On request, MCQs assembled form this thread shared by different members. 1. Number of SAARC member countries? 2.

Ban Ki-moon belongs to which country? 3. UN Security council has its HQ in which city ? 4. OIC headquarter is situated in which city? 5. What is the capital of Libya London Olympic hockey champion 6. When will US forces withdrawn from Afghanistan, announced by Obama 7. Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the current what of Syria ? 8. What is the national flower of Pakistan? 9. The name of the park where Lahore Resolution was passed ? 10. Who was the main person in ALLAHABAD address? 11. Pakistan.Iran.India pipeline Name? 12. First constitution of Pakistan was passed in which year ? 13. Sindh ML passed what resolution in 1938? 14. Pakistan Resolution in Punjab Assembly was seconded by? 15. Highest civilian award of Pakistan? 16. Naval head quarter in which city 17. Last constitutional amendment a) 21, b) 18 c) 20 18. Acting president in absence of president? 19. Diamier Basha Dam is builted on a) Indus b) Channab c) Jehlum d) None of above 20. Head of State bank is called? 21. 7 NFC AWARD in which year ? 22. The mega project to irrigate Baluchistan is a) Kachi Canal b) Gomal dam 23. Gawadar built with the collaboration of which country? 24. Petroleum sector regulate by a) PEMRA b) OGRA c) NEPRA 25. Result of 1937 elections for Muslim league? 26. First mughal emperor was? 27. Muslim League formed in 28. In Pakistan main source of power is a) Thermal b) hydral c) Coal d) None of these

29. Friction is not present in a) Swimming b) Walking, c) Slipping on ice, d) None of these 30. What is protecting earth from radiations of sun? 31. Instrument to measure humidity of atmosphere is? 32. Branch of science that deals with study of sound etc? 33. History is study of 34. The environment friendly energy resources are? 35. Prism splits Light into _______ colours 36. Effect of heat on the temperature of boiling water? 37. Natural way of keeping the soil fertile is _____ a) Crop rotation b) Growing same crop 38. In respiration process during night time plants a) take carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen b) take oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide 39. For burning which agent is necessary? 40. Device which doesn’t store data a) Hard disk, b) CD c) Microprocessor 41. Which is not a good insulator of heat a) Wood b) Iron c) Wool 42. Fish respire through? a) Fins b) Gills 43. Main gases of green house 44. How do the planets stay in orbit around the sun? 45. Which is the hottest planet of the solar system? 46. Heart Rate of normal Human Being is? 47. Light year is unit of 48. Deficiency of iodine causes? 49. First written constitution in history was? 50. Number of hudood mentioned in Holy Quran are? 51. Total books of sahi sita? 52. Who is called Ravi 53. Usul-e-Fiqah was first written by? 54. Al Hidaya was written by 55. City which is known as home of Hadith. a) Makkah b) Madina c) Baghdad

56. Shrimps are found in the market which are great source of Foreign Exchange 57. The word round in "He took round in" is----parts of speech? a) Noun b) Adjective c) Verb 58. Afridi is one of those who never submits to the miseries of his life. 59. Brian prevailed of his friend to sell his car to me… 60. Where------------his books? 61. One of the player score highest goals in the tournament. 62. In the absence of facts we can -------- from facts a) Conclude b) Deduce c) Infer 63. Due to the shortage of fuel the government has asked the public to-----consumption a) Exclude b) Reject c) Economize 64. Police had to ---- to another road as there was terrible riots going on a) Divert b) Desert c) Delude d) Derive 65. He sets two alarm clocks so as to ----- that he did not oversleep a) Assure b) Confirm c) Reassure d) Ensure 66. As the clouds darkened, it soon became obvious that a storm was ---a) Prominent b) Eminent c) Imminent 67. He ---- that it was 5'o clock a) Recognized b) Realized c) Resolved 68. She was---- the people present? a) Between b) In c) Besides d) Among 69. I can’t even thin ----borrowing money a) Of b) For c) With

70. Where ----- his books? a) He puts b) Did he put 71. The word "hoping to enter the university" is a a) Clause b) Phrase c) Sentence 72. His book ----- next week a) Will be published b) Will publish 73. Diamond is a) Noun b) Proper noun c) Abstract noun d) Material noun 74. A straight fence is to be constructed from posts 6 inches wide and separated by lengths of chain 5 feet long. If a certain fence begins and ends with a post, which of the following could not be the length of the fence in feet? (12 inches = 1 foot). a) 17 b) 28 c) 35 d) None of these 75. 2 Cars moving in opposite direction with 8km/h speed difference b/w both covers a total distance of 208 miles in 2hrs. Calculate average velocities 76. Average of multiples from 10 to 190 (10&190 included) 77. Tickets of children are sold at half rate as compared to adults. There are five adults tickets sold and 8 children’s. Find what was rate for adult tickets. If total cost of tickets was 27? 78. What comes next 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,… 79. Positive integer whose tenth digit is 5 longer than its unit. Sum of digits is 11. 80. Which one is correct a) -5 > -3.1 b) –l - 23l = 23 c) 7/0 = 0 d) None of these 81. How many combinations of word STUDY can be made? 82. There are 78 students enrolled in an exam. 48 have chosen German 24 have chosen French. 09 have chosen both. How many have not enrolled. a)24 b)26 83. What percent decrease makes 160 pound to 152 pounds? 84. (-2)^9 + (2)^9 85. If 2x:5y=3:4 then x:y=?

86. f(x)= 3x^2 - 7x + 23 = ? when x = 2 87. Complete the series 012358... 88. What is the 150% of 48? a) 56 b) 72 c) 96 d) None of these 89. Which is the prime number? a) 2 b) 3 c) 7 d) All of these 90. 2^3 + 2^3 = a) 2^6 b) 2^5 c) 2^4 d) None of these

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