IT business continuity plan. Networking etc. Human Face of IT    OIL’s FO Project has paved way for a Broadband Tele-communication Infrastructure in Entire North-East.E&P: Exploration & Databank Project implementation is on. b)Provide a Robust Central Repository of Data for the Geo-Technical Community. organizations must build up redundant data repositories. to give them the necessary industry exposure. Annually about 50 Students pursuing Professional Courses are provided Project Based Training on Oracle Database. UP. flood etc. 15 TB SAN storage. fire. CCTV monitoring etc. this data-center will be able to a) Store more than 100 Years of Invaluable E&P Related Data Possessed by OIL available in various formats into a common industry-standard format. E&P Databank is based on a POSC Epicenter Data Model that Will Act as a Receptacle for All E&P related data. as the Data could be Used Productively to Create Value for OIL IT Business Continuity plan To protect the vital company data from disasters like earthquake. Assam and Noida. UP. c) Convert Data Assets of OIL into Capital. Physical access to data repositories are being controlled by means of effective technologies like use of biometrics. An automatic tape library system for backup and about 2000 PCs across various user locations spread across OIL’s operational areas. preferably at geographically distant locations. Lends Technical Help & Infrastructure in Programmes Organised by Various Institutions IT Resources IT Hardware: OIL has installed state of the art hardware in its Data center comprising about 50 servers including large number high end servers. .

Reservoir Modelling Software “Petral”. Business Information and support Systems: In-house developed Oracle based Hospital Information System. Well -Log Interpretation “ELAN PLUS” on SUN. Superannuation fund management system . Land information. Email. GRPC Databse. Reservoir Simulation “Eclipse 100”. SCADA System and a host of other systems. Duliajan through STPI’s VSAT link. A VSAT connectivity through BTVL shared hub services connects all Project offices as a fall back arrangement to MPLS High Speed Internet Connectivity: A 24X7 high speed 4 Mbps link catering to approximately 1000 users is provided at OIL. Core Business Intelligent Systems: Seismic 2D/ 3D Data Processing Software “Promax” on SGI Power Challenge. 3-Tier Applications. Digboi etc supports more than 2000 nodes . handles applications ranging from Intranet.LAN Connectivity: A Robust 100 BaseT LAN with Fiber Backbone at Duliajan Field HQs and Wireless connectivity to all remote locations like OCSs. Seismic Data Interpretation Software “GeoFrame” on SUN Ultra Sparc. . Internet. 2-Tier Client Server Applications on Oracle RDBMs. SAP ERP applications . WAN / Remote Area Connectivity: Wide Area Network connectivity connecting all other spheres of OIL by MPLS VPN through BSNL is in operation. Well Testing So ftware “WellTest100”. Explosive Management Database.

and creating reports. HP Tru Unix WebServices.000 employees operating in 70 countries worldwide. SUN Solaris. compressors. IBM AIX. Reports. . is ideal for:      petroleum exploration.Intranet Portal Deployment. petrochemicals and plastics. DELLIOTE Talk to us To speak to us please complete our online form and we will contact you. Oracle Forms. refining. our Upstream E&P GIS. Internet/ Mail Services: 3-Tier Application Deployment using IIS. presentations and maps. SGI Irix. contact the regional office most appropriate to you GIS for petroleum analysis and data management Petro View. new ventures and scouting. VB. equipment for floating production platforms. Oracle Database Administration. We offer a wide range of surface and subsea drilling and production systems. transportation.Oracle 8/ 9i/10g Database. Corporate Mail Services & Internet for 1000 Users. Alternatively. turbines. Corporate Website Deployment etc. OS: System Administration of Microsoft Windows NT. Windows XP. business planning. GE-OIL N GAS With more than 12. Graphics Builder. GE’s Oil & Gas business is a global leader in the supply of technology-based equipment and services for the entire oil and gas industry – from drilling and completion to production. The Road Ahead The Road Ahead for OIL’s IT Mission is to       Steer OIL to I² Enterprise (“Informationalised” and “Integrated” in every aspect) Facilitate Knowledge Management for Knowledge Workers Integrate Technical & Business decisions Venture into E-Business to Remain Competitive and Remain at Par with International E&P Companies Continuously Upgrade IT skills and Technology thereby Consistently Improve Organisational Performance Strive for implementing digital oil fields. IT Expertise Database: Oracle RDBMS . LINUX. data and document management. processing. Windows 2000. Microsoft Access.

