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Palace Series Extrusions and Components NEW!

• Replacement Items for Sliding Kits, or Purchase Individual AVAILABLE IN BRITE ANODIZED (BC), BRITE GOLD ANODIZED (BG),
Components to Fabricate Your Own Kits SATIN NICKEL (BRUSHED) (BN), AND OIL RUBBED BRONZE (OB)
• Finishes to Match Our Stock Sized Kits
Recommended Maximum Slider Sizes:
• Send Us Your Drawing (With Dimensions) and Let U.S. Horizon 1/4" (6 mm) Glass: 60" W x 72" H or 72" W x 60" H;
Design and Quote a Custom Enclosure Kit for You!
3/8" (10 mm) Glass: 72" W x 80" H

Top Header Extrusion Acts as a Crown, and Header Filler is Used Where Top Hanger Assemblies Used
is Used in All Palace Series Applications Fixed Panels Are Located in Palace Series Applications
Top Hanger for
Product Code Product Code 3/8" (10 mm) Glass
AH-P60 Product Code
72" (1.83 m) 72" (1.83 m) THD-P
3/8" (10 mm)
Product Code Product Code
AH-P144 AI-P144 Product Code
144" (3.66 m) 144" (3.66 m) THS-P
1/4" (6 mm)
Glass Top Hanger for
Header Header Filler 1/4" (6 mm) Glass

Sidelite Sill Used in Palace Series Bottom Sill Extrusion Used in Bottom Sill and Wall Jamb Fillers
Applications Where Fixed Panel is All Palace Series Applications • Bottom Sill Filler Can Be Cut at a Taper to Bring
Same Height as Doors the Bottom Sill to a Level Position
• Jamb Filler Can Be Cut at a Taper to Fill Vertical
Gap When Glass Should Have Been Cut Out of
Square But Was Not
• Simply Field Fabricate as Desired

Sidelite Sill Bottom Sill

Product Code Product Code Product Code Product Code Bottom Sill Filler Wall Jamb Filler
ARS-P72 ARS-P144 ABS-P72 ABS-P144 Product Code ASF-P80 Product Code AJF-P72
72" (1.83 m) 144" (3.66 m) 72" (1.83 m) 144" (3.66 m) 80" (2.03 m) 72" (1.83 m)

Aluminum Wall Jamb Polycarbonate Wall Jamb Standard 24" TB-24SM Towel Guide for Glass, Rollers
Bar and Back-to-Back Cushioned and Hardware Required
Knob (See page 37 for Alternate for Palace Applications
Towel Bar Sizes)

L-Shaped Clear T-Shaped Clear Product Code SDR-P2
Polycarbonate Polycarbonate 24" (610 mm) Towel Bar (2 per Pack)
Wall Jamb Panel Jamb Bottom Guide
Product Code Product Code BG-P38
Product Code Product Code
PWJ-P98 PPJ-P98 TB-24SM 3/8" (10 mm) Glass
Aluminum Product Code BG-CH14
Wall Jamb 98" (2.49 m) 98" (2.49 m) 1/4" (6 mm) Glass
W Hardware Pack
Product Code A
80" (2.03 m) Polycarbonates adhere to
glass or wall as shown using
Product Code our Clear Two-Way Acrylic Back-to-Back Cushioned Knob
Tape (see page 85) Product Code HB-P-BC Brite Anodized
AWJ-P144 Product Code Product Code HB-P-BG Brite Gold Anodized
144" (3.66 m) Product Code HB-P-BN Satin Nickel (Brushed)
Product Code HB-P-OB Oil Rubbed Bronze

Note: Complete the above product codes by adding the desired finish code to the end.

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