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Chris Kramer By A.J.

Great at basketball Played for Purue, Mad Ants, Germans Knauf, Ewe Teams

Small forward, hard worker . . . Works through his pain,

Chris lifted me up to shoot a basket. He lifts me up now. . . gives me jerseys, communicating with me . . . even if he lives in GERMANY! Chris Kramer is my friend.

Manning, South Carolina By Allison

Hot weather, cool pool. Grass in front, lake in back. Calm. . . humming birds flying, breeze flowing. Rocking on back porch, CREEK, CREEK, CREEK! Relaxing! Family and fun. Fireworks and food. Late nights, fun games. Oh, I wish I could stay. . . FOREVER!

Rock Skipping Pond By Bray When you skip your rock A magic Overwhelms you. It feels so good. PLOP, Plump, SPLASH. As it sinks The magic seems To leave, But really the magic Never leaves. Thats when you wonder . . . What might Happen next??

My WEIRD Brother By Emerson Rose Justin

OH! My WEIRD brother! Did you know I have to live with him? I would like to Have a normal brother. He jinxes me All the time. He does GROSS stuff All the time. I am his TWIN. . . He is just so WEIRD!

When I Had To Stay Home By Evan VROOOM VROOOM!!! The car started, but mom is leaving for the party without me. I had to stay home, because I did not do my spelling words two times each. I was mad, because I missed my grandma, Rosies birthday party. When I arrived home, I packed up my bags. In my bag were clothes, toys, my DS, and my firefly toothbrush. It lights up. My dad and I had a discussion about leaving for my grandmas house. He pointed out to me how much the trampoline cost that he had just bought for my sister and myself. I believe that dad wanted me to stay home with him. It was probably for the best. I could always wait until the next day to go to Grandmas house. My dad made me do my spelling words, then put all the toys away in my room . I was MAD! I picked up my GI Joe Jet and threw it up in the air. It landed on my bed and fell apart. I picked it up and put it back together. Maybe I shouldnt throw my toys. I finished my spelling and cleaned my room. I walked into the kitchen where my dad was cooking buffalo macaroni. EWWW! I dont LIKE buffalo macaroni, and Im not eating it! I yelled. My dad said, GO to YOUR ROOM!!! Here we go again. . .

Can You Believe IT? By Jaci Dear Mom and Dad, AAAAHHHH. . . Im so tired of being a normal dog. It is soooooo boring. I want more biscuits. You dont let me play outside. I want a new bed. I dont like this cage. I want you to take me to the park. Will you please let me do these things. PLEASE with a CHERRY on top! Love, Your Angry Dog PS. . . if you dont---I will chew up the couch!

In the Winter By Gracie In the winter. . . people are happy, some gloomy, some sad. In the winter. . . it snows, it rains, it thunders. In the winter people build snowmen, they have snowball fights, they make snow angels. In the winter. . . it is cold, sometimes hot, sometimes humid. In the winter people sit by the fire, drink hot cocoa, play outside. In the winter . . people are calm, they are quiet, they are loud. In the winter, it can be breezy, it can be snowy, and white. In the winter. . .

Dallas, Texas By John Home to my favorite NFL team, Hut! Hike! Has the worlds biggest TV Its bigger than a hotel! Is in Tornado Alley, OOO oooOOOoooOOOOoooOOO Home to the Dallas Merkindicks, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble! Gets lots of sunlight. OUCH! ITs HOT! Ive been there once.

Lambie By Kylie She cuddles with me, She snuggles with me, she keeps me warm at night, she comforts me, she loves on me, She is a bright star during the night, And best of all . . . She has stayed with me All my life!

Homework Stress By Mady

1 2 3 4 my pencils somehow on the floor! 5 6 7 8 wheres my homework . . . my dog ate it! 9 10 11 12 my teacher said my friend did well. Sue did great and so did Seth but. . . OH NO! I got an F! Im so mad at my dog right now!

Hershey, Pennsylvania By Madisyn West Smells like Chocolate Light Posts with Hershey Kisses on the top In another state Hershey Kisses on the pillows at night I cant wait to go there. . . I know I will someday I know it smells like Chocolate, I know it is temperate, I know it is sweet. I cant wait to go there. . . . I know I will some day Someday . . . Someday . . .

Courage By Natalie Courage is faithfulness It means believe in yourself. Courage is not meaness. . . it means ignore bullies. Courage is niceness It means to be kind! Have Courage!

School By Victor Fun, teaching, lots of homework, friends, teachers Chalk, writing, music, band, gym, art, reading, math, LOTS of talking, kickball, paper, pencils, Pens, markers, crayons, books, lunch, projects, Social studies, math, science, English, homework help. SCHOOL

Mrs. Denney By Zackary M agical writer R oughly the best S econd favorite teacher

D ynomite Gal E nergetic N icest Person in the Universe N ot mean at all@ E ducational Y oung

Maytember By Taylor

There is a month where anything can happen. . . You just have to close your eyes and believe. That month is Maytember. Just close your eyes And look inside a world of fantasy . . . So much to see the mornings new. . . Theres beautiful dew. . . Layed throughout For all to see. Do you want a new dog? Just find one that is right! Do you want to write An award winning book? Youre creative---just look. Do you want to be the queen? Just tryout, but make sure youre clean. Oh so much to do Youll just have to wait. . . Until the next Maytembers new!

Summer vs. Winter By Allie

Who will win? Its Summer vs. Winter in the 49th Annual Seasonal Competition! Right now, Summer has the most votes, but Winter is catching up! The Summer options are: A. Swimming, B. Sun Tanning, or C. Going to the Beach. Winter options are: A. Building snowmen, B. Sledding, or C. Snowball fights. Right now, Summers winning option is A. Swimming. Winters winning option is C. Snowball fights. OH, it looks like Winter is on Summers Tail! The results are in . . . . the winner is!!!! S. . . Winter? I thought for a fact that Summer would win! Oh wait, we have new results. Lets do this again. . . the winner is --- A TIE! Summer and Winter are equally fun! (Dont ask Mrs. Thacker. . . she is for Summer ALL THE WAY!)

Why? By Kingston Why do birds fly? Why cant fish cry? Why do we walk? Why cant dogs talk? Why do we pass away? Why cant we stay another day? Why dont we live in ice and snow? Why do fibs just grow, grow, grow? Why is the world so big and round? Why are things lost and found? Why isnt every day a sunny day? Why do pets run away? Why are bugs so small? Why cant we fit inside a ball? Why?

Mad Monkey By Kobe The madness begins. . . a monkey could fly an airplane, but hed gone mad over time. He has destroyed half of the city. So the military had no choice, but cage the monkey forever---until now! BASH! BANG! The monkey got out, but dont PANIC! AHAHHAHHH! Thats it. . . send the capture robots! So they did. . . but the robots were destroyed!!! Then the monkey ate a banana --- and was happy for a very, very long time. We wonder when he will go MAD again.