) Upstream oil and gas data The system is fast and easy to use. licence areas and partner interests. field developments. carrying detailed information on:     exploration. such as structural geology layers. This wealth of information is combined with cultural data to create comprehensive and accurate regional datasets that can be viewed and analysed in map. well trading. Click on the image to enlarge. production records. and Seismic vendor navigation inventory queries and management. prospect data management. PetroView is now available as a desktop and web-based solution. we have continuously enhanced the tool to embrace the latest technology. Additionally.(Screenshot of PetroView Asia Pacific. graph or report format. spatial block history analysis. whilst retaining a user-friendly interface. Many oil . enabling users to easily import and visualise their own corporate data. and infrastructure. Modules and customisation PetroView may also be customised. a range of modular add-ons have been created to support:       field analysis. historic license and deals analysis. appraisal and development wells. or any other spatial data. Technology Since the launch of PetroView in 1992.

Portfolio analysis. Mergers and acquisition. contractors and financial institutions regard PetroView as the most comprehensive data visualisation package available for the upstream oil and gas industry. using discounted cash-flow (DCF) methodology. it offers a robust framework. proving invaluable for:       Equity research. Developed in Microsoft Excel. Business development. It has been deployed as a corporate modelling solution for large and small companies. The auditability of the models and user-friendly features offered with the PetroScope framework appeal to both novice and expert users. Benchmarking. Competitor analysis. . Detailed fiscal regime models for 80 producing countries are available for PetroScope.and gas companies. Oil and gas economic modelling for the upstream industry PetroScope is an oil and gas economic modelling framework for evaluating upstream oil and gas assets. complete calculation transparency and an intuitive user interface.

this allow a user to analyse the economics of a portfolio of assets. . the uniting factor between them is the quality of the information and analysis they contain. displaying charts and financial indicators. PetroReports® Upstream oil and gas reporting and analysis with PetroReports PetroReports is a suite of upstream oil and gas reports. However. The interactive economic dashboard presents the results of the analysis. further fiscal models can be purchased on a fixed fee basis and can be used immediately within the existing framework.) The PetroScope solution PetroScope models the complexities of a fiscal system allowing the after-tax economics of a project to be analysed. enabling user to view cash-flows. including any fiscal synergies that may occur. Click on the image to enlarge.(Screenshot of Economic Dashboard displaying various economic indicators of a typical asset valuation in PetroScope. delivery and frequency of the four types of PetroReports differ. in real or nominal terms and in any given currency. Many companies regard PetroScope as the most comprehensive upstream fiscal modelling solution available for the analysis of global oil and gas assets. PetroScope can be purchased as a standalone application. Projects can also be consolidated at the appropriate equity interests. Reports include:     Field Reports Fiscal and Regulatory Guides Upstream Petroleum Reports Weekly Service The content. delivering factual information and analysis of the industry. The system is flexible. However. no annual subscription is required. Together the reports provide you with an insight into every aspect of upstream activity. which will include the framework and one fiscal model.

Drilling .Facilities .Licensing .Geology .Foreign .Petroleum entitlement .Laws and regulations .Fiscal arrangements .Reserves .Licensing .License terms .Deals .Deals .Abandonment .Drilling investment .Drilling .Production Transportation .Other contractual provisions .Health.Institutional organisation .Fields .Development history .Economics . safety and environment Updated annually Updated in ENV CHANGE Updated biannually Updated weekly .The table below provides a quick comparison between the content of these reports: Fiscal and Field Reports Regulatory Guides Upstream Petroleum Report Weekly Service .Production .Economics .

