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Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat

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Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat
Fat loading to lean out sounds contradictory, but it may not be. Learn how I consumed 6,400 calories in a day —en route to getting ripped. by Cory Gregory Feb 28, 2013

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When it comes to weight-loss tips, conventional wisdom almost always boils down to "calories in, calories out." That mindset might be popular, but it doesn't always work, and it's definitely not the only answer. I know this because I've been the guinea pig for multiple diet protocols. One of the most successful "diets" I've been on called for more than 6,000 calories. This physiological science experiment showed me that losing body fat can occur because of hormonal reactions to food. I began this experiment after 12 weeks of dieting for a competition. After dieting hard for so long, I take a night to celebrate. That celebration always includes copious amounts of food—I eat whatever I want! The result of this mega-meal is always a ridiculous hormone response that leaves me in crazy growth mode. I wanted to see if I could achieve this reaction on a weekly basis so I dug into The Anabolic Solution for Power Lifters by Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. I've always loved the ideas behind the anabolic diet. I like keeping my fats high and my carbs low during the week; I then throw in some extra carbs on the weekends.

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The Skinny on Fat Loading ///
I'm sensitive to carbohydrates. In order to get my body fat low enough for competition, I have to go with a low amount of carbs for a long time. Carb cycling doesn't work for me. So, I took some ideas from Dr. Di Pasquale's book and teamed up with my mentor Dr. Eric



helped in part by adding 6-10 grams of BCAAs every meal. 1 whole) Meal 2: 5 eggs (4 whites. I increased my fat intake every third day. this was extreme. they would make an anabolic environment.400 calories that day: Meal 1: 12 whole eggs. So I called Dr. I was lean and looking pretty legit.380 calories) Meal 3: 12 ounces beef plus cheese cubes (900 calories) Meal 4: 1 can cashews unsalted (1. 1 cup cheese (1. yes. Serrano and asked him what would happen if I ate as much fat as possible. My body responded even better than I thought it would." he said. It read 172.390 calories) Meal 2: 1 whole can of unsalted cashews (1. but it was time to see what I could do. My pump was out of this world during the entire workout and despite the mass surplus in calories. I went for it.390 calories) TOTAL: 6. asking me what I was eating. My interest was immediately piqued. and down four pounds after eating 6. leaner. but just bear with me for a moment. Actually.Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat Serrano to come up with a crazy idea: fat loading. And. I ate 6. "Do it and see what happens.bodybuilding. What in the world was going on? www. it was a bit more complicated than that. 1 cup cheese (1. He said if my calories were high enough.html 2/8 . 1 whole) Meal 3: 6-8 ounces of grilled fish and green vegetables Meal 4: 2 scoops of whey protein (less than 10 carbs) Meal 5: 6-8 ounces of fish and green vegetables Fat Load Day: Meal 1: 5 whole eggs with 1/4 cup shredded cheese Meal 2: 4 ounces almonds or cashews Meal 3: 12 ounces beef Meal 4: 4 ounces almonds or cashews or mix Meal 5: 6 ounces beef.440 calories I went to train during that day looking unbelievable. People were coming up to me left and right. I got incredibly dry and insanely vascular. But I was hungry as hell and I needed something more than just my fatloading day. I could definitely feel a bump in my testosterone.com/fun/eat-to-burn-fat-and-calorie-loading-to-torch-body-fat. I woke up one day at 176 pounds. Keep in mind that I was already lean. 3 eggs with 1/4-cup cheese Meal 6: 2 scoops whey Those fat-load days were always amazing. It may sound strange. An Anabolic Spike /// After sticking with this plan for a few weeks. I was harder. I stayed vascular and dry.com . Here's what it looked like: Low-Fat Day: Meal 1: 5 eggs (4 whites.380 calories) Meal 5: 12 whole eggs. I woke up the next day and stepped on the scale. Instead of cycling carbs. My body was primed for something extreme.400 calories the day before.06/03/13 Bodybuilding.

Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat To put it simply.400-calorie answer.. I took advantage of my hormonal reaction to nutrient timing. My body was craving food and I supplied it with massive calories. View All Articles By This Author RATE THIS ARTICLE OVERALL RATING POOR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 EXCELLENT 4. In turn.com . As a natural guy. I've always looked to challenge my body to elicit a drug-free anabolic reaction. This isn't the meal plan for a day-to-day diet. These extra calories provided it.. nutrition.com/fun/eat-to-burn-fat-and-calorie-loading-to-torch-body-fat.7 Out of 10 Average 12 Ratings 73 Comments Showing 1 .25 of 73 Comments Previous 1 2 Next Follow This Discussion by: Email COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE Log In to Comment www. RELATED ARTICLES Nutrition And Fitness Competing 101! 10 Nutritional Commandments For Cutting! Top Ten Nutritional Strategies To Help Shed That Holiday Weight! View All Eating Tips Articles ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cory Gregory VIEW AUTHOR PAGE Cory Gregory is the Co-Founder and Senior President of MusclePharm. my body rewarded me with some incredible results. That is your 6. but if you use it correctly. and competition prep.06/03/13 Bodybuilding. an incredible anabolic reaction and weight loss could be in the cards. He has an extensive background in training.html 3/8 .bodybuilding.

