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Direction: Illustrate the following sentences in a drawing to show the preposition was used to indicate location or position. 1. The dog is tied to a tree outside the fence.

2. The pillows on the bed are beneath the bedcovers.

3. The moon amid the stars is above the mountains.

4. The child outside the house is leaning against the car.

5. The school is between the church and the hospital.

Beside. .in a position next to alongside Ex. On. My mother came in and looked at the mess all around my little brother. Ex. 7.indicates that somebody or something is in or is going toward a position at the back or rear of something.outer of something Ex. Ex. He was surprised when he looked inside the a position such as that part or all of something touches or another object or surface. by leaning or resting on the side of it. Almira lives across the street from our house. After. We stood before a great mansion. 14. Ex. 3. 10. He went outside the house to see where the noise was coming from 15. direction. The eagle flew above the mountains. 12.a position directly over ahead. Behind. 4. 5.Prepositions It is a word or group of words that shows the relationship between its object and some other words in the sentence.used to indicate that something surrounds a place or object or is situated on or moves from place to place on all sides of it. Around. Between. or higher than something. Ex.indicates a position in front of something Ex.a position underneath or lower than something Ex. Across. Under. Before. I was standing between the two big men fighting. I heard someone whispering behind the locked door.shows an intermediate point between the two places. In/inside.used to show a position above and in contact with the surface of something else. It is used to express several relationship. His house is located after the city hall.somebody or something is on the opposite side of something or moves or reaches from one side to another. time. Ex. on top of. whistling and the inner part of something Ex. Above. The teacher sat on his desk while lecturing. The room right below Randy’s is not yet occupied. Here are examples of preposition that indicate location. Against. Outside. 11. Amity had the novel hidden under her pillow. We found a flight of stairs beneath the living room.behind in place or order. such as location. people. 6. I saw Chris leaning against the tree. manner. The beautiful woman sat beside me.shows a position lower than or beneath something Ex. Below.used to express the concept of being beneath or below something Ex. 2. Ex. 1. Ex. 13. Beneath. 8. 9. or times Ex. and state or condition.

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