automated and workflow-oriented solution 2. breakdowns. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and RCM (reliability-centered maintenance) based on the client's key result areas 3. We provided an end-to-end business solution. Reduction in incidents of gas demand-supply mismatch 6. identified gaps in how information was managed and developed an Information Management strategy. Consultancy in dynamic retail pricing utilizing both rule-based as well as optimization tools 2. Reduction in time for customer acquisition and customer complaint resolution Retail fuel pricing 1. The solution enabled stakeholders to collaborate during new oil well planning and development activities. Integrated. work orders and work permits 5. Improved operational efficiency by automation of hitherto manual processes 4. incidents. solution design. solution development. Improved visibility on business and financial performance through Executive Dashboard 3. Infosys developed a GIS-based Information Management portal to integrate production data. Inventory management as well as business intelligence help in cost control and retail sale maximization    GIS-based Information Management Portal for an Oil and Gas Major A global energy company wanted to digitize its oil well files and enable multidisciplinary collaboration. Interface to other systems such as ERPs. electronic documents and spatial data. Analysis and modeling of asset management solutions around maintenance philosophies CBMS (Condition-Based Maintenance System). Better quality of data and analysis Refinery asset and reliability management 1. Creation of revenue saving opportunities of up to US$ 0. mobile devices. hard copy oil well file document scanning and migration. Business Need    Gaps in Document Management: Searching and retrieving documents was difficult as oil well files were stored in multiple locations and shared drives Collaboration not always supported by systems and processes: The absence of a common platform and processes did not allow information exchange between multidisciplinary teams Silos in GIS (Geospatial Information System): The lack of a unified GIS to support oil well location evaluation hindered the ability to take informed decisions and resulted in delayed decision-making Our Solution Infosys reviewed the business processes. Comprehensive suite of integrated 'modular functionalities' addressing the needs of different business functions 2. Near real-time data on gas supply. sales. The portal uses GIS to manage spatial information.05/bbl 3. complaints. Benefits Infosys' GIS-based Information Management portal solution delivered several benefits:   Collaboration: Multidisciplinary teams share information and take prompt and informed decisions Efficiency: Quick document and data access through a scalable system enhanced organizational efficiency .Infosys Refining and Marketing Infosys' Refining and Marketing solutions include:  Refinery planning and scheduling 1. overall program management. including a strategy. Documentum to manage document information and existing database management systems to manage production data. Improvements in the planning process 4. data acquisition systems to assist seamless information sharing for better decision-making Distribution and retail management 1. EAM Package Evaluation and fitment assessment 2.

pigging procedure development and analysis of pigging data. availability. Our in-depth knowledge of the hydrocarbon processing industry enables us to understand your external challenges. design and detailed engineering. Today IndianOil is well placed to provide seamless services in the entire spectrum of petroleum pipelines covering technoeconomic feasibility studies. consultancy services in augmentation and modernization. as well as timely execution of capital projects to capture maximum market opportunities At UOP. reliability. Our technologies cover the full range of processes. from wellhead treating to sulfur and liquids recovery. while meeting all regulatory requirements  On-time: Ensuring timely deployment of the right assets. testing and evaluation of drag reducers. Our areas of expertise include planning. Tanker handling. quality control. catalyst and adsorbent services. provide practical solutions. UOP offers a range of advanced solutions to address your processing needs. Find out more about the many ways UOP’s services can help you improve your operations and boost your profitability. ocean loss control.  Data and Knowledge Transfer: Improved the ability to capture and transfer data Compliance: Improved the ability to meet regulatory requirements Honeywell Services UOP offers a wide range of services to a global array of companies within the hydrocarbon processing industries. petroleum product and crude oil accounting. practices and work processes. selection. operational support. operations and maintenance. operations and maintenance of tank farm and pump stations are other areas of expertise available with IndianOil’s Pipelines Division. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and application software expertise are available from project implementation to commissioning including field services. maintenance and operational support. from straightforward single unit operation to highly integrated multiple technology operations. technical service. coupled with our unmatched technical knowledge and experience can help your company focus on the three keys to profitability:  On-stream: Ensuring that your plants are running and delivering products exactly when needed  On-spec: Producing the right products to meet the best market opportunities. Our extensive service offerings. etc. to upgrading of . How UOP Serves the Gas Processing Industry Gas processing can range from simple treating and conditioning for pipeline delivery to complex operations needed to meet specifications to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG). inspection and maintenance support and human resource services. and help you effectively implement those solutions in the form of technology. All are backed by a process warranty from UOP. project execution. we provide services that span the breadth of your business.

