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Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

To be the biggest retail family fashion chain in Sri Lanka.

NOLIMIT is the biggest Sri Lankan fashion retail chain o ering clothing and accessories for men, women and children. We have showrooms located in strategic towns and cities across the island. The organization has a portfolio of sub brands:

To be the biggest retail fashion chain in Sri Lanka, providing a variety of quality products at an a ordable price for the whole family coupled with value added services, thereby winning the trust and con dence of customers to become a household name in Sri Lanka Insha Allah.

Truly Sri Lankan We are a truly Sri Lankan company and proud to contribute to national development as a leading retail brand by making a valuable contribution to society as a responsible corporate citizen. We believe in transparency and fair dealing in all our transactions with our customers, suppliers, stakeholders, the government and the public at large. We strive to uphold our mission to always o er the best value to every customer. Talent Pool Personnel at NOLIMIT function as a cohesive team that helps each other sel essly, thereby creating a harmonious work environment underscored by a high level of cooperation. Every suggestions and ideas of individuals are given due respect and consideration, and all are encouraged to share their concerns freely. Our personnel are empowered to act by way of the highest level of training to ensure a progressively higher level of customer satisfaction. Customer Delight At NOLIMIT, customers can expect trustworthy, friendly and courteous service at all times in a comfortable shopping environment. Our policy to reward customers for their loyalty and willingness to respond to complaints in a proactive manner helps customer retention and builds loyalty to NOLIMIT. Responsible Corporate Citizen NOLIMIT is a responsible corporate citizen and is mindful of making a positive social and environmental impact in the community in which it operates. We are deeply committed to serving the public and to being a signi cant partner in the progress of the national economy. No compromise in quality products We consider our suppliers to be our valuable partners and encourage them to achieve higher levels of innovation and technology enhancement to manufacture high quality products. NOLIMIT keeps suppliers updated about customer needs and market trends to delight our customers.

As our agship brand, NOLIMIT showrooms are spread island wide. These modern showrooms o er a wide range of value-for-money products all under one roof. The collection at NOLIMIT caters to a mass range of customers - the sheer variety of choices on display ensuring that the store o ers something to please everyone who enters its portals.

This is a fashion destination o ering styles that exude glamour and sophistication with world-renowned brands. The store has become synonymous with the ultimate fashion trends and shoppers who seek the latest trends in clothing and designer names have made Glitz their preferred one-stop shop for fashion.

Elegant showrooms for sarees and shalwars that encompass the entire range for any occasion. Our wide range of ethnic designs and fabrics ensures that every special occasion is made all the more memorable with our unforgettable and eye-catching intricately decorated ethnic out ts.

Conceptualized as a warehouse outlet, the discount store is an ideal place for customers looking for a quick bargain. Despite the rock bottom prices, the products available are of good quality. The attractive prices at the NOLIMIT discount store ensure that it is a must-visit for shoppers looking for good bargains.

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain


For our success we remain deeply grateful to the Creator - Almighty Allah - for having blessed us with excellent sta who assist us to reach the pinnacle of excellence in fashion retail. Our people remain honest, disciplined and passionate about their duties, expressing deep loyalty to the organization. At NOLIMIT we strongly believe in developing our people and guiding them in their professional development to enhance future career prospects. Our Training and Development Department liaises closely with all levels of sta to meet our retail management needs, infusing our organization with global standards. At NOLIMIT, opportunities are always extended to talented and committed people. E orts to nurture our personnel have resulted in a professional team that considers their avowed duty and passion to keep customers happy. NOLIMIT is renowned for being a well-stocked retail chain with fashionable clothes re ecting the latest international trends to suit every taste. Our stores are favoured by customers who are looking for a wide variety of fashionable clothing and accessories to choose from. We are determined to build a disciplined and nancially sound organization that honours its nancial and social commitments. Sri Lanka has stepped into an era which will usher in prosperity and NOLIMIT is con dent of playing a role in boosting the economy and the development of the country in the international arena. In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders for their invaluable contribution to the success and growth of our organization.


It gives me great pleasure to place before you the success story of NOLIMIT. This company pro le reveals the steady progress achieved by NOLIMIT since its inception. The global retail business is developing fast and we nd this dynamism re ected rmly in our organization as well. I am con dent that this positive trend will prevail into the future as long as we continually challenge our existing systems and processes, all the while enhancing our services to customers and innovating products while di erentiating ourselves from competition. Impeccable quality standards and enduring commitment by our motivated sta to deliver excellent service have been the hallmarks of our success. NOLIMIT o ers fashionable products without compromising on the value-for-money promise that we extend to our customers. Our organizations steadfast commitment to quality and consistent value-addition have won it many accolades in the form of prestigious industry awards.

