Intro: Cats Hmm..*Wonder face* Cats to New Zealand?

*hand gesture count* *Kill rodents/ *Kill pests/ *Kill people / .*jokes*. I mean native birds... Cats kill a lot. Probably hunt whole lives. LOUD Stop! Eye contact 3 seconds Cats kill for: hand gesture only *Pleasure/ *causes extinction of species including:/ -rare small insects native birds Is that it?/ emphasis -Right to ban cats because of extinction?/ SO funny cause 90% of species are extinct./ No point stopping extinction it's too late.

*Not helping at all./ *Causes confusion. *Turns head* *Banning cats(violation human rights) affect cat species around the world./ Cat species will die./ *emphasise and eye contact* *Environmentalist treat species equally. *Role stewards of the world *For example: -lions eating antelopes one day,just leave them -“Natural selection is like the survival of the fittest for animals.”/ In addition people favour dogs over cats/ It's Fine./Not issue./*Turns head sideways* Need to address cats kill native birds./ *emphasis* Not really problem./ Only Natural. *If cats get banned causes downfall to NZ./ *leads to increase of bird population Why is that a problem?

Birds do nothing for us./ But leave their clutter on cars and roads everywhere else. Won't change lives if birds got extinct. *Except NZ won't be suitable for birds./ *If you were starving one day all one in a dessert Bird appears. What do you do?*look around eye contact* Kill./ Starving. Like a cat.Only difference instinct. Theire animals/Common sense *SMILE* And that's a good thing. Cats not be classified as natural ecosystem of NZ.*loud emphasis* They came to NZ. Irreleveant. All in past focus on present./ *Due to cats living in NZ for long time Practically adapted surroundings. Maybe better than prey counterparts./ May as well be natural to ecosystem.

./ nodding looking around *Not entirely useless but used as nations icons like Kiwi. -If they get banned will be shipped to other countries./ *Not saying birds are weak species but part of cats diet.we just have to accept cats as predators.What's so special about NZ is that: *Not home to predators but instead home to useless birds./ -In those countries released cats would probably start hunting for native birds. *Therefore no need to ban them in NZ and any other country in my view. *Let birds get killed by cats./ I conclude cats: *Never change their habitats. and naturally./ *In the end./ *What I'm saying: -Not cat's fault birds introduced to NZ in first place/ -Our fault./ That's a normal part of their life process. they'll kill birds and other insects. Overall THE END 2NE1 loud with emphasis eye contact EH EH EH EH EH EEE 2 N E 1 *Impossible to ban cats -Important part of families nationwide.

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