visbreaking. aromatics. UOP has a long history of industry leadership in gasoline production technologies with the Platforming. specialized equipment. normal paraffins. catalysts and adsorbents to achieve your desired production and product quality objectives. Light olefin equipment UOP’s proprietary heat and mass transfer systems are widely used in the ethylene industry for the recovery of high purity (polymer-grade) ethylene and propylene. LAB is produced by alkylating benzene with a long-chain normal paraffin that is commonly derived from kerosene using the Molex process. UOP offers several process technologies for olefins production to help you take advantage of raw material availability and produce the light olefin products you need. dodecene. such as propylene. You can employ UOP’s technical capabilities for operational improvements. C10-C16internal olefins (for detergent alcohols). UOP offers state-of-the-art technologies to help you both clean up syngas produced through gasification as well as recover excess hydrogen at very high purity. revamps of existing equipment. Refining UOP offers refiners a full portfolio of process technology. Find out how UOP can help you produce LAB or higher olefins or optimize your current production. or alpha olefins. UOP is focused . Butamer. Whether you’re an existing or new LAB and normal paraffins producer. and other petrochemicals and fuels. Hydrogen is a major focus in refining today because of the drive toward low-sulfur gasoline and diesel fuels. UOP’s extensive gas separation and purif ication process technologies are also well-suited for acid gas removal and hydrogen-CO ratio adjustment in synthesis gas (syngas) processes used to make ammonia and methanol. UOP’s “single source” capability offers you fully integrated and optimized solutions that drive toward minimum investment cost and project timing. If you’re interested in producing higher olefins such as nonene. and UOP HF Alkylation processes. UOP technology is the key enabler for production of normal paraffins and linear alkylbenzene (LAB). ensuring maximum project profitability. send us your requirements today using our information request form. adsorbents and catalysts. Unicracking and Unionfining processes focus on gas oil conversion and diesel fuel production. We have developed new technologies such as the ISAL and InAlk processes to meet gasoline needs of the new millennium. look to UOP for state-of-the-art technologies to meet your needs. LAB and Higher Olefins On a global basis. Penex. engineering and technical services. catalysts and adsorbents needed to produce higher olefins from a variety of feedstocks. you can rely on UOP to supply the latest process technology. coking. Our gas processing experts will closely review them to help you find the solution that’s best for you. Almost all new LAB complexes built worldwide in the last 20 years have used UOP technology. Contact us today using our information request form. and ethylene. kerosene. as well as grass-roots refinery projects. LAB is the primary raw material used to produce linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (LAS). In addition.natural gas liquids into high-value olefins. major expansions. UOP can also provide the process technologies. No matter what your gas processing needs. The UOP Fluid Catalytic Cracking. as well as operational support services. UOP offers crude and vacuum distillation. solvent deasphalting and the Merox process for product treating as part of a full refinery solution.

availability. Japan. For information about refining related services and products. please click below: Refinery Flow Diagram Adsorbents. . including process/catalyst related consulting and refinery-wide reliability. and training and technical support at unit commissioning. including process licenses. UOP's adsorbents expertise is unparalleled in the industry. We are the worldwide leader in the continuing development and manufacture of zeolite and alumina adsorbents and their commercial applications. UOP continues to be a pioneer in the adsorbents business – by developing cutting edge products and processes to assure our customers high performance and overall value. To better serve our adsorbent customers worldwide. To meet the needs of our customers. and China. while minimizing consumption in hydroprocessing units. Illinois. Whatever your adsorbent needs. To find out how UOP’s Adsorbents and Specialties group can contribute to your company’s success. and from application product selection consulting to technical services.on maximizing H2 production from existing producers. adsorbent and catalyst supply. please select from the following links: Technology Transfer Services and Equipment Catalyst Support Operations Support Reliability. The scientists of the Linde Department of Union Carbide (a business unit now merged into UOP) invented synthetic molecular sieves more than 50 years ago. We also offer post-start up technical services. and Inspection Planning Support Adsorbents in Refining For a short history of UOP in the refining industry. Availability. we maintain sales offices in 12 countries. We can transfer UOP technology to your refinery through a unique collection of products and services. basic design and front-end engineering design (FEED) services. USA. extending from research and development to manufacturing. either skid mounted process modules or individual key mechanical equipment items. please click on the refining technology links on the left. Specialties and Custom Products UOP's Adsorbents and Specialties group offers the broadest range of molecular sieves and alumina adsorbents in the world with production facilities in the United States. we offer the broadest portfolio of adsorbent products available in the world. please click below: UOP Refining History To view a simplified refinery flow diagram with links to UOP key refining technologies. contact us today using our information request form or by calling one of local sales offices. UOP also transfers technology in the form of equipment. Our understanding of product applications and extensive industry expertise allows us to provide intelligent solutions for even the most complex manufacturing problems. and optimization services. For more information about UOP’s refining process and adsorbent and catalyst technologies. in the widest variety of packages. as well as at our corporate offices in Des Plaines. Italy. The Polybed PSA and Polysep Membrane technologies are integral to efficient hydrogen generation and management. we have the right adsorbent product for you.

