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) DEGREE MEDIA & TELECOM LAWS GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSIGNMENT PREPARATION Issued By Mr. Jacob Joseph, Assistant Professor, NUALS For the Special Notice of Roll Nos. 505 to 547 [Both Inclusive]

The organization, format, and content of the Assignment (Research Paper) should be similar to a short note in a scholarly journal. It shall contain an introductory section that summarizes the issue to be examined and tells what you plan to cover in the balance of the paper. The introduction should also provide the reader with a road map to your paper. The paper should be paginated. Incorporate headings as well as sub-headings wherever necessary. Footnotes must be sequential and may appear at the bottom of the page. Bibliographies or Reference Lists are welcome but not compulsory. Generally, use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. Spare the reader high-flown rhetoric, windy generalizations, lame clichs, and uncritical thought. The Research Paper (Assignment) is to be prepared and submitted on an individual basis. The Topics on which you should prepare the assignments are displayed separately. Plagiarism is prohibited and will be penalised. All relevant sources of information should be explored and properly acknowledged in the work. This includes all sources from which you derive ideas, analyses or leads, and not simply sources you quote or paraphrase. Failure to acknowledge will be dealt with harshly. The students shall submit written/typed versions of the assignment according to the following criteria. For typed works the following shall be the criteria: Minimum Number of Pages: 10; Line Spacing: 1.5 (Between Lines); Line Spacing: Double (Between a Heading and the Beginning of a Paragraph); Margin: 1 Inch on all sides; Font: Any font (Preferably Times New Roman); Font Size: 12.

Students are free to use any Standard Citation Format uniformly throughout the paper. For written works the following shall be the criteria: Minimum Number of Words:3000; Margin: 1 Inch on all sides. [In the case of written works the student may use end notes instead of footnotes ] The Assignment (Research Paper)) will be assessed out of 15 marks. The following is the break-up of Assessment: Content: 7 Marks, Scope of Research: 4, Formatting & Footnoting: 4 Marks. Deadline for submission of Assignments: 26 March 2013 ( Midnight) The assignments may be e-mailed to Students shall be allotted Case Laws for presentation and their skill shall be evaluated out of 10 marks separately. Students are required to effectively utilise the library resources. The effort put in by the students in library work including completion of reading assignments on time will be highly appreciated. ********************