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A Hundred Years Ago By Lauryn Sometimes I wonder what it was like a hundred years ago.

Sometimes I think that there were people with fancy cars, hats, coats and everything. Everything was so fancy. Someday I wish to go back in time and see what it was like a hundred years ago. But sometimes I like where I am, and I want to stay here for a very long time.

Wizard War I by AJ

BOOM! BOOM! POW! The wizard people are battling Gorlochs for land. The wizards want the land so they can farm. The Gorlochs want the land so they can take over Marzoo Planet. The Gorlochs are green with red eyes. Their feet are webbed and purple. The Wizards look, like . . . well . . . WIZARDS! There are all kinds of wizards like Ice Wizard, Water Wizard, and Fire Wizard. . . any wizard that you can think of. The war started at eighteen forty one. A wizard bumped into a Gorloch and said, Watch where you are going! The Gorloch threw out his gun and pointed it at the wizard. He shot him. Another wizard saw him and ran back to the village and told his friends. Then he told one of his friends that knew the mayor. The mayor sent an attack on the Gorloch's village. That is how it all started. I wonder what will happen next???

Outside by Allen Outside in the grassy, green, growing scenery Where the trees grow and the birds sing While the bees buzz and the ants make homes All the plants grow, absorbing sunlight and water. The Frogs jump near the pond, eating fly pie for their lunch, while large mouth bass barge up from the water. The cute little bugs lay their eggs. As the wind whistles wildly, the animals look around for predators, then quietly burrow into their homes. . .

Why Rain? By: Allie

Why Rain? Why? Why Clouds? Why Sky? Why Hello? Why Good-Bye? Why You? Why I? Why Money? Why Fees? Why Vegetables? Why Peas? Why Flowers? Why Bees? Why Rain?

Because That's How God Made The World That's Why!

The Big Announcement by: Lauren

RRRIIIIINNNGGGG! One day Mrs. Kimble was giving her students a big announcement. Okay kids, tomorrow we are going to Crocodile Camp. Crocodile Camp is a camp were we feed, ride , play with, spray and get a baby crocodile. Yeah!said the class. Mrs. Kimble continued saying, You all will need to behave, be gentle to the crocodiles, and represent Wes-Del Elementary in a good way. Students will get the supplies to raise the baby crocodile. And here is your permission slip. Make sure your parents see the slip, have them sign it, and bring it back. Have a good day class.

The Cell Phone, the Sheep, and the Bee By Breanna

Today, I got a new cell phone. And when I went to the barn. I set it down on the barrel of hay. Well, I forgot it was on there. When I opened the barrel of hey. It fell and the sheep got loose. And ran over it breaking it. And I got stung by a bee. Trying to get the sheep. When the sheep was in its den. My phone was broken. So I just put ice on my bee sting. Then I put mustard on it. So it wouldn't get infected. So I guess it had to be a good day. Remember never buy me phone... Unless I promise to not break it.

Courage By: Natalie

Courage is faithfulness. It means don't let yourself down. Courage is kindness. It means keep yourself together. Courage is being nice. It means don't be afraid. Courage is being helpful. It means ignore bullies. Have courage!

My Mom by Gracie My mom is the petal to my flower. The lead to my pencil. The string to my shoe. The straw to my cup. The bead to my bracelet. The stripes to my shirt. And most important. . . The love to my heart!

Sharks Attack By: Taylor

One day in Florida everything was fine until . . . A group of kids were playing in the middle of the ocean by their boat. The engine startled a group of sharks and they were getting mad! One of the kids had seen the shark and started kicking at it. That lead to no good! Then the shark viciously grabbed onto the little boys foot and pulled him under. His parents reached for him. . . But it was too late.

Volleyball History Kylie One November day we were at Ball State, full of energy and excitement . We were waiting for the game to start. It was the most important game for the Warriors. The game started . . . BOOM! POW! SLAM! I was sitting with Taylor. There were roaring crowds cheering on their teams. Whooh! Yeah! WHOOHU! We won! The crowds of Wes-Del roaring with excitement! Then they had to announce the winner of the $1000 dollars out of a player from one of the teams- Wes-Del and the other team . . . They announced my sister! My mom and dad were on T.V. . It was very exciting day for the crowds of Wes-Del and the team.

Yes Yappin' Years Chantel Yes years were the best! Can I have ice cream for breakfast? Yes. Can I have a food fight with my brother? Yes. Can I have a mud and garbage bath? Yes. Giggle, Giggle, Giggle! Can I blow up the refrigerator with a bomb? Yes.


Never By Alexandra I will never play with Carly while Adam is there, Never ride a horse without a saddle, And NEVER give up!

A Piece of Wheat By Bray Here I am just a kernel of wheat. Here comes the tractor with a sprayer. . . spraying me. EEWWWW! That states bad, but it feels good. Five months later. . . here comes the combine. Up I go and out the auger. Into the semi I go. Down I go onto the conveyor belt. I went to the mill! CRUSH! Now I am flour. Grandma mixes me with sugar, milk, and yeast. Im BAKING in this oven! Finally, Im a piece of bread now. No I a joining some tuna salad for a sandwich. . . Into a persons mouth I go. BYE-BYE!!! . . . GULP!