SCADA engineers and operators are facing the challenge of integrating wireless instrumentation networks with other communication infrastructure available in the field. Integrating wireless instrumentation with SCADA systems can drive operational efficiency and reduce deployment costs. ISP. please contact your UOP Account Representative or contact us now by e-mail using ourinformation request form. batterypowered instruments. Improving SCADA Operations Using Wireless Instrumentation The purpose is to explore the particular ways in which operators can tightly integrate wireless instrumentation networks with SCADA and realize. Our experts consult with your team to identify and design the right solution to meet your needs. CIPS.UOP Renewable Energy and Chemicals UOP Renewable Energy & Chemicals is focused on the developing profitable and efficient ways to convert biofeedstocks. We are developing the best and most efficient solutions to support the growing need for biologically derived fuels and chemicals. Our solutions are focused on the technologies that will produce superior. UOP is working on many initiatives to develop the best renewable energy solutions. greases and certain waste products into valuable fuel and chemicals. Managing and debugging dispersed wireless networks presents a new level of complexity to field operators that could deter them from adopting wireless instrumentation despite the exceptional savings. An Analysis o Security Solutions and Their Applicability in Control Systems Andrew Ginter. Inc. Today. wireless instruments eliminate expensive trenching and cabling while providing access to hard-to-reach areas using self-contained. Chief Security Officer. However. Driven by cost cutting measures and the need to gain more operational visibility to meet regulatory requirements. such as oils from plants and algae. CISSP. high-quality products that maximize the use of existing infrastructure and whose production does not compete with valuable land and water resources. This paper will look into the particular ways in which operators can tightly integrate wireless instrumentation networks with SCADA and realize the full benefits of such an integrated solution. Anti-virus has a checkered history in operations networks and control systems – many people have . The use of wireless instruments in pipelines and gas production operations has been gaining momentum over the past few years. Industrial Defender. UOP/Eni Ecofining™ Process for Green Diesel Fuel Green Jet Fuel Technology Pyrolysis Oil Technology for Power & Fuels Renewable Chemicals Second Generation Feedstock Technologies For further information on UOP's efforts with Renewable Energy & Chemicals.

the solution architecture. HVAC. SNMP – A New Paradigm for SCADA This white paper describes how SNMP is applied to asset management and transportation of "shadow data. The white paper includes descriptions of smart function blocks.” to facilitate this sort of communication. While anti-virus systems detect "bad" files that match signatures of known malware. and various features to help Integrators differentiate between different OPC Bridge products. which significantly reduce programming efforts when used with Semaphore's T-BOX RTU and Kingfisher RTU product lines. required software components. SCADA. the challenge is that two OPC Servers cannot communicate with each other directly. This whitepaper discusses the concept of the OPC Bridge. generically called an “OPC Bridge. Because OPC technology is based on the Client/Server architecture. A variety of vendors provide an intermediate software solution. PROFESSIONAL PETROLEUM Professional Petroleum Service Company offers sales. The paper closes with some recommendations related to this technology and areas for further research. testing and installation for:     Gas station equipment including fuel pumps. whitelisting technologies identify "good" executables on a host and refuse to execute unauthorized or modified executables." information on equipment maintenance and security within the SCADA system. service. Since SNMP has emerged as a very efficient vehicle for transportation of this information. presumably because such executables may contain malware. and fuel storage tanks Propane trucks and Fuel delivery trucks Dresser Wayne / Ovation Gasboy / Veeder Root . it is feasible for addition to existing systems. DCS. POS terminals. OPC Bridging Transfers Data between Industrial Automation Systems Integrators frequently use OPC technology to connect one Industrial Automation system (PLC. This is a least privilege approach of denying everything that is not specifically approved. etc) with another so data can be shared between the two systems.horror stories of how they installed anti-virus and so impaired their test system that they simply couldn't trust deploying it in production. In this paper the Industrial Defender team performs an independent analysis of a variety of whitelisting solutions for their applicability to control systems.

