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National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants PICPA Building, 700 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City


The search for the Most Outstanding Regional Council President recognizes the Regional Council President who has performed his/her duties and served its members in providing an environment where one can harness his/her skills toward academic excellence and social awareness.

The search is open to all Regional Council Presidents of NFJPIA FY 20122013 who has participated in the 15 th Mid-Year Convention and 30th Annual National Convention.

The candidate must properly secure the following documents in hard copy: 1. Duly signed endorsement letters from the College Dean, Incumbent JPIA Adviser 2. Evaluation form from the Incumbent Adviser 3. Certified True Copy of Grades or Transcript of Record (as of 1st Semester, SY 2012-2013) with Grading System & General Weighted Average. 4. Comprehensive Resume with two 2x2 colored picture 5. Certificate of Attendance in the 15 th MYC 6. Summary of Achievements 7. Photocopy of all corroborating certificates supporting all claims and assertions made in the bid (It must be in chronological order). Photocopies or pictures of Medals and Plaques are not accepted. It must be numbered and arranged chronologically (for it is needed on the reference page part of summary of achievements). 8. Certificate of Good Moral

National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants PICPA Building, 700 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Qualifications: 1. Must be a bona fide member of NFJPIA FY 2012-2013 2. Must have attended at least 1 National Executive Board Meeting. 3. Must have submitted his/her Regional Council for the Search for the Most Outstanding Regional Council Category. 4. No non-passing grades in all subjects taken including non-academic subjects. 5. GWA of 85% or above or its equivalent. No dropped subjects. 6. Subject initially marked as incomplete would be fine as long as the completion grade is passing. 7. The candidate must not be involved in any criminal case brought upon by any competent course of jurisdiction.

The judging will be solely referred to the panelists except for the NF Rating. Summary of Achievements Academic Involvement Non-academic and Leadership Community Involvement NF Rating Scholastic Grades Most Outstanding Regional Council Interview: Academic Function Non-Academic Function Leadership Improvement & Excellence TOTAL 35% 25% 40% 30% 100% 15% 20% 15% 20%

National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants PICPA Building, 700 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Summary of Achievements refers to the table that the RCP will pass. Indicated below are the format tables that the RC Presidents must strictly follow. Failure to do so will be given a 5% deduction on the final score. Only those which have a corroborating certificates/proof of claims will be honored. In academic and non-academic involvement, only international and national achievements will be honored. However, in leadership positions and community involvement, there will be equivalent point as indicated below.

Pointing System:

Academic and Non-academic Achievement Rank 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Participant Point International 30 24 20 14 National 15 12 10 7

Leadership Involvement International President Vice President Other Positions (Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Director, etc) 20 17 13 National 18 15 11 Regional Provincial Community 16 13 9 14 11 7 12 9 5 School 10 7 3

National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants PICPA Building, 700 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Community Involvement Level International (I) National (N) Regional (R ) Provincial (P) Community (C ) School (S) Point 20 15 12 10 8 6

Academic Involvement Date Name of Award and Place Organized by Nerd University Level (National or International) Reference Page 1

11/1/12 1st place, TaGEEKsan ng Talino

Non-academic and Leadership Involvement Date 11/11/12 FY20122013 *Seminar attended is not included unless the applicant is one of the organizers. Position / Name of Award 3rd place, Sungka Director for War Organized by / Organization NFJPIA KKK N I Level Reference Page 2 3

Community Involvement Date 12/12/12 Name of Involvement Lingap Bata Brigada Eskwela Organized by World Vision Level C Reference Page 4

National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants PICPA Building, 700 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

The RCP who gathered the highest point among the three (3) categories will be the basis of the computation for the Summary of Achievement portion (20%). NF Rating gives credit to the applicants working relation with the National Executive Officer for the promotion and consummation of the NFJPIA activities and objectives. Also, the collaboration of the applying RC President during EB Meetings (planning and discussions) and Activities and how active and conversant they are with their roles as part of the governing body of NFJPIA. NFJPIA Executive Officers will have a form to answer under the following criteria:

Traits Professionalism Leadership Skills Harmonious Relationship with NF Personality

Percentage 30 20 30


Scholastic Grades would be computed based on the submitted Transcript of Records. The candidate must also secure the equivalent grades imposed by his/her local chapter (e.g. If given a grade of 1= 100%). Computations of grades are cumulative. In the case of a transferee from another course, only the grades obtained from the Accountancy course or in the curriculum of Accountancy course shall be included in the computation. Most Outstanding Regional Council entails the 15% of the Most Outstanding RCP. This shows the stewardship of the RCP on how to uplift their council.

National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants PICPA Building, 700 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Academic and Non Academic Function refers to the applicants role as the Regional Council President to achieve their goals therein. Furthermore, his/her contributions and actions as the president for the success of their endeavors in the both fields (Contests, Seminars, Symposia, etc). Leadership Improvement and Excellence. The tantamount of the MORCP is a diversified, versatile and excellent leader. He/she has become a role model of excellence and perseverance. This will be based on their personality and competence as leaders and his/her motive to lead, to excel and to serve. Moreover, his/her deeds in establishing leadership empowerment for his/her members and as well as innovations in the organizations activities for the members to actively participate. This includes his/her leadership promotion and social responsibility as the Regional President.

Interview will be conducted during the said event.

Each scores or ratings in each criterion (NF Rating and Interview) will be graded through percentage and it will be multiplied to the respective percentage in each category. Each product will be added to determine their final score.

Only the applicant is allowed to raise questions regarding the computation of ratings. The Three (3) Regional Council Presidents who garnered the highest percentage will be selected and two (ranks 2-3) of which will be the Outstanding Regional Council President and the one who achieved the TOP spot will be the Most Outstanding Regional Council President. In cases there are only 5 or less local chapters vying for the position, only 1 Most Outstanding and 1 Outstanding Local Chapter.