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

NOLIMIT was founded by the Chief Executive O cer N. L. M. Mubarack. The Members of the Management Team are,

N. L. M. Rafeek Manager Information Technology

N. L. Jaufer Manager Field Operation

H. S. D. Dabare Manager Warehouse A. M. M. Shafeek Manager Operations

M. N. M. Irfan Manager Internal Audit A. H. Amjad General Manager S. H. M. Silman Site Engineer

H. M. I. Sheri Manager Security

M. R. De Silva Manager Human Resources M. M. A. Deedat Partner N. L. A. Mackey Manager Operations

M. M. M. Ha z Partner

M. M. A. Mahdy Partner

M. M. M. Fazrin Manager Sales & Promotions M. M. M. Imran Area Manager

T. N. T. Bisthamin Manager Logistics

M. Rifandeen Manager Operations K. R. N. Perera Manager Training & Development

M. H. A. Hana Assistant General Manager

A. L. M. Akeel Manager Marketing A. A. Azeez Accountant

N. L. M. Mubarack Chief Executive O cer

M. M. Abubucker Partner

M. R. M. Ashra Advisor Project

M. H. M. Jawfer Manager Operations

The rst NOLIMIT store was opened at No. 1, Hill Street, Dehiwala, in August 1992. Of a modest size, the store was called French Corner. In 2005, 'French Corner' was re-named NOLIMIT, a brand name change that proved to be fortuitous. Today, that diminutive store at Dehiwela has become our sprawling agship NOLIMIT store. Commencing business with 5 employees, our personnel strength has grown to over 1,500. Serving over one million customers, NOLIMIT has expanded its presence in the island and become a household name.

The streamlined and customer-friendly NOLIMIT fashion stores are supported by an e cient operation in our back o ces. NOLIMIT is a large organisation that has successfully developed the matrix structure to support our focused growth strategy to become a leading player in the corporate world. Our employee structure combines functional and product based divisions which are headed by capable leaders who get the best out of their respective teams. Creating a unique team spirit, the company empowers employees to make their own decisions and trains them to develop both hard and soft skills. This is what makes NOLIMIT a leading customer service centre of excellence in fashion retail. NOLIMITs all-encompassing talent and skills and its capacity to o er innovative solutions has strengthened NOLIMITs reputation as a professional and highly capable organization that consistently benchmarks the global fashion retail industry. The companys various divisions o er valuable support to enhance professionalism and e ciency across the value chain.

1500 1200 No. of Employees 900 600 300 0

1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011


Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Our pursuit of excellence ensures that NOLIMIT attracts the best and brightest minds in Sri Lanka. NOLIMIT is always on the lookout to strengthen its team in the following areas of expertise: Administration Human Resources Finance Audit Training & Development Marketing Sales & promotions Information Technology (IT) Purchasing Warehouse Security Logistics & supply chain Transport Maintenance Housekeeping Product Design Construction


OM Purchasing & Showrooms

OM Purchasing & Showrooms

Manager Field Operations

OM Business Development & Showrooms OM Maintenance & Showrooms

Purchasing/ Design


House Keeping









Sales & Promotions






As a retail organisation, our employees are at the heart of our business success. Our company has established a professional sales and customer care training programme that trains our sales sta to be on par with international retail standards. NOLIMIT has allocated a substantial budget for training and development of human resources, even inviting special consultants in sales and customer service to conduct training workshops for its sta . A well-equipped auditorium has been set up to accommodate all the latest training needs for its employees where refresher courses are held at regular intervals to ensure that the customer care at NOLIMIT is consistently high quality. A clearly de ned career progression structure inspires our sta to give of their best. Innovative performance reward mechanisms further strengthen the sta commitment to realising their full potential, while sports days and other recreational events encourage a lasting bond amongst the sta . Our employees express a sense of deep pride to be working for the leading fashion brand in the country.