install. Tokheim (service only) Accutech instruments Open the box. All field devices are self-contained and self-powered. Accutech virtually eliminates the need for local power sources and field wiring. Startup Procedures and Operating Guidelines GATE engineers have extensive experience in writing commissioning. critical process data is wirelessly moved upstream from up to 256 field-based sensors to your centralized data system or RTU. Whether your installation is situated on a plant floor or a weather-beaten hilltop. initial start-up and operating guidelines and procedures. installation and operation stages by using a "systems engineering" approach. design errors and omissions are frequently discovered. operation shouldn't be an afterthought. with maintenance-free operation for up to 10 years. During the procedure writing effort. GATE believes that procedure writing should be handled in stages. all of which lead to excellence in work quality. By combining secure 900MHz spread-spectrum radio communication with advanced power management circuitry. This team-based approach enables our engineers to take a look at larger view of the interactions and intricacies of the system as a whole and results in developing an optimized solution that crosses many different disciplines and boundaries. GIBSON APPLIED TECNOLGY & ENGINERRING LCC Capabilities GATE LLC offers a wide range of skills and experience in deepwater engineering in design. Integrity Assurance GATE provides integrity assurance support to its clients by using the principle of a Systems Approach that compliments our engineering experience by considering systemic risks through equipment interactions and design analysis. for the long haul. reliably and economically. begin early in the project and start as a high level procedure that gradually matures along with the design. Processes should be designed to be operated. sharing experience. Accutech products will work for you. It’s really that simple. and power up . Risk assessment is a key element in managing pipeline system . and thanks to years of field experience to back them up. With rough -and-ready Accutech wireless instrumentation. you know that your Accutech equipment will be in service. supporting each individual taking project responsibility and establishing a well-communicating network between different disciplines. In order to eliminate these problems. This is achieved with a philosophy that facilitates continuous career development of our engineers by providing cross-trainings. with minimal installation and maintenance efforts.

determination of scale formation risk. which involves identification and management of the risks through development of an investigation. The initial startup of a production system is one of the most challenging periods in field life. positive material identification) Chemical Systems Engineering GATE chemical systems engineering support acts as a focal point to develop.integrity. manage and maintain a comprehensive best in class chemical engineering/treatment strategy that maximizes the net value of the asset at all stages of the design. anode chemistry. intervention. Commissioning & Startup GATE has expertise in designing and overseeing commissioning and start-up operations and providing on-site technical support during well unloading and commissioning activities. selection of coatings and field joints studies Cathodic Protection Design and Attenuation Modeling of subsea structures Monitoring and inspection strategies during field design Inspecting work in progress during fabrication and vendor qualification (including welding.     Work with Corrosion Engineering team to ensure the Flow Assurance Strategy is robust and fit for purpose for the full design life Manage chemical vendor qualifications and selections which includes development of chemical functional and testing requirements Evaluate chemical pumping rates and sparing along with chemical storage requirements and umbilical sizing and layouts Develop chemical management plans with selected chemical vendors for assets at the design stage as well as for producing facilities. coating. This enables a rapid response capability to unexpected events and the ability to transfer learnings to our clients. GATE believes development of effective planning . Corrosion and Materials Engineering GATE develops whole-life cost solutions to corrosion and materials issues in the areas of:          Downhole and Subsea Material Selection geared to changing service conditions throughout equipment design life Management and mitigation of CO2. Chemical Systems Engineers. commissioning and production process. development of removal and mitigation strategies Failure Analysis Linking material selection. redesign and inspection plan. H2S and microbiologically induced corrosion modeling and failure mechanisms Erosion/Corrosion Risk Assessment and Modeling Scaling Studies. it is the first time the whole system has to work together.

