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Why Team Spirit Works

Team spirit makes work more meaningful by making people feel more meaningful.

! m a e GO t What is team spirit?

Feelings of camaraderie among members of a group, enabling them to cooperate and work well together.
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reason people leave their jobs: lack of appreciation

of American workers are happy with their jobs.

of people indicated they received no recognition for the good work they completed last year.

Team spirit makes for a much more positive work environment. Positivity increases productivity.

of managers


who reported feeling motivated at work also claimed

productivity of


What you need to help people feel valued at work.

An atmosphere of engagement. Things like:

t a e Grob! j

A positive atmosphere

Mutual respect

Individual goals

Professional development opportunities

Studies reveal that highly engaged employees have great team spirit.

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Grow a culture of team spirit at work.

Service projects with local nonprots
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Here are some team-building ideas to get you started:

Executive coaches or motivational speakers

: o t t e g Dont for
Set goals.
Keep them achievable.

Develop the program.

Sports Saturdays at a local park Group exercises at team meetings

In a way that works for you.

Execute the training.

Make it exciting for participants.
Weekend retreats or outdoor daytrips

Interofce charity fundraisers

Establish metrics.
To keep an eye on your teams progress.

Remember: Practice makes perfect.

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