ME By Brylee I I I I dont look like Daddy. sound like Mommy. have the hair of Bubby, have the attitude, sass, and Looks of Aunt Nikki. I went to the same School as GRAMS. I dont look like Paw! ME!

How to Grow a Garden By Jaci First you buy the seeds. Then you get the soil moist. Then you make the rows for the plants. Next, you plant the seeds. Then you water the garden and hope the sun shines on the plants. Next youll let them grow and grow and grow!!! Then youll pick the finest vegetables. Of course, youll cook them and eat them!

What Animal Would I Play With By Jared Boy, Oh Boy! If I had to choose any animal to play with, I dont know what it would be. I do know I wouldnt want to play with any cat-like animal. . . . they would bite me. A kangaroo is too jumpy and wild. Elephants and giraffes are not my favorite animal. . . so they are out. If only I was fast, I would play chase with a zebra. Or if I could fly, I would play with an eagle or a falcon. . . pretty much any kind of bird. Both grizzlies and polar bears would eat me! I dont like being freezing to death. . . so penguins are out also. Maybe I should play with sea animalsalthough a sea turtle is slow . . . so NO! Tiny fish would swim away from me, and both octopuses and squids spray ink. All sharks will attack me, but a dolphin would be good. OH SHOOT! I forgot, I cant hold my breath long under water. WAIT a MINUTE!!! I forgot one animal and it is a pet. . . .D O G! That is the animal I would play with!

Bobs Great Adventure, Part 2 By Joel STOMP, STOMP, STOMP! Theyre coming. I need to roll out of here! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Get off me bug! BBBBBBBBRRRRRRRR Its cold, Im glad I Have my yellow jacket. Man, it is a long driveway. YES, Im here! AAAHHHH a car! I need to be more careful. OH, no! A DOG! I should hide in the cracks Of the concrete. KKKKKLLLLLKKKKKKLLLLL Gross, dog slobber, Hey, a bottle, I could live In it for a while. RELAXING. . . AHHHHH it feels good. COCK A DOODLE DOOO Aw another day!

The Pond By Mady A frog sitting on a rock A dragonfly zooms by my face. Tall grass up to my waist. The water lies very still. The Pond.

LOGAN By Paige ANNOYING. . . my sassy and funny little brother, Logan. Now my brother can say some weird and unusual words and phrases like this. . . . Its time to pipe down Grandma . . . nu huh . . . OH NO YOU DIDNT Ill tell you one more thing. . . so stay put. His favorite color is green and he is crazy. Hes so crazy . . . I feel sorry for myself! Oh and could you do me a favor? Tell him I dont care about any ole trucks. Thank You! Even though he says I am the worst sister . . . I still love my brother Logan!

Tiger Lilies By Mr. Waylon Vermillion and gold, Blazing like the sunrise. Dark at its center And bright at its borders. Two trios of petals, A pair of triangles intertwines. Six black stamen, Like seeds in a melon, Rise from within, offering pollen to bees. The tall, slender stem Splits into a fork. None stands alone, Joined with brothers and sisters. As a family, they lean, Drinking in the sunlight as one.

My To Do LIST: By Monica Wake to buzzing! Land on feet! Head downstairs, Make food to eat. Take a shower. Comb my hair. Apply my makeup. What to wear? Perhaps some pants? Perhaps a dress? Perhaps a skirt? A scarf, no less! Grab my purse. Grab my keys. Roll down the windows For a breeze. Prepare my room For the day. Greet the students Give them praise! Finish work. Drive back home. Call my husband From my phone. Try to squeeze A workout in. Clean the bathroom Then the den. Prepare a meal. Fish Sticks they moan! Sit down to read Or write ALONE!

Getting sleepy. Time to go Back to bed Rest-up so . . . I can start this list again when morning comes and day begins!

Behind Grandma's Furnace by Mrs. Thacker

Some life lessons are hard to learn . . . as a child, I loved to visit Grandma and Grandpa Brown's house. Sitting on the front porch glider with Grandpa . . . listening to his stories, smelling his cherry tobacco, and watching the smoke rise from his pipe. OR helping grandma fix the meals, snatching leftover bacon in the frig, or playing the old upright piano in the front room.

These were all well and good, but one of the best things was to sneak away for a few minutes . . . down to the basement. It was damp and musty . . . you might hear the sump pump running on and off. Cobwebs could brush your head as you were walking through. . . but there was a treasure back behind the furnace. There was a little three shelf bookcase filled with Cherry Ames and Nancy Drew books. There had belonged to Mom and Aunt Gale. The pages were yellowed, but I didn't care. I would go down and leaf through those books , spending hours reading. Grandma always knew where I had disappeared.

I was so excited when one day she said, Why don't you take the books home? I couldn't believe my ears! We loaded up three grocery sacks, and I gently took

them home, carefully and proudly displaying them in my room on my bookshelf. . . I read three in one day!

You would think this story would end happily there. . . but the next time I went to Grandma's house and disappeared down to the basement. . . I sadly walked over to the bookcase. . . it was empty! There were no books waiting for me. I realized that I had made a mistake, a great mistake. Those books belonged at Grandma's and my secret hiding place. I should have slowly savored those books at Grandma's house . . . not greedily devouring them in my room . . . some of life's lessons are hard to learn.