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Master Agreement Whereas, BuddyUSA Inc. (“BuddyUSA”) and John Deep (“Architect”, and together with BuddyUSA, the “Parties”) have been engaged in a business relationship since in or around 1999 in which BuddyUSA paid salary and benefits on behalf of Architect to developers of software that Architect created and operated on the website (“ Website Software”); and Whereas, Architect is the sole owner of all issued common stock in BuddyUSA and the sole officer and director of BuddyUSA; and Whereas, since the inception of their business relationship, the Parties have been operating under an oral agreement under which BuddyUSA transfers and assigns all ownership rights, including copyrights, in the Website Software to Architect, immediately upon Architect’s creation of the Website Software; and Whereas, the Parties wish to avoid any confusion that Architect is the owner of all rights in the Website Software, including copyrights throughout the world; and Whereas, BuddyUSA does not dispute Architect’s ownership rights in any of the Website Software for which BuddyUSA paid salary and benefits on behalf of Architect. Now therefore, in consideration of these premises, and the conditions, covenants and promises set forth herein, BuddyUSA and Architect hereby agree as follows: 1. This agreement confirms the oral agreement under which BuddyUSA and Architect have been operating since the inception of BuddyUSA’s and Architect’s business relationship in or around 1999 regarding the development of Website Software created by Architect. The Website Software covered by this agreement is set forth in Schedule A, which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference. The Parties reserve their right to amend Schedule A from time to time to add new Website Software when Architect creates new Website Software; Architect agrees that BuddyUSA can acquire on reasonable terms the nonexclusive, non-transferable right to use the Website Software consistent with BuddyUSA’s ongoing business operations. In exchange for Architect’s promise that BuddyUSA can acquire on reasonable terms the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Website Software consistent with BuddyUSA’s ongoing business operations, at the moment of Architect’s creation of the




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Website Software, BuddyUSA irrevocably and perpetually assigned and transferred to Architect ownership of all rights in the Website Software, including but not limited to any and all copyright in the Website Software throughout the world, the right to register copyright in the Website Software in the United States and throughout the world, and the right to sue for past, present and future infringements thereof. Moreover, BuddyUSA expressly waives any “artist’s rights” or “moral rights” that BuddyUSA might have in the Website Software. The provision applies with equal force to previously created Website Software as well as future Website Software Architect created. 5. BuddyUSA hereby grants Architect the right, as its attorney-in-fact, to execute, deliver and record in the U.S. Copyright Office, any foreign equivalent therefore, or elsewhere, any and all such documents that BuddyUSA fails or refuses promptly upon request to execute, acknowledge, deliver, and record. BuddyUSA will, upon Architect’s request, execute, acknowledge, deliver and/or record such additional documents as Architect may deem necessary to evidence the intent of this agreement and effectuate Malibu’s rights hereunder. In the case of any breach of this Master Agreement by Architect, BuddyUSA agrees that its sole remedy is money damages. BuddyUSA expressly waives any rights it may have to contest the validity of any copyright or other ownership right previously assigned or transferred to Architect.



In Witness Whereof, BuddyUSA and Architect acknowledge their agreement to the foregoing terms and conditions by signing this agreement below.

________________________ John Deep President BuddyUSA Inc. 26 Roosevelt Blvd. Cohoes, NY 12047

_____________________ John Deep Individually 26 Roosevelt Blvd. Cohoes, NY 12047

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Schedule A

Aimster File-Sharing Application winconfig.h winconfig.cpp webbrowserdlg.h webbrowserdlg.cpp webbrowser2.h webbrowser2.cpp