GATE identifies field-development life cycles and presents recommendations for operational strategies to maximize rates of return and minimize overdevelopment.  Reservoir Evaluation: GATE applies risk-assessment skills to evaluate exploration programs in established producing areas. Reservoir and Production Engineering Subsurface team at GATE provides multi-disciplinary solutions in advanced reservoir & production engineering analysis and data processing to the petroleum industry.  Dynamic Reservoir Engineering: GATE has the expertise to build and run realistic and flexible flow simulation models to study the performance of fields under different conditions and complexities. and we have a broad knowledge in generating plans for the initial startup of wells. subsea tie-backs and new platforms. enables the estimation of important reservoir characteristics that provides in-depth understanding of the reservoir and well performance in order to optimize production. Main service categories are:  Analytical Reservoir Engineering. Selected Clients Shell     South Texas Asset Management Waterflood Materials Selection DEP Support BC-10 Materials Support MarsB Export Line Internal and External Corrosion Assessment BHP Billiton     Shenzi CSE Genghis Khan Systems Engineering Shenzi Start-up Angostura CSE BP    FAMP Holstein H2S Treatment Thunderhorse Water Injection .strategies will minimize the risks.

 Na Kika South Oil Loop Pigging Chevron         Tahiti Hull Tank Treatment SMI127 Amine Study North Sea RBI Blind Faith CP Design Tahiti CSE JSM Chemical Vendor Evaluation Big Foot CSE Anadarko    Marco Polo Water Injection Ceaser .Tonga Water Injection Nansen Start-up Partner Williams   Williams Gunnison Oil Export Pipeline CSE Tahiti Gas Export Pipeline Commissioning Hess    Pony Water Injection Pony-Ness Internal Corrosion Assessment Pony WF Scale Modeling Helix  Phoenix Interface Management Petrobras  Cascade Chinook Cathodic Protection Design Exxon Mobil  Texas Assets Pipeline Integrity Management .

and petrochemical industry. SEL has field-proven solutions in the most extreme environments.Power management solution 3.Noble Energy  Benita Flow Assurance Engineering VIDEOCONE Oil and Gas: Videocon Group has interests in oil & gas exploration. Australia and the Timor Sea near Indonesia.rigzone. With over 25 years of innovation in power management products.000 barrels of oil per day. Videocon's Ravva oil field has one of the lowest operating costs in the world and it produces 50. gas. SEL reduces the cost of your operation while improving safety and reliability. Outside the United States and Canada please dial 1 (312) 842-5012. 1.generator and motor protection 2. http://www.Automation n integration 5. Gas. . Energy The Accenture Energy industry group serves the oil and gas sector including upstream. and Petrochemical For the oil. Videocon is also actively looking for exploration and production opportunities in countries like Oman. energy costs represent a significant portion of the operating budget for any given facility. It produces 7% of all oil in the private sector in India.Distribution Protection VENDOR ACCENTURE Contact Us To discuss how we can help your organization achieve high performance in the energy industry.Software 4. downstream and oil service companies. prospecting and intends to get into gas distribution. call us toll-free at 1 (877) SEL Oil.

which is really around how you develop a strategy for the next decade. Oil companies have always been very strong in this area. We’re not seeing any growth in developing markets really for most oil products. So. I think. The first would be around health and safety and risk management. the downstream is in a particular situation. We’re seeing refineries for sale. one of which is deepwater. What strategies are key for companies to take into account to manage their business for high performance? IT SOLUTIONS HSE and project management there are a number of strategies that oil companies can look at to manage their business for high performance given the situation in the energy industry today. I think. Most of the growth for international oil companies certainly is coming from technically risky areas like unconventional resources. we’re seeing refineries being mothballed and that kind of leads into the fourth area. how you pursue your downstream strategy. as we think about Cancún and we think about things like climate change and how transportation might change over the next decade. I think the second is around the area of project management. I guess. and we produce the quarterly energy trends update. How companies best manage that will be a competitive differentiator.Julie Adams: research team for energy. but I think there will be some reevaluation of these issues going on post the Gulf of Mexico. . is going to be key to your success. Another area is the downstream. most companies are struggling with refining portfolios to a greater or lesser extent.

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