Our entire operation runs seamlessly as a result of the commitment and dedication of all the divisions working in tandem to make NOLIMIT Sri Lankas biggest fashion retailer. Employees are well trained at NOLIMIT and equipped with competitive skills, thus rendering our family fashion retail chain as one of the most preferred employers in the country with numerous awards. Some of the prestigious awards won by NOLIMIT are: Featured in the leading business magazine LMDs Most Respected Entities in 2009 and 2010 The only fashion retail chain to be featured in the Top 20 companies in an exclusive island wide Best of the Best Customer Service by TNS Lanka 2010 in the Living magazine. Ranked as one of Sri Lankas Top 200 brands in the Brands Annual 2009 and 2010. Awarded Superbrand status in 2009/10 by the Superbrand council.

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain


Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain


Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

A strong supplier network has strengthened our position as the market leader in our segment and the brand with the most number of outlets. Much of the clothing is sourced domestically, thus reinforcing Sri Lankas decades-old reputation as a premier garment manufacturing centre. Some of the fashion brands are sourced from the fashion capitals, o ering products that cater to di erent tastes and budgets.


As a household name and the preferred clothing and accessories retailer, NOLIMIT has forged an enduring relationship with its customers and the community. To maintain and deepen this bond, NOLIMIT remains steeped in community service on an ongoing basis, o ering help to bene t the society in which it operates. Although the company prefers to work silently behind the scenes in its social endeavours, some of its more recent corporate social responsibility initiatives are: Contribution to Deyata Kirula National Development Exhibition Donation to Uthuru Mithuru Contribution to Ranaviru Sevena fund Donation to the rehabilitation of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Contribution to the governments Tsunami Relief Fund Donation to ensure uninterrupted education of students scoring at the O-Level examinations Donation to Derana Sarana

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

NOLIMIT has a wide range of fashion clothing and accessories that o er total value for money. Our product range includes evening wear, casual wear, formal wear, party wear, ethnic wear, beach wear and night wear, which are de ned upon our extensive experience and strong Research and Development carried out on products through the feedback furnished by customers. Our Team of Designers is on hand to position us as trend-setters and to forecast future fashion trends as well.

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain


The NOLIMIT sta oer cutting edge service that promise to pamper customers while helping them to make informed decisions on products. A flexible exchange policy allows customers to return products even after a substantial time, subject to certain terms and conditions. Conveniently located stores in every neighbourhood for easy access. In-house length alteration service free of charge. Arapaima Loyalty Card to enhance the shopping experience and earn valuable discounts. This is Sri Lankas biggest loyalty programme in the retail fashion industry and is oered as Silver and Gold cards. Gift vouchers to ease the task of gift selection to suit every budget and style. Redeemable at any branch, these vouchers have no expiry date, oering greater flexibility to customers. Separate Gift vouchers are available for NOLIMIT, Glitz and Pallu. A bi-monthly in-store magazine oers customers an easy reference guide to the latest arrivals and bargains.

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

As the leading brand with the most number of outlets, NOLIMITs further growth will be de ned by expansion and the inclusion of more product categories. Developing its successful retail model to a higher level of sophistication will be our deepest endeavour. As a preferred employer in the fashion retailer segment, NOLIMIT has ambitious plans for the future that will further consolidate and enhance our position at the forefront of the industry.

1 , Hill Street, Dehiwala. (Mens Wear) 17, Hill Street, Dehiwala. (Ladies & Childrens Wear) 108A, High Level Road, Maharagama. 152, High Level Road, Nugegoda. 40, D. S. Senanayake Mawatha, Borella. 196, Galle Road, Wellawatte. 456, Main Street, Negombo. 143, Galle Road, Ratmalana. 557, Peradeniya Road, Kandy. 09, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Kurunegala. 36, Senanayake Mawatha, Ratnapura. 50, Galle Road, Wellawatte. 121/22, Kandy Road, Kegalle. Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel : Tel: 011 2732492 011 2726299 011 2745191 011 2829955 011 2672689 011 2360260 031 2224144 011 2731090 081 2200788 037 2221866 045 2222987 011 2587812

24, Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 02. 179, Galle Road, Mt. Lavinia. 424, Main Street, Negombo. 267, High Level Road, 7th Mile Post, Nugegoda. Tel: Tel: Tel: Tel: 011 2382676 011 2733865 031 2224141 011 2812021

21, Kawdana Road, Dehiwala. 54, W A Silva Mawatha, Wellawatte Tel: 011 2716660 Tel: 011 2587813


213, Hill Street, Dehiwala. Tel: 011 2734072

18, Kawdana Road, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. T. +94 11 2737441 F. +94 11 2718774 E.

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain

Sri Lankas biggest fashion chain