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January 6, 2010


Louie Bishop 38149 Silver Fox Ct. Murrieta, CA 92562 10#923495 Dear Louie: This letter is to confirm the conversation we had concerning posting Dr. Greer's lecture on the internet. IJr. Greer reported to me that you had published his lecture on the internet without his permission. According to the Student Handbook this falls under non-compliance to a University official. The Judicial Committee met today to consider the matter. The committee voted to give you Citizenship Probation f(Jr this infraction. By definition Citizenship Probation is de1ined as "disciplinary status indicating that a student is in serious violation of policy." It \viii he necessary for you to lend your full support to the policies ofthe University. During our phone conversation today I also outlined to you your right of appeal if you chose. I am including a separate document that outlines your rights. Please let me know if you have further questions, all the best for the future.

Sincerely yours,

Sue Curtis, Ed.S. Associate Vice President for Student Life Dean of Students Cc Yami Bazan Student's File
This message any confiden:i&l for a srecific and and its conLerL is protected by law. If yoc not tho 'ntendcd you shoc:d this messaqe ano are hereby notified that any cop,ying or dist-rib;;tj,-,,, c,f rruns:-r:i_ssion, or t.akir.g ar:y action .:JaseC. c:n _Lc., ls strjctly or<Jhib_:_te:i.

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Students Under Suspension Vice-President of Student Life/Dean of Students

Rights, Responsibilities, and Appeals Process available to students suspended from La Sierra University

This letter is to infonn you of your rights and responsibilities and of the appeals process in use on this campus for students suspended from the University. The student who is suspended has a right to appeal. The first process available to the student is to request reinstatement to the University in writing within a week of the date of this letter to the Student Life Committee. When this request in presented to the Student Life Committee, it is the responsibilities of the Dean of Students to present all materials and documentation available on the student and the particular situation involved. If the student so requests, the Dean of Students will invite a faculty member of the student's own choice to participate in the discussion of the Student Life Committee. The student who is not satisfied with the judgment of the Student Life Committee can next ask the Provost of the University to review the entire situation in the light of the best interest of the student and the goals and philosophy of the this University.
It is the prerogative of the Provost to request the Student Life Committee to reconsider the student's request for reinstatement. In this reconsideration by the committee, the Provost \vould then participate. If Student Life Committee is not just and fair, the student has the right to request further intervention by the Provost of the University.

A student who has been suspended by the Dean of Students shall not return to the Cniversity campus during the time the student's case is being adjudicated without the express permission of the Dean of Students. It is the student's right to return with permission to talk to members of the faculty or administration during the time the request for reconsideration is being processed.