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UserEncrypt.h UserEncrypt.cpp transferupdate.h transferupdate.cpp TransferTimer.h TransferTimer.cpp transfersdlg.h transfersdlg.cpp transferoptions.h transferoptions.cpp suggestnamedlg.h suggestnamedlg.cpp stupid.h stupid.cpp stdafx.h stdafx.cpp statisticsdialog.h statisticsdialog.cpp sharefilesdlg.h sharefilesdlg.cpp settingssheet.h settingssheet.cpp settingsmanager.h settingsmanager.cpp searchdialog.h searchdialog.cpp scalebitmap.h scalebitmap.cpp richeditctrlex.h richeditctrlex.cpp ResumeManager.h ResumeManager.cpp resource.h readme.txt queuemanager.h queuemanager.cpp progressbarthread.h progressbarthread.cpp progressbarmanager.h progressbarmanager.cpp progressbardlg.h progressbardlg.cpp progressbar.h progressbar.cpp ppwindows.h ppwindows.cpp

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PPTransfers.h PPTransfers.cpp ppsounds.h ppsounds.cpp ppskins.h ppskins.cpp ppplugins.h ppplugins.cpp ppchat.h ppchat.cpp ppaimster.h ppaimster.cpp pluginmanager.h pluginmanager.cpp ping.h ping.cpp p2pthread.h p2pthread.cpp p2pdefines.h opennapclient.h opennapclient.cpp onadvancedsearchdlg.h onadvancedsearchdlg.cpp newuserdlg.h newuserdlg.cpp mssccprj.scc misc.h misc.cpp megakey.h megakey.cpp megablowfish.h megablowfish.cpp md5.h magibitmap.h magibitmap.cpp logindlg.h logindlg.cpp listsort.h listsort.cpp librarydlg.h librarydlg.cpp keys.h instantmessagemanager.h instantmessagemanager.cpp instantmessagedlg.h instantmessagedlg.cpp

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infodlg.h infodlg.cpp gnusrvconnection.h gnusrvconnection.cpp gnusharedfile_c.h gnusharedfile_c.cpp getspecialfolder.h getspecialfolder.cpp generation01dlg.h generation01dlg.cpp Generation01.rc Generation01.plg generation01.h Generation01.dsw Generation01.dsp generation01.cpp Generation01.clw fileexistsdlg.h fileexistsdlg.cpp EncryptFileNames.h EncryptFileNames.cpp DoubleEncrypt.h DoubleEncrypt.cpp cvbitrate.h cvbitrate.cpp cmp3info.h cmp3info.cpp ClientString.h ClientString.cpp cid3tag.h cid3tag.cpp chatroommanager.h chatroommanager.cpp chatroomlistdlg.h chatroomlistdlg.cpp chatroomdlg.h chatroomdlg.cpp chatmanagerdlg.h chatmanagerdlg.cpp channels.h channels.cpp cframeheader.h cframeheader.cpp buddytitlebarcheck.h buddytitlebarcheck.cpp buddytitlebarbutton.h

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buddytitlebarbutton.cpp buddystatic.h buddystatic.cpp buddyskinmanager.h buddyskinmanager.cpp buddyradiobutton.h buddyradiobutton.cpp buddypushbutton.h buddypushbutton.cpp buddylistctrl.h buddylistctrl.cpp buddylistbox.h buddylistbox.cpp buddygroupbox.h buddygroupbox.cpp buddyfont.h buddyfont.cpp buddyedit.h buddyedit.cpp buddydlg.h buddydlg.cpp buddycombobox.h buddycombobox.cpp buddycheckbox.h buddycheckbox.cpp buddiesdlg.h buddiesdlg.cpp browsedlg.h browsedlg.cpp blowfish.h bfish.h2 bfish.h bfish.cpp bf_skey.cpp bf_pi.h bf_locl.h bf_enc.cpp bf_ecb.cpp autoupdatedlg.h autoupdatedlg.cpp AimsterRand.h AimsterRand.cpp aimstermd5.h aimstermd5.cpp aimstergnusrv_c.h aimstergnusrv_c.cpp

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aimsterdefines.h aimsterdefines.cpp aimsterbuddylist.h aimsterbuddylist.cpp aimster.h aimster.cpp advancedownloadmanager.h advancedownloadmanager.cpp advanceddownloadthread.h advanceddownloadthread.cpp