2013 6:11pm | report Body Stats ht: 5'8" wt: 182 lbs bf: 10.....Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat Add a comment (5 characters minimum) notify me when users reply to my comment sxyfitmomwife wow! Feb 28..com/fun/eat-to-burn-fat-and-calorie-loading-to-torch-body-fat.0% hawkfootball767 i was on a low carb diet for 2 months straight ..0% Rep Power: 113751 sbrooke Wow dude! That is great. Don't have my body dialed in that tight yet but it is good to hear. I noted that your fats were pretty clean. the advice on this link. COM Mar 1.. Fly38. Makes sense too..7 lbs bf: 9.5% Rep Power: 10 OoChadwickoO You cut out all your carbs and wonder what happened? You lost water weight.com .. Feb 28...06/03/13 Bodybuilding. hit a plateau and then one day ate like 6k cals weighed 8lbs more that night at gym next day i was 3lbs lower than the 6k day so i would not discount it that easily Rep Power: 10 Body Stats ht: 6'0" wt: 195 lbs bf: 11. 2013 8:15pm | report Rep Power: 45397 Body Stats ht: 5'9" wt: 155 lbs bf: 12.0% lost 70 lbs of bodyfat in the last year and a half www. 2013 7:06pm | report Body Stats ht: 5'6" wt: 142.. 2013 3:14pm | report Rep Power: 10 uriahsboy Damnmmmm I need to STEP UP MY GAME! Feb 28.2% Rep Power: 3382 peterpx If you think Barry`s story is cool.8% Rep Power: 10 1muscle0 Great post by Cory as always! Feb 28. No greasy burger huh? Feb 28. ad it was only 1 day. 2013 7:56pm | report Body Stats ht: 6'1" wt: 183 lbs bf: 7. a month-ago mother in law basically brought in $4031 just sitting there in their apartment and the're friend's step-mother`s neighbour has done this for 7-months and easily made over $4031 part-time at There laptop. 2013 5:59pm | report Body Stats ht: 5'5" wt: 129 lbs bf: 14..bodybuilding.html 4/8 .....

2013 8:49am | report Body Stats ht: 4'11" wt: 111.html 5/8 . keep it coming. 2013 8:46pm | report Body Stats ht: 5'6" wt: 145 lbs bf: 6.. if it works it is still a good concept to adopt.06/03/13 Bodybuilding.0% Rep Power: 10 sushi86 Nice. 2013 10:55pm | report Rep Power: 10 Body Stats ht: 5'8" wt: 153 lbs bf: 12. Either way. dry. thus causing a reduction in water weight and thus resulting in the shredded. Feb 28.0% Rep Power: 13788 20fourseven Im giving this a try but instead of cashew..com/fun/eat-to-burn-fat-and-calorie-loading-to-torch-body-fat. 2013 11:03pm | report Body Stats ht: 5'7" wt: 131 lbs Rep Power: 10 www..8% fitfoodie1988 I'd love to know how it works out for you! Mar 6. The 126g of carbs in the cashews you consumed may have had a similar effect to that of a carb load which is what resulted in such a vascular/full effect. 2013 8:48pm | report Body Stats ht: 6'1" wt: 165 lbs bf: 12.54 lbs bf: 15. I will be going for macadamia nuts.2% Rep Power: -1634 Mtrebs im shocked he could eat 1 cup of cheese in one sitting! Feb 28. lean effect it has had on your body.bodybuilding. Feb 28... good information.8 lbs bf: 19.com .. 2013 12:46am | report isaac00705 Pretty crazy trick might have to start doing this next week Feb 28.2% Rep Power: 10 Curacaoz28 24 eggs in one day. 2013 10:21pm | report AussieJuNior I would think a majority of the fact would be down to the fact that you significantly reduced your carbohydrate intake to basically zero. Article Rated: 9 Rep Power: 10 Feb 28. 2013 10:48pm | report Body Stats ht: 6'1" wt: 210. Feb 28.Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat Mar 3.

they don't do miracles as advertised or as people assume. 2013 12:33am | report Body Stats ht: 5'11" wt: 201 lbs bf: 14. as long as you get the idea of macros you should be good. We get dumped on. Rep Power: 10 Mar 1. you can mix and match as you want and fit your budget. sesame and coconut oil.0% Rep Power: 10 jpstanton Where do you live that those items are that expensive? Or maybe you just need to stop shopping at Whole Foods. thanks Rep Power: 10 Mar 1.. Costco is a good idea though thank you. im not even close to lean enough to try something like this nor am I willing to cut carbs like that at the moment but its a pretty cool concept. Hope it helps :) Mar 1. again only if you want.Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat jtortorich interesting. Just like our gas costs more and we have way less selection of everything. 2013 10:33am | report Body Stats ht: 5'11" wt: 200 lbs bf: 20. he just give and example of high fat low carb diet. 2013 1:56pm | report Body Stats ht: 5'6" wt: 136 lbs bf: 17. Cheap and "good fat" that you can add to your diet if you are on a budget would be olive oil.. Mar 1. didn't realize stuff was so much more expensive up there. Mar 1.0% Rep Power: 10 www. I might give it a shot in the future.0% Rep Power: 4657 vsniperviperv Canada.0% jpstanton That sucks.com/fun/eat-to-burn-fat-and-calorie-loading-to-torch-body-fat.7 lbs bf: 15. or something similar.bodybuilding.0% vsniperviperv Looks good in theory.. 2013 10:08am | report Body Stats ht: 5'11" wt: 175 lbs bf: 10. $4 a dozen eggs plus beef etc etc. 2013 2:21am | report Body Stats ht: 6'1" wt: 180. will give it a shot sometime. 2013 10:51am | report Rep Power: 4657 Body Stats ht: 5'11" wt: 175 lbs bf: 10.html 6/8 . You can get 36 eggs at Costco for around $4 and beef (eye or round roast) is around $3 per lb. but what about the people who cant afford to eat like Michael Phelps over here? Cashews are friggin $15 a can. Rep Power: 10 Mar 1.. Adding extra fat in form of CLA and fish oil along with BCAA won't make a huge difference. Im no friggin genius but I feel like that will add up fast! Plus all the supplements you choose to take. variety..4% HaVoC888 that's insane.06/03/13 Bodybuilding. they are calorie dense and beef can always be substituted for any other meat or fish.0% Indiogkatty Supplements are not a must. I have never in my life consumed so many calories in one day.$$$$$ Can we find a way to make a cheaper budget work? Maybe buy Chicken breasts in bulk and so on? Mar 1. I am keen to try anything once. That's like over $40 a day. 2013 3:09am | report Body Stats ht: 5'11" wt: 200 lbs bf: 20.com . Instead of nuts you can try almond milk.

com.Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat Shifisu ehm. its the expectation.html 7/8 .25 of 73 Comments Previous 1 2 Next FEATURED PRODUCT MusclePharm Combat Powder FREE Shipping on $49+. All rights reserved. Give Us Feedback: Report A Problem Site Feedback Follow Us: Tw itter Facebook RSS Feeds Bodybuilding.8 lbs bf: 19. LLC. which is much more likely to cause the vascularity and dryness he describes. ID 83642 USA . © Bodybuilding. Rep Power: -1634 Mar 6.2% Showing 1 . 2026 S Silverstone Way. Supple m e nta tion.Feed Your Muscles Up To 8 Hours!* Learn More about MusclePharm Combat Powder! Infor m a tion. 2013 5:52am | report Rep Power: 10 jpstanton wouldn't sodium cause water retention and not dryness? Mar 1. Motiva tion.com sm and BodySpace® are trademarks of BodyBuilding. 2013 5:29am | report Body Stats ht: 5'8" wt: 170. those of us carrying significantly more mass could not expect similar results. BodyBuilding.com/fun/eat-to-burn-fat-and-calorie-loading-to-torch-body-fat.0% fitfoodie1988 I would think that the no carbs would actually increase the water loss and the effects would be more drastic.com.06/03/13 Bodybuilding. Mar 1.com New sletter Receive exciting features.bodybuilding.com Enter your e-mail address Home | Store | Products | Careers | Help | Contact Us | Terms of Use | About Us | Checkout | Site Map | Advertise With Us | Affiliates © 2013 BodyBuilding.Advanced Time Release Protein . LLC.5 lbs bf: 11. losing 4 lbs after a carb free day is not a revelation. Use Coupon: Goal49 .. Rep Power: 10 Mar 6.. 2013 8:51am | report Body Stats ht: 4'11" wt: 111. 2013 10:09am | report Rep Power: 4657 Body Stats ht: 5'11" wt: 175 lbs bf: 10. Meridian.com . "This isn't the meal plan for a day-to-day diet" He did this for one day.1-877-991-3411 www. new s & special offers from Bodybuilding. #1) The high fat days would have an incredible amount of sodium.com. #3) At 172 lbs he far from being an ideal subject for a bodybuilding experiment. not less. #2) The diet he lists includes no carb dominant foods.0% cdinico1 This is a terrible idea.

bodybuilding.Eat To Burn: Fat And Calorie Loading To Torch Body Fat www.html 8/8 .06/03/13 Bodybuilding.com/fun/eat-to-burn-fat-and-calorie-loading-to-torch-body-fat.com .

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